Adventure Time

Princess BubblegumxMarceline

What You Put Me Through


Marceline sat in the corner of her room looking at pictures of what she missed and wanted most. A sweet pink piece of royal bubblegum…and she couldn't have it.

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were once good friends. They had became used to each other and to each other's company. After so many years something changed.

Marceline and PB were hanging out in their usual spot. Under a big tree that was precisely between both of their homes. Bubblegum had looked at Marceline with her usual smile and said "I like you Marceline." She had the brightest blush on her face then every before and Marceline noticed this and the fact that she looked so nervous yet strong.

Now Marceline hadn't thought that one day Bonnibel would say that to her. She dreamt it and occasionally tired to tell herself that it wouldn't work. But here she was, it was really happening. Marceline looked at Bubblegum and blushed slightly.

"I-I like you too."

At that moment Princess Bubblegum kissed her passionately. Little did Marcy know that that kiss was the beginning of pure chaos.

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