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"..." : speech

Italic : thought

It turned out to be quite a challenge to eat a proper breakfast that morning, despite Sasuke's delicious cooking. I was way too easily distracted by the way those plump lips moved when he wrapped them around his chopsticks. Or perhaps it was the way his obsidian eyes seemed to glitter with mischief whenever he caught me staring at him. And it was definitely by the way his milky white thighs flexed whenever he reached for another plate.

I had already resigned into eating with one hand, since the other seemed permanently attached to his velvet skin, my fingers lazily mapping out the soft contours and muscle-lines on his upper leg.

We ate quietly, save from some adorable giggles whenever my hand brushed over a particularly ticklish spot on the inside of his thigh. His dark eyelashes would flutter and his skin would quiver when that happened, making me almost sadistically persistent to do it again.

He was still straddled on my lap, simply enjoying the body-contact we shared, a beautiful hue of pink dusting his cheeks and nose. The looks he sent my way now and then were heated and suggestive, but so adorable at the same time.

My head was already racing again with the complexity of his personality. This boy had me constantly guessing about what he was thinking and it was exciting me beyond words.

I swallowed my last bite and placed the tray of empty bowls and plates back on the bedside table. Sasuke looked at me with raised eyebrows and a little smirk on his lips.

"Did you have enough, or shall I make you some more?"

I wrapped my arms tightly around his small waist and grinned widely.

"It was perfect. Enough to still my hunger, but not too much so that there's no room for dessert."

"Oh that's right. I did promise you a dessert, didn't I?"

In mere seconds the teen in my lap had transformed from a blushing little boy to a confident sex-kitten. And I felt my groin harden in response.

"You sure did, and you should never go back on a promise, right?"

With a sultry look in his dark eyes, he slid the apron away from his skinny frame, leaving him completely naked and already half-hard on my lap. The slender fingers of his left hand were mindlessly tracing unmentionable figures on my neck, while he used the other to run through his hair, pushing the black tresses away from his face.

"I would never go back on a promise. Especially not on a promise like that..."

He leaned in slightly, brushing his moist lips against mine and seemingly breathing in my scent.

"Mmm Itachi, you taste and smell... so good..."

His husky voice sent shivers up and down my spine and drowned all thoughts in a lust-filled wave of excitement.

"I hope you are ready for me Sasuke, because I intend to take my sweet time devouring you thoroughly and completely."

I could hear my own voice shaking, but ignored it when the sexy little minx sat up on his knees and slowly moved down my legs towards my feet. Then he grabbed my calves and pulled me away from the headboard with a harsh tug, making me land on my back on the mattress.

"I believe you, but not before I've had my share of fun with your gorgeous body, Itachi..."

With those words he ripped the sheets away from me and let his tongue slide over the entire length of my twitching erection. I groaned and my hands flew into his velvet spikes unconsciously. His lust-filled eyes settled on mine as he began to take in my cock, inch by frustrating inch, never breaking our eye contact.

I watched with clouded eyes as his pretty mouth stretched to fit around my girth and started panting when he slowly, teasingly swallowed around me and flicked the tip of my leaking arousal my with his tongue.

"Fuck... Oh baby, you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth..."

He grinned around me and started to bob his head up and down, drooling shamelessly around my length. The subtle slurping noises and wanton moans combined with the sight of his lips on my cock were driving me insane. I clenched my eyes tightly in a desperate attempt to stop my hips from thrusting upwards too harshly, even though his small hands seemed to be egging me on to do just that.

His mouth was so sinfully soft and wet and at the same time so scalding hot, that I had to pull his head away from me before I would cum in his throat already. But he was relentless. He swatted my hands away, while I felt a small finger circle around my hole, probing and searching.

I swallowed, not sure what his intentions were and not sure if I could go with it, if it meant playing 'catcher'. He must've sensed my apprehension, because he looked up at me again and released my aching erection from his mouth with an audible pop.

"Don't worry, I love the feel of your cock up my ass way too much to try and top you. I just want to show you this mind-blowing feeling."

And with that he slicked up his probing finger, saliva dripping from it when he pulled it out from between his lips and slowly invaded my entrance. I winced at the unfamiliar feeling. It didn't really hurt, probably because it was only one of his small fingers, but it did feel a little uncomfortable.

But I forced myself to relax, which he suddenly made a lot easier by returning his slutty mouth to its ministrations on my hard length. I felt his finger inside me moving around and I had to admit, it really started to feel good. Then that wicked finger curled forwards and hit a spot that made me see white flashes of light, dancing in front of my eyes.

"Aaaaaah... shit!"

I think I could feel him grin around me, but at that point all coherent thoughts eluded me, too caught up in this ecstatic feeling that made my brain short-circuit. All I could do was clench the sheets in a death-grip as a burning fire was racing through my veins. Never had an impending orgasm felt this powerful before and I was almost scared to let go.

With the last bit of sanity I slightly opened one eye to look at Sasuke. And that one look on his smirking and content face was enough to make me come undone. He pressed his finger against that incredible spot almost harshly and hummed approvingly around my leaking cock. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming.

Electricity shot through my body with an alarming speed and my heart was pounding wildly against my chest. It build up to the point where I was afraid it would become too much and then crashed over me with an indescribable force, making me jerk and shudder, all my muscles strained to the point of tearing.

Sasuke kept swallowing around me, seemingly determined to catch every drop of my essence and keeping me right on the cusp of the most incredible orgasm I had ever had. It took me quite a few moments to catch my breath and let my violent heartbeat slow down a bit.

Finally, he let me go, catching the last drizzle of milky white cum from the corner of his mouth with his tongue. He smirked at me again and rested his head on my stomach, still panting from his endeavours.

"I've been wanting to do that to you since I met you in that hallway..."

I chuckled and buried my fingers in his hair, softly stroking his head.

"Really? You have been having naughty thoughts about me from the beginning?"

I felt rather than heard his giggle before he planted a wet kiss on my abdomen.

"I told you I am not as innocent as you seem to think."

As I wrapped my arms around his tiny waist and pulled him upwards to curl myself around his lithe body, I brushed my lips over the shell of his ear.

"You're right, you did tell me that. And you know what? I think I'm inclined to believe you on that one!"

Sasuke smiled sweetly and buried his face in my neck, trying to hide his yawn.

"Hmm, even though I will still hold you to your promise to 'take your sweet time devouring me thoroughly and completely', I think I could go for another nap right now."

I just tightened my hold on his beautiful frame and planted little kisses all over his blushing cheeks.

"I don't care what we do, as long as I get to hold you like this."

Another adorable giggle made my insides flutter violently.

"Just so you know Itachi, you couldn't get rid of me even if you tried."

"Good, cause I plan to keep you around for a VERY long time baby..."

He just looked at me with those enchanting onyx eyes and I was once more overwhelmed by my indescribable feelings for this little creature. I stared at him for a few seconds and just decided to go with this undeniable sensation. Leaning down slightly, I captured his plush lips in a passionate and heart-wrenching kiss, my heart thundering against my chest like a maniac.

"I love you Sasuke..."

I thought I had already seen the best of him. Surely he couldn't be more beautiful than what I had already experienced, right?


That smile, those eyes, the look on his face at the very moment he said those words... I could die a happy man right there.

"I love you too Itachi..."

The End

I decided to leave the story with this sweet little moment.

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