Ok, loves...this is the final chapter! Y'all are the best reviewers ever! XoXo

When I open my eyes

My entire world

My entire life

Is right in front of me

I can barely see through my tears

Edward's forehead is pressed against mine

He's kissing my face


Telling me how much he loves me

Telling me how much he missed me

Telling me how much he needs me

I can't focus on anything




I see those bright green eyes

Staring at me

From her Daddy's shoulder

Tears fall down my cheeks

My Maddie girl

'Mommy. You woked up for me'

I feel Edward smile

His tears wet against my neck

'Yes. I did baby girl'

'Did you sleep good Mommy'

Edward leans back to look into my eyes

I smile

'I did baby girl, but I had the strangest dream'

'What about Mommy'

I think about my answer

Edward's brow crinkles in confusion


I smile

Telling him with my eyes that I will fill him in later

'Lets just say you and Daddy and Grandma Renee were in it and though it was brought me back to you'

'It did Mommy?'

'Yes baby girl, it did. I will always come back to you and Daddy'

Our smiles lights up the entire room

It feels good

To be back

To my beautiful reality