It only takes a quick search to locate the Lieutenant, and a few extra minutes to call up to the bridge and notify them as to the situation. A security team meets them in the hall, along with Chekov and Sulu who "want to get this traitor as much as the rest of you." Jim leads the hell-fire fueled hurricane down to the engineering deck, his mind churning. This will require some delicacy- they have to nab Jadzia before she realizes that they've caught on, but at the same time he wants to provoke a confrontation. Partly because he wants to teach her a lesson about messing with his crew, but also because a confession would be nice and he has the sense that they won't get one once she's in custody. Kirk makes his decision.

"Okay, here's how we're going to do this. I'll go in, alone, with security and Bones behind me but hanging back. I want her to think that I'm alone. Meanwhile, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, you'll go around behind so that if she tries to run, you can grab her. You will remain hidden. You will not make a sound. Got it?"

A chorus of "yes, sir"s.


They descend through the depths of the ship until they reach her belly. Engineering is well lit and white, just like the rest of the Enterprise. There's more smoke, more grease, but otherwise it is very similar to the less-grubby decks. It's also very open, making it hard for the rest of the party to find places to hide themselves. They walk quickly, quietly, until they catch sight of the console where Jadzia works. Jim and security peel off, Bones following swiftly behind, and Jim knows that behind him, Uhura and the others are tucking themselves behind the supporting struts.

Kirk maneuvers so that he is approaching from directly in front of Jadzia. He wants her to see him coming. And see him she does.

"Captain." She stands and has the audacity to salute, concealing her treachery behind a façade of obedience. The corners of Jim's vision blacken.

"Lieutenant Jones. Why don't you tell me about what happened up on the observation deck."

She pretends to be confused, "Sir?"

"Don't be stupid Jones. I know it was you that planted that bomb. And I know that you tried to bribe Ensign Jacobs to do your dirty work for you and when he refused, you killed him too, and tried to frame the Judoon while doing it. The only thing that I don't know is how you got ahold of the virus that you infected him with."

Jadzia looks around nervously, "Where's your security team, Captain?"

"No security. You think I'm dumb enough to let my crew know that one of my own people has been working against me? There would be a mutiny faster than it takes to jump to wrap."

The woman bites off a bitter laugh, "That's for sure. You are many things, but you aren't dumb, Captain."

"Thanks. So how'd you do it?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"I've got you, Jadzia. Let's be honest with each other. There is no escape from here; I can prove everything. The least you can do is tell me how you did what you did, make a clean wrap of things." He knows that people of her type are just dying to tell the whole world about their deeds. If he can push her enough, she'll spill it all.

"It wasn't hard." There is a glimmer of something dark in Jadzia's eyes. She's not looking at Kirk anymore, but gazing over his head, a manic smile blossoming on her beautiful face, and Jim knows that he's done it. "I broke into the med bay. Doctor McCoy had a vaccine right there, already in a hypo and everything. It was so easy"

From behind a pillar, Uhura feels a tap on her shoulder. She whirls around.


Spock is standing there, supported on either side by his mother and father. He's deathly pale, but doesn't seem to be leaning too heavily on either one of them.

"Lieutenant Uhura. I heard about the apprehension and came to enquire if my assistance was needed."

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Sir." She adds hastily, "Didn't you just get out of surgery?"

"Indeed. However, I am capable of returning to duty."

"Don't listen to him," Amanda whispers, "He just didn't want to miss out on the action."

In front of them, Kirk is raising his voice, and Uhura turns back.

"Shhh. Stay quiet."

"So you took McCoy's medical equipment, and pushed Jacobs down the stairs to give him time to die."

"That's right."

"What about the bomb?"

"That was easy too." She shrugs, "I made it myself. You'd be surprised how much information you can get about explosives by asking a few careful questions of that idiot Scotsman. Even the explosives weren't hard to get."

"Not as easy as you claim. You messed up, because the bomb didn't take anyone out."

She clucks her tough, "I know. So frustrating, am I right? It would have worked though, if that half-breed first officer of yours hadn't saved the rest of those space wastes."

"Space waste?"

"You can't be serious Captain. The delegates! Thinking that they can come to our planet and boss Humans around? No way. What's hilarious is that they don't realize what a mess they all are. Always arguing, always acting like they matter. Humans should take over as is our right, and have done with the whole thing. We would make everything so much more organized, so much better."

Kirk's throat tightens. So she's one of those. "You called Mr. Spock a half-breed." He winces, remembering a time not so long ago when he used those same words against his friend.

"Yeah." Jadzia sneers, "Vulcans are the worst of them all. Acting as if they're Human, marrying Humans…and you give the esteemed first officer position to one of them? I couldn't let that happen, Captain. I have nothing against you, but your Vulcan pet I can't handle. No, not Spock and Sarek, and their shameful, dirty Human women…"

James is furious now, but before he can react Uhura comes out from her hiding place. She crosses the floor in a few angry steps, and Jadiza turns towards the sound.

Uhura punches her straight across the jaw.

Everyone else appears from their hiding places in the pandemonium. Jadiza falls backwards, unconscious, into Kirk, who breaks her fall. A security officer snaps a pair of handcuffs on the woman, and Leonard runs forward to check Uhura's hand. Spock limps out more slowly, with his parents.


He almost sounds surprised. Everyone freezes and turns to them.

"Ow! Jeez, that hurt more than I expected." Uhura shakes her hand, "Sorry Spock." She twists her mouth into a resigned frown, "Nobody calls me dirty."

A little shriek turns everyone towards Amanda. Her hands are over her mouth, and her eyes are wide, "I knew it! Sarek, tell them that I called this! I knew you were seeing each other! Oh, Spock!" She throws herself on Uhura, wrapping her arms around the other woman's neck in a tight hug, "Oh, this is going to be wonderful!"

Jim watches Sarek, who seems as emotionless as always. But he and Spock have identical green tinges in their ears, and he sees a little glance at each other that makes him think that maybe, just maybe, everything will be okay.

Jim Kirk is laughing, but he's pretty sure that he's not as happy as his unsmiling first officer. Lady Amanda has not left Lieutenant Uhura's side since the latter accidentally revealed her relationship with the former's son, and the two have been giggling and throwing glances in the direction of their boys for at least half an hour. The boys themselves are sitting bolt upright as Vulcans always do, studiously ignoring the whispers. They are all sitting in the main officers' lounge, and are supposed to be debriefing. The meeting has pretty much collapsed by this point though. Sulu and Chekov are in a corner, cooing over something in a flowerpot, with the occasional bark drifting over. Jim and Len are sitting together, observing the others.

"So it was just old-fashioned racism?"

"Yep." Jim turns to his friend, "She decided she'd had enough of interplanetary diplomacy and peace, I guess. Thought that Humans should run the whole universe."

Len scoffs, "Yeah, like that'd work out. So she planted the bomb to blow up all of the delegates so that they couldn't come to the Conference?"

"Uh-huh. And now Ms. Jadzia Jones is going to rot in a labor prison on some far-off asteroid for fifteen to twenty years."

They muse on this for a moment.

"How're Spock's injuries, really?"

"Not terrible. I did not appreciate his little stunt, but the stitches are still in and I don't think that recovery will take that long."

"Good. We've got a busy few months ahead."

He catches the eye of the man in question, and raises his cup in silent toast. The Vulcan nods solemnly back, and then turns back to his father.

Yeah, Captain James T. Kirk is going to need all the help he can get.

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