His uniform is itchy, but Jim Kirk is pretty sure that he's a lot more comfortable right now than his First Officer. Then again, Jim isn't currently supporting the full weight of a near-hysterical Human woman like Spock is, and he's pretty sure that that is the main reason why the Vulcan is making the non-expression that actually means Why Must Humans Be So Overtly Emotional in My Presence.

It's a face that Spock makes a lot.

"Mother," Spock requests politely, "Please attempt to control yourself. The Captain needs to introduce the Bridge Crew as per protocol." Amanda Grayson nods into his chest and, with a final sniffle, straightens up and brushes the wrinkles out of her son's dress shirt, "Sorry darling".

Kirk has all of three seconds to absorb that Spock's mother apparently calls him "darling" before she is turning to face him and the rest of the slightly shocked senior officers where they are lined up in the transporter room. They had all assembled as diplomacy required to receive Ambassador Sarek and Lady Amanda, but the also-customary introductions had been cut short when, as soon as she fully materialized, the Ambassador's wife threw herself on her son and began to cry. Kirk wasn't particularly surprised with the turn of events; ever since Vulcan's destruction five months prior things had been pretty tense all over the Federation. Lady Amanda was probably under a lot of stress, especially since she and Sarek had been given the daunting task of organizing the colony on New Vulcan until a High Council could be assembled. Kirk guessed that she hadn't had a lot of time to catch up with Spock lately, and word of that whole Khan thing had circulated even to the farthest reaches of Federation Space. She was probably worried about him nearly dying. Several times. Or something. Whatever.

Stepping forward and attempting that Vulcan finger thing (probably butchering it, if the look on Bones's face is anything to go by), Kirk gestures down the line and says,

"Ambassador, Lady Amanda, may I present the Enterprise's Chief of Medical, Doctor McCoy-" Bones gives a little Southern bow to Sarek and kisses Amanda's hand, "Chief of Engineering, Mr. Scott, our helmsman Lieutenant Sulu, navigator Ensign Chekov- " The kid looks like he's going to shit himself with excitement, "and Chief of Communications Lieutenant Uhura." Uhura makes a perfect ta'al and says something in perfect Vulcan that's probably culturally perfect. That show-off. Sarek and Amanda nod politely at each member of the crew as he introduces them, and already Amanda seems to have fully composed herself. He supposes that that comes from living with a people that consider the tiniest scream of pain when you are mortally wounded the height of impoliteness. At least, that's the impression Spock gives off.

"And I believe that you've met our First Officer," he adds, for a touch of humor. Amanda laughs obligingly, and Jim thinks he can see why she's considered such a good diplomat. The ability to laugh at bad jokes is a vital one in politics. Just then, the wall intercom beeps.

"Kirk here"

"You and Dr. McCoy are needed in Medical, sir," comes the voice of the officer he left with the com, "There's an issue with the Tellarite Ambassador's daughter, and Nurse Chapel is threatening to stab her with a hypo."

"Great," Kirk sighs, "Not again. We'll be right there." He turns to the Vulcan Ambassador, "I'm sorry to have to run off, but the doctor and I are needed. Lieutenant Uhura will escort you to your quarters. I will see you at the scheduled dinner?" Sarek nods, and speaks for the first time in a voice that is eerily similar to Spock's, "That is agreeable, Captain. Thank you."

It's only as he descends in the turbolift with McCoy that Kirk realizes that for all of his wife's dramatics, Ambassador Sarek didn't acknowledge his son once.