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Kendall walked as fast as he could to get home, the precious winning ticket gripped firmly in his hand. He couldn't believe that he had won an all-expenses-paid trip for three to the Caribbean Sea Islands. It was his last year in high school and all he wanted to do was surprise his friends with the best graduation gift ever! He had spent the past months entering the same contest every day and here he had it. He finally had it. When he woke up this morning he didn't feel like checking his email, it was probably another notice for him to "try again tomorrow," anyway, so he didn't. He just went on with his morning, getting ready for school. It wasn't until study hall period when he finally checked and saw he had won. He couldn't wait to tell his friends the good news.

Kendall's POV

"Hey, what's up?" I said to James as he answered his door. He wasn't at school today and he looked like he hasn't slept in days. He looked at me weird, probably because I couldn't hide the huge grin on my face.

"Not much" he half coughed half replied to me. "My dad's out at the store so I can't really have anybody in right now."

"Not even me?" I pretended to pout and frown. He sighed in defeat realizing that I was coming in anyway. He stepped aside as I walked in and I took a seat on a chair opposite from where he had his bed set up on the couch. He had a couple sheets and blankets and a mass of fluffy pillows. I noticed the bucket placed specifically next to where he was lying on the couch and the coffee table. I didn't want to assume its contents.

"Please don't stay too long, I'm really not in the best shape right now." he said, getting back into bed. I felt kind of bad for bothering him, he did look really sick, but I just couldn't wait to tell him the news.

"Yeah, well you better get well soon," I threatened. He looked at me with squinted eyes. I recognized that face. He does that every time he's suspicious.

"Why…?" He questioned slowly.

"Because you, me, and Carlos are all going on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean!" I said, flashing the ticket in his face. He almost fell right out of his spot on the couch when he saw the ticket.

"No way! You won?!" He shouted more than asked while grabbing it from my hands.

"Yep. And the three of us get to live it up in luxury for a whole 2 weeks." I folded my hands behind my neck.

"Two weeks." James said, repeating my action."This is great!….do you really think my dad will let me go?" he questioned, his demeanor noticeably changing.

"He should. Why wouldn't he?" I asked.

"My dad doesn't like me out of bed when I'm sick"

"Dude, you'll be better by then. Are you in?"

"Yeah I'm in! Man, I sure hope I get better soon. Have you told Carlos yet?" James asked.

"Not yet. He got called to the principal's office before I could tell him the news and your house was the closest on my way home." I said.

"Carlos? Get called to the office? Wow, I wonder what he could have done!" James remarked.

We talked for a while until we heard a car pull up in the driveway and someone exit the car. James' dad came in through the door with groceries. I stood to offer help but he declined.

"James, buddy I said no one in the house." His dad said. He was being very calm and sweet. He and James had a really tight relationship ever since his mom left his dad for another guy. They rarely argue, and he usually lets James do pretty much whatever so I'm sure he'll let him go on the trip.

"I was just leaving." I said getting up. "I'll call Carlos tonight." It's getting pretty dark and my mom hates when I'm out late. "See ya!" I said, heading out the door. I ran down the street and up another one, heading towards my house. Me Carlos and James all live pretty close by each other, but Carlos' is a little bit more out of the way. I was almost at my house when a bus drove by and the force of its speed blew the ticket right out of my hand. I ran for it, chasing it into an alleyway. Luckily, it got caught up next to a dumpster so I was able to get it back. I picked it up, kissed it, and put it back into my backpack. As I was about to turn around, I caught a glimpse of something in a corner of the alleyway. I walked a little closer to it, slowly. As I got closer, I had to take out my phone to use as a light, because what was left of the sun couldn't reach all the way back here. What I saw confused me. It was a person. A person huddled in a corner sleeping. My mouth gaped open once I recognized who this person was. It was Logan Mitchell. A boy from my school. What was he doing here? All alone. This sight and these questions frightened me and I just backed up and ran straight home without looking back.

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