A week had passed since that night and Marcy was suffering more than ever. She sat on her couch trying to think of how to put her emotions into a song but her mind was at a blank. She didn't know what she was feeling. It was hate but also pain but also depression…it was a mess.


She got up and raised her base over her head about to smash it into the floor but then a knock was heard. She waited to hear the knock again before sighing and floating over to the door. When she opened it the last thing she expected to see was a pink royal standing at her door.

"Good evening Marceline."

Marceline was quiet, she didn't know what to do or say. Ever since that night she thought Bonnibel would ever want to see her again but here she was, right in front of her. She just couldn't believe she was there!

Marcy looked at her and then closed the door in her face.

"Hey?!" shouted Bonnibel

Then the door opened again and Marcy blinked her eyes several times before saying.

"So…You really are here."

Bubblegum looked at the vampire worriedly.

"Yes, I am. I, I wanted to talk to you about that night. Can I come in?"

The Vampire Queen just stared at her, not letting her in.

"What is there to talk about? You don't like me, you hate my guts, and we're over."

"Please Marcy I…I want to apologize."

Marcy stared at her and noticed she was blushing a light tint of red and sighed. She moved to the side letting the princess walk into her home. Bubblegum sat down on Marcy's stiff couch as she waited for Marceline to float down to her level.

"M-Marceline I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that night, about everything. I…I blame myself for that has happened between us and I'm sorry to say that we can never be together. I love Dave and I accept that you hate him so, but just…just accept that nothing is going to change between me and him okay."

She stops to look at Marcy who looked as if her soul had left her body.

"Marcy…let's still be friends okay."

Marcy felt like dieing. She didn't expect this. She didn't want this. She was getting pissed off.

"Okay…and I'm sorry too. I guess, I shouldn't hate him…"

Marceline just wanted to get this conversation over with. Bubblegum smiled and said:

"Good! I'm glad we finally worked this out Marceline."


Bonnibel got up and headed for the door, Marceline followed.

"Well I have to go. I have a competition to judge in a few minutes and a royal meeting after."


Bubblegum smiled and walked out of Marcy's door, out of her cave, out of her life.

"Bonnibel…I… I hate you."

The vampire felt something wet on her face and realized that they were tears. She had started to cry without knowing it. She smiled weakly and flew back inside up to her room where she sat in the corner looking at pictures of what she missed and wanted most. -

After that day their friendship and ties to each other began to slowly fall apart. Nothing was the same and for Marcy, she realized that this all started once the two of them had kissed for the first time under the big tree that is precisely between there houses.

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