I continue the story from the mid season finale of awkward :) so enjoy ;)

By the way i am German so don't be mad if orthography sukks :D but i try my best :*


I woke up and the first thought that was on my mind was What the hell have i done?!

i love matty, only matty at least i think i do... but Collin he was sweet, kind, smart, lovely, indescribably hot and his eyes, oh i love those eyes...Damn i was thinking about him again. I decided not to go to school today, i didn't want to see neighter of them right now. My mom went into my room '' Honey what's wrong? You look awful is everything alright? '' i shoke my head '' Mom i dont feel good today, can i please stay at home? '' she smiled and nod her head '' Stay in bed for today and relax, but sweety if anything is wrong talk to me! '' i nodded and turned around in my bed. But suddenly i became message on my phone from...matty... awesome. I opened it an read it on my phone ''Hey Babe, where are you? I don't hope you are ill or something, i will come over later... Love you, M '' i smiled but i hadn't got the same feeling i had a few weeks ago about matty. I decided to watch tv, but of course what Movie was on..it was twilight with a girl fighting against her feelings of two men ( well werewolf and vampire, but still counts) i couldn't understand why this bella girl chooses edward, i would have taken jakob all the way! The only thing that makes me mostly feel better when i don't know what to do is my blog which was my best friend (sorry Tamarra) i started writing : what a day,i am confused and had no idea what to do...when i kissed Collin there were like a thousends of sparkels in my stomach, but with Matty I knew that there was never any trouble at all...i love matty, but I also think that I am in love with collin, damn it! In the middle of my writing my mum interrups to see how I am doing '' Honey there is somebody that wants to see you'' I was in a total shock is matty already here or could it be collin, pleease none of them but all of the sudden a red heard runns through my room and jumbs on my bed screaming '' have you missed me? '' I jumed up and just nodded '' You have no idea! I never was happier to see you before! '' she looked confused but just smiled '' Well hamilton if you miss me you could just tell me that I am hanging to much around Jake, he can also be alone if my bestie needs me '' I love her! She is always there for me! ''thank you but I don't want to destroy your realationship''she just smiled and said '' well speaking of realationship... you bad person left the lonley matty alone at school he looked like a lost Puppy without you! '' my feelings changed within a few seconds and of course Tamara noticed it... '' whats wrong? If you think that i'm stil mad at you for not coming to my party don't worry I am not mad, eventhrough I would like to know why you dumped me...'' I looked on the floor and then in her eyes

'' Well about that, I was at a nice little party where a friend of me invited me to meet an awesome photograph! '' at the word friend tamara pulled her eyebrow up

''do I know this friend?'' I don't wanted to talk about it but I had no chanse to switch the subject so I just said ''Collin'' and her eyes went pretty upset at me

'' well jenna I am not mad that you dumped me because of a party, but dumping me for that stupid collin kid isn't okay!'' I began to get angry and almost screamed '' he is everything but dumb, he is one of the smartest guys I know! '' she just shook her head and said '' So you are already at the point where you defend him, oh thats very interesting and I am pretty sure that matty would be pretty interested to hear that too.'' I was just loaded full of anger ''don't you dare telling him anything that isn't even true and now get the fuck out of my room! '' she stumbled a little but then ren out of my room, down the stairs. Awesome I am not just about to loose my boyfriend now I also lost my best friend tamara...

I totally forgot the time and then i heard a knock on my dor, expecting tamara leaving anything and screamed ''WHAT?'' when i realised that the person i screamed to wasn't tamara

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