My Knight & My Guardian: Chapter 1

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==Mandolorian Wars – Taris Slave Markets==

The woman who now was known as Revan leader of the Republic forces. Formerly known as Jedi padawan Myra Ronalds, walked down the streets of the human planet of Taris. She was returning from the inner Republic worlds to gain more soldiers for the war effort. Now with only two days till they returned to the front lines, Revan found herself without anything else to do but wait.

"..Stupid waiting, I don't have time for this nonsense, there's people that need us.." She muttered impatiently. Revan ran a hand through her short cropped auburn red hair locks. She rounded a corner and was joined by her fellow general and also former Jedi padawan Malek. The barely 16 year old, 5'2 woman, looked up to the far larger Jedi man of nearly 19 years and standing at his full 6'0 height. Despite their height and age difference Revan being the smarter, agiler, and better tactician had assumed leadership of the pair and their forces. Sensing that he had something to report she said, "..Report general."

"..Revan we have assembled the troops sooner then we expected, we'll be leaving tomorrow morning at 0700.." Malek said.

"..Good, see that.." She began to say then paused hearing hollering down the street with a gathering crowd. She felt a stirring in the Force inside her as if a whisper was calling for help. Despite the swirls of dark emotions that rode in her person now, Revan would never admit to having fallen to the Dark Side despite what anyone among the Jedi Council would have said now.

"..Revan?" Malek asked glancing down the street where the woman looked.

"..Nothing," She said with a wave of her hand, "..go on ahead I will return to our HQ within the hour.." She added brushing past him without another word.

Malek to her ears muttered something but Revan followed the pull in the Force eventually pushing her small frame through the crowd roughly at times to find a slave auction going on. "..2,300 credits! Do I hear 2,350?!" Cried the bidder.

"..2,350!" Cried a human man to her left.

Revan growled as the bidding went on, ending with the man to her left buying a young Cathar girl of barely 5 years for 2,450 credits. He grinned widely with a sadistic glee and indicated he would return shortly with the credit chit. The short human woman drew her orange colored lightsaber and shoved it into the ground shouting with a burst of Force energy to amplify it and draw attention to her. "..ENOUGH!.." She cried. Almost instantly the silence fell across the area as eyes turned to her. "..No one is selling that girl! No one in fact is selling anymore slaves!" She hollered enough for everyone to hear.

"..And just who do you think you are Jedi?" The one bidder said pushing her smaller framed body.

Revan glared up, sending a crackling of Force lightening out through her left hand up into his genitals. The unnamed man fell to the ground with a gasp and spasm of pain clutching himself "..I'm General Revan! If anyone has a problem with this, then you can take it up with the Republic! By MY order all of you are being taken in.." She said having in this time called several Republic soldiers to the area to perform the arrest. There were protests naturally but in the end everyone went quietly.

As silence and the more usual hum of life returned to the area, the other slaves on auction were escorted away one by one, but the Cathar girl beamed up with a shy nervous look to the human woman with an adoring look. "..Thank you.." She said with a soft voice then looked down submissively.

Revan hunched down to her level, then in a moment of what some of the other Jedi following her might think as a sign of weakness hugged the girl, "..Hey there, don't worry about it. I'm just doing what any..." Revan paused unsure for a second what to say, she considered herself a Jedi, but others whispered of differences, shaking her head she smiled again, "..what any Jedi would do." She said then paused again as her eyes studied the girl, sensing the pulses of a force sensitive.

"'re a Jedi?" the girl said with awe.

"..Mhmm, name is Revan, I'm going to fight the bad Mandolarians that are out there hurting people. What's your name?" She asked.

The Cathar girl blushed and looked at the ground fidgeting, "..Ju..Juhani miss." She said.

"..Juhani hmm? That's a lovely name, where are your parents?" She asked the two now having gone down the street to more human controlled areas getting glares from them but a more heated glare in reply by Revan settled any issues. The two sat now on a bench, the two sipping a drink and the young Juhani munching hungrily on a small meal packet.

"..Th...they are gone, Father died in a fight not long ago and...and my mother sick, those bad men wanted me sold to pay debts." She replied.

Revan sighed a bit, were she able despite her dislike and growing hatred for the idiots back on Dantooine and others thinking like them with their patience. She felt the urge to help this girl. "..How much is it you owe these people?" She asked then felt stupid doing so as how would a simple 5 year old know such things.

Surprisingly though the Cathar girl pulled out a small slip of a data pad, showing how much. "..Um...that much!." She said.

Revan sighed over 10,000 credits had been borrowed, but it was still within her means to help but it meant that she would then be unable to get the girl passage off this hell pit. Taking a chit out she scanned it through the data pad, a moment later a verification notice came in on a secured line and Revan accepted it, watching her 13,000 saved credits vanish to barely a couple thousand, hardly enough to get off world or go elsewhere.

Smiling despite this she handed it back to the girl, "..All taken care of, and here," She said handing over the remaining balance chit, "'s not much only 2,500 credits, but if you can find some work you could get off world. I might suggest Dantooine its not a half bad place really.." She said.

The young Cathar blinked in surprise at being handed such a sum of credits. "..Now keep this quiet though ok? If you're not careful others might want to take it from you. The way I figure it you'll need at least 8,000 credits to get to Dantooine if that's where you want to go." Revan went on.

The young Juhani nodded then hugged the slim built human woman tightly, "..Thank you!..Thank you! I'll never forget this..I'm gonna be just like you!" She said as Revan returned the hug after a moment, glancing across the street where she saw Malek snorting and walking off at the scene he saw.

"..You go do what you want to do Juhani, you're strong, you got potential to be whatever you want to now. One day you may even save me who knows?" Revan said the last part somewhat of a lie, but as she left the young girl to run off back to the Undercity their was a stirring in the Force that she felt, in some way this would not be the last she would see of the young Cathar woman.

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