Disclaimer: The rights of Danny Phantom and Kamen Rider belong to their respective owners. I have no intention of making a profit off of this story, nor do I claim ownership of several of the characters within this story.

Anyway, this story is actually the fusion of two Danny Phantom stories I had thought about doing but became this. It's a dark remake to Danny Phantom, but it is also a crossover to Japan's biggest franchise that started back in April 3, 1971, thirty-three years before Danny Phantom aired on April 3, 2004. As for how this story will work, I plan on making a few minor changes with the DP series. Nothing too big aside from changing a few of the ghosts' background stories and personalities, but all the characters will be more or less the same.

Also before anyone even thinks about asking about the pairings, let me be perfectly clear with everyone on this. Danny and Sam are a couple in this story, so no complaining about how cliché or how it would never work or last, or any of that Sam isn't right for Danny because she only likes him for his ghost half bullshit. I've read the opinions of those who are against DxS on many other sites, read profiles of fan girls who hate that coupling, and I find all of those complaints to be completely stupid because here is the harsh truth that all of those DxS haters should accept. Danny Phantom is Butch Hartman's cartoon. What he says goes, so you can either: accept the pairing, stop reading this and go back to your little comfort zones depicting Danny being molested by Vlad, or whatever; I really don't give a damn.

If you don't like those options then how about this one instead, make your own cartoon with your own original characters, not based on or parodies of characters of DP, and deal with people trying to tell you who should be with who that goes against what you wanted in your own cartoon.

With that out of the way, let's begin the story of Kamen Rider Phantom.

Ghosts, High School, and a Strange Belt

Within a massive laboratory there was a man in his late thirties standing in front of a large desk with Ouija board in the middle. The man had a slender form, dressed in a black suit, gray hair pulled back into a mullet. His midnight blue eyes looked over notes that were next to the Ouija board before turning his attention to four items on another desk.

There was an acid green broadsword, a dream catcher, a big thermostat, and Arabian jewelry on the top of the table. These items may seem to be insignificant, but to this man, they were a part of his plans. He gave a small smug smirk before pressing a few buttons on the panel.

"Now, according to my research, by using the Ouija board and by reciting the incantations I should be able to summon the ghosts I need. Once that is achieved they will automatically move towards the items on my desk and merge with them," said the man as he began to perform this ritual.

As this man chanted words from a strange language, a large mass of white electric energy began to appear. Slowly the white energy started to turn green until a large flash of green light appeared creating a small portal. The man watched as four green mists like beings flew out of the portal before it closed. The mists floated towards the four items and entered them. The four items started to float up in the air, glowing green until they started to take form.

The green sword was soon gripped by what appeared to be a black knight with a purple flaming cape. It was impossible to make out his face due to his helmet covering it and the inside of the helmet looked as black as pitched darkness. The only things anyone could see were his small green eyes. He had a human skull on his waist which was covered by his metal skirt armor. His gauntlets were gray flames.

The dream catcher became shrouded in darkness as a big shadow like being with purple horns appeared in place of the dream catcher. His face was pasty white with sinister red eyes, a purple scar on his left eye, and purple lips. His entire body was black, but he also had what looked like stars within him.

The thermostat was surrounded by a small tornado that slowly formed a bulky chest with a black shirt with spikes on the shoulders. Black gloves appeared where the arms would be located at as green ectoplasm formed the arms. The head was short and seemed to be fused with the neck. His face had red eyes and a mouth that looked like a lightning bolt. The creature also had horns shaped like a lightning bolt.

The Arabian jewelry started to move into areas that looked like where a woman's arms would be. Slowly the shape of a woman with voluptuous curves appeared. She had green skin, extremely long black hair that covered her right eye, large breasts held up by a strapless blue top, Arabian pants that looked like something from a Disney animated movie. She had three bracelets on each of her arms and a necklace with a blue jewel resting on top of her cleavage.

The four ghosts looked at each other before turning their attention towards the human that stood before them. They looked him over as if they were judging him to see if he was worth their time. The man approached them with a smug look on his face, which looked like he was expecting them to listen to him.

"Who are you human?" demanded the knight.

"I am Vlad Masters," Vlad introduced himself. "It is I who had brought all of you to this world," he added.

"And what is it you desire Vlad Masters?" asked the female ghost with a seductive voice.

"Oh no my dear," started Vlad. "It's not about what I want, it is what I can offer you," he clarified.

"And what can you possibly give us?" asked the ghost with the horns.

"Yes," agreed the tornado ghost. "What can a mere human possibly give us?" he asked with a wheezing sound at the end of his question.

"Why, access to everything this world has to offer you," answered Vlad. "I'm a very wealthy man, and nothing is out of my reach," he boasted.

"You speak quite highly of yourself human," said the knight. "But nobody would give anything away without expecting something in return," he said.

"My, you are quite observant aren't you…?" Vlad said while leaving the sentencing hanging.

"I am the Fright Knight," said the Fright Knight. "Now what is it that you want human?" he demanded.

"Only that you four serve me in my plans," answered Vlad.

The four ghosts laughed after hearing Vlad's answer. Vlad did not like how these four ghosts that he went through all the trouble summoning into the human world only for them to laugh at his proposal. His eyes narrowed as he prepared to convince the ghosts into serving him. However; before he could do so, the Fright Knight swung his sword at Vlad causing a wave of green energy hurling towards the man. The wave hit Vlad and caused him to go flying towards the desk with the Ouija board.

Vlad knocked the Ouija board off the table and somehow caused a second portal to appear. This new portal appeared to be quite unstable as it began to expand and the lab began to shake violently. The four ghosts turned intangible and flew out of the lab, leaving Vlad alone with an unstable portal.

"Oh butter biscuits!" yelled Vlad as the portal exploded and destroyed his lab, and his mansion.

Nine years later

In western New York lies a town known as Amity Park. It was not as well-known as its eastern counterpart Amityville, but that was considered a good thing because nobody would ever think that there were ghosts in this quiet urban town. However there was one family that believed that Amity Park had a much high concentration of ghost energy known as ectoplasm. That family was the Fenton family, and they had chosen to set up their home and headquarters for ghost hunters in Amity Park. The family patriarch was a man known as Jacob 'Jack' Fenton, and he was regarded as a man who was 'passionate' about his work. His wife, Madeline 'Maddie' Fenton was always by his side during their endeavors as ghost hunters. The two were also amazing inventors. The people of Amity Park had mixed feeling for the couple.

Many referred to Jack Fenton with disdain and were generally annoyed with the large man's zeal, bumbling, and trigger-happy nature whenever he is hunting down ghosts despite there never being any ghosts in Amity Park. As for his wife, many men wondered how she could have picked someone like Jack Fenton. Maddie was regarded as a beautiful genius blessed with a body that many women envied, including woman half her age. She was also highly skilled martial artist and highly skilled shooter, which made her deadly to anyone who would ever harm her family.

Yet, twelve years ago Jack and Maddie had gone missing, leaving their then six year old daughter Jasmine and four year old son Daniel behind. Nobody knew what happened to them, some believed they just packed up and left the town to hunt down ghosts in another haunted town accidently leaving their kids behind. Others believed that they were killed in a shooting, but there was no evidence to support such a claim.

Regardless, their children were considered orphans and would have been put into an orphanage. Luckily for the children, Jack Fenton's younger brother Vince was contacted and rushed to Amity Park to take in his niece and nephew. Vince had to go through a lot of paperwork, but he managed to get custody of the kids until his brother and sister-in-law were found. He had also decided to stay in Amity Park and moved into the brother's home simply because his apartment wasn't capable of housing three people. Vince knew that he could never replace his brother and Maddie, but he was determined to keep Jasmine and Daniel safe until Jack and Maddie were found.

Inside a house with a strange UFO like structure on top and a large neon sign that says Fenton Works, a dark haired man in his early forties wearing a gray T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and gray socks was busy making breakfast. He was making scrambled eggs and had three plates set on the table. Sitting at the table was a teenage girl with orange hair, wearing a black shirt, light blue pants, and black shoes reading a book.

"Jazz, can you wake up your brother so that he can get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready for school?" asked Vince as he continued to scramble the eggs.

"Sure thing Uncle Vince," replied Jazz as she got up from her chair and headed towards her brother's room upstairs.

Jazz reached her brother's room and began to knock on his door. She waited for a few seconds to listen for a response to her knock, but heard nothing.

"Danny!" called out Jazz. "It's time to wake up!" she told him.

Inside the room, the sleeping Danny tried to ignore his sister and go back to sleep but she continued to knock.

"Go away Jazz," moaned Danny as he placed his pillow over his head.

"Uncle Vince told me to wake you up," said Jazz before she realized something. "You remember what happened last time when you didn't come down for breakfast?" she added.

Danny's eyes opened wide after hearing what his sister was implying. He scrambled out of bed, but he got tangled in his blanket and fell off the bed. He shot up from the floor and untangled himself from the blanket before proceeding to get dressed for school.

From the other side of Danny's room, Jazz gave a small smile as she went back downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Did you get your brother to wake up?" asked Vince as he placed some scrambled eggs on his niece's plate.

"Yes Uncle Vince," answered Jazz before she began to egg her breakfast.

"Good," said Vince as he got Danny's plate ready.

The two heard a thud coming from the living room and turned to see a dark haired teenage boy wearing a white T-shirt, an opened gray hoodie jacket, blue jeans, red and white sneakers, and a strange white metallic belt with a strange oval casing with a line in the middle walking towards the kitchen while rubbing his right shoulder.

"Danny," called out Vince. "What have I told you about sliding on the stair railing?" he questioned the boy.

"Uh….don't," replied Danny as he sat down.

"And yet you continue to do so," said Vince. "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother telling you not to," he added.

"Well, you always told me to find ways to improve on my balance," mentioned Danny.

"I knew I should have started with placing limitations on you two when I decided to give you both basic defense lessons," Vince lamented in a hushed tone.

"Hey!" said Jazz in a slightly loud tone. "I don't act like a skateboarder trying to slide on a rail," she protested.

"It's called grinding Jazz," remarked Danny and Vince.

Jazz chose to simply ignore her brother and uncle in favor of finishing her breakfast. The two dark haired male followed her lead and ate their breakfast as well.

After finishing breakfast, Vince collected the plates and was about to start washing them as the Fenton siblings got themselves ready for school. Danny went upstairs to grab his backpack while Jazz grabbed her car keys from the key rack beside the front door.

"I'm going to school now!" Jazz called out.

"Okay Jazz!" replied Vince.

After Jazz left the house, Danny came down with his backpack and grabbed his keys to his motorcycle. It was his birthday gift from his uncle six months ago when he turned sixteen. It was a black and silver 2011 Kawasaki Ninja sports bike. It was one of Danny's most prized possessions and he always took care of his bike.

"I'm gonna pick up Sam before heading to school Uncle Vince!" called out Danny.

"Okay Danny!" called out Vince.

Danny took his bike out from the back of the house and started it up. He revved the bike up before placing his helmet on and taking off towards Sam's house. The ride didn't take long as he took a shortcut to reach a purple two story house. He parked his bike close to the front door and got off his bike. He walked up towards the front door and rang the doorbell.

The door opened to reveal a slim girl about his age. She had blue eyes that were brighter than Danny's own eyes, a white thin strapped shirt with a yellow star placed on the center while appearing to bulge out due to her modest sized breasts, and a short orange skirt that went down to her thighs, and white slip on shoes. She had the body of a cheerleader and long blonde hair that had a small clip on the side that looked like a flower.

"Hello there Danny," greeted the blonde girl in a flirty tone.

"Hey Star," greeted Danny, not fazed by the girl's flirting. "Is your sister ready for school?" he asked.

"Oh…" started Star. "You're here for her," she added sounding disappointed.

"Yeah, because she's both my best friend and my girlfriend," said Danny.

Before Star could say anything, her sister appeared beside her. As the two sisters stood side by side, the differences between them was easy to spot. Whereas Star had long blonde hair, Sam had short dark raven colored hair similar to Danny's own hair but she had a small ponytail on the top with a green band holding her ponytail up. Star had blue eyes while Sam's eyes were a shade of purple that remind Danny of a jewel that he could never figure out. Star would dress in bright colors while Sam was pretty much a Goth. Sam wore a black sleeveless shirt that went down towards her bellybutton with a purple skull on the center of her shirt. Underneath her shirt was a black fishnet shirt that went to her biceps. She wore black pants that had two purple stripes on the sides. She also had one black combat boots on to finish her look.

"Hey Danny," greeted Sam before she kissed his left cheek.

"Hey Sam," replied Danny as he kissed her right cheek. "Ready to head to school today?" he asked.

"Of course," answered Sam in a monotone voice. "Who wouldn't be ready for another boring day listening to people who try to give us information about things that we don't care about and won't remember by the end of the day," she added with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well, we could always skip," suggested Danny.

"Yeah, and then you would have to face your uncle's punishment," Sam mentioned.

Feeling ignored, Star let out a small huff before heading back inside the house. Sam rolled her eyes knowing that her twin was upset that her flirting with Danny didn't succeed.

"She still won't leave me alone," commented Danny.

"What do you expect?" asked Sam. "Star likes stealing guys that I date," she added bitterly as she followed Danny to his motorcycle.

Danny shook his head slightly after hearing his girlfriend say that.

"Sam, you know I would never hurt you," said Danny. "We've been best friends since the second grade, and you know I'm pathetic when it comes to talking to girls like your sister," he added as he handed Sam his spare helmet. "That's why I don't go after cheerleaders," he finished as he got on his bike.

"Yeah, I know," agreed Sam as she sat behind her boyfriend. "But that doesn't mean you're a loser," she told him.

"Sam I could care less if your sister and her so-called friends think I'm a loser," said Danny. "Besides, the way I see it I picked the right Manson to date," he added as he revved up his bike again.

"Oh…why do you say that?" questioned Sam as she wrapped her arms around Danny's waist.

"Because the Gothic one is way cuter that the annoyingly perky one," answered Danny as he sped towards the school.

The ride took about ten minutes thanks to Danny knowing the quickest routes throughout the town as well as the impressive amount of speed that he was able to pull off without a single police officer knowing. It was one of the few things Sam liked when she rides with Danny on his bike. The other thing she liked was that she got to hold onto Danny as they rode on his bike.

Danny parked his bike at the student parking lot that was close to the school gym. He and Sam got off the bike and took off their helmets. The two gave each other a smile before heading towards the main building of their school, Casper High, to drop off their helmets and the books they wouldn't need until much later.

The young couple entered the school and headed towards their lockers. Along the way, Danny noticed a couple of jocks stuff some poor kid into a locker. One of the jocks had blonde hair that was cut in a military style. The jock also had blue eyes that were a lighter shade from Danny's own. The other jock was of Asian descent with black hair and dark eyes. Both jocks wore black shirts with a red and white jacket, blue jeans, and sneakers. These two jocks happen to be Dash Baxter, and his best friend/lackey, Kwan Sie. The two jocks laughed at the expense of the poor student they shoved into the locker before high fiving each other and leaving.

Danny shook his head in annoyance as he walked towards the locker the trapped student was in. Sam also saw what happened and glared at the two jocks before following her boyfriend as he freed the trapped student.

Danny had pressed his ear close to the locker door as he turned the dial until he heard the three clicks that told him that he successfully unlocked the locker. He smiled as he opened the locker and the student that was trapped fell out of the locker. The student was one of the smaller freshmen who Dash tends to pick on whenever he couldn't find his usual victims, namely Danny. The smaller student thanked Danny before heading off to his class.

"I can't believe Dash gets away with picking on others," complained Sam as she placed her hands on her hips. "Doesn't he care that he might push someone too far?" she asked while still sounding angry.

"I don't think Dash is capable of caring Sam," replied Danny as he and Sam headed towards their lockers. "And it's not like he'll ever get in trouble for it," he added.

"Oh yeah, because he's the school's golden student because he's the star quarterback of our football team, and because of that status the teachers let him get away with all the crap he does," retorted Sam. "Seriously, how shallow and prejudice can this school get?" she questioned.

"Enough to not care about the bullying that happened when that Sydney Poindexter kid committed suicide because of all the abuse he had to deal with back in the fifties," answered Danny as the two of them reached their lockers.

"Yeah," said Sam in a sad tone as she opened her locker. "It still sickens me that old ghost story about Sydney also mentioned that picking on him actually became a graduation requirement," she added. "You don't think that's true Danny?" she asked.

"I hope not," answered Danny as he closed his locker. "That would be way too cruel," he added.

After the two of them finished their little discussion, Danny and Sam headed towards their first class before the bell would ring. They both took their seats which was a couple of desks away from each other. Slowly more students began to enter the classroom as the school bell rang. One of the students was a dark skinned male wearing, black rimmed glasses, a red beret, yellow long sleeved shirt, dull green cargo pants, and brown boots. He was holding a PDA and had his attention focused on it.

The teen boy was Tucker Foley, he and Danny used to be best friends when they were in elementary school. However as the years went by, the two of them drifted away from each other; they were still friendly towards one another but they didn't really hang around each other. Tucker became more interested in technology than people (unless the people around him happen to be of the female variety) and meat, while Danny was more into motorcycles and horror movies.

However, there was one time the two of them were at each other's throats. It was back in middle school when Danny and Tucker were still friends, Danny introduced Sam to Tucker. The two of them got into an argument over their favored diets, and when Sam wasn't looking, Tucker slipped a piece of meat into Sam's vegan styled sandwich. Sam had to be rushed to the nurse's office due to her being allergic to meat products.

While Sam was being treated, Danny found out that Tucker pulled that prank which led to Danny yelling at Tucker. Tucker at the time was scared and worried about what he had done to Sam and apologized. That wasn't good enough to Danny because to him Tucker should have been apologizing to Sam and dragged him into the nurse's office to explain what he had done.

When Sam and Tucker's parents were informed of what happened, they rushed to the school. Sam's parents wanted to sue the Foley family, but Sam managed to convince her parents otherwise. Despite saving Tucker's family from being put into the poor house, Sam never forgave Tucker for what he did.

Danny tried to get Sam to understand that Tucker didn't know and that he already chewed him out for it but Sam refused to forgive Tucker.

Despite trying to stay friends with both Sam and Tucker, Danny and Tucker drifted away from each other as friends. Luckily Danny didn't hold what happened to Sam against Tucker anymore because Tucker didn't know about Sam being allergic to meat and Tucker didn't hold it against Danny for staying with Sam.

Sam noticed Tucker and sent a dark glare at him causing Danny to shake his head slowly before getting Sam attention.

"Sam you need to let it go," said Danny.

"He nearly killed me Danny," argued Sam.

"I know, but he didn't know about your allergies and he apologized to you," said Danny.

Sam didn't say anything as she turned her head away back to Danny.

"Look Sam," started Danny. "I know what Tucker did was stupid and terrifying, but it's all in the past. Holding a grudge against him isn't going to change what happened," he continued. "So please just let it go," he finished.

"But Danny," started Sam in a tone that sounded like she was about to pout.

"I'm not asking you to forgive him Sam," interrupted Danny. "I'm just asking you to give him a break," he continued.

"No," said Sam as she crossed her arms.

"Then, I'm guessing there won't be any Slasher marathon this weekend," said Danny causing Sam to open her mouth in shock.

"That's blackmail Danny," complained Sam.

"No it's not," argued Danny. "It's called a consequence," he joked.

Sam didn't say anything as she turned away from her boyfriend and crossed her arms. Danny smiled at Sam, enjoying her acting childish. That was one of the many things Danny liked about Sam, she would act like a stubborn little kid only around him and he found it adorable.

"Just lay off on Tucker okay?" Danny asked her.

"Okay," agreed Sam despite how much she doesn't want to.

"Thanks Sam," said Danny as the two of them turned their attention to the front of the class as Lancer walked in.

Mr. Lancer was a bald, out of shape white male teacher with a goatee. He wore a simple light blue buttoned shirt, black tie, gray dress pants with black vertical stripes. He spotted Danny and gave a slight glare at the youngest Fenton. Danny noticed and rolled his eyes before turning his attention back Sam.

Sam noticed her boyfriend looking at her and smiled at him before gesturing for him to pay attention to Lancer's lecture. Danny rolled his eyes again before obeying Sam's nonverbal command.

As the class sat and attempted to listen to their teacher's lecture, some of the students began to daydream. Even though he wasn't looking, Lancer knew that most of his students were not listening or didn't care about what he was teaching them. Regardless, Lancer continued on with his lecture until the bell would ring again so that he wouldn't have to deal with these students until much later.

About an hour later the bell rang signaling that the students' first period was over and that they needed to get to their next classes. The students packed up their books and notebooks into their backpacks or carried them as they left the classroom. As Danny and Sam exited the classroom, they both split off from each other as they headed towards their next classes as well.

As the school day progressed, the students slowly began to get hungry as they waited for their lunch break from their classes. When the lunch bell rang, a large mass of students headed towards the cafeteria to get some food and to socialize with those within their cliques. One student by the name of Tucker Foley was eager to get in the lunch line and order a large amount of meat to satisfy his hunger. However, once he entered the cafeteria he saw a big white banner promoting something that struck him to the very core of his being.

"V-v-v-v-vegetarian….Week," muttered Tucker as he read the banner. "NO!" he yelled as he dropped to his knees.

A few students looked at him for a moment before returning their attentions back to themselves.

When Danny and Sam entered the school cafeteria, Danny noticed the banner as well and turned to face his girlfriend.

"Sam, did you have something to do with this?" Danny asked Sam.

"What, I just wanted everyone to try something different and good for them for a change," replied Sam.

Danny let out a small sigh for a moment.

"Sam, I get that you want others in school to have the chance to try something healthy," started Danny. "But you really should have settled for a salad bar," he added.

"What's wrong with a week of eating vegetables?" asked Sam feeling slightly offended.

"Nothing, but you know that some students like to eat meat," replied Danny.

"We don't need meat Danny," argued Sam as she crossed her arms.

"The same can be said for vegetables and fruit," retorted Danny. "But we humans are omnivores, and last I checked, some people like to have the option of eating meat," he added.

"I don't," argued Sam.

"And that's your choice, but I don't think it's fair that you would suddenly decide to convince the school to change the school menu without letting the other students know," reasoned Danny.

"It's not my fault the school board didn't give anyone the heads up," snapped Sam. "Besides, what harm can come from one week of vegetarian food?" she asked.

In the school's kitchen, a small portal appeared in front of one of the ovens. A small mass of white energy oozed out of the portal before turning green as the portal vanished. The energy started to take on the form of a round green skinned woman dressed in white and pink outfit that the lunch ladies wore. The woman looked around until she saw a book titled 'Vegetarian Diet Menu' and narrowed her eyes in anger.

As the ghost continued to feel a large amount of rage, the students of Casper High continued conversing with one another with no knowledge of the danger they were all in. one pair of students was sitting at a lunch table far from most of the other students. The pair happened to be Danny and Sam eating their lunch while also talking about a recent horror movie they had watched.

"So what do you think was the scariest part in that Evil Dead remake?" asked Danny.

Sam put down her fork as she thought about that question. The two of them had seen a lot of twisted and gory horror movies ever since the fifth grade, so there were times when neither of them were affected by such cheap scares.

"I would have to say when that guy's possessed girlfriend shot his friend repeatedly with a nail gun," answered Sam. "The sound effects really did it for me there," she added.

"Really?" replied Danny. "I was close to passing out when you heard the sounds of that one girl who was cutting off a part of her face with a broken glass shard," he admitted.

"How was that scary?" asked Sam.

"Because it really did sound like how a person fillets an animal carcass," answered Danny. "It's the kind of sound that makes you want to vomit," he added.

Sam tried to remember that seen and suddenly felt nauseous because it did sound similar to a dead animal being filleted. She pushed her food away from her before turning her attention back to her boyfriend.

"Thanks for ruining my appetite Danny," retorted Sam.

"Sorry Sam," apologized Danny as he felt bad for making Sam feel sick.

"Don't worry about it Danny," said Sam as she kissed his cheek.

The two of them were enjoying each other's company until someone took a seat in front of the couple. Danny and Sam looked up to see that it was Tucker, and he didn't look happy as he glared at Sam. Sam returned the glare while Danny sighed knowing what was going to happen.

"Can I help you?" questioned Sam.

"Yeah you can," snapped Tucker as he continued glaring. "Why did you force us all into eating this crap?" he demanded.

"It's not crap," snapped Sam. "It is lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables," she listed. "Actual food that is good for a person," she added.

"No, it's crap that you give to rabbits," retorted Tucker. "You have no right to take away meat from me!" he yelled.

"Tucker calm down," said Danny as he tried to defuse the situation. "It's just one week of vegetables, it won't kill you," he added.

"Won't kill me," snapped Tucker as he turned his attention to Danny. "I've never eaten a vegetable in my entire life, and I'm not going to start now," he told Danny.

"Then I'm sure you can manage skipping one meal today," remarked Sam. "Seriously, if you don't like the change, then just bring your own lunch tomorrow," she added.

"She has a point Tucker," agreed Danny. "It's not that big of a deal," he added.

"It's a manner of principle," growled Tucker. "She can't just change things just because she doesn't like the way things are," he continued. "Mark my words I will get the meat back," he declared as he left the table.

Danny and Sam sat there in silence for a moment as they absorbed what Tucker had said to them.

"Well that was a waste of time," commented Sam.

"Well you did kind of drop a bomb on everyone with this sudden menu change," said Danny as he turned to look at the other students. "But at least they're just going with the flow," he added.

"Yeah, I don't see why anyone would be upset with just a small menu change," agreed Sam.

"FENTON!" yelled a loud annoying voice.

"And of course he calls me out," muttered Danny as he watched someone approach him.

Danny and Sam watched as Casper High's star quarterback stomp towards them. The other students stopped what they were doing when they noticed Dash head towards Danny expecting the usual sight of a nerd being picked on.

"What is it now Dash?" asked Danny.

"I got a bone to pick with you Fen-toad," snapped Dash. "I ordered of fried chicken, and do you know what I was given?" he added.

"I'm guessing a salad," replied Danny.

"A fucking salad!" yelled Dash. "I don't need this rabbit shit, I need protein!" he continued.

"Then eat some peanuts," retorted Danny. "Those have protein," he added.

After hearing that, Dash picked Danny up by his shirt.

"Are you trying to be funny Fenturd?" questioned Dash as he glared at Danny. "Because it ain't funny," he added as he prepared to punch Danny.

Sam couldn't stand to see Dash try to harm her boyfriend over something she did, so she tried to stop Dash. However, an explosion was heard from the kitchen causing everyone to turn to look. They all saw smoke in the kitchen and the lunch ladies running out of the kitchen in terror. Unknown to Danny as this was going on, the oval casing on his belt started to glow neon green slightly. Suddenly a large green skinned lunch lady appeared from the kitchen, floating in the air as she glared at the students.

"WHO IS THE ONE WHO CHANGED THE LUNCH MENU!" yelled the green lunch lady.

No body answered her as the students screamed and tried to run out of the cafeteria. Dash dropped Danny and ran out screaming in a high pitched tone. When Danny hit the floor, he scrambled to get to Sam. However the students running around in terror as they reached for the exits caused Danny to lose sight of Sam.

Sam on the other hand was trying to reach Danny, but she was shoved onto the ground by Dash as he continued to save his own skin. Amongst the chaos the Lunch Lady spotted one of the students and grabbed him. She brought the boy to her face and glared at him. That student turned out to be Tucker, and he was shaking in terror.

"Tell me who changed the menu!" demanded the Lunch Lady as her eyes flashed a demonic red.

Tucker nearly soiled himself but he managed to point to Sam.

"She's the one…" whimpered Tucker. "She changed the menu," he added.

The Lunch Lady glared at Sam and dropped Tucker onto the floor before flying towards Sam. She grabbed the Goth girl and was about to take her away to unknown parts, but Danny stated to run towards Sam to protect her.

"NO!" yelled Danny as he tried to reach his girlfriend.

The next thing that happened stunned the Lunch Lady, Sam, and Tucker. The oval casing on Danny's belt split open revealing a glowing green orb that shot out a glowing white ring around Danny's waist. The ring started to split into two rings that were linked together by big white lines. One ring went up while the other went down, and as they moved Danny's body was covered in a black and white armored suit.

The suit was black that covered Danny's entire body. His chest and stomach had white chest armor that was segmented to six sections, two large chest plates and four smaller, more angled plates on his stomach area. There were two white long hexagonal patterns on the outside of his thighs. On his hands were white gloves that went up to his forearms, on his feet were white boots that went up to his shins. Around Danny's neck was a pop up collar that was black much like the rest of his suit which was contrasted by the white on his neck. Flowing behind his collar was a green glowing see-through scarf. The final piece of Danny's new look was this black mask with slanted green lenses that had a compound look that reminded Sam of a wasp.

Danny on the other hand didn't notice as he was too focused on protecting Sam. He leapt into air and delivered a flying sidekick with his right foot glowing green to the Lunch Lady's face. The impact of the kick sent the green woman flying towards the wall.

Danny landed on the floor standing right in front of Sam. He was amazed at what he had done to the creature that was about to grab Sam. Danny turned around to look at Sam to see if she was alright.

"You okay Sam?" asked Danny in a slightly deeper tone.

Sam was a little stunned to see what happened and seeing her boyfriend in this outfit, but she was happy that he helped her. Before Sam could say anything the Lunch Lady got back up and flew at them.

"Danny, behind you!" yelled Sam as she pointed at the Lunch Lady.

Taking Sam's warning, Danny turned around and threw a glowing right cross at the Lunch Lady's face which knocked her back. The Lunch Lady got back up and let out a yell of rage as the sudden appearance of meat flew into the cafeteria.

"Steak, rib eye," said Tucker as he sniffed the meat that was floating around before narrowing his eyes. "Lancer…" he growled.

The meat started to form around the Lunch Lady creating a large lumpy meat monster. She shot out her left hand towards Danny. Danny grabbed the hand, stopping it in place before tossing it away. However that was what the Lunch Lady expected because she launched her right hand towards Sam and grabbed her. Sam screamed as she was brought towards the Lunch Lady who let out a laugh before sinking into the floor with Sam as her hostage much to Danny's shock.

"No!" yelled Danny as he ran towards the spot Sam and the Lunch Lady phased through.

Suddenly the white rings appeared again and reversed the change to Danny, but Danny didn't notice as he was more focused on saving his girlfriend. Tucker approached Danny with an air of caution because he wasn't sure if Danny heard him tell that Lunch Lady that it was Sam that changed the menu which led to her being captured.

"Uh….you okay Danny?" asked a nervous Tucker.

Danny was silent for a moment.

"Tucker," called out Danny.

"Yeah?" replied Tucker.

"Your sense of smell is able to locate any type of meat right?" asked Danny.

"Up to a three mile radius," commented Tucker. "Why?" he asked.

"Is that thing still in the school?" asked Danny.

Tucker took a sniff for a moment before stopping.

"It's still here," said Tucker. "About twenty yards down," he added.

"I guess I'm heading towards the basement," said Danny as he headed for the exit.

Tucker followed Danny as they headed for the door in the hall that led to the boiler room in the basement. Luckily the panic during the Lunch Lady's arrival forced the teachers to focus on trying to control the panicking students allowing Danny and Tucker to slip through undetected.

Once they reached the basement, Danny and Tucker slowly searched the entire area for Sam and the Lunch Lady. Danny followed Tucker as he led the way thanks to his highly meat sensitive nose. At least until they found themselves standing before a massive supply of frozen meat, which Tucker eagerly ran towards.

"I always dreamed it, but I didn't think I would live to see it," said Tucker as he sighed in content.

Danny looked at Tucker with his eyes narrowed and his mouth hung slightly open displaying a look of disbelief and annoyance. Basically Danny had an expression on his face that said 'Are you fucking kidding me?' before he walked up and pried Tucker away from the meat.

"My girlfriend is being held hostage by some fat green woman who can control meat, and you busy hugging frozen meat," stated Danny. "How is it that you're the weird one in that statement?" he asked as he dragged a crying Tucker away from the meat.

Suddenly Danny heard a sound and covered Tucker's mouth with his left hand. They ducked around a corner so that they wouldn't be spotted. Danny peaked around the corner to see Sam buried from the neck down in meat. The Lunch Lady was floating in front of her with a chick drumstick in her hand.


"I just wanted to give everyone a chance to eat something healthy," said Sam as she struggled to get free. "Is that so wrong?" she questioned.

"YES!" yelled the Lunch Lady. "AND AS PUNISHMENT YOU SHALL BE FILLED WITH THE VERY MEAT SO TRIED TO GET RID OF!" she continued as she brought the drumstick closer to Sam.

"No!" screamed Sam as she struggled to break free. "I'm allergic to meat!" she told the ghost.

"THEN YOU SHALL FACE A FITTING END TO YOUR LIFE!" yelled the Lunch Lady as she advanced closer to Sam.

Sam tried to break free, but the ghost suddenly raised her other hand and trapped her in a green aura. Sam felt her mouth open but she wasn't in control of her mouth. Her eyes widened as she realized that the Lunch Lady was going to force feed her meat. She tried to close her mouth but the ghost's power was far stronger than her. The piece of meat moved closer to Sam's mouth must to Sam's horror.

'Danny!' Sam mentally screamed out as if she were calling out to him.

Danny couldn't take another second of what was going on as he charged at the ghost. The casing on his belt opened again causing Danny to be covered in the black and white suit once again. Danny leapt into the air again and unleashed another enhanced kick at the Lunch Lady's head. The attack caused the Lunch Lady to lose focus allowing Sam to regain control of her body once again.

"Danny!" cheered Sam, happy to see her boyfriend come to her aid.

"Hang Sam, I'll get you free," declared Tucker as he started to eat the meat that Sam was trapped in.

"Are you freaking serious?" deadpanned Sam in disbelief.

Back with Danny and the Lunch Lady, Danny ducked from one of her attacks and threw a hard straight punch with his left hand into her gut. The impact of the punch caused the Lunch Lady to fly back towards the wall. She clutched her stomach before glaring at Danny.

"YOU WILL SOON LEARN WHY MEAT IS THE MOST POWERFUL OF THE FOUR FOOD GROUPS!" yelled the Lunch Lady as she used the meat to create her meat monster form.

"Oh come on!" cried Tucker as the meat left him again.

Sam on the other hand was happy to be free and took cover as to avoid the fight. She grabbed Tucker so that he wouldn't get in the way of Danny's fight.

Danny dodged another of the Lunch Lady's attacks before planting a sidekick into the gut of her meat form. He pulled his foot back both disgusted by the sight of the meat juices on his boot and frustrated that he wasn't getting anywhere in this fight. The Lunch Lady launched another meat hand at Danny causing him to back away. The hand flew out of the Lunch Lady's meat form and flew towards Danny. Suddenly Danny's body became transparent allowing the meat to fly right through his body. Danny was surprised but he wasn't about to let an opening be left unexposed as he charged at the Lunch Lady to attack again. However, he was still transparent and just ran right through her.

The Lunch Lady turned around to face Danny and prepared to attack again. Danny jumped back to avoid the attack out of instinct. As he soon as he touched the floor, he became solid again. Unknown to Danny his right leg was starting to glow green, but the glow was brighter than how it was before.

"I WILL SHOW YOU THE POWER OF MEAT!" yelled the Lunch Lady.

"We'll see about that!" Danny yelled back as he ran towards the Lunch Lady.

Danny leapt into the air once again to deliver another flying sidekick with his right leg forward. As soon as Danny reached the Lunch Lady, he suddenly became transparent again. His glowing right leg phased through the meat and reached the Lunch Lady. The glow expanded inside the Lunch Lady as Danny continued to phase through. When Danny's belt reached the center of the Lunch Lady, the orb in the belt flashed white as Danny completely phased through the Lunch Lady.

Danny landed on the floor behind his foe and crouched down. The Lunch Lady turned around and was about to attack, but suddenly she began to yell out in pain. A strange sound that could be best described as a vacuum was heard as the Lunch Lady was being sucked into her own stomach along with the meat she was using. Sam and Tucker watched in amazement and horror respectively as the Lunch Lady and the meat she was using vanished from the basement.

Danny tried to stand up, but he had a hard time getting his balance. The same white rings from before appeared and reversed the transformation once again. Sam ran towards Danny hoping that he was alright. When she reached Danny, Sam helped him balance himself much to Danny's relief.

"You okay Sam?" asked an exhausted Danny.

"Yeah, thanks to you," answered Sam with a smile. "And I just you were on to something about just settling with a salad bar," she joked.

Danny gave a small chuckle before kissing Sam's cheek.

"Now you take my advice," Danny joked as he regained his balance.

"Does that mean that the vegetarian menu is gone?" asked Tucker as he walked up to the couple.

"Don't get your hopes up," Danny and Sam said in unison.

"Aw…damn it," complained Tucker.

"Paradise Lost!" yelled Lancer as he revealed himself to the three students. "What are you three doing in here!?" he asked.

Author's note: Well that ends the first chapter of Kamen Rider Phantom. For those who actually stayed and read the chapter, I hope you all liked it. I would also like to explain that in the beginning why Vlad used an Ouija board instead of a ghost portal like in the actual show. At first I was going to go with the portal, but I started to think about how with current technology not being able to do that, it wouldn't make sense as to how three college students in the 80s were able to build a small prototype was were able to unleash a steady stream of ectoplasm. It struck me as too much science fiction and I wanted to have a 'balance' of science fiction and paranormal fiction. Plus I want the ghosts to exit out of the Ghost Zone in an unexpected manner instead of just popping out of the portal in Fenton Works: slipping right past Jack, Maddie, Jazz, their ghost alarms, and Danny's ghost sense. When you think about it, it's kind of a plot hole.

I also decided to have Jack and Maddie going missing as a means of bringing a sense of mystery for Danny and Jazz. I was also going to have it where it was just Danny and Jazz living in Fenton works with Jazz being 18 years old and taking care of Danny, but decided not to because that would just make it more difficult for Jazz. So my original character from my long running DP story, dear old (and surprisingly popular with some of the readers of my stories) Uncle Vince was brought into the story as their legal guardian. He's still the same person as he is in 'Cross my Heart and I'll Fight Back,' 'Tortured Hearts and Dark Legacies,' and 'Hunting Ground of Chaos,' he just now has to deal with keeping the kids fed and making sure that Fenton Works is still standing.

At the moment this story will be rated T because compared to my M rated stories with violence, this one was very tame. Plus I seriously doubt a few swear words really qualify for an M rating, especially since I've seen other fanfics that were T rated and had characters cursing up a storm. The only way I would actually bump up that rating is if I decide to put more graphic descriptions of violence and/or put in scenes that are somewhat sexual such as Tucker walking into the boys' locker room and saw Paulina giving Dash a blowjob while being fucked in the ass by another jock. Those are the only conditions that will raise the rating for this story.