Chapter 6

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Ground War

Unknown Location

Star Forge

Harry awoke with a groan, running a hand through surprisingly clean hair. He felt out around himself, unwilling to open his eyes with the headache that plagued him. He could feel the pulse of machinery deep within the bowls of the station, but not only did he feel that, he also felt the now pulsing life force that flowed through the metal. He gasped as he felt the force close in around him and he nearly unleashed an attack of his own until he realized that it was comforting him.

Harry was in awe as he felt the soft waves of the Force wash over him, healing his headache and replacing his sense of insecurity with confidence.

"It's about time you woke up, Harry!" The jovial tint to Gabby's voice made him grimace in mock annoyance. He opened his eyes and gave her a dirty look.

"I feel like I have a bloody hangover, so can you keep it down?" He could only roll his eyes as she giggled and gave him a sarcastic wink.

"I think the Station has already healed you of your ailments." He blinked once and then grinned.

"It worked! Good, I was afraid that we failed when I blacked out." They had performed the ritual the week before, after it was clear that they had secured the AR System and the plans for the Fifth had been laid out. He had only the smallest irking of what the station could do once it was fully activated. The plans for this version of the Star Forge included adding to its already incalculable abilities by augmenting it with magic. He was not the least bit shocked that it could help him heal from his overextended magical core. He sat up and stretched, ignoring the cat calls from his sister-in-law. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed he turned to her.

"What have I missed?" Gone was the joking tones, he had missed a week of what could be a very long war and he needed to know that everything was still going according to plan.

"The Fifth Fleet has begun securing the new cluster. Though they have encountered a nest of slavers, an entire slaver world to be exact." Harry's eyes widened before narrowing in anger. Gabby smiled slightly; glad to see he could still feel anger at these actions after so many years of being alive.

"They have invaded the planet and have sent us what Intel they could. They appear to have originally been set up by the Batarian race but had since then been handed over to the control of a Krogan warlord." Harry nodded in understanding. He had been fully briefed before the ritual with the information of the Codex found in the captured Turian vessel. He remained silent for a few moments, feeling out with the Force as his anger slowly grew upon itself before the Force answered his silent pleas.

"Call up the Second and Fourth Fleets. This is more than enough proof that the Codex was correct in its assertions of the Batarians true nature." He looked up at Gabby, his green eyes aflame.

"We shall not suffer slavers to live..."

Atrium System

Planet: Black Star

On the Surface

Across the planet in the dozens of slaver dens and the handful of cities that doted the surface, defenses were being raised. As a planet controlled by a Krogan warlord and one that acts as the slaver node for the surrounding cluster, plans for situations such as this one had long ago been ironed out.

The slavers knew that they most likely could not win a ground war, especially since they had no openings in space to either escape or cut off reinforcements. So instead they bunkered down and prepared, if they had to die then they would take as many of the enemy with them.

Walls were lined and barricades were set up. Traps were laid and slave pins were secured. Arms were passed out and shields were warmed up.

The stronghold of Warlord Halok was the largest of the slaver dens on the planet and thus it was the most fortified. Walls interlocked creating deadly choke points; barricades could hold opposing forces near indefinitely while towers housing snipers and antiaircraft made it near impenetrable by conventional means. From the outside at the very least. Its greatest weakness however was that it was as large as a small city and had the population of one to boot. The only insurance the stronghold had against the landing of a hostile force within its walls and outer defenses was the grid of antiaircraft towers that rose up throughout.

It was to this that the slavers and soldiers of the Warlord Halok prepared themselves as they watched the skies. They were not to be disappointed as they watched the growing shapes of dozens of ship lowering themselves into low orbit above. What they did not expect however was when instead of coming into lower atmosphere they leveled out, just barley within sight of those on the ground.

The slavers began to panic as missiles launched from the bellies of the ships and headed straight for the stronghold and the various other dens within distance.

A squad of slavers sighed in relief as the air defenses whirled up and at the sight of long reaching mass accelerated rounds tearing through the sky to intercept. Their relief was quickly tarnished as the incoming projectiles merely shrugged off the defensive rounds and hurtled towards their target. The first of which fell straight into the center of the stronghold, in the largest plaza. Hundreds of slavers ducked and cursed as they prepared to die in the fiery explosion that was sure to engulf them.

Only to find themselves still alive a few moments later. They turned from their posts atop the walls and in the various defensive structures around the plaza and stared at the floating obelisk and its multitude of glowing runes. The spire slowly rotated, lowering itself to the ground where it begun to sink in as if the stone was water.

The slavers watched enraptured by the strange device, nonplussed by the non threat it appeared to be. Silence reigned over the massive court yard as dozens of slavers advanced to investigate just as their fellows across the planet did.

The nearest slaver, a Batarian, came within a meter of the obelisk when it suddenly glowed; releasing a wave of light that knocked the Batarian off his feet and sent him flying meters back, along with all his followers. The slavers once more brought their guns to bear, firing into the obelisk with abandon only to find after overheating their weapons that it was unharmed.

The light pulsed again, this time pushing up the earth, leveling it out and creating a perfect bulwark in a hundred meter circle. Half a dozen openings were left as the sections of the walls were pushed out further by several meters creating defensive openings for forces to pour through. Once the light settled a massive crack filled the area, dozens of slavers wincing visibly from the noise, revealing hundreds of soldiers in silver and black armor, red eye visor slits staring dispassionately at the slavers before they opened fire.

Behind the base, a smaller obelisk sunk into the ground becoming visible after being covertly dropped, covered by the falling of the main forces. The obelisk glowed lightly before a faint crack was heard. Five figures appeared in the brief flash, four wore matching black and red armor, tattered cloaks hiding their forms as the red slits of their visors scanned the area. The fifth stood in silver form fitting armor along with a silver half cloak that hid her left side.

"Ma'am, seismic scans reveal that there are several large open spaces below this area." One of the ODTs spoke, his voice coming out a deep filtered brass. His gun and the guns of his three brothers all swept the area, professionally ignoring the sounds of laser fire and screams off in the distance.

"Best guess is that is where the slaves are being held, either way we are (too) to investigate." Scarlet received four nods as they made their way along the inner shadow of the wall.

"Intel's best guess is that the group of buildings just south of us holds the entrance, we should expect hostiles." She nodded and led them further into the base, her cloak slowly changing color to better blend into the grey stone wall and the dark shadows made by the rising sun upon the horizon.

They turned the corner and swept the small open space between the two stone buildings they were moving behind.

"Clear!" One of the ODTs called, as two more moved up and slowly walked into the area, a third bringing up the rear behind the first two, flanked by Scarlet and the last ODT.

Two loud pings filled the area, causing the leading three ODTs to roll out of the way, dust kicking up where they stood just moments before.

"Hostiles, sixty degrees!" Scarlet flashed out her free hand, a blast of energy racing forward, kicking up a storm of dust, hiding their position. The hiss of energy being released echoed slightly as her red lightsaber sprang to life, spinning in preparation to block inbound fire.

"Cover me!" She shouted as she rushed forward, her saber leading the way, her empty hand glowing as Force Lightning formed, ready for use.

She drove through the dust, silent as a wraith as she charged the two unprepared Turian slavers. She ducked to the side, never losing her forward momentum as they fired blindly at her, her saber leading the way.

The first Turian screamed as he was cut in half, the other turned as he fired, only to be blasted off his feet by a concentrated ball of lightning struck his barreled chest.

Scarlet span out of the way as another slaver turned the corner and opened fire upon her; she brought up her saber and blocked two shots but held her ground (as) at the sharp sound of blaster rifles firing.

She brushed the dust off her shoulders as she walked over to the burned corpse and nodded in thanks to the four ODTs.

"Anytime Ma'am." One of them nodded, smirking slightly beneath his mask. The four ODTs while highly trained still weren't completely immune to the Veela Allure after all. Scarlet graced him with a smile before setting off toward the next collection of building, searching for a building large enough to hold the entrance to the Slave Pens.

The roar shook the walls as the massive two stories tall Troll crashed through it, its massive club leading the way. Slavers fled in all directions as the rubble fell left and right. Several Krogan charged the massive armored beast, dodging the blasts from the turbo laser turrets that sat upon its shoulders, trying desperately to reach its legs.

It's next roar was filled with pain, as one of the Krogan got up to his foot and blasted it point blank with its Claymore shotgun, the Troll lifting its foot and bringing it down upon the Krogan who never thought it could move so fast. The other Krogan roaring for the Vorcha to charge and distract it while they hammered away at it, holding back as dozens of Vorcha charged forward with flame throwers and rocket launchers. The Troll grunted and swept a dozen aside with its club, only to catch a rocket to the face, its cry piercing the night.

The Krogan roared in victory but it was cut short as several red flashes of light came to life atop the broken wall, glaring red eyes shown down upon the slavers as five figures jump impossibly high, their sabers leading the way as they fell.

Sith and slaver forces fought to a standstill in a series of chock points, blaster shots and mass rounds filled the air as both sides fought for every inch, with blood, sweat and tears. Hundred on both sides fought in tiny crevices, along roofs and walls. Silver armor met soft ceramic plate as vibroblades met omniblades in fierce combat.

A dozen Turians rushed a Sith position, their snipers softening up the Sith shields as they unleashed hundreds of mass accelerated rounds that tore through silver armour and rained red blood down upon their human brothers. As they pushed the Sith back, they never noticed the red glow and the soft whine of mechanical joints.

"Joyous exclamation: Sweet battle, it's been too long since I've popped a meatbag open!" The blaster rose and fire, vaporizing a Turian's head.

"Condescending retort: Brother, these meatbags prove poor sport." Another pair of red eyes locked an advancing Turian and fired, watching with satisfaction as the alien fell.

"Pitying response: You both whine, the Masters bring us glorious battle." The third pair of red eyes followed its chain blaster as it tore through the charging Turians, saving the Sith position.

"Approving statement: Our brother is right, sport or not, we can kill for the Masters!" The three Droids drifted back into the shadows, ready to hunt again.

"The scanner shows at least two dozen hostiles inside. Seismic scans agree, however; that this is most likely one of the entrances to the underground." Scarlet nodded and looked at the iron door that blocked their way. She was surprised by the low tech used but she assumed it would be easier to hold in slaves that might know how to hack more advanced locks.

"I'm issuing Order Fury." The four ODTs looked at her as one, as four backing away ever so slightly. Her smirk slowly grew.

Tak Torlan was a mercenary, not a slaver and he made damn well sure that everyone who met him knew it. The only thing was he just happened to work for slavers. Though he guessed this was the spirits revenge for him doing so, his last job just so happened to be the one where he gets pinned down on a (spirits be damned) spirits-be-damned slave world by unknown alien forces. Who knew what they would do to them once they pacified the various bases around the world.

His mandibles clicked nervously as he gazed around the room and the near two dozen other guards set to ensure the slaves don't break free during the fighting. He wasn't happy with the job but it kept him out of harm's way, so who was he to complain.

"Tak, did you hear that?" The four eyed freak next to him whispered. Tak quirked an eye plate and shook his head in annoyance.

"Hear what?!" That however was when he heard the most spirits-be-terrified noise he had ever heard in his twenty planet tour as a merc. He watched in fear as every other mercenary and slaver in the room turned towards the door.

"What in the spirit's name..." Was the last thing that particular Turian said before the door burst open in flames, flying into the room and killing the spirits-have-mercy fool. What remained of the two dozen turned their heads from the melting door and dead comrade, to the inferno that engulfed the entrance.

"By the spirits..." Tak watched as the most terrifyingly beautiful creature floated through the flames, slitted blood red eyes glaring at them as it flapped its wings, keeping it afloat.

Before any of the mercs even thought to fire their weapons, let alone Tak, the creature cried again and flames sprung from her hands, the creature could only be female Tak concluded, and he watched in everlasting fear as the flames roared forth with the combined fury of an entire Vorcha flame squad.

The four ODTs stood guard over the intersection leading toward the subterranean entrance and tried not to flinch as they heard the screams and the flush of fire. They all looked at each other and together shivered.

"Think it's clear?" One of them said, gaining the attention of the others.

"Damn, it's quiet... Too quiet." One of them snarked a laugh.

"LT, go check it out." The LT sighed and nodded and marched over to the still smoldering entrance.

"Holy shit..." The other three approached and looked inside as well.

"Those poor bastards."

"And I thought the clean up after the battle of Mavern was bad..." They were all reminded of why one didn't piss off the Enforcers. Nothing was scarier than a full formed Veela.

"Damn, I'd rather face a bloody Tank Troll." The other three nodded before the LT entered and stepped over what he assumed was a corpse.

"Ma'am?" He called into the large room, his head turned when he heard something shift. His eyes widened as he looked at the pale Enforcer sitting on top of what he assumed was once some kind of chair.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" He asked as he approached, he holstered his blaster rifle on his back and brought his hands to his helm, clicking the release. Heck, he figured that she could do with another human face. With a click he pulled the helm off and revealed a handsome well chiseled face, brown eyes and low cut red hair.

"I... Dislike using my true form for... things like this." She said after a moment, still staring off into space. The other three ODTs moved off and let the brave kid handle the Veela.

"You only did what you thought best, ma'am. There was no way we could have faced two dozen men while they held the defensive position." She looked up at him and let out a long sigh.

"I know." His eyes softened. Say what you will about the ODTs or even the Sith in general but for all their harsh training and mental conditioning, they were still human. He nodded and held out his hand.

"Thank you ma'am. Name's Avery." She looked at his hand for a moment and smiled softly, taking it in her own.

"I'm Scarlet." She said as he pulled her up. He nodded and grinned before grabbing his helm.

"Let's go, we have a job to do, Scarlet." She nodded in return and moved towards the back, were a massive elevator sat ready.

She sat against the bars, the slaves around her deathly silent as they felt the earth around then shake once more, dust falling from the ceilings. The battle above seemed to have lasted an eternity as the ground shook and heaved around them. Krya listened as people around her whimpered in fear, others prayed to their gods or spirits in the hopes that they would soon be freed. Krya looked at the great blast doors keeping them locked in, even if they could open the great steel grates that lined the walls of their prison. She knew that when they opened, all their hopes will have come true. The hierarchy was here; her father had finally come for her.

Scarlet looked around the great room before her and ground her teeth at the massive blast doors that no doubt held the slaves back. She reached into her pack and handed the Portpad to Avery.

"Avery, please set this up and call ahead. I'm going to open these doors." He nodded and headed over to the most open part of the room, where he activated the device.

She walked over to what appeared to be a control panel for the underground prison; she could feel the taint of despair on the very air as the Force quivered with it.

With a couple of key strokes, her Omnitool blared to life in a bright neon orange as she hacked into the controls. She glanced over her head after a few moments as a loud crack filled the air.

A dozen Sith soldiers appeared in loose formation, along with a half dozen healers.

"That's not going to be enough." She called behind her as she watched her Omnitool work. She could hear as several of the newly arrived soldiers conversed.

She smiles as she heard several more cracks, her smile widened as her Omnitool binged with affirmation.

"Opening blast doors in five..."

A muffled crack penetrated the blast doors, causing a slight panic among the prisoners.

"What in the name of the Goddess was that?" An Asari cried, several other slaves nodding in their agreement. Krya was just as puzzled, she didn't think there should be any need for sapping to get through the doors, hacking the terminal on the other side should be enough.

The prisoners jumped again as several cracks came through the blast doors again. All of them looking nervously from their own pardoned off cages.

Krya grit her teeth, suddenly missing the silence. The noise of a thousand scared slaves was grating to the ear nodes. As she tried to block out the noise, she gasped as the first bit of strong light filled the great prison. The blast doors slowly rose up from their grates, light flooded into the area, causing many to cry out in surprise and pain.

She stood up and stared, willing her eyes to adjust, her saviours were here. The Hierarchy had finally come through.

Scarlet watched as the doors rose up; she had already hardened herself for the sights that would not doubt be seen once they were through. She had been on rescue missions like this before; she knew that slaves were treated horribly, no matter the species. She watched as the darkness beyond was lifted as she pressed a key on her Omnitool, her breath catching as the moans of pain filled the air.

"By the Force, there has to be thousands of them."

"We are going to need more Healers..."

"Shit, I hope the boys up top are slaughtering those... Those!"

"Alright people, let's get those cages opened, healers get to the front. Infantry, keep loose they might panic when they see us. Shoot to stun, no killing here today." She listened as the Sith behind her conversed, as the healers warmed up their gear and readied their wands.

Scarlet walked into the holding pins, the massive barred walls separating the slaves to make it harder for them to riot. She bit back a sob as she looked at a hand full of alien children being held back and protected by the malnourished adults. Her gaze met the wide eyes of the aliens, she recognized several as Turian, some as the alien race known as the Asari, some of the reptilian species known as the Salarians and many others she hadn't been briefed on. She could feel the tears fall down her cheeks as the Force wavered around her, cycling through pain, fear, sorrow and most powerfully- Hope.

What are they?

The question ran up and down the room as the various Citadel races looked at these new aliens with some fear but with a growing hope. Krya watched as the first cell with a hundred or so prisoners was opened and a dozen of the Asari like aliens rushed in and began to coo over the injured and the malnourished. She watched as dozens more rushed in and began, what appeared to be, healing and applying medication to those weakest as they began to escort those well enough to move out of the room and towards the processing room.

Her gaze however was caught on the one alien not doing anything other than watching and occasionally shouting out orders in a language she had never heard before. She was the least armored and had silver hair that flowed down around her in the most alluring way. Krya couldn't help but wonder if she was related to the Asari in some way.

"Hey!" She cried out, trying to get the female's attention. The alien turned to her surprisingly, picking her out of the crowd near perfectly, sending a shiver up and down her plates. Krya watched as the alien moved to the door holding her particular pin and watched in amazement as it popped open without a key. And to her amazement the woman spoke in her language.

"Help will come shortly, Turian. We must deal with the other cells." Scarlet has faith in her external translator to help her speak to the female Turian that was currently standing before her. She was surprised with how healthy she seemed, as if she was trained for this sort of thing. The Force felt out and saw that while many of the older Turians were doing better than the other species, her curiosity couldn't help but be aroused by the woman before her.

"That's not was I was wondering about, alien. What are you?" Scarlet couldn't help but nod, it was a pertinent question. So she took it upon herself to answer.

"I am a Veela, a sort of subspecies of Humanity." Which was true enough, all Veela were half human no matter what since they only gave birth to girls. The Turian spoke again.

"What's humanity?" It was obvious to Scarlet she struggled with the strange word and understood.

"We are Humans, I am a Veela, a subspecies of human. I am also an Enforcer in service to the Emperor." She was purposely giving such answers now, what better way to see how the aliens would react to them.

Kyra's mind raced as the words rocked her. Emperor? There hadn't been an empire of any sort in the history of the Citadel, let alone an emperor.

"Emperor?" She spoke slowly, fishing for more information; she didn't want to write off her unexpected saviors just yet.

"Yes, Emperor Hadrian Potter, the ruler of the Infinite Empire. I am one of his personal servants, sent out to root out corruption and ensure stability throughout the Empire." This only caused more questions than answers and Krya couldn't help but click her mandibles in annoyance.

"Look, all your questions will be answered later, miss. We will be moving you deeper into Imperial space to heal and reorient yourselves. We won't harm you and once we have a secure link between your governments and the Empire, you will have the chance to return if you so choose." Krya wasn't happy with this at all, she wanted answers, she wanted to know why her father, why the Hierarchy hadn't come to save them but this alien empire had.

"But why? Why are your people here?" Krya didn't realize just how desperate she came out, nor the vibes she sent out via the Force.

"The Empire has claimed this cluster and the surrounding sector. We are moving in force to destroy all slave and criminal actives when we discovered this planet and what it held." This sent panic through Krya, this was technically Citadel space, what did it mean, that they were going to war with this empire?

"But this is Citadel space?!" The Alien, the Veela or was it human slowly nodded in what she recognized as the Asari way of offering grievance.

"Actually its on the outside of Turian space." Krya felt her insides drop.

"You're... Expanding aren't you?" She said with a slight stutter.

"We are currently at war with the Turian Hierarchy after an unprovoked attack on our scout flotilla. I'm sorry." Krya didn't know what to feel, these aliens, humans, were the enemy of her people but they saved her when her people never came for her. What now...?

Scarlet looked at the lost Turian before her, letting out a slight sigh and turned around, she had other things to do.

"If you ever need anything, just ask for Agent Scarlet. I will ensure all of your needs are met, Turian." She could feel the confusion roaring off the strange alien girl. She couldn't help but feel sorry for the Turian, so she would look out for her. She might be at war with her people but not with these poor souls who were abandoned. As the earth around them shook from the continuing battle above, she knew that she was needed elsewhere.

On the Surface

Warlord Halok roared a battle cry as he and his finest Krogans charged another group of the strange aliens, his viscous smirk widening as the first of the aliens paused in fear long enough to put a shotgun shell in its torso.

"Weak! Soft! Armor covered Pyjacks!" He screamed over the din, his fellow Krogan joining him in his malicious laughter. They cut into the alien forces like a hot knife through Asari Freka Cur. Halok barked another laugh as another of the black armored aliens charged him with those annoying blades that cut his armor like it was nothing. He brought his arm up and caught the blade with the bone of his arm, and with his other arm brought his rifle to bear as he blew the alien's head off.

"Weak..." He spat, only for his HUD to scream a warning as his barriers and shields finally failed, he was unconcerned. He knew they would die but he'd be damned if he didn't bring as many of the alien scum with him as he could. He roared again, this time only a few roars joined him as he charged into the enemy again.

Only this time he was caught by another of the dark armored aliens but this one was ready when he charged it, his gun was out of position and he roared as his shot blasted one of the few Krogan remaining.

"Die!" He shouted as he brought his gun back around, only for the alien to swing away and cut into his leg. Halok grunted in pain as he fell to one knee and used his gun to shoot two of the aliens that were coming to assist, chuckling as he watch the shot to blow out both of their torsos.

The dark armored alien reappeared and fired two shot out of the blasted pistol before closing in on him again.

"Ha! You foolish Pyjack! No one can go toe to toe with a Krogan!" He smashed his fists together and charged the alien, ready to tear it in two with his head plate, only to find himself falling through the air and rolling back to his feet.

"You've got some nerve!" Halok roared as he pulled his arm back and threw a biotic throw, hoping to give him enough time to grab his pistol. Only to his amazement the alien dodged out of the way and charged again.

Halok roared and brought his fist to bear, ready to catch the alien in the head; sure it would crush like a fruit. The alien slashed with his blade and the warlord laughed before he cried out in pain. He looked at his missing fist and glared with pure hatred at the alien who stepped away and taunted him with his hand.

"I. Shall. Kill. You." He spat as he threw a biotic shockwave, hoping to catch it and kill it.

"Ha!" The alien couldn't dodge this time and he charged forward, only to gape as the alien landed on its feet after flipping from the biotic explosion the alien spun away from his charge and the Krogan cried out this time as the blade bit into his side.

"I'm not easy prey, Krogan." The alien laughed in Turian. He turned his head, blood hazing his vision as the screams began to die off, the Alien Forces rushing past them, trusting this damned black alien to deal with him.

"End it before I end you, alien." He grunted as he felt his regenerative abilities pick up.

"When you go to hell, tell your slaver buddies that Shepard sent you." Halok only saw a flash of red before his world went white.

In Orbit

The Draco

Admiral Crassus stood in the center of the bridge listening to reports come in from the various fleets moving through the cluster and to the progress of the ground invasion.

"Sir, reports of fighting dying down are becoming widespread across the planet." Crassus smiled slightly and nodded. He was glad that the operation went off without a hitch.

"What about the slaves?" He was worried about the state they would be in, heck he was worried they might all have been killed to keep them from their hands.

"We have reports of just over ten thousand slaves across the planet. The largest being in the main compound. A vast majority are malnourished and physically weak. Command has reported that they have opened up wards on Atrost, a newly colonized world in the 42nd sector. Just over a day's jump from the AR system." Crassus nodded again and let out a breath. He may have a large invasion fleet but he didn't have the supplies to handle ten thousand refugees.

"Are we capable of transporting them?" He tried to calculate the ships needed to move them but all of his transports were already full.

"Command is sending a small civilian hospital fleet through the Relay. The Emperor sent them once reports of slavers made it through. They should be here within a couple of days." He nodded and let out a breath, that was a load off his back.

"Casualties?" He wasn't too worried, the Sith were the best trained soldiers in the galaxy.

"Less than five percent sir. Only a couple of hundred around the planet. Most of that are wounded."

"Good, fleet status?" The bridge officer nodded and played with his data pad.

"Fleet five through eleven have moved and scouted the nearest systems and the fifteenth has set up defensive positions at the cluster Relay. No more slaves but a couple of gas giants in two of the systems had mining ships which surrendered shortly after being hailed. Several ships were able to escape into the Relay as the fifteenth came into the system. I'm afraid our position may have already been compromised." Crassus nodded, he wasn't surprised. It was a fool's game to think that all the systems in the area would be unoccupied.

"We have planned for this, Officer. I'm not worried and neither is the Emperor. We are after all the distraction." He smirked slightly, the slavers would pay, the Batarians would pay and the Turians would be conquered and become a part of the Empire. The rest of the Citadel shall of course, follow.

Black Widow Nebula

The Citadel

Presidium Tower

Within the private meeting room behind the council chambers, Tevos, the Asari councilor, along with Councilor Valern of the Salarians read over the reports coming from STG forces within the Hierarchy and the edges of Council space.

"The Turians are reacting erratically. The spread of the Asari Inner forces has them far more nervous than previously thought." Valern frowned slightly, the predicted results of supporting the Asari in their move to bring more discipline to their maidens did not see this possibility as likely as it apparently was.

Tevos growled under her breath.

"Those damn Turian's and their damned pride. We aren't trying to force them out of their positions. We just need to bring some order to our maidens after the incident on Belhdim."

Valern merely nodded. "Not blaming Asari, possibility of Turian pride causing issues was always considered, however full scale war was not seen as probable."

It was Tevos's turn to shake her head. "But their forces aren't heading towards the Citadel, nor are they heading for our respective borders but instead towards the edge of Turian and Citadel space."

"Where that fleet went missing, yes yes, makes sense, no doubt bit a bigger bite than they could chew. Sources have revealed an alien presence, advanced technology, fought and destroyed the Turian fleet like it was nothing. Interesting. A threat?"

Tevos sighed wearily. "Possibly, your reports of unknown craft taking control of Relay 312 seem to give precedence to it." Tevos opened the reprint not the view screen.

"Peaceful contact still possible, might not know about Council, might simply be moving against Turians and rightly so." Valern brought up another report.

"Turian fleet of just over five hundred is moving into that area, no doubt as invasion force."

Tevos cursed. "By the Goddess, that a fifth of their remaining fleet! What are they thinking."

"Desperation causes lack of forethought. No doubt Turians see this as opportunity for advancement."

Tevos paced on her side of the table, mumbled curses following behind her. "This could be worse than the Rachini war; we need to head the Turians off. I'll order an envoy be sent out to that sector and see if we can't get their leadership to come to the Citadel, hopefully bringing the Turians into line."

Valern nodded and glanced at his fellow councilor.

"Prepare we should, anyway. If things go wrong, war between these aliens and possibly with the Turians could be at hand. STG shall begin operations within Turian space. Shall either cripple or support Turians against this new threat."

Tevos sighed and knew he was right. "Fine, I'll get a hold of Matriarch Lydian, she has experience with fist contact."

"Good good, will be needed, I have no doubt."

Turian Fleet

The Arm of Palaven

General Darius stood beside Admiral Fedarian as the Turian fleet moved closer to Relay 312 and the positions that reports had indicated the aliens had pushed into.

"Darius, you may have failed in your first contact but this is your chance to make up for your mistakes. You have the most experience fighting these things." Fedarian spoke evening, his mandibles flexing confidently as his talons clicking against the table he stood before.

"My position has been made clear Admiral. I shall not fail the Hierarchy." Darius stood at attention, glad to have this chance to prove himself and avenge his fallen men. Fedarian let out a breath.

"Good, this is your last chance if you wish to retire with any hope of finding a good job back home." Fedarian dismissed the panicked look that crossed Darius's briefly.

"Of course sir."

"Now then, just another few cycles before we hit the Relay, this time we shall overwhelm them. Ten Dreadnoughts, two hundred Cruisers and nearly three hundred frigates and support craft. The best of the Turian fleets." Fedarian said to himself, his eyes sparking with confidence. The Asari might be beefing up their forces but the Turians were the best in the Galaxy and he would be damned if he didn't prove it.

Sector 23

Reagan Cluster

Chappell System

The Veil

In what was called the Mid Rim of the Empire was the capital system of sector 23, the Chappell System. Within this system the largest combined fleet to date was gathering, the Veil at its very center. The personal Flagship of the Emperor, one of the few Experiment Class ships in the fleet. Within the Infinite Fleet the largest ship was the Harrower that guarded the Home Fleet at just over two kilometers. However it was not the largest created by humanity, the Experiment class ships took those slots. The first being the Veil, the Personal Flagship of the Emperor which ran a full five kilometers and had over fifty levels within its hulls. Shaped like a mix between the Sith Interdictor and the Harrower, sporting the massive center piece was the classic beak like design, though that ended when two wings span out from it going kilometers in both directions. Dozens of Turbo laser batteries lined its hull, thousands of missile pods, five full hangers of fighters and troop transport and the most advanced communications and command op created by Imperial hands were just a few of the one ups it had over the rest of the capital ships created. A ship worthy of the Emperor.

Harry stood upon the bridge, his green eyed gaze sweeping the thousands of ships that made up the Second and Fourth fleets, nearly three thousand ships. Hundreds of capital ships, cruisers, frigates and support ships made up the fleet. Eight full invasion fleets joined it ranks, prepared to hold and support thousands of rescued slaves and thousands more of the Imperial army.

Harry couldn't help but smirk and think just how proud his Master would be of his empire; this is what Revan would have wanted. Peace through power. This wasn't even the full might of the combined fleets of the Infinite Empire. Thousands more could be called into action should he wish it. Manned by either his recruited forces or by the advanced droids of the Star Forge.

"My Lord, all fleets have been accounted for." Harry nodded and turned towards the one who spoke.

"Thank you, Severus. Begin prep for fleet movement. Have all corrections to the hyperspace routes been made?"

Admiral Severus Holmes nodded.

"But of course, My Lord. The AIs have worked out all the clinks, if you trust the things."

Harry chuckled and nodded again. "Anything else?"

Severus coughed into his hand. "Umm... High Lady Delacour has just recently entered the system and docked with hanger one just a few minutes ago. I'd assume she will be here momentarily."

Harry's eyes widened and he turned to his personal Admiral, his cape flaring behind him.

"Are you mad, man?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He ran a hand through his permanently messy hair and sighed into his elbow.

"She asked me not to, My Lord." Harry could just hair the smirk.

"Damnit, I thought I was the bloody Emperor around here." This time Harry knew he was smirking.

"I assure you, you are, my Lord."

"'Arry! Amour!" Harry spun in an instant, his lips curving into a bright smile. He walked forward and pulled her into his arms.

"Luv, it's been what? Two months?" He asked as he kissed her lightly. He chuckled as he felt her slap his shoulder.

"'Arry, not in front of your bridge crew." Her accent coming back just momentarily, an old comment of how he loved how she said his name coming to her mind.

"And too long if you ask me..." She smiled as she kissed him again before pushing him away slightly, their arms still holding the other.

"War, 'Arry?" She knew war was sometimes a necessity but she truly hated to see him go off. She much preferred him gallivanting around the Empire than leading a fleet.

"They are Slavers, luv. I won't suffer them to live, same words I told to Gabby. I swear." He tried to reassure her, he hadn't lost a war, let alone a battle yet.

"I know... But do you need to go yourself? Send Severus; he can deal with these Batarians all by himself." Harry nodded, it was true after all. From the tactical data they had, the Batarians were nothing more than terrorists. Against the combined might of his Second and Fourth fleet, they stood little chance.

"I know, but after we deal with these... Slavers, and Malfoy has dealt with the Turians we still need to handle this Citadel Council and I'd prefer to go straight there. Three birds, one very large stone." His eyes sparkled with mischief and she couldn't help but smile and shake her head.

"Fine, but I'm coming with. Someone needs to ensure that you don't end up having to conquer the whole damn Galaxy. I'd like some diplomacy to be used." Harry laughed and nodded, placing an arm around her, he led her off the Bridge and deeper into the ship.

"Of course, we fought one war together and that would never have worked half as well as it did if not for you. This war will need your gentle touch as well, I'm sure." She chuckled and nodded, leaning into him slightly. Passing crew members got out of the way, many smiling, others gossiping once they passed. Their love was legendary in the Empire and seeing the two together acted very much as an inspiration. They soon entered their private quarters.

"I see you already moved your stuff in..." He couldn't help but comment upon dryly. Fleur laughed and danced away, her silver gown dancing with her. Harry could feel the Force ebb and flow off her as she increased her Allure.

"Come mine amour, war should always be started with a little love, no?" Harry smirked slightly and pulled up his personal comm.


"Yes, My Lord?"

"You have permission to launch the fleet. I'm going to be... Busy catching up with my wife."

"But of course, I hope you have a pleasant time." Harry laughed at the dry retort and he couldn't help but agree it would be quite pleasant.

Codex Entries: Biotics in the Empire; Experimental Classes;

Biotics in the Empire:

Biotics is not an unknown ability in the Empire as it commonly is thought of. Not only are Biotic individuals known, they are trained in the same divisions as both Force-sensitive and Mage-born. The biggest difficulty is that they are few and far in-between. Since few accidents transporting Eezo have been reported, only on planets with high saturation of Eezo can Biotics be produced. Once more these are few and far in-between. Similarly, Biotics are harder to train and maintain due to Humanities predisposition to the Force and Magic. Thus they are rarely seen within the Empire and her armies nor are they seen as effective as Mages and Force-trained.

Experimental Class Ships and Devices:

Experimental class ships and devices are one of a kind. The best and most public examples are the Emperor's personal flagship, The Veil as well as the massive Home-bound Station that covers much of Earth's orbit. These pieces of technology are never reproduced due to the high grade technology and experimental technology used within its design. Another example is the ;REDACTED; due to its size and the magical and Force-resources put into it. The same can be said for the other Experimental class ships employed by the Empire. Each ship and device is capable of its own entry due to the uniqueness in their design as well as their uses. The Veil was created as a mobile command and communications platform as well as a mobile fortress for the Emperor's use. Home-bound was meant to be a living city that could act as a seat of government as well as a defensive position should Earth ever come under siege. Other examples shall be talked about later in the more in-depth entries.

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