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The characters are older. They are in high school now so that means

3rd year = 17

2nd year =16

1st year = 15

Chapter 1: The Surprise Visit

'Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei!'
'Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku! Seigaku!'

Mizuka stood on top of the bleachers as she watched the Singles 3 match go on in a duel of Hadokyu between Kabaji Munehiro, a third year from Hyotei, and Kawamura Takashi who was also a third year from Seigaku. Clearly the cheers of Hyotei were louder than Seigaku as they had 200+ team members cheering for their team players. She walked off as the cheers died off as the teams realized the pain the players were putting themselves in.

"Kawamura stop! If you keep continuing this, your arm will..." Cried Ryūzaki sensei, the team coach.
The match continued for about 5 more minutes from their 40 minute game until Kabaji dropped his racquet, "I can't play..anymore.."
"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Cheered the Seigaku team as they had thought that they won the game. "Nope, not just him", Sakaki, the team coach of Hyotei, said as Kawamura dropped his racquet too. "That's some dirty play. He knew that Kabaji would copy him and he kept using it at the expense of his own arm too." Said some of the Hyotei players.
"You idiot!" yelled Ryūzaki sensei as she flicked Kawamura on the forehead. "Oww", Kawamura flinched back in pain. "Good thing your hand isn't broken or else you won't be able to play tennis ever again." Ryūzaki sighed. "I guess we'll have to take them to the hospital just in case. Would Kabaji want to come to the hospital too?"
"Go Kabaji." Ordered Sakaki sensei. "Thank you." As he stood up and bowed at Ryūzaki. "Well then, I'll be leaving." she said as she left with Kabaji and Kawamura.

The Seigaku players fought for the bench seat as Fuji Shūsuke got ready to play. "Echizen." Everybody froze as Tezuka Kunimitsu, third year captain of the Seigaku team spoke. "What is it, buchou?" Echizen Ryōma peaked at his captain as he was currently under a headlock from Momoshiro Takeshi. "Help me warm up." Ordered Tezuka. "Yes." Replied Echizen. "Yoshhh! Then I'll be bench coach!" Beamed Momoshiro happily. "Che." Echizen walked off behind Tezuka up the bleachers and towards the practice court areas. As they were walking towards the gate, Tezuka's back shot up as he heard a familiar voice. "Long time no see, nisan." He turned around to see a slim figure standing there. Wearing a hat that covered over her eyes and a hoodie with the hood up that covered her hair, it was hard to see who she was but he recognized her. "Who are you?" asked Echizen as he looked up at her. He thought it was a guy even though the voice seemed high. "Echizen. Meet me inside the court." Ordered Tezuka. Echizen not caring about the situation obeyed and entered the gates onto the practice court and started preparing.

"When did you get back?" asked Tezuka. "I'm surprised you came here"
"No hug?" She teased. "I just got back. I came straight here once mom told me you had a serious match today." Mizuka said. "Pretty confident in Fuji huh? You're warming up already. Anyway, there's another thing. I wanted to see which school was better. In a week, I'll be choosing to go to either Seigaku or Hyotei."
"So you're looking based on how strong the tennis team is?" Tezuka asked with disappointment in his eyes. "Well no..not really..Your match is after this one right? Let me borrow your jersey for a bit." Tezuka eyed his sister curiously but obliged to her request. "Isn't it going to be too warm to wear my jersey over your hoodie?" he questioned. "I'll manage" She smirked as she put it on and walked off as Tezuka went to the practice court to return to Echizen for a warm up. "Who was that? And why did you give him your jersey?" asked Echizen curiously. "Don't ask questions and play." Tezuka replied curtly. "Fine." Echizen replied as he started off with a twist serve. After warming up, they started heading back as the cheers sounded off.