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Chapter 8

Akashi ended up leaving me to play with Ayame-sama for a while when he went back to go talk to Kise-san. I had no idea as to what exactly the conversation entailed, but I was sure that Akashi had gone to cheer Kise-san up. I wasn't sure why I thought that when Akashi usually acted so cold, but I had seen his more open side once when he had hugged me after the championship game. I felt the Generation of Miracles just had to know of that side to him to some degree at least.

And jeez! Shogi is so hard! Ayame-sama had to have beaten me at least ten times already at the game, though she was careful to explain my mistakes and how I came about to lose, even though it was hard to wrap my mind around each time. I did my best to listen to her and learn, but it didn't seem to be working as she blew through my attempts time after time.

Then Akashi reappeared after sending Kise-san home in a car. He seemed amused by the look of frustration on my face.

"Aya, you don't have to go so hard on him," Akashi commented with a small smile. It was so tiny that without looking for it, you would have never know the smile was there. I had rarely seen any sort of expression on Akashi's face, so this smile excited me to some degree.

"Oh, but his face is just so adorable!" Ayame-sama gushed with a weird smile.

"I'll let you finish this game, and then I'll teach him how to play properly," Akashi replied, dismissing her words completely. Ayame pulled a frown.

"I'm doing a fine job of teaching him, thank you very much," Ayame snapped back. She quickly moved a silver piece, barely thinking about the game anymore. Akashi turned to me, and I automatically jumped at the intensity of his gaze.

"Is she, Kouki?"

"I... I-I don't know!" I cried and hid my face. I was too confused to really give much of an opinion.

"I think you just failed as a teacher, Aya," Akashi said. I could hear the smirk on Akashi's face at that point. Ayame-sama made no attempt to reply.

The Seirin basketball club was astounded by the girl that stood in front of the gym doors that afternoon. Her long, black hair was tied into a braid that lay calmly on one of her shoulders, but that wasn't what was so eye-catching about her. The smooth, full curves of her hourglass figure and the small pout on her lips. The trembling of her knees as she stood before all of the giant, muscular basketball club members.

"F-Furi-kun..." she barely managed to stutter. Tears filled her eyes as she felt herself becoming overwhelmed by the leering eyes of Furihata's teammates.

"ALL OF YOU. TEN LAPS, NOW," Riko roared angrily at them and pointed before turning to the girl with a smile.

"Who are you?" Riko asked with a gentle smile. The girl let out a sigh of relief and smiled back at Riko. She appeared to be better at one-on-one conversations, and it did not take long for Riko to make note of her school uniform. It was not a Seirin high one, so she was obviously from another school.

"My name is Yukimura Aiya," she answered with a small bow. Despite the airs that Yukimura was obviously putting on before Riko, Riko knew that the girl was not all that she made herself out to be. She quickly returned to the original sentence that she had been attempting to pull out since she came to the school, "Is Furi-kun he-"

"A-Aiya-chan!?" Furihata gasped. His surprise was clearly written across his face. Aiya burst into tears at the sight of her friend.

"Furi-kunnnn!" she cried, practically tackling him to the ground. She pressed a cheek to his, holding him close to her with her arms wrapped tightly around his face, "Why didn't you call me or anything? All I knew from the boss is that your employment was nullified, whatever that meant! I was so worried!" Furihata held her, rubbing her back gently.

"I'm sorry," he muttered. Everyone else, as in the bystanders (or Seirin basketball team), were staring at this sudden scene in shock.

"Ne, Furihata. Is this your girlfriend or something?" Hyuuga asked with a confused expression. He would never be able to make sense of how such hot girls fell for such plain guys like Kuroko and Furihata. It was just one of those things he could not wrap his mind around. Neither of the two responded, seeing as Furihata was incapable of doing much more than waving his arms, which he was currently doing and Aiya was in tears still. When Aiya finally let go of Furihata, he turned to his captain.

"No, she's not my girlfriend," he answered simply, "This is my friend, Yukimura Aiya. We used to work with each other at XX, the coffee shop near my house." Again, Hyuuga was bewildered by how such plain guys that were around such beautiful girls that clearly seemed to like them had such beautiful girls around them still... Aiya had hidden behind Furihata's shoulder, which luckily for her, he was taller than her so it was rather easy to do so.

"F-Furi-kun's too much like a brother to me..." Aiya muttered from behind him. She was obviously rather shy. At least to some degree. Riko had to wonder how many days she spent walking up to Seirin high and turning back again out of fear, or even watching their practices unable to work up the nerve to come and say anything. It had to be quite a few.

After Furihata explained the situation to Aiya and calmed her down, he was sent through a grueling practice regime to make up for his slacking off to speak to his friend and not handling those sorts of things on his own time.

"I'd have quite the shapely body if I just killed all the girls with bigger boobs that me..." Riko muttered with a clenched fist. Aiya looked taken aback.

"It's not the body that matters, I promise," she told Riko suddenly, not thinking about holding her tongue around the obviously more fit coach. Riko looked over at her, a bit surprised.

"I know that, I just hate how men ogle over it," she hissed lowly. Aiya smiled slightly.

"You have to admit though, busty girls are nice to look at sometimes," she pointed out with a sly smile. Riko looked at Aiya, mortified.

"What are you? Gay?" Riko gasped.

"Nope~ I have a boyfriend, actually," Aiya smiled. Furihata sighed, knowing all too well what Aiya was doing. She was messing with yet another poor soul.


Furihata was running to the station. Basketball practice had ended a little later than usual, and he was really cutting it close to when the last train was leaving the area. His entire body was already aching from practice, and now he was just pushing it even further. Hot puffs of air left his lips as he ran, leaving little white clouds behind him.

"Furi-kun!" Aiya yelled after him. He could hear the exaustion in her voice as she continued, "Ple... ase... wai...t... up..." Furihata skidded to a halt. Aiya grabbed his arm then paused to pant, holding tightly onto that arm.

"How... can... you... run... so..." she panted, barely able to catch her breath. Furihata sighed.

"Is there something wrong, Aiya-chan?" he asked, looking at her worriedly. She met Furihata's dark brown eyes with a terribly serious look.

"I... can't let you... go... there," she responded, barely able to string together a full sentence.

"Why not?" I asked quickly, my heart clenching. I didn't understand why Aiya was acting so strange. Her grip on my upper arm only tightened.

"I just can't," she said with a firm tone, "So, please, Kou-kun... Don't go... for me?" I flinched at the nickname. She hadn't called me that since... I pulled my arm out of her grip, closing my eyes with a firm frown on my face.

"I have to, Aiya-chan. It isn't a choice for me. You understand that, don't you?" I replied, not even bearing to look at her as I said this. I heard her let out a sob.

"Please, Kou-kun... You'll get hurt," she said, but I ignored her. I couldn't miss that train.

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