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A/N: This is an AU story, Itachi and Sasuke are not brothers, even though I have no qualms of writing some good ol' Uchihacest. In fact, it's one of my favourite things in the world. I just couldn't help imagining what it would be like if Itachi saw Sasuke for the very first time and instantly fell in love.

I'm in the progress of writing an extensive ItaSasu Uchichacest story, but I strayed off topic for a bit and this was the result.

I hope you enjoy ^^

Chapter 1.

I let out a breath of air I didn't even realize I was holding. Never in my life had I ever seen a sight like this. He held a stack of books closely clutched to his chest, dark smouldering eyes darting across the hallway.

Thick ebony strands of silky hair seemed to flow around his pretty face on an unnoticeable gush of wind and that small but sexy body moved with a grace that held me captivated. His black jeans hugged his hips and legs just enough to show his shapely form and a fitted black shirt with long sleeves and a deep V-neck revealed the velvety skin of his smooth chest.

And yet, he looked so lost and helpless, so utterly abandoned. I didn't know which fluttered more demanding at the sight of this tantalizing little creature, my arousal or the butterflies in my stomach.

Obviously new to this college, he walked slowly past the lockers, glancing now and then on the piece of paper in his hand. As he halted when he found the number he was looking for, he clumsily fumbled with his key and put some of his books away.

I was so caught up in the picture in front of me, I hadn't noticed the 3 guys walking past me and heading straight for the gorgeous boy. Before he could react, they had slammed his lithe body against the lockers and slapped the remaining books out of his shaking hands.

"Well well, would you look at the little pretty boy here?"

They were all at least 4 inch taller than he was and glanced down on him with matching evil smirks.

"Do you want know what we like to do with sexy little things like you, darling? Or shall we just keep it a surprise for you?"

The boy looked even smaller and more lost then he had before. He clenched his fists and closed his eyes, in what looked like an attempt to wish his attackers away. The 3 laughed as the boy flinched when a hand grabbed his chin roughly.

My stomach turned and I lunged forward to grab and twist the hand that was stroking the now teary cheek of that beautiful face. With a surprised cry of pain, the guy let him go and stared at me.

"Itachi? What the fuck man?"

I positioned myself between the 3 and the shaking boy and glared at them viciously, knowing they wouldn't stand up to me. I have always been the strong, tall and popular guy here. Guys want to be me and girls want to be with me. Not that I'd ever been really interested though.

I reached out and pushed the boy even further behind me. His trembling hands grabbed the hem of my shirt and I could feel his hot breath through the thin fabric. His fingers brushed against my back and I noticed the mere touch of his soft skin made my blood boil.

"Come on Itachi, where is your sense of humour? We were just playing with him!"

I growled at him, which was all the warning he needed to shut up.

"Leave him alone, this is a friend of mine. If I hear about any of you ever coming near him again, I'm gonna raise hell, you hear me?"

I lied about knowing him, but they didn't need to know. The tallest one gave me a little glare, but didn't dare to defy me. He rolled his eyes and fumed off, the other two following him quickly.

I turned around and started picking up the books and papers that lay scattered on the floor. I glanced up and saw the boy staring at me, fists still clenched and the cutest red flush over his nose and cheeks.

I smiled as I stood up, towering a full head over the gorgeous teen.

He would fit right underneath my chin if I were to hold him close to me.

I mused while returning the books to him.

"Are you alright?"

I asked, still smiling at him.

"Y-Yes... Thank... Thank you s-so much..."

His voice was soft and sexy and the sensual edge of it send shivers down my spine. My head was suddenly flooded with suggestions of what that voice would sound like if I could get him to scream my name and beg me for more.

Thank you brain...

I must've been staring at him, because the cute red flush had suddenly returned full force on his face.

"I... uhm... I really have t-to go now... T-Thanks again..."

He brushed past me, the feel of his silky fingers still tingling on my skin.

"Wait up!"

I ran after him. He was surprisingly fast for someone with such short legs.

"Hold on, what's your name?"


I eyed him while walking beside him. He hadn't looked at me yet, his eyes fixed on his shoes. He softly bit his bottom lip, bringing even more sinful thoughts to my already corrupted mind.

I grinned, trying to divert my lusting brain.

"Wow, that sounds almost as sweet as you look."

When he let out a soft chuckle, I immediately made it my life's goal to hear that more often. And to see that adorable flush over his face of course.

"What was your name again?"

The smouldering onyx eyes were now fully focused on me. I'm pretty sure I was as flushed as he had been earlier, if not more.

"My name is Itachi, and I assure you, I'm nowhere near as sweet as that may sound."

I grinned sheepishly, silently scolding myself for acting like a little schoolgirl with a crush.

His chuckle had now evolved into full laughter, the hoarseness in his voice even more obvious and entirely pleasant. He stood still to look at me, with a smile that exposed a row of perfect white teeth.

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble Itachi, but 'sweet' is not the first thing that comes to mind when one meets someone like you!"

Another snicker while he looked up at me from underneath his thick black lashes. If I didn't know any better I would think he was already teasing me.

"Well then, Itachi..."

He practically purred! I prayed to the heavens that my moan was not loud enough for him to have heard it.

"...could you please tell me where classroom 212 is?"

To Be Continued...