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A Wedding Night

Bilbo had never expected to ever have a wedding night, not a real one even when he was young and of marriageable age. And technically he and Thorin already had their wedding night as they'd been married for weeks now and had shared a bed on a number of occasions since then, Bilbo reminded himself as he sat on his bench in his garden, his little friends napping around him as they'd gorged themselves on the fresh cheese buns earlier and weren't up to doing much of anything. So really, getting all worked up about the night ahead was utterly ridiculous, especially when one considered the fact that he wasn't going to the dwarf's bed a virgin and knew what to expect for the most part.

Though it had been so long since he'd had another man's naked body pressed against his, Bilbo silently admitted to himself, that he practically was one. As it was his memories of those events so to speak were sorta faded and unfocused, mostly because he'd done his best to block out the fact that he'd ever been foolish enough to allow Haymatch Bofin into his bed. But surely it was one of those skills that you never really forgot no matter how long it had been, and Thorin was the take charge type anyway so he could simply follow the man's lead and they'd be just fine. Oh please by all the goddess and gods let them be all right. Because while he'd studied up on dwarves as best he could back in the Shire and since he'd come to Erebor, Bilbo was well aware that he was beyond ignorant when it came to the intimate details so to speak.

"This would be so much less stressful if I could just ask someone about this." Bilbo muttered to the dust bunny snoring away in his lap, having passed out from all the petting he'd gotten. "Brides and grooms can ask their parent for advice about this sort of thing and not be embarrassed." Not that his parents would have any idea how dwarves mated, but at least his own mother would have comforted him while his father died of shock at being asked such a question. Actually, scratch that, he'd be just as embarrassed to talk about it with either one of them, but he'd rather be mortified now than later when he and Thorin were in bed together.

And asking any of the dwarves he'd gotten friendly with for advice was also out of the question for a number of reasons.

First and foremost was the fact that he wasn't comfortable with discussing the topic to begin with with people he didn't actually know that well, and second was the fact that he would sooner die of embarrassment than admit to any dwarf he knew that Thorin and he hadn't once been intimate since they'd gotten married. He'd permanently go into the ground laughing first. There was also the fact that he wouldn't want to offend anyone with his questions, especially when he was still in the process of winning over those closest to Thorin. He was only having so much success there, and asking them personal questions of this nature would not endear himself to them at all.

Though Fili and Kili would probably find his stuttering and blushing absolutely hilarious, brats that they so often were.

The basic mechanics of the whole thing had to be similar regardless of race, Bilbo told himself, and he'd seen Thorin naked even if he hadn't been in a sexual frame of mind at the time, so he knew that the dwarf's body wasn't that different from a hobbit's. Except in terms of muscles and size and the fact that he was quite sure Thorin would be as forceful and demanding in bed as out of it and that-

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Going as red as one of his tomatoes Bilbo couldn't help but wring his hands in front of him as he stared down at them.

Worried he might start hyperventilating, it could happen, Bilbo forced himself to concentrate on his breathing, telling himself over and over again that he had no reason to worry. Even if he was out of practice, and smaller and less developed in certain areas compared to a dwarf, Thorin wanted him and had made that quite clear. He'd just follow the other man's lead and everything would be fine.

Please fates make it so!


Thorin spent the rest of his afternoon cursing the fact that so little was known about hobbits, especially since he'd only just learned that day that one of the most important preconceptions he'd had about the race was wrong. Hobbits did occasionally desire their own sex, and his halfling was one of those hobbits. He could take Bilbo as his lover, strip the other man bare and kiss and stroke every inch of his consort's lush little body until his hobbit begged him for relief from the most pleasurable of tortures. At least that was where his mind had been focused until it occurred to him that having never bedded a hobbit before, he had no idea if their mating practices were the same as his own's.

In his head Thorin knew that Bilbo wasn't really delicate, that the hobbit was actually fairly sturdy despite his size and gentle manner, but those rational voices were drowned out by the more irrational side of him that said Bilbo was too delicate to withstand the force of his own desire for the halfling. He'd waited so long for him, had spent hour upon hour dreaming of what he would do to his consort if given the chance, never once taking in the man's small frame into consideration or the fact that the hobbit was probably used to the gentlest of touches.

It ate at him too, knowing that soon another hobbit would be coming to his mountain, one who had known Bilbo intimately for years in comparison to the short time Bilbo had been his. That there was no love lost between them, at least on his consort's side, was only a slight balm to the dark, infected wounds that opened up at the mere thought of anyone touching what was his.

Recognizing the darkness of that need to possess and own, the scars inflicted from his gold sickness still fresh and tender, Thorin's stomach rolled at the very idea that once again he would cause harm to someone important to him because he was too enslaved by his own desires to see beyond them.

But he couldn't reject the hobbit either, both because Thorin knew he couldn't resist his consort now that he knew he was wanted and because even when he'd been in shock he'd taken note of the look that had come into Bilbo's eyes when the halfling had thought he was being rejected earlier. And he was never, ever going to be the person who put that look in his hobbit's eyes ever again. He'd cut his hands off at the wrists first.

So he was going to have to find a way to make this work.

With that in mind Thorin carved time out to pay a quick visit to Oin, ordering the man's assistants out of the room and closing the door behind them afterwards.

Assuming that Thorin wanted more news about the suicide slash murder case Oin scowled at his king and told him, again, that there wasn't anything new to tell him. The nature of the kill wound was suspicious, so he wasn't ruling out the possibility that the dwarf had been forced to take his own life, but he couldn't tell him more than that. And he didn't appreciate being hounded when he'd already told Thorin this early in the day.

"That's not why I'm here."

"Oh, well why on Middle Earth didn't you say so?"

Thorin thought about pointing out that he hadn't been given the chance, but thought better of it. "My reason for visiting is my consort."

"Your consort?" Oin blinked at his owlishly. "Well he can't be hurt or you'd be in a tear, so what about the boy?"

"I was wondering about hobbits, the strength of their bodies. He's determined to work that garden of his himself and I want to make sure he's up for it." That was the most believable lie he'd been able to come up with since Thorin was sure he'd sooner marry an elf than admit that he and his consort had never had sex.

Fiddling with his ear horn Oin seemed to think over the question before answering it with an understanding smile, reaching over at the same time to give Thorin's hand a pat. "No need to worry about your little hobbit, your majesty. I might not know a lot about them, but I talked with the boy myself when he came here and they aren't so very different from us. They've got strong bones and fine constitutions, he's hardly been sick a day in his life apparently. Just keep an eye that he doesn't overdo, as he keeps an eye on you." The old dwarf's eyes actually twinkled for a moment. "When I was done asking him about himself, he asked if there was anything he should know about you. He worries you work too hard."

Trying and failing to hide his surprise Thorin didn't know what to say to that. And the man's words did reassure him somewhat, but he imagined that Bilbo only knew slightly more about dwarves than dwarves knew about hobbits so he still felt some unease about the whole thing.

Shaking his head Oin muttered about needless worriers before asking Thorin if there was anything else he needed to know before they both got back to work.

"No, my apologies for interrupting."

"Then I wish you a good evening, Your Majesty."

Thinking that he was very much hoping it would be Thorin nodded and returned the sentiment before leaving the room to worry elsewhere for a while more before it was time to join his family for the final meal of the day.


Come dinner time Bilbo was rather grateful that they were having a meal together before heading back to Thorin's rooms. If that hadn't been the case he'd have had to worry about what to wear going into the man's rooms like the blushing bride he was feeling like. Which was somewhat mortifying really, given his gender and age, but his mind was not the most logical of places at the moment since he'd done nothing for the past few hours except think about sex. He was so wired at the moment that he'd even had to slip into his own rooms earlier to-ah-ease some of the pressure least he make a very bad first impression on his husband later.

Cheeks flushing pink on and off, Bilbo could feel the heat of his cheeks mocking him throughout the meal as he did his best not to be too obvious about wanting to do nothing but stare at Thorin, who in turn kept shooting him the occasional hot glance that had him fighting the urge to squirm in his chair. Thank goodness for the boys and Dis, none of whom were ever at a loss for words and carried the conversation completely on their own as they discussed all the positive responses the boys had gotten when it came to their new hairstyles, as well as the death of the possible traitor and just their days in general. They were too used to Thorin's silences to think anything of that, and Bilbo did his best to contribute just enough that his wandering, lustful thoughts weren't glaringly obvious. Or so he hoped.

One thing they did notice was that Bilbo wasn't eating nearly as much as he usually did, and when Fili called him on it Bilbo brushed it off as being a result of eating too many cheese buns earlier. This was of course a lie, a hobbit always had room for more, but his present appetite wasn't for food and the sooner this blasted meal was over the sooner he could, hopefully, appease the need for what he did want.

"Sure you aren't coming down with something?" Kili had been fond of Bilbo before the hairstyling lessons, but now that the hobbit had actually managed to make him look really appealing to the girls he wasn't about to let anything happen to his uncle.

"I'm fine, Kili, I promise. If I was sick you'd know it." Hobbits rarely ever got sick, but when they did it was hard to miss. A sick hobbit was a very, very unhappy hobbit.

Trusting that their sweet, innocent little uncle would never lie to them, the brothers dropped the subject and went back to their usual chatter, Dis watching Bilbo and Thorin both a little closer than normal for the rest of the meal, both aware enough to rein themselves in for the most part least she decide to have some fun at their expense.

Finally the meal was over, the boys jumping out of their seats to go out with friends while Dis, after giving Thorin and Bilbo each a hard, piercing look, surprised them both by wishing them a good night with a small, knowing smile on her face before making an exit out of the room.

Doing the boys' hair had certainly earned him some brownie points where she was concerned, Bilbo marveled as he pushed back his chair and got out of the way so that the servants could see to the dishes and such. He had a moment's pang, as he often did at such times, that he should be cleaning up after himself and not them, but then Thorin was standing in front of him and that pretty much wiped every thought from his head in a snap.

Taking the arm he was being offered, Bilbo couldn't help but smile at Thorin despite his nerves as they headed out of the room and down the hallway that would eventually lead to Thorin's quarters.

"Did you write your letter already?"

"My letter?"

"The one to your Thain you were talking about earlier."

"Oh! I forgot all about that."

Chuckling, Thorin gave him a knowing look that had Bilbo's toes curling in reflex.

Arriving at their destination Thorin opened the door, the look he gave Bilbo making it clear this was his chance to back out before there would be no backing out.

Swallowing hard Bilbo let go of Thorin's arm and walked through the doorway.


Walking in after his hobbit Thorin closed the door behind them and then turned to give Bilbo his full attention. He could see that he wasn't the only one who was a little nervous, but his halfling hadn't hesitated to come in either, and he wasn't going to talk himself out of believing what else he saw in Bilbo's eyes the way he had the few other times he'd thought he'd spied interest or desire there. They'd both made their desire for the other clear earlier that day, and he wasn't about to let nerves get in either of their way now.

So taking the steps necessary Thorin closed the gap between them and lowered his head while Bilbo shifted up and onto the balls of his feet to meet him part way, their lips just brushing against the other's for a testing moment before far more serious kissing was had with Thorin's fingers buried in Bilbo's curls while the halfling's fingers dug into the dwarf's shoulders for support at he melted against Thorin's strong frame.

In some working part of his brain Thorin thought that he wanted to kiss his hobbit for hours, learn everything there was to know about Bilbo's mouth before working his way down the body vibrating so eagerly against his own, but instincts too long denied beat the hell out of that voice in no time, the kissing becoming urgent as the kisses deepened and got decidedly more wet and dirty.

Loving the small sounds Bilbo was making in the back of his throat, he'd had a feeling his consort wouldn't be the quiet type after his enthusiasm earlier, Thorin ended the contact so that he could appreciate the noises more as he revisited the other man's neck and then continued up to give the hobbit's ear lobe a nip, surprised by the full body shudder and erotic as hell groan that action elicited.


Bilbo's breathless yes did things to him Thorin couldn't even put into words, and spurred him on to suck and nibble the length of each of the hobbit's ears, the man's reactions enough to drive him over the edge even before Bilbo started rubbing their lower halves together urgently, dragging their erections against the other's while making those sounds that drove him crazy with need.


"What do you need?" He'd give him anything he wanted.

"Take me to bed. Your bed." To punctuate the sentiment Bilbo messily pressed their lips together for an urgent kiss, fingers flexing beseechingly.

Growling a sound of agreement Thorin slid his hands down Bilbo's back and then grasping the hobbit's thighs jacked him up and shifted his hands around to adjust his hold as he carried Bilbo over to the bed, carefully setting him down onto the bed before turning his attention to stripping down to his skin.

The way Bilbo watched him do it, those tawny eyes getting bigger and hungrier, Thorin could feel the man's gaze like phantom hands stroking over his body. And when he was naked Thorin took a seat on the side of the bed and shifted over to begin undoing the buttons of Bilbo's shirt, seeing the way Bilbo flushed and looked away from him.

Reaching over Thorin grasped Bilbo's chin, stroking fingers over his cheek. "What's wrong?"

A bit more squirming, and then shyly the hobbit met his eyes. "I don't look at all like a dwarf."

Understanding dawning Thorin let go of Bilbo's chin and moved to stroke his fingers through the tousled curls he loved so much before he used both hands to pull the hobbit's tucked in shirt out, sliding his hands underneath to caress the soft, smooth skin of Bilbo's belly.

"You look like my consort." He told him. "And there is no one I desire more in my bed."