We will eradicate the titans.

Of course we will, brat.

The two men stood on top of a tall building, looking down at the huge masses of titans. Their capes fluttered in the wind. Holding their weapons tightly, they swooped down with the maneuver gear.

Eren groggily opened his eyes to the bright afternoon sunlight. He lifted his head up from the comfortable school desk he was lying on, annoyed by the fact that school was still not over.

But that sure was a weird dream. Those men were dressed in.. military uniforms? Could that even be called military uniforms, though? Oh well.

Eren yawned as the school bell rang, signifying the end of school. He grabbed his bag, ready to find Armin and Mikasa in the other classrooms when he remembered that he was told to go off alone today.

Grumbling about how Armin shouldn't had joined the Library club and how Mikasa shouldn't had bothered with the annoying student council, he reluctantly went off by himself.

It wasn't that he was some sort of kid who needed people to escort him home. It was just that, he loved walking home with them. They would talk about how random amusing things like how Connie might had shaven his hair because Sasha once joked that bald men were manly or how Jean is so obvious in his affection towards Mikasa and things like that. It was just a really nice feeling.

Oh, well. He'd just head home and play some video games or something. Eren thought, strolling along the pathway. A man in a suit brushed past him, his shoes tapping in an erratic rhythm against the ground. He appeared to be in a hurry.

Normally, Eren would ignore the man. But somehow, he felt a sense of nostalgic as he walked past the man. He turned his head, staring at the back-view of the man, unable to tear his eyes away even after the man had left his field of vision.

Let's do our best, Corporal!

For some reason, he wanted to cry.