It was quiet. Too quiet. I quietly walked down a dark, ghostly alley with a dagger tightly gripped in one hand and a fully loaded pistol in the other. I knew it close, watching me, no, stalking me is a better description for it. My eyes were peeled for any movement under the rubbish and rotten corpses.

Suddenly I heard something and whipped around pointing my shaky pistol at what seemingly was nothing. I swallowed hard and slowly looked over my shoulder. Nothing was to be seen. Cautiously I continued on my way to the nearest safe house. When I came within seeing distance of it, I sprinted toward it suddenly full of energy and hope I was going to live. I quickly went inside and slammed the heavy door behind me.

Panting and fatigued, I slid down to the floor and pulled up my sleeve to show a nasty and bloody wound. I looked around and finally found a first-aid kit to treat my injury. As I was treating it, I quietly said to myself, "My name is Ruby, I'm 16, and I fight to survive." I say this every time I reach a safe house so I won't forget who I am, but I'm too sure what I'm fighting for. I had nothing or no one left, but for some odd reason I still have this urge to live. I do this anyways because there wasn't anyone around to talk to, so you can easily forget who you are.

When I finished wrapping my arm in a thin and stretchy cloth, I sat there on the ground for a moment going through my thoughts and memories so I won't forget those either. I slowly picked up my dagger and held it up to my face. I looked at my reflection closely and memorized as many features as I could. After all, I wanted to know what I looked like too. I had dark brown hair that had bright red at the tips of my bangs and I had a ponytail that reached to the middle of my neck. However there were two streaks of hair that hung at the sides of my face and had a blood-red tint at the ends. My eyes were also brown and dark like my hair, but as I looked into them, they seemed... Empty. I wasn't too surprised at that since there wasn't anything to feel fulfilled about in these dreadful times.

"But why do I still live..." I thought.

This story was made by my best friend who wanted me to upload it for her. I do not own the OC's, the game this was based off of, and the storyline.