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Chapter I-The Other Worlds Part 1

'I've fought many warriors during my life. I've met countless people on my journey and all of it was worth it. In the end I understand what it means to have a family. A family who truly cares about you I know now mother, father. I know why you gave me the future why you sacrifice your lives for me.' Naruto stood on the battleground. The world was in pain as the skies were dark, thunder roared. Buildings are in ruins and the screams of the people calling out for help. Naruto was alone facing the enemy in his path.

Naruto was bleeding from his mouth. His right arm was broken and his chakra was very low. But Naruto smiled upon facing his enemy. The enemy walked towards him slowly.

The enemy was a tall being was ten feet tall. Its eyes were white as snow. Its body was covered in dirt and fire mix together as the being was bleeding lava from its body as if it was blood.

Naruto chuckled "I guess not all anger I can get rid of. But…I tried. I won't give up…I made a promise to everyone. I am going to give it my all. You may be pure fury but I've met someone who's much angrier than you! I may not have enough power to end this. But I'll win this fight…"

'One year has changed so much. One year I found this world. One year ago I met them...everyone.'

One Year Ago:

It wasn't long ago that young sixteen year old Naruto Uzumaki defeated the Akatsuki leader Pain or rather Nagato Uzumaki. With the power of using Jiraiya's book and listening to Nagato's life story of how he came to be, Naruto felt sorry for his fellow clansmen.

Nagato told Naruto that he was an Uzumaki much like Naruto. But however he only told Naruto a piece of the Uzumaki clan.

The words Nagato told Naruto still haunted the young ninja's mind.

"Our clan was once powerful and well known. But now they're a forgotten in the dust. Naruto go back to Konoha, near the village near the hidden forest there should be a shrine of our clan. Everything will be clear when you arrive." Nagato cough as blood drips from his mouth.

"Nagato!" Konan gasps.

"I'm ok Konan, we have to trust Naruto. Like us he's Jiraiya's student. Also he's an Uzumaki…like me. I believe in you Naruto, I believe you will be the one to end all of this hatred…Jiraiya passed this to me and now…I have…passed it…you." Nagato's final words before he'd sacrifice himself to revive those he have killed within the raid of the village hidden in the leaves.

'Nagato,' Naruto thought.

Later on that day: Outside of Konoha

Everyone was still recovering from the battle with Pain of the Akatsuki as the hidden leaf village was destroyed with one blast of his most powerful attack. Naruto was happy all his friends made out alright and thanks to Sakura, Hinata alive.

But what Nagato said to Naruto only made him grew curious. He wanted to know more about his clan. He didn't even think he was a part of a clan from how Nagato told him. The Uzumaki clan was a well known and powerful.

Naruto arrive at the spot which Nagato told him about. The young ninja only found a ruin shrine. The shrine was large and had the Uzumaki clan symbol on the front. Naruto stare at the symbol as it reminded him of the symbol that Konoha use on the back of Jounin's, Chunin's and even few Genin's clothes.

"Just what's going on here?" He asked himself.

Seeing there was a small hole to the right of the shrine. Naruto slide through the hole to enter the shrine. Once inside, the young Uzumaki looked around the place only to find nothing but ruins and rumble.

He had a disappointed frown on his face. He found nothing to would help him understand about the Uzumaki clan. But suddenly the floor underneath him weaken, before he even had a chance to move the floor gave out and down he went into the unknown.

What seem like a moment has passed. Naruto open his eyes to find himself in what appears to be an underground carven. The underground carven was filled with fire light that lighten the path way.

Getting off the ground and brushing off the dirt from his clothes. He walked on to whatever this path took him. He walked for a while until he entered a large room. The large room had the Uzumaki clan on each side of the walls.

In the certain of the room there was a book on a stand. Naruto walked over to the stand. He reached out to the book but suddenly he stopped when he heard a voice. The voice was a woman's but however her voice echoes through the room.

"Thou shall not break the barrier that connects the world. It is too soon for the world to become whole. But if thou believe the time is now. Break the seal and be open to the truth. But be warned thou choice may be thou last."

The book opened as a bit flash of light nearly blind Naruto as he quickly shut his eyes.

"Gah!" He yelled.

When the light died down he found himself in a different place. The place he was in a white room. Confuse he was, wondering what was going went through his mind.

"Hello…Naruto." A woman's voice spoke.

He gasped he quickly turned around only to see a woman standing behind him.

The woman was very beautiful, she had bright-red hair and large dark green eyes. She wore an elaborate, high-collared kimono with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back of the obi which was tied around her waist. Her hair was arranged in bunds with hair pins in them with three clips in the front. On her forehead was a violet-colored diamond mark on her forehead. She also wore tags with kanji written on them.

"W-who are you and how do you know my name?" He'd stunner.

The red haired woman chuckled with a friendly smile.

"So you're Kushina offspring? You have your mother's face and her will." The woman said.

"Kushina who's that?" He looked confuse. For a moment the woman frown, she closed her eyes.

"So you never met your mother have you little one?" She asked him.

"Who are you?" He asked her.

"I am Mito Uzumaki. I am the wife of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju." Mito introduced herself to the young ninja. When he heard who she was and who was married too. His eyes widen he was talking to Tsunade's grandmother.

"But Baa-chan's grandparents long have passed. How is it possible I'm talking with you?" He looked lost.

"Baa-chan?" Mito laughed "Little Tsunade is that your nickname now?" Again she laughed.

"How is it possible I'm talking with you, you're dead…right?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Long before I died. I came to this place the Uzumaki hideout underneath the Shrine. I knew who you were because this place for Uzumakis only, the moment you stepped in this room I knew who you were. I placed half of my life force into the book of our people. I am here as two things as the guide for anyone of the Uzumaki bloodline who find this book. And also I am the guardian of the seal that rest within this place. However since you are Uzumaki I won't attack you." Mito explained to the young Uzumaki.

"What seal?" He asked her.

"I protect the Seal of the world, little one." She simply said.

"Seal of the world?" Mito nodded.

"Long ago there was a great beast that nearly brought the world to compete ruin. However a young Sage came and defeated the beast. The beast had a name Juubi. It was the Ten Tailed Beast." She said.

"Ten Tailed Beast?" Naruto looked shock.

"The Sage took the beast power and sealed it away within the Moon. However the world was in ruins and was nearly was destroyed. However the Sage used the Juubi's power to slip the world apart creating three different full whole earths he'd seal each of them away so the worlds could heal. After the battle of Juubi, many people was…changed…so changed the world would not accepted them and also the Juubi born many offspring these offspring were named 'Demons'" Mito explained the story of the Juubi.

"What happen to these worlds? What do you mean people became…changed?" He asked Mito.

"The Juubi was leaking so much chakra it leach out to any living thing. It either gave them a power boost or transforms them. However the Sage seal the world with the people were changed, into a different world in a different space, he also did the same with the world filled with 'demons' I do not know the fate of each of these worlds." She sighed with a frown.

"Man that Sage guy sound awesome." Naruto was amaze by the story Mito had told him.

"That was almost two thousand years ago. I believe these worlds have changed. Much like how our world has. I cannot stop you from undoing the seal since we are blood. But I will warn you Naruto. Do not listen to the One Eyed God. His words are filled with lies." Mito warned him.

"One Eyed God?" He looked at her.

"The Juubi was birthed through a more powerful being. Its name shall not be spoken we only call it the One Eyed God. My only warning I shall give you is what all have told us Uzumaki children of noble blood. I believe you have not heard his voice since you are not a full blooded Uzumaki. But you are Uzumaki nonetheless. Do not listen to what he says and do not look at him directly in the eye, if you do you will never escape from a realm where Death may never come." Mito step aside as beside her was a gray orb filled with black chakra.

Naruto looked at the gray orb he saw there was a few crack on the orb. He wasn't sure why there were cracks?

"Has it always look this way?" He point at the gray orb. Mito looked to see there were indeed cracks on the gray orb. Mito's eyes widen in fear. She wasn't sure how it was possible.

"The seal…is breaking…but how?!" She yelled.

The gray orb cracked as a powerful shockwave unleashed from the orb. Mito vanished upon being hit by the shockwave as the black chakra consumed Naruto.

Moments later:

What seem like forever, he woke to find himself inside void of pitch black. He wasn't sure where he was or where here was?

"Hello little one," A dark voice spoke.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked the voice.

"Who I am is no importations. The seal has been broken. The world shall return to the way to its original form. It will take time for the seal of the others to break but slowly the worlds shall become one. I must thank you little one you have serve me well. Then again you are from those who serve me long ago." The dark voice chuckled in the end.

"But for now sleep little one. You'll need it where you're going." Naruto felt suddenly sleep as his eyes as it fell deeper into the darkness.

But however suddenly Naruto heard a voice in his head, the voice belong to a woman's. However the voice was unfamiliar to him.

"Little one, you are needed I will not have you go to waste." A portal opened below Naruto as the young Uzumaki fell into the portal of light escaping from the dark unknown world. Naruto fell through this portal light and as he did. He felt a sudden warmest surrounding him. It felt so rich so warm so filled with life. He open his right eye, though his sight was fuzzy he couldn't make out what he saw but for a moment he thought he saw a giant bird in flames, in the heart of the giant flame bird was a naked woman with long red hair curl up like a ball.

He closed his right eye as fell the warmest left him as he kept falling into the unknown.

Somewhere in the unknown:

"Everything is in place the puppet has been sent the other world." The dark voice spoke.

"What is your bidding Old One?" Another dark voice spoke.

"The first seal has been broken, now we need to break the other two. It will take time for the other worlds become one. But breaking the seal will hash it. I need you to spikes the mortal into breaking for me."

"I know just the thing to do it."

"Perfect but we both agree we need to dispose of anyone who get in our way."

"What about the puppet?"

"He's been dispose of. He won't get in our way. He's just a mortal who a puppet who serve me well like the others."

"Very well then we shall continue as planned."


"Hmm…" The sound Naruto made waking up. He found himself lying down on the ground. But however the ground was hard and cold. He opened his eyes to find himself within an alleyway but however the place he was in was very unfamiliar to him.

It was night as there was giant tall metal building stood tall nearly reaching the skies. His head spinning but he wasn't sure where he was or how he got there. He knew whatever he was he was far away from any hidden village. Getting off the ground he decided to leave the alley to find out just where he was?

Suddenly Naruto heard someone cried for help. Just when Naruto was about to leave the alleyway he bumped into someone. Both Naruto and the person fell on their butts from the clash.

The person whom he bumped into was a young woman. She had long red hair, her eyes were green. She wore a white button up T-shirt with tight red color leather pants with black high heel shoes. Her figure was outstanding her hips were wide and lovely, she has a curvy figure, with large breasts.

When Naruto laid his eyes on the woman he instantly blushes from seeing how beautiful she was. But he quickly snapped out of it when she got off the floor quickly, she helped Naruto off the floor.

"Please you have to help me." She told the young ninja.

Naruto wasn't sure what was going on; he had no idea what the woman needed his help with. He was lost but however he nodded his head being a kind heart person he was.

The woman smiled. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips, Naruto's eyes widen on what she was doing. He had no idea what she was planning. But before he could say anything he was silence by her kiss.

Having no idea on why the woman was suddenly making out with him, Naruto was about to break the kiss when he heard the sound of footsteps.

The woman broke the kiss for a moment.

"Just play along…please…" Her voice was kind and sweet. As again she smiled at him. She pressed her soft lips against his lips once again. However this time the woman placed his hands on her round large rear end.

The sound of footstep grew louder by the second. The owner of those loud footsteps came closer and closer until it reached the alleyway where the two was.

It was a man who appearance to be in his late twenties, he had short white hair. His eyes were blue. He wore a long crimson coat; underneath the coat he wore a dark red vest. He wore black pants with black western boots to match his pants. On the man's back was a very large broadsword, in the man's hands were a pair of twin pistols one was white and one was black.

The white haired man notice Naruto making out with a red head beauty. He had a small smirk across his face. He kept on walking.

The red haired woman notice the man was gone. Naruto was enjoying the kiss but he felt something was odd about this kiss. He felt something was draining him. Something was sucking his chakra from him.

Naruto felt the woman gripped his shoulders tightly. The woman wrapped her legs around Naruto's hips holding a tight grip around him.

As the woman was draining him of his chakra, Naruto's eyes flash red as his body started to be given off a reddish aura around his body. The woman gasps as she let go of Naruto, the young ninja fell to his knees as the red aura vanished, his eyes returned back to being blue colored.

"You have such dark energy. I sense a lot of hatred and rage. Won't mind if I help you release that stress darling?" The red haired woman's voice sudden changed from sweet and kind to a lusty voice with a bit of Scottish ascent.

Naruto watched as the woman before him changed her appearance. Her red hair changed from red to green. She had large bat wings on top of her head as pair of large bat wings came out from her back.

"I promise this won't hurt darling, you will feel nothing but the greatest of pleasures." The green haired woman licked her lips before she unbutton her shirt slowly while sexually teasing the young ninja. Naruto was still turn on from her kiss before she started draining him of his energy.

But the woman stopped when she heard the sound of a gun being cocked. The woman looked back to see who was there but there was no one there.

"Up here." The voice said.

The woman green haired looked up to see who was there. She frowns once she saw when she looked up. It was the white haired man who walked by earlier.

The white haired man jumped down in front of Naruto.

"Sorry to cock-blocking you buddy but this babe I all ready got dibs on." The man aimed his pistols at the woman.

"I was enjoying my dinner he was cute dish too." She glared at the man.

"Sorry but dinner is-"

"Catch me if you can Son of Sparda. And as for my handsome dinner…I'll come back for you or maybe you'll be my midnight snack." The woman chuckled as she flew into the air but before she took off she blew a kiss to Naruto while giving him a sexy as well. The white haired man chased after her but before trying to shot her down with his pistols.

Naruto was alone in the alleyway like before and like before he was lost. He wasn't sure why or how he got here. But right now all he knew was this world was strange.

'Is this the world that had the demons or is it the other world?' He thought.

But before Naruto was about to leave the alleyway, he felt something odd flowing in the air. There was a strong energy he sense in the air.

'What is this feeling?' He thought.

Naruto decide to follow this strong energy he was sensing. He followed this feeling throughout the city. Naruto felt the energy sense end when he arrived at an empty basketball count in the park. But however the place wasn't quite empty as he thought.

Naruto saw a small white cat with blue fur on the top of its head. The small white cat was in a corner as it was corned by what appearance to be a large black colored dog. The white cat had wounds on its legs and tail.

The large black dog barked angrily at the small white cat.

"Hey leave that cat alone!" He yelled at the large black dog.

The large black dog turned it head to look at the Uzumaki. Naruto backed away a little bit as this wasn't any normal large dog. Naruto saw the large dog's eyes glowing red, as it black fur wasn't black but was actually dark purple. The demonic dog opened its mouth as it shows it large black fangs as it was ready to attack. But the demonic dog suddenly stopped and only stared at Naruto.

Naruto took one step forward as his eyes glared at the demonic dog. The demonic dog felt something was funny about Naruto, suddenly it saw an image of a large fox creature floating above him.

The demonic dog melt into the ground as it became a shadow, the demonic dog slowly escaped from Naruto. Once it was gone, Naruto walked over to the wounded white cat. He began to wonder was the energy sense was it from that shadow creature or was it something else.

Naruto held the small cat in his arms as the little feline was shaking.

But then Naruto felt it again he felt the energy he was sensing earlier. It was getting strong it was closer much closer. He looked around but saw nothing. He looked up at the sky as he saw something forming in the sky. He saw there was symbol kanji in the air. The kanji symbol open a portal in the sky as someone fell from it.

Naruto jumped high in the air he caught the person, holding him underneath his left arm.

The person was a white haired man, he almost look like the white haired man who saved him earlier, but his style clothed was different. The man wore a dark purple suit which seem to be royal flashy from how he was dressed. In the man's right hand was a long katana blade but however the blade was broken in half.

Naruto let out a deep sigh he wasn't sure what was going on. He was far away from home and already he met a strange woman who nearly drains him from a kiss alone. A strange white hair man saved him then he saved a small cat from which were a demonic shadow beast and now a man falling from portals. The night was young for our hero.

"Wonder if there's a hospital nearby?" He wondered.

Naruto's journey in this new world has only just begun.

End of Chapter 1

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