My Knight & Guardian Chapter 9

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==Tatooine – Czerka Offices==

Myra, Juhani, Bastilla, and Mission entered the Czerka offices for Tatooine. Myra was quick to ask on Missions behalf about her brother finding out he had been captured though not likely killed by the Sand People. Further, in her efforts to help the poor woman from before Myra agreed to help find a hopefully peaceful solution to the Sand People problems plaguing the outpost. This netted her a hunter's license allowing her now to sell the large wraid plate she had convinced the woman to give her to sell for her.

Leaving the offices and returning back the short way they had come they passed the woman before who begged in asking, "..Please, have you sold the wraid plate?" she asked.

Myra held up her new license, "..Going in to sell it right now miss. Just give me a few minutes." She asked.

"..Bless you! I will wait here then." the woman said as the four Jedi entered the cooler Hunter's Lodge.

"..I know why you came in here was to help that woman Myra, but urgh this heat is terrible!" Mission said wiping her brow with a cloth.

Chuckling with a smile and wiping her own brow Myra, cast a glance over to the stoically quiet, and fur covered Juhani. The sharp eyed woman caught the exchange and raised a questioning eyebrow. "..Well I'm sure some of us are worse off then others Mission, so lets get what we need to done for the day. We still need to find a translation droid if we want to avoid further blood shed." Myra explained.

"..Indeed." Juhani chimed in, whether in answer to Myra's words on the Cather woman being hotter then the rest of them due to her fur, or for finding the droid Myra wasn't quite sure.

Myra made a quick sale on the wraid plate netting 500 credits easily enough, a pull though in the Force brought her over to a trio of Gamorreans who were eyeing her up. A bit of talking, and a little Force persuading got her at least a vocal admission of the trio slaying people in the desert and in turn to Myra, likely the woman's husband outside. Shaking her head in disdain as they ran off with a squeal from her glaring Myra led the party back outside.

"..You're back! Did you sell it?" The woman looked on hopefully seeing that the plate was now missing.

Myra nodded reaching for the pouch with the 500 credit chit then paused shifting her hand slightly to appear to drop it, "..Oh gosh I'm sorry! Here, they paid better then you thought." She explained kneeling to pick up the credit chit slipping in another 200 credits on the sly unseen by the woman. "..700 credits! A fair deal I think yes?" She said.

"..700 hundred credits! Bless you miss, I don't know if you believe in such but may the Force go with you for saving me and my children." She said dashing off to a ramshackle home nearby with tears in her eyes.

"..This is how we Jedi should act, with honor." Juhani said.

"..Yeah, helping the little folks feels pretty good now that you mention it Juhani." Mission chimed in. "..Though how she missed your slipping in of those 200 extra credits is a mystery to me!"

Bastilla nodded approvingly, "..It may not seem like much but small acts of charity such as these can go far, Myra." The younger woman said.

Myra smiled a bit, then shrugged, "..Eh, I'm just glad to help folks, just dont go spreading it around too much alright? I got to appear tough to some folks after all." she said with a slight grin.

The trio said nothing in reply to that falling once more into step with Myra, as they went on their way in search of the earlier indicated droid shop that may have one to translate the Sand People language. They were just rounding a corner when they were accosted by a trio of Dark Jedi. "..Malak was most displeased to hear of your escape, he has given quite the reward for your death!" One said ruining what little surprise the trio had on the four. As such Myra and Juhani were ready to meet the trios charge with sabers drawn while Mission hung back using a pair of blaster pistols for the moment to snipe on their flanks. Bastilla followed things up with using her own Force abilities to channel in extra strength for the group. The end result was that the ambush which might have seen at least one of their number down and injured in the opening moments, instead found the three would be attackers down and dead within a moment or so.

Clicking off her saber Myra stepped back as Mission went through the fallen Jedi's robes scavenging what she could. "..Few crystals here Myra, and a data pad kinda corrupted, but I can make out that that sizable bounty on us. Well….Bastila mainly, seems Malek wants her alive if possible, reward is over 20,000 credits! Sheesh, that is a lot!." Mission said in surprise looking to Myra.

"..Pocket whats salvageable we'll go through things later." Myra said as Mission nodded, while Juhani and Bastilla stood watch nearby again the feeling of tenseness and guilt was felt by Myra briefly through her bond with Bastila.

The group soon left the remains for the other nearby scavengers to pick over, as they came upon the tavern where they knew Bastila's mother was to be. The conversation started off with a poor start, surprisingly Bastila showing quite heated anger at her Mother despite her supposed sickness.

Stepping in Myra spoke up, "..Whoa whoa here! How about you take a breath Bastila, this IS your mother, you're better then this anyhow, I think our bond here is giving you a bit of my snarky temper and attitude." Myra said trying to calm the woman down.

Myra got a brief heated glare in return, before Bastila closed her eyes and muttered a piece or two of the Jedi Code before nodding, "..You are right Myra, forgive me mother." she said turning back to restart things, the group soon finding out that Helena wanted them to find her husband's remains and bring back his personal holocron for her to have memories of him.

After they left the group stood in the shade of the tavern a moment while Myra conversed with Bastila, "..She really seems to rile you up, do you want to talk about it?" She asked.

Bastila sighed rubbing her brow, "..I do not know, you are right she gets under my skin. Even if she is sick and dying why should she get Father's holocron and not I?" She said.

Again Myra was surprised a bit by her words, "..You'd keep it for yourself? Isn't that kind of selfish?" Myra asked.

"..It is I suppose. I should be above such things, but I suppose this heat and…..and our bond has been getting to me lately." Bastila said, the words stinging Myra internally a bit as if she was to blame. True she had been testy on the inside but she had thought she was doing a good job keeping the darker emotions under wraps. Evidently this bond did not see things as clear as Myra thought of them.

"..I'm sorry then, I'll try to keep my emotions in better check. As I said before I wouldn't want to endanger you or the party." Myra said with a cooler tone despite her efforts otherwise.

"..No….no its not your fault, not really. Forgive me again my words were out of line, Myra. You have had your slip ups on Taris but you have also shown yourself to be walking the path of the Light Side despite these stumbles. If you can recover from such then I most certainly can as well and should not put this blame for my own failings on you." Bastila said looking down a moment and yet again the wash of guilt came through their tight lipped bond.

Myra was going to ask on why such a slip up was giving her such strong feelings of guilt but decided now was not the time. "..It's fine Bastila, things happen, especially in this kind of heat." She said with a gentle smile. Nearby Mission and Juhani still waited each sipping slowly from a canteen of cool water they had bought a bit ago in the tavern.

"..Very well then let us move on, the droid shop should be just across the plaza here." Bastila said falling back more into her leader like mentor tone.

Myra nodded to her and fell into step then, Mission then Juhani bringing up the rear as the four entered the droid shop.

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