Chapter 27

Santana hissed slightly as she sat down on the couch, resting her crutches on the floor next to her while Quinn propped her foot up on the coffee table with a pillow underneath it after placing a sleeping Ella in the livingroom bassinet.

"Okay, San, just stay still, rest your ankle and if you need anything use your crutches. Here's the remote. Watch movies and stuff." Quinn said as she tucked a blanket around the latinas lower half, "Now, I called Britt while you were talking to the doctor. She said she'll be home soon."

"Okay, thanks Q. Are you gonna be okay to get home?" Santana asked.

"Yeah, I'll take a cab. Don't you worry about me. Rest."

Santana smiled gratefully and watched as Quinn said goodbye to Ella after saying goodbye to her. Beth gave Santana a gentle hug and a kiss on her cheek before the two blondes left. Santana sighed and turned on the tv for background noise before closing her eyes and resting her head against the couch.

One thing she still couldn't wrap her head around was that she was pregnant again. How was she going to be able to cope with having a one year old and a new born? How was she ever going to sleep again? But more importantly, how was she going to tell Brittany? Not to be confused, the blonde was more than besotted with Ella and, even with such an enormous lack of sleep, was still the best wife she could be. But another baby so soon? She wasn't sure how Brittany would react to knowing she wouldn't be sleeping very well for the next few years.

Brittany then walked into the livingroom with a hum and put the chinese take outs on the coffee table while Santana opened her eyes with a smile. Brittany smiled back and leaned in for a soft kiss, whispering a gentle, "Hi," before moving over to her daughter and bending over to press a kiss to the baby's forehead.

"How was your day?" Santana asked. Brittany nodded and ran her fingers over Ella's raven colored tufts of hair before seating herself down next to Santana.

"It was good. Yours?" She asked. Santana chuckled and nudged the blonde's nose with hers.

"Good. Kinda... it was very unexpected." She answered, taking Brittany's hand in hers and running her fingertips over the pale palm.

"Mmm, I see this. How's your ankle?"

"It's okay because I got pain meds." Santana replied, "But my ankle isn't the only thing that was unexpected."

"Really? What else was unexpected?"

"Uh... well, when I was at the hospital... the doctor gave me my results and then proceeded to tell me that I am one month pregnant." Santana said as she looked at Brittany's face for a reaction.

The blonde didn't say one word. Not one.

"Brittany?" Santana said, breaking the silence, "A penny for your thoughts?"

Still nothing came out of the blonde's mouth.

"Please say something."

"...uhm... how? I mean, we've been careful. We use condoms."

"Yeah but condoms aren't 100% effective. They only work 97% of the time."


"What?" Santana asked curiously.

"They should put that on the box!" Brittany shrieked as she stood up, panicked.

"They do."

"No they don't!" Brittany said frustratedly as she stormed upstairs. Santana frowned and inhaled deeply before sighing. A minute or two later, Brittany came stomping down the stairs again, her breaths heavy and angry, "Well they should put it in huge black letters!"

"Why are you reacting this way? When we found out we were expecting Ella we weren't even married yet. Now, we're married, we have Ella and you're freaking out. It's a bit late for that." Santana said as Brittany sat down next to her on the couch.

"Well, I am going to phone the president of the condom company! Then we'll see who's freaking out." Brittany said as she angrily dialed a number on the phone.

"I'm pretty sure that'll still be you."

"Yeah, press one!" Brittany said as she practically stabbed the number with the tip of her index finger before putting the phone back to her ear and standing up, walking towards the backyard and closing the sliding door behind her.

Santana sighed.

"Okay, Ell-bell. Whadaya say we watch a movie?" She said as she picked up the remote control and clicked a few of the buttons, "How about... What to expect when you're expecting. I sure as hell wasn't expecting that reaction."

It had been a few hours since Santana told Brittany the news and the blonde still hadn't come inside. While Santana stood in the kitchen on her good leg, her crutches leaning against the counter as she waited for Ella's formula to cool down, she looked out the window at her wife. Brittany was sitting by the pool, her hands resting behind her for support as her feet dangled in the water and the phone rested by her hand. The latina sighed and picked up the bottle of formula, turning it over and testing it on her wrist.

Santana held the bottle by its nozzle between her teeth as she moved back to the livingroom to feed her whining daughter.

As soon as Santana was seated on the couch, her foot on the coffee table with a pillow rested beneath it, her daughter in her arms and her hand holding the bottle as the baby drank, Brittany came inside, quietly closing the door and walking toward the couch and putting the phone down on the table behind the couch. She sat down next to Santana and took her time in watching her daughter drink from her bottle, tiny hands trying to grip it.

"Tell me again." Brittany said in almost a whisper, not wanting to disturb her daughter. Santana turned her head toward her wife and she let out a breath.


"Tell me again." Brittany repeated gently, "Please."

"Okay... uh, I'm pregnant."

Brittany shuffled closer to Santana and rested her forehead against the latina's. Soft, pale fingers tickled a tan cheek as pink lips pulled plump ones in for a feather-light kiss.

"That's great." Brittany whispered, "I'm really happy and I'm sorry I freaked out... it was just a shock."

"That's okay." Santana said, "Now feed your daughter cause I'm starving."

From: San

Ella just gurgled when she saw the picture of you on my nightstand. Have a good day, love. Xx

Brittany smiled and typed out a quick reply as she turned the corner into the graphic design office.

To: San

Thanks, baby. You too. Give Ella a kiss from me. Oh, and if you can manage, kiss your tummy too ;) love you xx

Brittany put her coffee down on her desk and glanced around the office before sitting down.

"Hey, Rapunzel." A voice said from behind her. Brittany craned her neck and smiled.

"Hey, Jade." She said, "What's up?"

"Just wanted to say hi... and there's a girl downstairs asking for you. Apparently she's that client that was supposed to show up yesterday but didn't pitch." Jade said, running her hand through her dirty blonde hair as she leaned against the desk, her green eyes observing her nails.

"*groan* Okay." Brittany said, standing up with a sigh and straightening out her shirt, "I'll see you in a bit."

Brittany made her way downstairs to the lobby, her steps quick but elegant and professional. As soon as she turned the corner into the lobby, her blue eyes widened at the sight of the woman standing at the reception desk.

"Oh my god," she mumbled under her breath as she frantically tried to find a way to disguise herself so as the woman wouldn't see her, "Shit, shit, shit."

"Brittany!" A voice called from behind her. She spun round and sighed when she saw Jade.

"Yeah?" She asked, relieved for the reason to turn her back to the woman.

"You left your phone upstairs." Jade said, handing the phone to Brittany. Brittany smiled and nodded.

"Thanks. Now, uh, where is this client? I have no idea what she looks like." Brittany said. Jade nodded and glanced around the lobby.

"There she is. The one at reception with the dark red hair." Jade said with a point, "It's totally dyed. It's actually not red, it's crimson... which is still red but it's not referred to as red."

"Oh, fuck."


"I dated her in high school. I mean, it wasn't serious at all. We were in the ninth grade and she was my girlfriend for like two and a half months but... fuck."

"What? Why fuck? Why are you cursing?"

"I cheated on her."

Jade's green eyes widened in shock and her jaw practically dropped to the ground.

"Brittany Pierce, I would have never pegged you as a cheater."

"I'm not a cheater. She's the only girl I've ever cheated on. And it was only a kiss." Brittany said in defense as she watched the crimson haired woman laugh at something on her phone, "Shit, shit, shit. Fuck."

"Who'd you kiss?"

"Um... a girl called Mindy Donna. She was the hottest girl in school and she kissed me."

"So, that makes it okay?"

"No..." Brittany replied frustratedly, "Of course not... oh, my god, I haven't seen her in years. The last time I saw her, she slapped me and gave me the finger."

"Well, you cheated on her. I take my hat off to her for that." Jade said, "Look, Brittany, she's a client. You're just going to have to be civil and polite and professional. She's a really important client too. That's Ms. Capshaw."

"She's Ms. Capahaw?" Brittany asked in shock, "That wasn't her last name in school."

"She's been divorced twice." Jade said with a little pat to Brittany's back, "If it makes you feel any better. Apparently she cheated on both her husband's."

"Calisi cheated? What?" Brittany said shocked.

"Wait, her first name is Calisi? Like from Game Of Thrones."

"No, it's spelt differently. And besides, Khalisee from Game of Thrones is actually called Daenerys, so..."

"Are you maybe a fan of Game of Thrones?" Jade asked with a smile.

"It's my guilty pleasure. Tyrion Lannister is my best."

"Aw, you like the Imp."

"Don't call my homeboy an Imp." Brittany said before sighing, "Okay, I can do this. It's only Calisi Morton."


"Ah, whatever." Brittany said before walking over to the woman. She stopped at the reception desk and sighed, her throat forming a lump of nerves as she opened her mouth to speak.

"Brittany Pierce." The woman said, interrupting Brittany's line of thought, "It's been too long."

"Calisi Morton." Brittany said, swallowing the lump, "It definitely has."

"It's Calisi Capshaw now. Although, I've no idea why I'm keeping my exes name. But still, Calisi Morton is no longer who I am."

"You look a hell of a lot like her."

Calisi smiled.

"You haven't changed." Calisi said, her crimson hair being tucked behind her ear by delicate fingers, "Nice ring. Can I assume you're married?"

"I am." Brittany said, not able to stop the smile that formed on her face.

"Lucky girl... I suppose. Although, not so lucky if you're still the same Brittany Pierce I know." Calisi said. Brittany's jaw clenched at that.

"Shall we? We have a lot of business to discuss."

And with that, Brittany turned on her heel and began walking toward the elevator, her crimson haired ex following closely behind with something on her lips that looked a whole lot like mischief.

To: Ella Olivia Pierce

From: Mama

My darling Ell-Bell,

It's been four wonderful months since you've come into our lives and I can't believe how much I love you. You're very adventurous and love to try new things. Especially when it comes to eating. I sprained my ankle yesterday at the park because I was trying to stop you from eating rocks and sand.

Something else happened yesterday which rendered your mother and I speechless. I'm pregnant with your little sister or brother. One month along. I thought I'd create this email account for you to let you know all the things that occur in your life and ours. The things that, overtime, you may forget.

I can't believe how much you've grown. You grow everyday, my gorgeous girl and I am so proud of the beautiful little daredevil that is my daughter.

You really are a mommy's girl. Everything she does makes you giggle and you cry when she leaves for work every morning. And boy does she love you. You, my baby girl, have become the air that your mother and I breathe. In other words, we can't live without you.

I can't wait to see who you become, peanut.

All my love,


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