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Chapter 1

From the first moment I saw him, I thought he was the handsomest thing I'd ever laid my eyes on.

It was a rather normal day. I had ridden my bike to work, and changed into the traditional server's dress that was exactly the same for everyone. Even the girls who worked there. My co-worker, who I was rather close to, usually worked the same shifts as I did.

"Aww! Furi-kun!" Aiya, my friend - also the co-worker I mentioned before - cooed. Her long, black hair was tied back already. She smiled and grabbed my face, squishing my cheeks.

"You would look so cute as a girl, but as a boy you're so plain..." she complained slightly, placing her hands on her hips and observing me. I sighed, frowning at her.

"You say that because you have a fetish for transexuals," I replied, my eyebrow twitching slightly. She didn't actually have a fetish for them, I just said it to annoy her. I hated how she always said I would make a cute girl. It was annoying.

"I do not!" she replied with a sharp intonation. I smiled slightly, and she pushed me forward.

"For that, you'll have to go take that table!" she said. I looked at her in surprise. It was rare for Aiya to give up a table, but when I finally looked at the people who were sitting there, my heart dropped into my stomach. They were all very refined and very intimidating. I looked back at Aiya nervously.

"But... Aiya-chan..." I began to protest. She smiled slightly and handed me a notepad.

"Good, you're already repenting. Now go," she gave me another shove, and I stumbled over to the table. I didn't know that I'd be thanking (mentally) her later. I smiled slightly at the group, straightening my posture nervously.

"Hello, my name is Furihata Kouki, and I will be your server today," I smiled, letting the words flow naturally from my lips. It was a trained skill, I had done it enough to where I could say it flawlessly despite the situation. The woman with an eye patch barely acknowledged me. However, the boy who sat across from her looked up at me. The moment our eyes met, I felt my heart stop. He was so handsome. I couldn't help the blush that crawled up into my cheeks.

"I would like some coffee, black," he told me, his lips tilting upwards slightly on the left side. It was almost a sadistic grin. I was terrified yet completely enthralled. I barely tore my eyes away from the two mismatched eyes of his. Red and Yellow. The woman looked up at me with a brilliant smile on her face. Under that shine, I felt like I was receiving some sort of death glare.

"I would like the earl gray tea, and he would like water," she said. That was when I first noticed the very plain man who sat by the other guy. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. One would think he would be the one standing out, since the other two looked very similar, but those two had a lot of personality and charisma. Even I could tell just by looking at them. I quickly scribbled that down, and smiled again.

"I will be right back with your drinks," I informed them, bowing quickly. I turned my back, and immediately heard the woman begin talking.

"This is Fairway Allen. He's the head of the company XX," she sounded scarily cheerful. It didn't seem at all like a normal business meeting. I walked into the kitchen with the intention of retrieving their drinks.

"How did it go?" Aiya asked me, as she poured a cup of earl gray for me. I smiled slightly. She looked at me with a half smile. She almost looked sorry for me.

"I feel like it's going to be a long day," I replied, my shoulders slumping slightly. Aiya patted my back and placed the tea cup on the tray I was holding.

"You'll make it," she replied. Aiya would've been encouraging if she hadn't been the one to force me to serve the table. All the other servers gave me sympathetic looks. Apparently the two had been here before. I carried the drinks out to their table without incident. I placed the drinks in front of them with ease, remembering rather easily where each went.

"Are you all ready to order?" I asked with a small smile. The woman looked at (what I assumed was) her son.

"Seijurou, you order first," she seemed to suggest to her son, yet it came across as more of an order than anything else. I decided to pretend I didn't notice and continue to smile. He turned to me, meeting my eyes quickly. My heart melted a little. I didn't know how I'd come to have mixed feelings for such a stranger, but they existed nonetheless.

"Hmm..." he said without looking away from me, "I'll have the crab." I blinked, shivers running down my spine. I nodded and looked toward the very plain man. While the other two ordered, I could feel his eyes lingering on me. It was a little bit exciting. I practically fast walked away because I couldn't handle the atmosphere that was there. As much as I liked seeming interesting before the red haired gent's eyes, his mother scared me so much more. She had this penetrating smile that made me feel like my soul was dying.

Nothing all that interesting ended up happening in the end. I was just overly nervous the entire time. The stress ended up making me feel tired for the rest of the day. After work, I trudged home and fell into bed, fully prepared to sleep for the rest of my life. Instead, I went to school and worked hard and attended basketball practice as I usually did because, even though I had met a handsome guy, he was merely a customer, and I probably wasn't going to see him again. Which made me kind of sad.

Yup. Chapter... Anyways, this will be entirely from Furihata's pov, and it's sort of an AU... and there's some OOC-ness, obviously. "Aiya" is actually a character I made up in the One Piece fandom, but she's kind of crept over here and is hanging out and such.

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