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Chapter Fifty-Into the Shared

Harry crowded closer to Draco under the Invisibility Cloak as they made their way down towards the Slytherin dungeons. They could have stayed upstairs, he supposed, or found an abandoned classroom. But his friends were already disturbed by the notion of what they were going to do, and Harry didn't want to listen to their attempts to argue him out of it.

Not that he thought they could, given what he felt when Draco glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. But it was just easier this way. Draco said they could sneak back into the dungeons easily, and they would have more privacy in the room he shared with fewer boys, anyway.

Soon enough they reached the panel of sliding blank stone that Harry remembered, and Draco whispered the password. Harry could have caught it. He chose not to. He was admiring, instead, the curve of Draco's hip beneath his hand, and the curve of his arse.

And he could have thought of Kreacher and the house and what he was going to do with them both, but that didn't matter. It would come tomorrow, now that Harry knew he had a tomorrow to look forward to.

Draco closed his eyes and tossed his head back as the door slid open. Harry saw the emergence of his bright hair from under the Cloak, and managed to escort Draco inside just as the door snapped to again.

Draco turned on him, mouth open and eager, hands spread the way Kreacher's had been when he tried to hurt Draco in the ordeal room.

Harry shoved the memory away from him as hard as he could, thinking he heard it clang off something it hit in the far side of his skull, and opened his arms, driving Draco towards the stairs that he said led to his room.

They weren't going to make it to the bedroom, Harry decided. There were too many steps in the way, and too many clothes. He whipped off the Cloak and used his wand to raise a comprehensive Privacy Bubble around them. No one was in the common room, but anyone coming down the stairs wouldn't see them, this way.

"Now," he whispered against Draco's mouth, and leaned in to kiss him so hard that he doubted Draco had the breath to respond.

He fought for me. He would have been devastated to kill me.

Maybe Draco shouldn't find that so arousing, but he had ceased to really apologize for his tastes a long time ago. The war, and the shame that followed it, had made him wonder if he should apologize for them, but no, he found when he considered the idea, he still thought the idea repugnant. And he didn't think Harry wanted him to apologize, either.

When he was bent backwards over the chair with Harry kissing his chest, and no idea where his shirt had gone, Draco couldn't find much reason to regret his choices, anyway.

Harry smiled up at him from between his legs, and opened his mouth. Draco gave a little thrust forwards, stepping only when he realized he still wore trousers and pants and trainers.

Harry, from the smile he gave Draco, didn't seem to care that much about the cloth. Indeed, since he was already reaching up to undo it with deft fingers, there was no reason to think it was a barrier.

Draco bent backwards and closed his eyes, his legs falling all the more open as he thought about what Harry had said in the ordeal room, the way he had looked after the bath with his skin shining, and how hotly he had kissed.

Draco moaned, and heard Harry echo him. He was glad of the reinforced Privacy Bubble around them; there was no way that he wanted someone coming down the stairs and hearing this while they were still wrapped around each other.

Harry's tongue gave his cock a tentative lick.

Draco started. He hadn't even fully comprehended that his trousers were open now and Harry could suck him. He opened his eyes and stared down, and Harry's gaze met his, bright and gleaming. Then he gave Draco another lick, and opened his mouth wide.

If he watched the moment when he entered Harry for the first time, Draco knew, he would come. So he shut his eyes, and if bliss consumed his body as Harry began to suck him, well, that was all right.

So were the helpless little murmurs he gave, and the way his hand fluttered above Harry's hair, and the way Harry managed to turn his head to the side, somehow, and get one of Draco's fingers in his mouth, too. He sucked so hard that Draco thought he would take the skin off.

That should not have sounded or felt so good. It didn't matter, though. Draco's body wanted what it wanted, and he was, by now, embarrassing himself with the gasping cries he uttered so much that he didn't have much room for any other kind of embarrassment.

Finally, he did permit himself to open one eye and glance down. Harry looked up from between his knees, his mouth full, his face full, too, but of challenge, and the wonder of doing this for the first time.

And Draco came.

Harry rode with it as easily as though he longed for it, something that Draco thought he might ask him about, someday, when his mind returned to him, and brought his ability to think in coherent thoughts with it. The pleasure burned through Draco, replacing the memories of Harry hurting him and the uncertainty about what Harry was really feeling and the terror Draco had felt in the ordeal room when he thought that he might lose Harry somewhere in the darkness and never find him again. This was enough to consume the whole of someone's world for a moment.

And set up the foundation of a different kind of world, one that would blossom in the future.

When Harry had drawn back and was licking his lips as if not sure whether he liked the taste or not, Draco caught his breath and bent down next to him. "That was wonderful," he purred. "Would you like to experience it?"

Harry closed his eyes. Oh, that he could...

But his body ached so with need that he knew that he wasn't going to last long enough for Draco to give him half of what he'd given Draco. And that was okay. Harry intended to ensure they had enough chances for Draco to make up for any perceived slight or deprivation right now.

On the other hand, there were means of opening clothes without touching your cock. Harry grinned and picked up his wand, gesturing so that his trousers and pants slid down, arching outwards and not touching him. Draco stared with an interest so absorbed that it made Harry lie down on the floor of the common room and offer himself with much more confidence that he would have had otherwise.

"Half a minute is all I'm going to last," he said. "But you can make that a very good-"

He didn't even get to finish. Draco had slid down and fastened his mouth around Harry as if he had never wanted anything more.

Harry shouted and nearly kicked Draco in the head as his legs flew apart. His body was jerking compulsively, and Draco licked his lips and dived in, sucking him down so far that Harry thought for a second of the pain to Draco's throat, because Harry thought this was probably his first time giving a blowjob.

Then he could think of nothing but the pleasure.

Half a minute had been a generous estimate.

When he had poured himself out, and Draco had swallowed and looked smug, Harry drew him down into a kiss. Draco didn't object, lying lazily on his chest and kissing him until Harry's mouth swam with the salt and his head with the dizziness.

Then Draco drew back, looking at him with dark, serious eyes that made Harry swallow something that wasn't salt and pay attention.

"Do you think this can work?" Draco asked. "Without the house, and with everything that's between us in the past?"

Harry nodded a little. "It can work. But it'll be work. Labor," he added, when Draco raised his eyebrows. "I don't think we'll always get along, and I know I hurt you, and you don't get along with my friends."

He lifted his hands and framed Draco's face. Draco didn't smile, watching him intently.

"But I know I would rather have died than lose you," Harry said. "Rather than kill you myself, of course, but the beast of my soul leaping at you also told me that it's losing you any way. Maybe that's not love yet. But it's strong enough that I think we can make it work."

Draco smiled and leaned in. "And I think I've told you what it does to me, knowing that you value my life so much," he whispered.

Harry kissed him, and Draco kissed back, and the Privacy Bubble expanded around them as they writhed on the floor, lost again in a darkness and heat that had everything to do with dim fires and the pleasure building in their minds, and nothing to do with the house.

I'm so happy.

That was worth any ordeal.

The End.