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Chapter II-The Other Worlds part II

After traveling through the night looking for a hospital, Naruto finally spotted a large building that looked like it could be one. The blonde carried the white-haired man on his back while holding the cat underneath his right arm. Both were bleeding badly, so he hastily entered the hospital.

"Can I get some help here?" he called out. One man looked at him and summoned a few more people to help. Four men took the white-haired man off Naruto's back, causing a bit of blood to drip on the floor. A young female nurse with short brown hair and blue eyes took the cat from Naruto.

"Is that man your friend? Is the cat his pet?" she asked. Naruto nodded. "Please follow me to the waiting room," she told him.

A few hours later:

It had been only five hours since Naruto had first sat in the waiting room, but it felt much longer, so long that he ended up falling asleep. But then he heard the doors open, and in walked the nurse from before. In her arms was the white cat that Naruto had rescued, its arms, legs and tail wrapped in bandages.

The nurse handed the white cat over to him. "Your cat will be fine," she said. "Her wounds aren't too seriously. But your friend has suffered seriously wounds. He has quite a few deep cuts. Whoever attacked him must have really wanted him dead." Naruto looked down from hearing this. "He's being moved to room B-45 on the second floor," she added.

"He's not my friend; I just found him, same with the cat," he said.

"Oh, you speak Japanese. But you can understand me." She smiled at him.

'Japanese? Wonder if that my nation's tongue to them? I am in a different world…I better go with this until I find out where I am,' the young ninja thought. Again he nodded.

"Do you have a place to stay?" she asked, to which he shook his head.

"I think I'll stay here for the night," he declared.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Naruto."

"I'm Rebecca." She smiled at him.

Later that night:

In Room B-45, Naruto sat in a chair near the man's bed. Naruto wasn't sure why but he decide to keep an eye on the white-haired man.

The white cat was asleep on Naruto's lap. He smiled at the adorable animal and stroked it gently, eliciting a purr from the creature.

'I wonder how everything's going back home?' he thought.

The next day:

Morning arrived for the Uzumaki. He felt something heavy pressed against his body. When he opened his eyes, his sight was blurry but only for a moment. He looked down and blinked in surprise. Sitting on his lap wasn't the white cat but a woman with long blue hair with cat claws for hands and cat feet for feet. Her long white tail was wrapped around his hips.

"Hmm…" He shook his head as his sight cleared. Once his sight was clear the small white cat was there, sleeping on his lap.

"Gah…" A voice was heard. Naruto looked to see the white-haired man was awake now.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in a hospital," Naruto told him. The white-haired man clearly understood Naruto just fine.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Naruto. I found you; you were bleeding pretty badly. What happened?"

"I can't remember." He told Naruto.

"Memory loss, huh? That sucks." He sighed.

"Where are my things?"

"Right here." Naruto placed the cat on the floor gently before reaching underneath the bed and retrieved the man's clothes, which were folded up. The man stared at the clothing. "Is there's something wrong?" Naruto asked.

"I felt…there's something missing," he said.

'Damn I really hoped it isn't that broken katana. I made sure no one would find it.'

The man placed his right hand at the base of his neck.

"Missing a necklace?" Naruto guessed.

"I'm not sure."

"Don't worry man, your memories should come back at some point." He smiled.



"Thank you for saving me, even though you don't know me."

"No problem." Naruto grinned.

"Is that cat yours?" Said cat was wide awake now, but it just went back to sitting in Naruto's lap. It into Naruto's eyes, and he smiled at the feline.

"Yeah I guess so," he said as the cat nuzzled against his chest and purred.

"Well good luck getting your memories back. I only stay here for the night." Naruto left the room.

Leaving the hospital soon after, Naruto placed the white cat on his right shoulder. He liked the company of the little feline.

Naruto enter the same basketball court where he found the cat and the man. He looked around for a moment, there was no one there. Naruto looked at a trash can. He peeked inside, then reached inside and withdrew the broken katana.

Naruto stared at the broken blade. 'Wonder if I can find a blacksmith.' The broken blade gave off a small glow when he wasn't paying attention to it.

Suddenly the white cat leaped from his right shoulder. It let out a loud meow before walking off.

'Does it want me to follow it?' he wondered.

Naruto followed the white cat to what appeared to be a small apartment. Why did the cat bring him here? Naruto saw the cat meow at him as she scratched the welcome mat. Naruto reached underneath it only to pick up a key.

Again the cat let out a meow at him.

"Want me to use it?" He asked the cat. Again the cat meowed.

Unlocking the door Naruto entered the apartment. Inside the apartment was a large couch, a large screen TV, a large bed, a large bookshelf, and a small wooden table. Naruto found it odd that there was no picture of the owner inside the place. Suddenly Naruto saw the cat jump on the couch and curl into a ball. He smiled after the cat's action.

"I hope your owner doesn't mind if I stay for a bit," he said to the cat.

Naruto spend all day wondering what world he was brought to. He took this time to look around the apartment, namely bookshelf. There was one book that caught his attention the most: Learn One-hundred Different Languages in a Year.

He grabbed the book and sat down on the couch beside the cat, accidentally sitting on the remote and turning on the TV.

"On news today another body has been found in alleyway of Metro City. Police forces are trying their best to catch the murderer. The victims so far have been single males and women. Until the matter has been solve and the murderer has been caught, residents are asked to stay indoors from eight p.m. until sunrise."

'Murder huh? I wonder if that strange woman or that beast thing could be doing the killing?' Naruto thought.

After a few hours of reading the book, Naruto fell asleep. The book was on top of his head and he was sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. But then someone grabbed the book.

"Silly." The voice belonged to a woman.

The woman turned the TV off, then picked Naruto up and carried him toward the bed. "You're not as heavy as you look," the woman said to the sleeping ninja.

Placing Naruto down on the large size bed, she than placed a warm blanket him. "Good night…Naruto." Naruto felt someone kiss him on the right side of his face, but didn't open his eyes.

The next day:

Naruto woke up the very next morning to the smell of food. Getting up, he notice he was in bed. Had he fallen asleep there? He shook his head; he remembered being on the couch. Then again, he did black out while reading that book last night.

Naruto looked and saw pancakes, eggs and bacon freshly cooked for him, as he saw a little sign which read "Naruto only" next to the tray. Who had done that for him?

He heard a familiar "meow", and looked down to see the white cat staring at him. Had the cat's owner made this for him? Naruto walked over to the table and saw another little sign.

"Hello Naruto, I thank you for bringing Felicia home. She seems to like you very much. It would be a big favor if you looked after her while I'm away for a couple of months. Don't worry about paying any bills, I've already taken care of them."

From Felicia's owner

"Felicia? So that's your name." He smiled at the white cat. Then it suddenly hit him. 'Wait a minute…how did they know who I am?'.

He heard Felicia meow and saw that she had something in her mouth. It was Naruto's frog-wallet. She dropped the wallet and his Konoha ID came out. Naruto quickly sighed with relief. It was just his old Genin ID.

"I guess your owner was looking for you, huh?" Felicia again meowed at him. She nuzzled her head against his right leg. Naruto patted the cat's head as he heard her purr loudly.

'I wonder how he's doing,' Naruto thought back to their friend in the hospital.

The hospital:

Naruto and Felicia, who was perched on his right shoulder, returned to the hospital to visit their white-haired friend. But when Naruto return to the room where he was staying, they only found an empty room. Naruto asked a nearby nurse about the whereabouts of their friend, but the nurse didn't know where he went. Suddenly Felicia hopped off of Naruto's right shoulder and meowed at him before running off.

"Hey Felicia, where ya going?!" he yelled as he ran after the cat.

Following Felicia outside of the hospital, they came to an alleyway near the hospital. There Felicia stopped as she held her head high as if she was smelling for something.

"Why did you go off running?" he asked while picking up the white cat.

Felicia meowed at him before she licked his face, and then he heard the sound of someone groaning in pain. Naruto put the cat down as he slowly walked toward a large dumpster. Behind it he found his white-haired friend. The man's bandages were red in the chest area.

He gasped when he saw Naruto,

"What are you doing here? Come on, everyone is looking for you," he told his white-haired friend.

"No, don't take me back," the man wheezed.

"But you're hurt." Naruto frowned.

"I said don't take me back." He glared at the Uzumaki. "Will you take me somewhere…safe?"

Naruto paused for a moment as he saw Felicia walking over to the man and nuzzled against him.

"I know a place, but you'll tell me why you don't want the people at the hospital to look after you." The white-haired man nodded.

Felicia's Owner's apartment:

"Rest here," Naruto said as he helped the man to the couch. "I'll be back. I'll see if I can find bandages to replace your old ones." He then went off to do this.

The man noticed a broken katana lying on the table. He looked at it for a moment, feeling something familiar about it. He got up from the couch and slowly walked towards it. He touched the handle, and suddenly a flash of images filled his mind as he heard a familiar voice.

"Foolishness Dante, foolishness. Might controls everything, and without strength, you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself."

"No one can have this, Dante. It's mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda!"


"Ugh." The man took one step back and by mistake stepped on Felicia's tail, causing her to scream. The man fell back on the couch.

Naruto quickly rushed back to see what was going on. He saw Felicia was licking her tail, and the man was on the couch groaning in pain. He went to check on the man only to see his body glow with a blue aura, and the chest wound vanished before his eyes.

A few hours later:

Waking up to the sound of hearing news talking about what the weather will be tomorrow, the man opened his blue eyes only to see Felicia the cat staring down at him. She meowed at him before looking away.

"You're up. Good." He heard Naruto's voice. He turned his head to see Naruto eating what appeared to be a bowl of ramen. The man slowly got up only for the blonde ninja to tell him not to. "It seems your wounds…are healed. At least that's something." He smiled at the man.

"Vergil," the man said.

"Huh?" Naruto looked confused.

"My name," he said.

"Oh your name is Vergil." He smiled.

"Everything else is still a blurry to me." He sighed.

"At least you remember your name."

"How long was I out?"

"Almost all day; it's eight o' clock. Now tell me why didn't you want to stay in the hospital."

Vergil sighed. "I don't like that place," he said. "I felt something watching me. I didn't feel…safe."

"Well I'll be honest with you, I don't like hospitals…well, hospitals that don't have Baa-chan in 'em anyway." He chuckled.

Vergil couldn't help but smile. Naruto's fiendly attitude reminded him of somebody, but he couldn't remember whom.

Elsewhere: Somewhere in another world:

Somewhere in another land in another world, there ws a small European country called Latveria. Once ruled by a brutal tyrant, it was finally freed by its hero and current ruler.

That new ruler was Victor Von Doom, a.k.a Dr. Doom, a villain to others but a hero to his people.

Dr. Doom was spending his days planning on a matter that has been bothering him since the days of his childhood. The return of his mother Cynthia Doom, whom he lost so long ago. Whenever Doom wasn't planning on his goal of taking over the world or dealing with the likes of other heroes, he was trying his best to locate his mother. He made several unsuccessful attempts to free his mother's soul which was trapped in the realm of the Demon Mephisto.

Dr. Doom was performing another experiment within his lab when suddenly he heard a voice. "Hello Victor," it said.

Dr. Doom remained silent as he noticed the background shifted into darkness. He waited until the voice to spoke to him again. "I need your help."

"For what reason would Doom help the likes of a bodyless voice?" he mocked.

"I can help you if you help me. I know what you want. I know what you've long for, for years. You desire power."

"Bah, Doom has power. More power then you could ever image."

"Tsk-tsk-tsk, still performing those foolish experiments. Still trying to find your way to find 'her'. Well I don't blame you. She birthed you, she was only used for 'his' doing, and she died because of 'him'. And now her soul is trapped in his realm forever. You try and try and try again but have found nothing but dead ends." The dark voice chuckled.

Doom balled his fists in anger. The dark voice chuckle again.

"Now that I have your attention I can help you Victor. I give you my word as an Old One. I hate Mephisto as much as you do. He thinks he's so powerful and so godly but my power is beyond the likes of that pathetic ant." Doom could hear the anger in the unknown being's voice. "If you wish to save your mother's soul you'll have to do one thing for me and one thing only."

"What is it?" Doom asked.

"There are three seals that need to be destroyed. Each of these seals holds a great link-the world as you know it-together. These seals are also the barriers of the dimensions: if you shatter at least one of the three barriers, it should crack the dimension your mother is held within."

"Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?" Doom asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I only wish to return your world to its original state. No great harm shall come to the world, only balance will return to this world thrown into chaos."

"This world is not in chaos. This world is under Doom's rule by Doom's law." Now the Latverian ruler was really getting suspicious.

"That's only one country, not the whole planet, Victor. You have the power to do this. Think about it. Don't you want your mother's suffering to end? I think she's suffered long enough."

There was a long pause.

"Where is the first seal?"

"The first seal is being taken care of by one of my servants. I will tell you where the second seal is held."

"What of the third seal?"

"That one will crack soon enough…"

End of chapter 2

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