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March 3rd, 2019.

This is the day my life turned into a living hell. Me and a few soldiers from my squad were watching the television. You heard me right, after Makarov died we got some new recruits. There is Sergeant Kelly, Corporal Williams, Private Raymond, and Private Jennings. Sarah Jennings, actually. Even though she was a girl, the squad respected her. They knew that she was tough.

Anyways, we were watching T.V, and I decided to turn it to the news. What I saw, made me do a double take. I saw New York in flames. Fire was everywhere. There were people dying on the ground. There was a news reporter in a helicopter saying something, but I went deaf. All I heard were the sounds of people dying.

"What in bloody hell…" I said. I started to listen to the lady speak. "As you can see, New York City has just been hit by a nuclear missile minutes ago. The missile was launched at a site in Syria. Reports are saying that it is because yesterday we declined to help the Syrian rebels in their civil war. But right now, are intentions are trying to get the civilians to a safe place, but it is nearly impossible. More to follow."

Then, something strange happened. The channel switched. There was a man there, who looked like he was in his mid-thirties. "My name is Ahmad Karam. I am the one who ordered the nuclear attack on New York City. Do I regret it, absolutely not. What I do regret, is that you failed to support us when we needed it most. So now it's your turn to suffer. We will destroy your country state by state, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood. Some might call me a dictator, a terrorist, a maniac… I am all of those things. But the main thing I am, is a hero." The man said. And then it went back to the news.

I switched the T.V off. "Looks like we're going to Syria." Corporal Williams said.

One hour later…

"Okay, listen up! The chopper's going to let us down in the deserted city An-Nabk. That's where the rebels attacked two days ago, so that's where they'll be. There will probably be fighting as soon as we touch the ground, so be prepared. Here's the mission: Kill all of the rebel soldiers. They are not to be taken alive. We're going to sweep through the city, and kill all of the soldiers. Intel says that a man names Ahmad Karam will be somewhere in the city. He is the one who ordered the nukes to hit New York City. He is considered armed and dangerous. We need him alive… for now. Now go, go, go!"

We touched the ground, and some Syrian soldiers started to take notice. They stared at the chopper, and then started to open fire. We fired back. I took out the two guards approaching, while the other troops started to support me. We were in a bloody firefight, for what felt like hours, but was only ten minutes. After they were all eliminated, we moved up.

"Watch your back, I see snipers. Williams take the two on the building on the left out. I'll take the other one. Three, two, one, now." They all fell down dead. "Okay, move up. The target is probably in one of the buildings. Williams and Jennings, take the red building on the left. Kelly and Raymond, take the grey house next to the red. I'll take the brick one on the right. Ready? Go!" I yelled.

While the others started to vigorously raid the houses, I kicked down the door on the house in front of me. What I saw I didn't expect. There were no soldiers in the house, but sitting in a chair right in front of me, smiling, was Ahmad Karam. He was expecting me.

"Captain Price, take a seat!" he said. Was he drunk? Possibly.

"Ahmad, don't move or I'll put a bullet in your brain." I said. He smiled, and got up.

"Captain Price, I suggest you drop your weapon, and get out of here and I'll possibly let you live." he said.

Why would he say that? "How can someone be so cocky while they have the barrel of a gun aiming at their bloody forehead?" He pulled out a pistol, and aimed at me. I was quicker than he, and killed him. Why would he give up so easily? I finally realized his plan, but I was too late. Someone came up behind me, and grabbed me by the neck, and I felt something nuzzle up against my head.

"Don't make a move, and I won't kill you." said the real Ahmad. I dropped my gun. He pulled me outside. I saw the entire squad standing outside the house. When they saw what had happened, they all set their weapons down.

"Shoot through me. He can't escape." I said. But they didn't pick their rifles back up. Instead, they kicked them to Ahmad.

"Let him go!" Shouted Jennings. Instead, he whistled, and dozens of Syrian soldiers charged in. "This was a trap." I muttered. I cursed myself. How could I have been so stupid! No wonder those men gave up so easily. Next thing I know, I felt a sharp, horrible pain in the back of my head, and everything went black.

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