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Chapter 5

Light trickled through one of the windows in Seijurou's room. He blinked slowly, lifting himself away from the mattress. Half of his red hair was flattened against his skin, leaving him appearing rather lopsided. He started to reach up to rub his eyes, but stopped himself, settling for a yawn instead. Seijurou (whom we shall call Akashi after this point) opened the door to his servant's quarters without a moment's thought, thus shocking a young boy out of his slumber. It took several moments for the confused brunette to even figure out what was going on.

"Do you want to transfer to my school this year or wait until next year?" Akashi asked with a yawn. He was barely aware himself, but he felt the need to address this problem immediately, as would be best for them to begin making the necessary plans to have it taken care of. Furihata stared at Akashi then rubbed his eyes and blinked several times.

"Do what?" he replied meekly. Akashi's fist clenched in a slight show of frustration. He glared at the offending person ruthlessly. Furihata merely cowered, feeling terrible for not being awake enough to fully register Akashi's question.

"When will you transfer to Rakuzan, this year or next?" Akashi said through his teeth. He hated to repeat himself. It seemed like an unnecessary trouble and a pure waste of breath.

"Next year, if that's okay with you... I'd like to give my friends a fair warning and all," Furihata answered, his sentence slowly disappearing into a low mumble. Akashi nodded slightly and wandered back to his own room, seeming to have something on his mind.


I walked into school that morning, and everyone's eyes were immediately glued to me. I had been absent from school for two days. One of which was the court day, the other Akashi made me stay home and rest. I guess he thought I might have been stressed out by all of the changes that had suddenly been thrusted upon me. I smiled slightly at my classmates before slipping into my usual spot by the window.

After all of my classes, I went to basketball practice. Riko practically tackled me.

"Furihata-kun! You're alive!" she cheered, then almost as if she were bipolar, she punched me in the face, "Where have you been!?" Riko's hands rested upon her hips as she stared me down. I cowered slightly beneath her glare.

"Well, I'm now the property of... someone, and I'll be transferring schools after winter break..." I mumbled. Riko stared at me in shock along with the rest of the Seirin basketball team.

"So it only went a little better than we feared..." Hyuuga sighed. Teppei suddenly began patting me on the back gently.

"Let's enjoy the time we have left together then," he said with a wistful smile. Hyuuga sighed again, pushing up his glasses and Riko crossed her arms before returning to evil coach mode.

"WE STILL HAVE A MATCH IN TWO DAYS! SLAKERSSSS!" she roared. So we all practiced until we felt like our bodies were going to disintegrate. When I returned to the Akashi mansion, Akashi was already home. He was sitting in the middle of my room, reading a book that I didn't take the time to observe the cover of. I settled for falling face first into my futon which was still laid out from the night before.

"We had some things delivered from your house," Akashi said, looking up from his book. He gestured to the three or four boxes in the corner of the room.

"Okay," I said into my pillow miserably. Akashi's eyes wandered over me curiously. He seemed a bit curious about my disinterest in everything. I was so tired that I could barely bear to look at anything other than Akashi. Akashi was so handsome...

"Are you okay, Kouki?" Akashi asked, addressing me by my first name. This sent a jolt through me. My name even sounded elegant coming from his lips. It was so nice. I smiled slightly, turning my face into my pillow.

"Yes, Akashi-sama," I smiled without restraints, an odd, giddy feeling pooling through me. I was glad that I could hide my face with the pillow because it would be embarrassing if Akashi saw the face that I was making. Akashi stood and left the room, most likely going into his own. I smiled widely like I was a simple minded young girl.

Did Akashi even know that we were going to face off in a game in a few days? I wondered...


Somehow, the day of our game with Rakuzan sped towards the present. Even though being at the Akashi residence made me a bit nervous, and caused the hours to feel longer, the basketball match approached at the speed of light. When I was headed toward where the match was going to be held, I saw something that made it very tempting to turn around and just go home...

I had never expected this at all. Kagami seemed like the straightest guy on our team. His eyes trailed after almost every girl with a figure. Yet there he was, basically dragging Kuroko into the depths of hell with such a passionate kiss. My stomach felt like a rock. I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't turn away either. The whole sight was terrifying, actually. It looked like Kagami might just accidentally break Kuroko, the way his hands were tightly grasping onto the tiny guy.

A hand covered my eyes.

"Jealous...?" a smooth voice asked slowly. I stiffened immediately.

"Akashi-sama!?" I gasped, my hand hovering near his wrist. I felt as if my ears were failing me. Akashi seemed a bit... angry. At the same time though, that possibility seemed so terribly impossible that I attempted to merely wave it off as such. Akashi's hand pressed harder against my face, and I was pulled into his chest.

"If you're jealous, then say so," he commanded me and removed his hand. My fingertips just barely made contact with the back of his hand. I felt Akashi pull away, and I couldn't help the slight frown of disappointment that appeared on my face.

"No... I'm not. Just a bit shocked is all," I answered slowly. Akashi's eyes narrowed and he stared into my own. I cowered slightly, feeling a slight rise of guilt. I clenched my hands and frowned even deeper.

"I'm not. I don't like him anymore..." I muttered, more to myself than Akashi. Suddenly, Akashi had me by my chin and was glaring listlessly into my wide eyes. I was painfully aware of the fact that if I tilted my head slightly and moved my face five centimeters our lips would meet.

"Who? Who did you like?" Akashi demanded darkly. Terror washed over me in waves. My lips fell open slightly as I obtained a feeling of not having enough air.

"I... I..." I began, barely able to form a feasible sentence. Akashi didn't move or change his expression in the slightest.

"It's fine. It doesn't matter anymore... I like someone else," I replied, closing my eyes. My emotions felt like they were riding a roller coaster. It was exhausting. Akashi's hand loosened its grip.

When I opened my eyes, Akashi wasn't looking at me anymore. He dropped my chin and strode away. I looked to see where he was going and spotted a couple of his team members. I paled. Did they see us like that? My heart thundered in my chest impressively. I let out a huge sigh and trudged toward the court.

"Furihata!" Kagami waved like the giant idiot he was. I smiled back and waved. Kuroko stared at me skeptically, probably noticing that my smile was a bit forced. Hyuuga was talking to Coach and Izuki while Teppei sat back, smiling a bit.

"Hey guys," I said slowly when I came closer to them. Kuroko nodded, and Kagami caught me by my neck and pressed his fist into my head. I immediately went limp, blushed and then began to struggle unhappily.

"Cheer up, Furihata!" Kagami told me, still smiling widely. Kuroko smiled ever so slightly, most likely amused. Then a pair of scissors passed through my field of vision. Kagami dropped me, stepping back faster than I could even think.

"Whoa!" Kuroko's eyes had widened a bit, and I barely managed to keep myself from ending up sprawled across the floor. I had help though. Someone was holding me by the back of my jacket. Akashi pulled me to my feet and continued to glare at Kagami.

"Good reactions..." he noted aloud, drawing the scissors back, "Too bad." Kuroko's face distorted slightly into one of irritation. There was a long, bloody line across Kagami's cheek, the nose only knicked slightly on the bridge, not even bleeding really.

"What the hell was that!?" Kagami blurted in a fit of anger. His dark eyes flamed. I felt my eyebrows fall in irritation. I didn't like how Kagami was addressing Akashi in the slightest.

"Akashi-san..." Kuroko began slowly, "Furihata-kun could have been hurt in your assessment."

"Kagami! What happened to your face!" Coach yelled suddenly, looking mortified and worried at the same time. Hyuuga looked just as shocked. Akashi turned to me at Kuroko's words. His eyes quickly assessing me. He touched the top of my head, and I cringed slightly. It felt like Kagami had rubbed the skin raw and bruised it. He was a bit too rough sometimes. Akashi's expression darkened slightly.

"Pity..." he muttered and removed his hand. With a quick glare to Kagami, he strode off to his team. Kagami grew stoic.

"Nothing much," he answered Coach. She crossed her arms, but didn't pry any further. Kuroko was staring at me curiously. Kagami looked at Kuroko with almost sad face.

"Kuroko... Weren't you worried about me?" he asked Kuroko in a low voice when he thought no one was listening.

"I knew you would be fine," Kuroko answered coldly. Kagami looked like he had just been hit by the frozen cold of the arctic winds. Then Kuroko gave Kagami a quick peck, and Kagami was sent to heaven. I was kind of shocked that I'd never noticed it though. I turned away, my thoughts travelling to Akashi. I was so distracted that I didn't even know who won at first. Then I saw Kagami's huge smirk, a fist raised into the air. Coach was laughing, and it seemed like everyone had this afterglow from an amazing game. I only felt partial though... Akashi had to be devastated that he lost. Teppei ruffled my hair.

"Shocked, huh?" he smiled at me. I nodded slowly, deciding that would be a safer answer anyway. Teppei's eyes shone with a distant expression.

"It was an amazing game," he breathed, seeming to be in awe of how things had played out. Koganei-kun laughed, slinging his arm around my shoulders. Mitobe was close behind.

"Let's celebrate at Magi Burger!" Koganei-kun cheered with a cat-like expression. I slipped out of his arm's hold quickly.

"Ah, I think it's best if I head home now," I told them, bowing my head slightly. I turned, finding Akashi to be watching me from across the gym with his arms crossed. I slowly began to walk toward him, dread filling me with every step. I didn't want to see Akashi with a pained expression.

As soon as I was within reach, Akashi grabbed my wrist and began pulling me along. I glanced back toward my team and saw that they were all watching... dumbfounded. Akashi barely even looked at them. He took me out into the dark night and while shrouded with darkness, embraced me. I quickly (capriciously so) wrapped my arms around him excitedly. The warmth of the hug filled my heart, and Akashi didn't pull away for a long time.

When I finally saw his face, he was back to normal. I found this to be terribly unfair because I was sure that my face was one of the deepest shades of red humanly possible. I slapped my hands on to my vibrantly colored face, staring at Akashi through my fingers.

"Don't tease me. It'll make me hopeful," I whispered. Akashi stared at me curiously.

"Come. We're going home," he told me, motioning with a single hand. It seemed that he had decided to disregard what I'd said. I marked the hug off as Akashi simply wanting a bit of comfort, and I was obviously the most readily available choice. My heart was pounding restlessly. He was making me hopeful...

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