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"Parselmouth and AN"

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Chapter One

Beryl eyes were distant. They had been, ever since the tiny child had arrived. It caused some worry for a few of the teachers at the school, but the child brushed it off. He would smile an innocent, happy smile and tell them he was fine. He would brush his raven black hair back when he was nervous, and pinch his nose when he was agitated. His pale skin was unmarred except for the scar on his brow. A lightning bolt shaped scar.

No one in his school knew what he was going through. What he was facing alone since long before his Hogwarts years.

"Mrs. Dursley, he needs to be hospitalized. This is a serious matter. If you cannot afford it, I'll take care of his financial needs. He has Leukemia!" Harry heard the doctor outside the room yell at his aunt. He gave his cousin a confused look. Harry was holding a bloodstained rag to his nose for a nosebleed.

"What's Leukemia?" The five year old whispered to the slightly older boy.

"Cancer, I think."


"You let that boy get help, or so help me, I will call the cops about the bruises I saw around his neck! Those are hand marks, woman!"

"I bruised?" Harry asked in surprise. He never bruised.

"Fine. You take care of all his bills."

"Harry!" The fifteen year old blink, looking at his ruined potion as another drop of blood fell. "Professor Snape!" The man looked up as Harry tilted his head back and pulled out the same rag from ten years ago. "Harry's got a bad nosebleed."

"Go to the hospital wing, Potter." Harry stood slowly, Hermione handing him his bag. About three steps from the door, a dizzy spell hit him. Two sets of hands steadied him. "Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, watch the class. Help me get him to the Hospital Wing, Mr. Weasley."

"Yes sir." The walk was slow until the Professor gave up and levitated him the the Medical Area. Madam Promfey motioned to what was dubbed 'The Potter Bed' by the Quidditch team.

"A severe nosebleed, Poppy." The matron nodded, rushing to get a potion. "Now, Potter, why are you getting a nosebleed? Did you use one of the infernal twin's pranks?"

"Nob. Id beenb dis way forb a whilbe." He said, downing the potion, and not meeting anyone's eyes. "Can Ron leave? I need to tell you something important, Madam Promfey." She nodded, and the red head was forced to leave. "I have leukemia. Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia. I'm a high risk." The nurse gasped, rushing to her office. The men could hear her speaking to someone at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. "I have a doctor!"

"A muggle doctor." Snape corrected.

"I want Doctor Darius though." Harry snapped, glaring.

"Well, too bad. The wizarding-"

"I don't bloody care! I don't want anyone else to know about this!"

"Mr Potter / Harry!" The dark haired boy's head snapped up to face who had came in with Poppy.

"Darius..." The man smiled, handing Harry a white cat. It wore a white shirt with black writing that read 'Good Luck Harry' with a red Wolf howling at a full moon. On the back of the cat was an orange ribbon.

"Hey buddy. If I had known you were the Harry Potter things would have been easier!" Harry smiled softly.

"I didn't know you were a wizard." Harry replied, arms tightly around the cat. "I had a bad nosebleed earlier."

"Yes, Madam Promfey explained to me. Are you feeling better now? How was your summer?" The doctor asked as he started running tests on his patient. A blue glow appeared around him. "Oh Harry..."

"It's came out of remission, hasn't it?" The man hugged him, running a hand through the shaggy hair. "When am I starting the treatments?"

"After I inform your head of house and the headmaster." Snape said dully. Harry watched as he walked away as if in a daze.

"What now?"

"I am sure I can say I have a family emergency, and that I won't be back for a year if not more. I'll still have appointments with St. Mungo's." Harry nodded, yawning. "Get some sleep, buddy."

"Okay..." Harry snuggled into his cat, eyes closing, "you'll be here when I wake up?"

"Of course." The second the child fell asleep, Darius sank into his chair with a groan. "He doesn't need this!"

"Healer Darius-"

"Please, Madam Promfey, it's just Darius. I have spent the last ten years with him. I was the only one to do so, and I'm his oncologist. His relatives have never came to visit him when he was in the hospital, so sick from the treatments he couldn't leave. His only friend was that bear right there that I gave him after his third treatment alone."

"Alone?" The school's nurse asked in surprise.

"Have you ever ran a medical history on him at all?"

"All I'm required to do is recent scans unless I suspect something amiss. Why?"

"Harry has been abused for a long time, Madam." The woman sank into a chair as the Headmaster, Deputy Headmistress, and Severus returned. "Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, I wish I was meeting you on better terms."

"Who are you?" Minerva McGonagall demanded.

"I'm Harry's Oncologist. Healer Darius Bishop."


"Harry has A.L.L. it's a form of leukemia." He explained as he removed Harry's glasses, and brushed the teen's hair back. "It's a blood cancer that is out of remission. He was at a high risk before, and maybe even higher now." The man sighed, "if he has any magical family, I need to speak to them."

"I'm sorry, but he doesn't, except Sirius Black."

"Who?" The other adults relaxed.

"A man who was wrongfully accused for the betrayal of Harry's parents and sent to Azkaban. He escaped a few years ago."

"Well? What are you waiting for? Get the man here!"

"Shouldn't we wait for Mr. Potter to say if he wants-"

"No, because I know Harry. Just Harry. Not this Boy-Who-Lived, Insane Child, attention-seeking demented person! Harry is Harry. A sick child who needs all the support he can get." Darius snapped, "and knowing just Harry, I know he doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. To just be accepted as who he is!"

"And who is he?" Severus asked, eye brow peaked.

"An abused little boy who just wants a family." Silence followed his words, "and I am filing for him. I won't allow him to go back to the Dursleys. Hopefully I can win in the wizarding world when I couldn't in the muggle."

"You have filed before?"

"Many times. All with evidence of abuse."

"Dear Merlin." Albus Dumbledore sank into the nearest chair. "Petunia was supposed to treat him as her own so the blood wards would work."

"Blood wards?" Darius felt himself drain of color. "You do know those have to be based on feelings of trust and love, correct? Harry doesn't trust anyone, not completely at least." Darius rubbed the bridge of his nose, "he trusts me to treat him fairly, and try to get him out of the Dursleys' hold, but he doesn't think I will. He thinks he's stuck there until he's seventeen."

"He won't be going back. I shall set up an appointment. With your evidence and memories, it should be enough to get a life time sentence for them, and their son in a correctional Facility." Darius sighed in relief.

"I don't think he's going to be waking up anytime soon. I need a room set up for him that is connected to my own. I will be moving things into it tomorrow." The group of school staff nodded. "For now, I need to handle a few things." Darius cast a charm that would tell him when Harry had a nightmare or started to wake up.

"Of course."