August 19th, 2013 - Hello everyone. This is my first FanFiction I've posted but keep in mind while reading Intro-Chp6 or Chp7 that I began the story over a year ago, then went on hiatus for a long time before starting it up again. Then I joined FanFiction and posted this story. So, between the marked chapters will be a little slow. After that is much better but keep in mind that these chapters SHOULD be read. Important things are here.

Enjoy my story. A lot of people have. And goodbye - PrincessLyoka


My name is Alanna Grace McLee. Two years ago, I had an older brother. His name was Aaron Chance McLee (our parents like to give our middle names encouraging words). We and our younger sister Amy Hope McLee (see, what did I mean) liked to have "Our Time" together. Everyday. Even when we are sick or after a terrible fight. We live in District Five of the nation of Panem. Besides being poor and sometimes starving some night, we had the best of things. Me, Aaron, and Amy would sometimes sneak into the Woods, a large area of woods in the middle of our district that was untouched completely, and have Our Time there. Sometimes we hunted food or gathered plants to eat. Sometimes we swam at the lake. Sometimes a stroll in the woods.

When I was 10, Amy 8, and Aaron 14, we got a surprise from our parents. Three necklaces made to our liking and that resembled each other. They had a picture of the three of us together in a shape and a yarn of our favorite color. Mine was a heart with green yarn. Amy was a flower with pink yarn. Aaron was star with dark blue yarn. We loved it. The picture was big for us to see but small enough so it wasn't heavy or distracting. We changed it every month after our monthly photos. On the back of the plastic covering was our name. Since then, we wore it everyday. We were closer now.

Two years ago it was the 52nd Hunger Games. I was 12, Amy 10, Aaron 16. It was my first reaping and I was scared to the bone. My red-orange hair was in its natural curls. Amy wasn't old enough, but from the back we held onto each other. She still wears her hair in the two long braids. Aaron wasn't in my view. But I wanted to see him.

I was happy when my name wasn't called. But then, Aaron's name was called. You should've seen me: crying like an infant running up to him, hugging him, not wanting to let go. My dad finally carried me away. When we were saying our final goodbyes, he said words I will never forget. "I will take a chance and try to win. I make no promises, but I will try to come home, because I love you."

He didn't make a promise because he wasn't sure. But I was sure he would come home. When he was in the arena, he was speaking to us. To me and Amy. All of Panem loved it when a boy was talking to his two little sisters from inside the arena. Believe me when I say that he had a lot of sponsors because he got at least 10 sponsor gifts. When he made the final eight, they interviewed us. I told them "I just hope he will come home because I love him very much."

Then it was the final day of the Games. It was just Aaron and the two Careers, both from One. The Gamemakers forced them together into the final fight. When Aaron killed the girl, I was glad and so full of hope and faith for him. Then the boy from One (he had a ponytail!) snuck up on him and killed Aaron. I hate that boy. All of Panem who cared for Aaron hated it except the resistants of District One possibly.

Since then, my family has never been the same. Amy has been scared for me for my name being called at any reaping. My mom never wants to, but because we starve sometimes, she makes me sign my name for tesserae, not to much though. The necklace me and Amy wear, the photo has never been changed since Aaron died. I'm still 12 in that picture. I don't want to look twelve, but at least Aaron is there. Because if we ever had to change it, Aaron wouldn't be there.

Now it is 2 years later. I'm 14, Amy is 12. Tomorrow is her first reaping. Right now we are in the woods, hunting with our miniature spears and practicing with Aaron's bow...

I began this story a while ago. I did go through it and was thinking of getting rid of the introduction, but I knew there would need to be some explanation. I hope you like it and stay tune for Chp 1!