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Chapter 6

There is very little that I remember of our parting a year ago. What I mostly remember was the emotions. The anger, pain and fear, all the dark, negative emotions that swarmed through my heart as Haizaki was pulled from my arms by men in blue and black, police. I couldn't even stop crying.

"No! Stop!" I called desperately, as Haizaki's hand disappeared into the dark blue vehicle. The white and blue lights atop the car burst into life, and I could barely even see anything anymore, the lights taking a dramatic effect on the darkness of the night. Haizaki hadn't done anything wrong.

I knew who had done this though. I knew. The person who took Haizaki away from me was going to face the music. That Akashi Seijurou.

"Aiya-chan, don't do anything rash. They only got me on petty theft and assault. I'll only be in here for five years," Haizaki tried to comfort me from the other side of the bullet proof glass wall. I pressed my hand to the glass, staring at my boyfriend.

"I can't just be quiet and patiently wait for you to come back either. It feels like everyone is trying to keep us apart!" I replied in a pained voice, tears blurring my vision. Haizaki stared at me sadly.

"I did these things, Aiya-chan. Even if Akashi wanted me to be stuck in here for even longer... It's not something you can handle on your own, okay?" Haizaki told me steadily. I stared at the tiled floor, frowning.

"I'm not very good at waiting either," I said slowly, "Forgive me, Shougo-kun."

"Time's up." A policeman grabbed Haizaki's arm, and he looked at me with wild eyes. I couldn't hear what he was shouting at me, but I was pretty sure he was trying to tell me not to do it. Trying to keep my hands clean, he always said I was still pure. That I could still become something, but my mind was made up. I turned my back on my boyfriend and walked out of the station. I was going to get revenge.

"You're replacing me with some pretty boy!?" Haizaki roared, red-faced and angry. Akashi rubbed his temples carefully, giving Haizaki a vaguely irritated expression.

"That was the last straw, Haizaki. Even if you're a kleptomaniac, this is too far," Akashi replied, "Kise's the better choice, anyhow. He's better for the team's reputation, and he's better at the sport." Haizaki's fists tightened at his sides.

"I can't help it if it's just the way I am! Damn it!" Haizaki yelled. He loved basketball so much that his heart hurt. It was the only good thing he had going for him, and Akashi was just taking that away from him. Then there was Kise. That kid was practically pulled out of the woodwork, and it pissed him off.

"Haizaki, you are dismissed from this team and this club," Akashi said harshly. Haizaki let out a roar of anger and knocked over a stand, sending basketballs flying across the court.

Later, he could be found in the back of the school burning his basketball sneakers ruefully, yet he could not - no, he would not - let the tears fall. The agony in his heart was impossible to explain. Haizaki felt as if everything had been taken from him in that moment.

I stood on a dark corner, watching Akashi leave as he usually did. He would walk to a less populated street and come to where a driver would pick him up. In the distance between the two roads though, Akashi was vulnerable. I felt like I'd waited long enough, so I just went for it. I had no idea what I was going to do. I just acted, a strange animal instinct filling my veins as I propelled myself forward.

Putting everything on the line, I ran out at Akashi and tackled him to the ground and pinned him down. He stared up at me, surprised. I stared back at him with a harsh glare. My mind was roaring and screaming. It wanted only one thing, his blood. It was overwhelming. The hues of emotion cascading and fighting against each other as morality seemed to go flying out of the window. I lost control.

"What do you want?" Akashi asked slowly as if I was after something tangible, such as money. I frowned in disgust. how could he not know anything? How could he live with himself every day knowing that he'd crushed someone else's fighting spirit, in fact, thousands of people's fighting spirits. It was unfair.

"Revenge. And I will take it out on you and the rest of your stupid basketball team," I spat in his face. Akashi cringed, but somehow managed to stay calm. His deep red eyes burned into my own. I couldn't stand his silence. It almost felt like he was confident, and I wanted it to hurt. I wanted him to hurt in every way imaginable, to the point that my fingers were even beginning to tremble.

"I would prefer you didn't," Akashi replied. My eyes widened. He still had the audacity to say something like that? What did he think he could do to stop me? I had the upper hand. :i was the one in power in that moment, and yet he still put up the front that he was the one with all the power. I wanted to laugh at the hilarity of such a phrase.

"Like I'd listen," I sputtered, reaching for the dentist tool in my pocket that I'd stolen from my father's office. My heart beated erratically in my rib cage, and I could barely contain the strange sense of excitement that was filling me.

"Then take from me what would satisfy you. Just don't touch my team mates," Akashi said, his voice quivering slightly. He wasn't calm, and it had finally shown. I whipped the hooked tool out. I smiled, yes, he'd finally shown that he knew he wasn't in control. That he knew he could not stop me. Wild thoughts flew through my mind as I clutched the hooked tool in my hand, a soft yet strained laugh leaving me.

"You better prepare yourself," I replied, losing what humanity was left in that carbon composed body of mine. My mind washed white.

I had no idea what happened after that, but when my consciousness returned, there was a partially crushed eyeball in my hand, and I was covered in blood, hiding in an alleyway. I stared at my hands, quivering.

"Shougo-kun... Oh, Shougo-kun... What have I done?" I whispered and started to cry, pressing my face into my knees. I couldn't tell anyone about this, and I had a feeling Akashi wasn't going to either, since he seemed to let me take the eye pretty easily. I didn't even recognize myself. What had I done? I wasn't the same girl that I had been before. The sweet, faithful if not protective girlfriend to Haizaki Shougo. I could not hold back that sobs but I also could not let go of that withered eyeball in my hand. I didn't even recognize the voice that whispered in the back of my mind.

Destroy... Destroy everything...

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