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*Gajeel has some knowledge about mates from his dragon Metalicana, which is more in depth than Levy's book as it is a human record of a limited number of observations rather than first-hand experiences.

* The entire mating ritual usual lasts a week. Levy had read that the scales developed gradually as the bond between the slayer and his mate strengthened but the time frame was unclear. (The marking appears within the week)

*This one week involves the first claiming, the appearance of scales and finally the true mating and all its perks.

*In this chapter Gajeel makes a comment about slayers hiding out with their mates until the week was over. There are two reasons for this but it's a secret for now. (Remember Levy trying to get Lucy to read the book a few chapters back?)

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I salivated….

Enslaved by the sweet scent of blood filling the air as I traced over the hypnotizing patterns beneath my captivated fingers, entranced by her heat…her moans…her smell…

I inched closer to the claim I had branded on her body, licking my lips hungrily as I closed into the rough scales painted on her neck in crimsons, salmons, and gold.

Like fire….my fire, glowing like embers on her fair skin and conjuring up a dark, insatiable lust within me…

I ached for her, seduced by my own consuming desire as I watched her tremble and sigh dreamily, leaning into my touch and staring up at me with those big, brown eye.

I'd never laid eyes on another quite as lovely….

Her body so soft and delicate in my hands…yet I was the one who shivered when I touched her…weakened by my need for her….restless because she…my mate was not truly mine…yet…

Lucy…My Lucy….

I'd make her mine, forever….


She writhed beneath me, tempting me like a sweet, flickering flame that ignited the low burning rumbles in my chest. I pressed soft kisses along her neck, dragging my tongue across the rough jewels that called out to my animalistic desires.

Fuck…she tasted so good…

Like honey…blood….and come….mingled with the flames of a dragon.

Her hands fingers tangled with my hair, massaging my scalp and begging my lips to stay longer, taste her, please her, suck on her skin while she rolled her hips temptingly…seducing me…enticing me…panting my name breathlessly while I dyed her skin with reds and purples.


My control was slipping through the cracks of my fingers, the beast inside me tugging at its chains, roaring and crawling at the walls in the far corner of my mind, demanding that I sate my hunger deep inside the body of my mate.

God how I wanted to pull her too her knees and give her a taste of heaven before I buried it inside her hot cunt…

But I didn't just crave the warmth between her legs….

My fangs throbbed agonizingly, begging to sink into her soft flesh while I fucked her and claimed her as my one and only mate….over and over again….

I shuddered, assaulted by my lecherous visions of her moaning and crying out in sweet agony. I was overwhelmed by my need for her, growling along with her passionate mews while she rubbed her body alluringly along mine, soaking my kneading thigh with her weeping sex.

"You taste so fucking good…" I moaned, consumed by her smell, her taste and her sugary moans, sucking hard on the jewelled skin between my teeth.

"Ohh…Natsuuu...I need you…" Her hands wondered down my backs.

She was begging me…tempting me….calling out for me to comfort her from…..me?

Her hot, feverish breath stung my wet skin, making me shiver and growl impatiently as I nipped and kissed the curve of her neck like a starving man.

I'd never felt such a rush before, gnawing and scarping her bruising flesh with my sharp teeth obsessively until the thick, warm, metallic essence I thirst for filled my mouth, burning my throat with the flames of passion.

"Natsu…Wait…." She whimpered, pushing against my chest….but I couldn't stop…no…not until plunge inside her and I pumped her with enough of me to conceive.

"Natsu…" I gave into her pained moans, realizing her tortured flesh and spreading her soft thighs, nesting between them and rubbing my thick cock between her sloppy folds as our desire mixed and pooled on the tile beneath us.

"It aches…I'm aching for you…Ahh…Make it…Make it better, Natsu…." Her hands drifted between our bodies, guiding me to her entrance.

I needed this….

Inside her…stretching her….pleasing her….filling her womb with my seed…


"Lucy…." I grit my teeth as I eased into her tight, wet hole, loosing myself in the feeling of her walls embracing me inch by glorious inch.

So wet…so warm…

The delicious sensation drove me crazy….

"Lucy you have to-ahhhh…"

This feeling….I….need her…

I need…her…

"Please…" I whimpered, burying my face in her hair.

"Bare my child…."


The slayer groaned softly, burying his face between the warm breasts that had served as his pillow through the night. He purred contently, enjoying the gentle rise and fall of his mate's chest as it lured his fuzzy mind back into the realm of slumber with the promise of a blissful ending to the pleasant dream he could barely recall…

But his groin ached uncomfortably, having been denied sweet salvation of dream Lucy's and her many….treasures.

Blinked lazily, Natsu's blurry vision adjusted to the dark room without urgency, finding himself in an all too familiar setting where he awoke in a soft bed, snuggling with his partner in a place that smelt just like home.

Like Lucy's…but it's not…..Lucy's…..?

The slayer frowned, studying the foreign architecture of the room with a lazy eye and huddling closer to the soft body in his arms, instinctively confirming her existence while he pieced his memories together.

Right…I'm on vacation…




Lucy tried to rape me last night …

Natsu stifled a chuckle.

"Mmm…" she's really, really good with her mouth…So good….

He groaned, grinding his morning wood against her hip lazily and drifting off again, lulled by the gentle thump of her heart below his ear.

The rooms too quiet….

Gray-teme snores like Vulcan...

And Happy's usually clawing my face like a scratching post by now…

Natsu reached out blindly, searching for his blue companion on the cold pillow he had abandoned last night.

"Happy?" He mumbled gruffly.

Not here either…

"Hmm…" Better get some sleep…

Lucy's so soft and warm…feels good…

He cuddled into her soft curves happily.

But…I've been wondering for a while now...

Why's Lucy in my room…?

The slayer turned white with fear, bolting up on his elbows in panic.


His eyes darted around the room in terror, spotting a mass of dishevelled red hair on the bed at the far end, next to the only exit. He squeaked, paralysed with fear at the sight of the horrific monster balled up in covers, eyeing the figure cautiously and contemplating his bloody and very, very painful end as he waited for the woman to jump up and strike him dead between the eyes.

Don't move…

Don't move….

After glaring at the unmoving figure for a full minute, the fire mage let out a breath of relief, studying the rest of the group with a softer expression. Although the sun was yet to rise, he could make each of the women out clearly, the darkness only greying his sharp vision slightly.

Levy and Wendy were asleep on either side of Lucy and Erza and Juvia were on the opposite side of the room, sandwiching an unknown woman between them.

The slayer frowned, sniffing the air and recalling the familiar scent, however unable to put a face or a name to it. He pouted, annoyed, wrecking his brain for an answer and brooding until he had finally figured it out.

"Me-Ru-Pee…?" He whispered loudly, covering his mouth quickly when the covers swished nearby.

I don't remember seeing her last night…

He grumbled crankily, shrugging and sinking down into the warm covers beside the blonde.

Fuckin' Hell, Luce! What did you get me into…?

I'm in a room full of monsters!

He turned on his side, studying her sleeping face.


"Ah…" If I die, it's all because of you and your big, bouncy, booby, titties.

I tried to escape when you fell off to sleep you know? But your jugs weigh like 5 tons a piece…

The slayer could help but eye the ample amount of cleavage exposed by her rumpled shift.

I mean I'm strong but I ain't that strong…

Who could resist these…?

He grinned, tracing his knuckles along the shiny ribbing of her robe.


He chuckled.

"Natsu…Come back…" Lucy mumbled, reaching out in search of his body.

"Shhh…I'm here babe…" He hushed her, nuzzling into her and showering her neck and face with soft, butterfly kisses.


Better have some fun before I get slaughtered….


"Lucy...please…a..re…my…il..d…." His body vanished into the misty air with a few distorted words and my eyes fluttered open, staring blindly into the darkness before they fell again, heavy with sleep.

"Natsu…Come back…" I whimpered in anguish, sweaty, needy and above all alone, craving the touch of the man who had ignited a raging fire between my legs.

"Shhh…I'm here babe…" He heard him whisper, kissing my neck and drawing me closer, cocooning me in his warmth and his spicy scent.

"Mmm…Natsu…" I smiled dreamily, guessing I'd fallen off to sleep again. I thanked the spirits that my mind had dished out a steamy fantasy rather than the crazy, crack induced misadventures that haunted me nightly.

This was better than my last dream. The cold tile melted into soft, satin sheets beneath us and the mattress dipped around me, bending under the weight of my dream lover as he crawled over me and nudged my thighs apart.

I moaned, wanting to open my eyes and stare into his dark, piercing orbs as they swirled with molten desire but my body felt heavy and sluggish, reluctant to cooperate.

I savoured his caresses….basking in his sweet assault…

The rough hands felt heavenly, groping my hips and rubbing tenderly over my stomach as his lips trailed lower, snaking his wet tongue into the hollowed dip in my shoulder while he fumbled with the silky, material at my waist, enwrapping me in one pleasure while he readied me for another.

Tch….I should have been naked….It was my dream after al-"AHH!"

I yelped loudly when he pulled my skin into his hot mouth, lavishing me with sweet pain.

"Lucy, you have to be quiet…" Natsu reprimanded playfully, kissing the bruise he had made on my abdomen.

How did he get there?

It felt too good…too…

"Real…." My eyes fluttered open and I mumbled quietly, rubbing the sleep away.

I flinched when I heard the low, raspy chuckle of my mate, bolting up in time to catch a glimpse of his signature sexy, fanged grin before he disappeared beneath the covers with a mischievous wink.

"Take it off already…." His hot breathe made her squirm restlessly, itching to tear off her pretty lace panties that were now sticky with her arousal and his salvia, clingy to her puffy, lower lips each time she wriggle closer to his lusciously hot mouth.

"You're acting like a dragon in a cave." Lucy pouted, sifting her hands in his pink hair and pushing on his head gently, encouraging him taste her and kneaded her heating folds with his adventurous tongue.

"Fort…" Natsu corrected with a little chuckle, whispering kisses along her soft inner thigh as he tugged the flimsy material down her legs, and leaned in, kissing her glazed lower lips sweetly.

His lips grew more passionate with every taste, tongue greedily slipping into her slit and massaging the delicate, pink flesh inside. He moaned, intoxicated by her taste, spreading her with his fingers and lapping her sex with urgency, lost in her taste and deafened by her sweet mews.

"Yes…." Lucy wriggled, pulling harder at his hair when he twirling around her clit teasingly and sucked the fleshy bundle between his lips, holding her down as he continued please the little bud with his tongue.

She felt hot and sweaty from the decadent pleasure, huffing and sighing as she watched the covers rise and fall at her waist while he ate her up with long, wet slurps, ravaging her dripping folds with mercilessly passion. His strokes were growing wetter and rougher and the sweet suction between his inquisitive licks made her bucked and moan wildly, wishing she could rip the sheets off and watch the erotic show playing down below.

But she couldn't…It was far too dangerous. The chances of someone catching them soared with each step she took closer towards her orgasm…

"Natsuuuu…." Lucy strained to hold back her moans, head rolling from side to side on the feather pillow as his tongue probed at her opening mischievously, barely venturing inside her with his with short blunt jabs.

"Deeper…"She arched, fisting into his pink locks and pulling his lips closer to her sex, trapping him between her fleshy thighs while she rolled her hips eagerly, riding his tongue and his deliciously hot mouth with pure lust that made the slayer groan into her honey soaked folds and lap the juices that poured from inside each time he impaled her with his tongue.

"Ahh Nats-mmm….Lick there…Yes…Haaahh…Like that….Oh god…" Lucy moaned, holding his mouth against her throbbing clit and rocking her hips wildly while he sucked and flicked her plump bud relentlessly, taking her over the edge hard and fast.

"Ahh Natsuuuu…" His name caught in the back of her throat as her body twisted and shuddered, coming apart in his arms.

"I love you so much…" She moaned tiredly, jerking as he lapped the stray trials of arousal, smeared on her over sensitised inner thighs.

"I love you, Lucy…"

Right now it felt too good to move or think about the consequences of anyone waking up to her shameless moans….


Natsu grinned victoriously, nuzzling between her massive breasts and inhaling her sweet scent while she stroked his hair affectionately.

It felt like heaven, lying in the sweat soaked sheets with his exhausted lover. He needed no reward for his conquest over her body but he relished her tender caresses, proud that he had accomplished one of his duties as her mate.


The four instincts of a mated male that he'd yet to fulfil, but who could blame him, things had changed a great deal from the days when men roamed around with clubs and loin cloths….

Fuck, why did I have to go and picture Gajeel with skinned leopard brief…?

…..so the slayer was happy being able to meet two of the four this early in their relationship.

Okay, maybe one and a half…

He chuckled, knowing well enough that Lucy would never let him solely provide for her. Though she complained a lot during their missions, she always worked hard, no matter how anal the client or how tough the mission become along the way.

Now that I think about it…..I do end up doing most of the labour…

I fight…I carry all the heavy stuff….

"By labour you mean turning building into rubble, incinerating city monuments and beating up every helpless creature we pass along the way…."

But Luce…Come on, gimme some cred-

"Which always ends with us getting most of our reward taken away to repay the damages…"

What about the heavy lifting?

"Let's not forget that I'm the one who hauls your ass around town after we get off the train."


He grinned, imaging her cheeky responses.

Protecting her came naturally, even before they'd mated and though she'd never been one to pick a fight over something petty…

Like if some girl looked strong or cause she didn't like her moustache…

…she never back down when pushed into a corner either.

Idiot won't run away even if I told her too…

Ah…Fairy Tail women…Loyal, strong willed and fierce in battle…kicking my ass since I was 12 years old…

Demons…All of 'em...

Mating of cause was his favourite out of the four.

I go all out to please that body…Making up for the other three, yah know?

Gotta satisfy my instincts somehow…

Conception on the other hand…

He blushed.

I'm gonna skip that one for now…. I really don't wanna be Lucy kicked in the balls or skewered by Erza and turned into a giant neko treat for happy.


"Ewww Natshuu, no matter how many times you insist your hair is salmon…you'll never be a fish…" The blue exceed grumbled groggily.

"A yummy, yummy tuna fish…" He smiled dreamy, curling up into a ball.

"Ice make *Snore* HAMMER!" Gray yelled violently in his sleep, smacking the cat snuggled up on his pillow over the head and freezing him.

"GRAY! What did you do that for?" Happy sobbed, materializing his wings and floating around the room clumsily with his body encased in a ball of ice.

"Fuck you….*Snore* Match dick….I win! *Snore*" The mage snickered sadistically.

"Natshuu save me!" The feline wailed dramatically, going out of his way to knock into every piece of furniture in the room as noisily as he could.

"Salamander, shut your cat up!" Gajeel grumbled and rolled over, oblivious to the empty bed beside him.

Their tongues tangled passionately, sharing the musky taste that still lingered on his lips as he led the slow, sensual dance of their bodies, groping and rubbing her soft curves while he devoured her inch by inch.

His kisses were rough and demanding, unlike the lazy pace he'd set earlier, nipping and bruising the full pout that mimicked his movements with equal lust, moaning for him sweetly as he deepened their fiery kiss.


She was everywhere…on his fingers…his lips…his stomach…his crotch…glazing his body with her juices each time he rubbed against her sensually.

He was burning with need, drenched in her scent and her moist desire that only made him throb harder and squeeze tighter on the bouncy, juicy mounds beneath his palms.

'I…" He rasped, pulling away from her swollen lips, but she knotted her fingers in his damp, messy locks and dragged him back down to her, unwilling to release him from their wicked kiss.

My Mate…

She was gracefully and bewitching, dancing beneath him like flame.

Her hands wondered into his open rob, rubbing over his chest and his wash board abs, raising his temperature higher and higher with each hungry touch.

The slayer's strummed his fingers up her thighs, draping a long, toned leg behind him and she curled her arms around his neck, moaning and circling her hips as he ground his covered erection between her wet folds, stealing her trembling whimpers with his tainting kisses.

He traced along her jaw, her breasts, her hips with the tips of his fingers groaning at the softness of her body as his hands slithered between her plump ass and the spoilt sheets, lifting her against him.

"I want you…" He moaned, pouring all his desire into their kiss as he rubbed his heated loins into the hot, wet junction between her thighs.

"Natsu…" Lucy moaned breathlessly, heating his blood with her, hazy, lusty gaze as he laid her on the soft covers.

"Touch me…I'm so hard for you…" He whispered, capturing Lucy's lips in another searing kiss.


"Put me in…." The slayer begged between their hot, wet kisses, thrusting into the wondrous hand that had him trembling with just a few delicious pumps.

But she denied him, slipping her another hand into the moist confines of his boxers and making him dizzy with decadent pleasure.

"I need you…. " Natsu hissed, gritting his teeth and burying his face in her hair so he could muffle his impish moans while she stroked him towards the gates of sweet ecstasy.

"Ahh…I'll go slow Lucy….I promise…" He begged for the untint time, willing to do or say anything to sate is boiling desire.

"We can't here…I can't hold it in if you take me…" The blonde reasoned, slowly pumping the hot organ, pulsing between her fingers

"Fuck! Then I won't move at all! Just Ahh….Let me inside…." He rubbed a rough cheek against hers, trying to soften her resolve with affection.

But he knew she'd seen through it, aware of the skin that would crack and split at any second, giving way to his beautiful but fearsome scales. He was sure the heat radiated from his body had scorched her lovely skin, leaving a numb lingering sting in the places he pressed into her.

"Let me take care of you, Natsu…" Her attentiveness only made her stroke faster, determined to pleasure him and satisfy his need as best she could in their current situation.

"Lucy…Don't make me…Mmm…Not in your hand…Ahhh, Lu…Wait…Shit…" His jaw clenched tightly, reluctant to break in her hands.

"I'll make it better…" Lucy hushed, trying to sooth him but he hissed aggressively, snatching her hands away from his throbbing meat and pinning above her head.


"Why won't you obey, mate…?" Natsu growled, deeply and dangerously against the front of her throat, warning her not to struggle with a threatening lick along her life line. He tucked his face into the side of her neck, swiping his bristled tongue across the rough, crimson bumps savagely and falling into a lap and suckle routine while he silenced her protests by squeezing her captured wrists.

He knew she licked it, being dominated and pleasured with just a hint of fear. There was no denying it, it turned her on. He could smell the thickening of her scent, her laboured breaths and somehow…feel the spike in her desire…

"We can't…" Lucy panted, but he ignored her, licking the tender bruise he made and tasting the faint hints of coppery sweetness, struggling to supress the growing desire to clamp down on her neck and bloody her fair skin.

He could feel the blood coursing wildly beneath his tongue, veiled only by a delicate barrier. She was so soft, fragile and easy to pierce, be it with a quick snap of his jaws or a swift thrust of his hips.

"Natsuuu…." She whispered deliriously, egging him on reluctantly as his soft lips kissed along the large mounds and devoured a perky nipple between them.

"Ahh!" The blonde buck and he groaned, sucking and nibbling on the pebbled tip and then lavishing it with long, cooling strides of his wet tongue, all while she rubbed up and down his sides with her toned legs, writhing for his touch and caressing him restlessly, trying to feel the hardness of his body as best she could with her hands imprisoned by his.

"Give into me…" He purred, intoxicated by the strong scent of sex soaking the cloth restraining his erection.

"You can't resist…You…Are...Mine..." The slayer rose above her, commanding seductively as he engraved his desire within her soul with his golden eyes, claiming her lips as his once more with an indulgent groan.

But the rubbing and grinding stop suddenly and the blonde mage gasped loudly, eyes rolling to the back of her head and her body going limp beneath him.


"Luce?" He pouted childishly, confused but mostly frustrated by her peculiar behaviour.

When I said give in, I didn't mean turn into a noodle…

Natsu poked at her ribs curiously, sighing loudly and sitting back on his heels.

And I used my best lines on her…And she….What the fuck Lucy?

"I don't know what shitty magazine you got this tip outta…" He cursed, patience wearing thin.

"…but tapping a dead girl isn't my th-"

"Natsu….?" He froze, turned to stone by a voice so chilling and deadly, he swore he'd gone soft on Lucy.

"-ing!" Holy mayo on a motherfucking Twinkie…..

"What do you think you're doing?" The slayer squealed in horror as the owner of the lethal voice wrapped her cold fingers around the back of his neck and crushed it slow and painfully.

"I won't forgive you." Her voice boomed monstrously.

"Wait, Erza! I can explain!" He clawed at the covers for dear life but she ripped him off effortlessly with a single hand.

"There's a reason why you were folding an unconscious girl?"

"Let's hear it."

Lucy you treacherous bastard!

What happened to never running away without me…?

He sobbed dramatically.

Don't look into her eyes!

Don't look into her eyes!

"Ho? You're brave enough to stare at my breasts too?"

Eh? What? No!

I was trying to avoid your death beams…



Look into her eyes!

Look into her eyes!

"Wait, stop! I can explain!" Natsu positioned his hands between him and the angry advancing red hair defensively, trying to remedy the situation before it took an ugly turn.

"I knew I felt hot. It was you, wasn't it, Natsu? You made the room hot while you were doing perverted things to Lucy." She accused, taken an offence stance and materialising a bandage wrapped katana.


"Fuck! Don't use that, anything but that!" He stumbled, shaking his head like a frighten child and scrambling backwards until his back pressed up against the wall, pupils growing larger as she closed the distance with a few thunderous steps.

Save me Happy!




The slayer groaned loudly as he pressed a cold can of juice to the side of his forehead, trying to sooth the stabbing pain radiating between his temples.

"Fuck…" He slumped, sliding down the backrest of the wooden bench lethargically while he watched the frothy, waves crush along the pale shore through the large misty windows in the public longue. He smiled bitterly, thankful for the small comfort the silence offered him from the nauseous waves of pain that had merged with the itchy, burning sensation along his cheeks and the throbbing ache in his jaws.

Dammit Erza….I'll defeat you one day!

He winced, numbing the small knot that had formed on the side of his head thanks to Erza's rapid head butts, with the chilled tin in his hand.

Shit…this pain is like that time with Lucy and I… *Groan* …in the bathroom, except it won't go away now….

He shifting around in his seat restless, trying to reduce the amount of friction on his heated skin.


I need her…

Mmm…I can smell her from here….

Maybe I could sneak back in and….


Natsu gripped the arm restless tightly, blood draining from his knuckles as he tried to restrain himself from darting back down the hall.

"What the hell's wrong with me?"

The door beeped and cracked open before slamming loudly, announcing the presence of the agitated slayer who stormed into his inn room, snarling and growling angrily as he met with many inquisitive eyes.

"And so the prodigal son returns…" Gajeel laughed, searching through the mini bar for some snacks.

"Who…?" Natsu snapped, crawling into bed and throwing the covers over his head.

"Smells like you had some fun…" The iron dragon slayer snickered.

"Natshuu?" Happy rubbed his eyes drowsily, looking around the room for his partner.

"I'm here…" The slayer stuck a hand out from beneath the covers, waving lazily to his feline companion who dragged his paws across the floor sluggishly and disappeared under the blanket with Natsu.

"I can see your boner from here, flame brain. Did Lucy leave you high and dry?" Gray teased, lying in bed shirtless with his arms behind his head.

"Unlike you, I didn't have to make one…" Natsu retorted and the entire room burst into a fit of laughter.

"Fuck you all, at least I ain't tenting."

"How could you be, after being sodomized by Juvia twice in one day…?" The slayer snickered and Gajeel choked on a piece of the refrigerator door he was munching away on.

"The fuck are you laughing at, Father Gajeel? Your girl has the body of a 9 year old boy!" Gray yelled, easily provoking the iron dragon slayer to leap across the room and tackle him to the floor, quickly followed by Natsu, who jumped up in a second later, swinging at both men as the three rolled around in a ball of fists, iron, ice and fire.

"So men in this world like women who resemble young boys? Hmm…Hmm…" Panther Lily crossed his paws, watching the fight with intense concentration.

"I didn't hear anything…" Happy tunnelled deeper under the blanket, finding it more amusing to let Lily believe his misconception than to correct him.

"Romeo, throw some fire this way!" The slayer shouted when the three broke apart, panting and sweaty but never looking away from his opponents.

"Don't eat by yourself, you cheat!" Gajeel snorted, biting a chuck out of a toppled bar stool.

"Gajeel-nii…I think you should stop eating the the furniture…" Romeo mumbled to himself, sweat dropping down the side of his face.

"If that's the case…." Gray stripped off his boxers, getting comfortable for the next round.

The two slayers groaned.

"Don't make it gay, Gray." Natsu shook his head disapprovingly and the raven haired slayer sighed, dropping the half eaten stool on the tiled floor and going back to rummaging through the fridge.

"So noisy…." Jellal yawned, sitting up on his futon and scratching his head sleepily.

"Yo, forgot you whe-Pfffft!" Natsu face contorted, tears brimming in his eyes as he poked a finger in the blue haired man's direction, nudging an equally amused Gray in the side with his elbow.

"Oi, what are you two idiots laughing…. Gajeel walked over.






"What?" Jellal glowered, getting up and walking into the bathroom.

"Wait for it…" Natsu snickered.

"ErrZZZAAAHH!" The older mage shrieked in horror and the four men in the room cracked up even louder.

"There's a….There's a…" He stammered, eyeing his reflection with disbelief.

"In my nose…." He approached the bloody tube of cotton sticking out of his right nostril with his fingers hesitantly.

"Dude had a tampon shoved up his nose…..and he didn't even know!" Natsu wheezed from the bedroom.

"Happy, you gotta see this."

"HOW THE HELL DO I GET THIS OUT?" Jellal shouted.

"Maybe you should*Hic* pull on the string*hic*." Gray suggested, howling with laughter and holding his sides.

"Don't take your own sweet time, princess. We promised not to laugh….much…" Gray urged him on, limping back in terror when the blue haired mage shot him a sinister glare.

"Demon…" He whispered, shielding himself behind Natsu.

"Yeah, what 'she do to you in the bathroom?" Natsu chipped in curiously, unfazed by the frightening aura surrounding the man.

"You saw me?" Jellal was mortified, sinking deeper into the couch as his cheeked glowed red with embarrassment.

"Dude, everybody saw you playing ninja behind that dead ass plant in the hallway."

"Me, Lucy, that old perverted janitor fapping behind the trash can….even that one granny with the bug eyes…*Shiver* scary old bastard. "

"There's a pervert on the loose?" Gray raised a brow.

"Yeah, you probably should go out like that, that granny could eye rape you from a mile away."

"Granny? I was talking about the-oh fuck! Who stole my pants?" He cursed, finding himself naked once again.

"Well, ain't you gonna tell us how you ended up with a tampon up your nose? Or should we just roll with the idea of you having a fetish for super jumbo absorbent-" Gajeel grunted, dropping down on the couch next to Jellal.

"Alright…" The humiliated mage halted his foul speech, taking a deep breath before he started.

"We were making out. Her robe fell open. Actually I think she may have done that but anyway I panicked, grabbed her boo-I mean-breasts...Kami those things are so soft- I…err…fuck…I mean, I touched her inappropriately when I tried to cover her up. I swear it was an accident but even though it was unintentional I had a nose bleed and this old lady with these telescopic eyes walked in on us and beat me half to death with her purse while she called me a lecher. I was relieved when she left but sadly…I was wrong…she hadn't gone very far…just to the hall to rally more perve slayers and their handbags of death. Think I got hit with a shoe too…" He rushed through his story, avoiding eye contact with any of the other men while he rubbed a sore spot at the back of his head unconsciously.

"I don't seem to remember what happen after that. Erza must have stopped the bleeding and carried me back here." He sighed, emotionally exhausted, looking up at the men who had remained dead silent during his explanation. Finally they shuddered, faces scrunching and little squeaks leaving their lips before the room erupted with roars of laughter.

"And I thought I had it rough rising vomit outta my hair last night…." Gajeel wiped a stray tear from the corner of his eye and slapped his bare knee.

"Actually…..I think being soaked in 'bile and chunks from hell' is a whole lot worse than getting your ass kicked by grannies." He paused, taking on a serious expression before he burst out laughing again.

"Didn't think you cared 'bout your hair, man." Gray nodded repeatedly, approving of his friend's hygiene habits.

"How do you think I keep this mane so silky soft?" The raven haired slayer brushed his fingers through his thick, black hair and the ice mage shrugged sceptically, inching away from the larger man.

"Head and shoulders bitch!"

"Okay…." Gray looked away awkwardly, frowning when he spotted Jellal slithering off quietly towards his bed in the corner of the room.

"Well that's still better than a girl trying to butt fuck you with a bottle of sake!" He debated and turned to Natsu who had suddenly gone silent, gesturing him to plead his case.

"Oh yeah, well at least you didn't spend like an hour selflessly servicing your girlfriend so you could get it, only to not get it in at all because you were attacked by an amazon woman who threatened to chop your of your wee-wee."

"YOUR WHAT?" Gajeel exclaimed.

"I said my dick motherfucker, go clean your ears! Only you'd hear something freaky like that, Pedo!" Natsu defended.

"*Growl* I was right there, right fucking there! And then Ezra *Growl* and that Lucy, the traitor! Playing possum and letting that beast beat the shit outta me, all cause' Erza thought I was molesting Lucy in her sleep…."

"What do I look like? A necrophilia maniac with a pantsu fetish…"

"Well…..you do have a drawer full of Lucy's panties…" Gray chipped in.

"Fuck that, he just said necrophilia!" Gajeel yelled, astonished.

"What's necrophilia?" The iron dragon slayer asked the ice mage who in turn face palmed repeatedly.

"Lucy I forgive you…Mainly because I still wanna bang you. Kami, why must you torture me? I blue balls and I headache from Satan…." The slayer sobbed, mumbling mostly to himself and bagging his forehead against the wall.

"And the award for the most traumatized goes to…Scoutmaster Dragneel and his tiny tent." Gray announced, tapping his friend on the shoulder comfortingly."

"I ain't even mad, man…" Natsu wailed, grasping his hand.

"Shit…My head hurts…My skull feels like its splitting in two…" He winced, pulling away from the wall and cradling his head in hands.

"Didn't happen to touch that mating mark did 'yah?" Gajeel inquired worriedly.

"You saw Lucy's mark?" Natsu sniffled with an eye still tightly shut to ward off the pain.

"Stop asking idiotic questions like Dumb-Dumb over there and answer me." Gajeel motion to the blue haired mage drawing circles on the wall in the far corner.

"Yeah I touched it, I put it there, don't see the problem…." Natsu snapped half-heartedly, curious as to what the other slayer knew that he didn't but unwilling to ask bluntly.

"Your head feels like it's about to crack open and your dick wants to pole vault you down the hall to where your girls at, right?" Gajeel queried and the salmon haired slayer shook his head in agreement.

"Did bunny girl tell you about the true mating?"

"We've already mated."

"True mating you idiot!" The iron dragon slayer barked, patience wearing thin, but his expression softened when he saw the lost, pained look on Natsu's face.

'Geez, you're hopeless on your own…" Gajeel sighed.


Natsu gapped, making incoherent noises and nodding now and then while he tilted his head from side to side as the raven haired slayer recited the knowledge his dragon had passed down to him, both sitting on the floor with a small table between them.

"Even though Lucy would make a good mother, I can't picture this idiot with a kid." Gray cut in, taking a generous sip from a bottle of water he'd pluck from the dismantled mini bar.

"Yeah, he'd probably kill it, with fire!" Gajeel laughed.

"Shut it…" The fire dragon slayer growled.

"Lucy would kill me if I knocked her up."

"Easy there Salamander, no need to get your panties in a bunch. We aren't eternally human after all, what you're feeling right now, is normal. " The taller slayer reassured him.

''Here…" Gray tossed a chocolate bar to each of the men, slamming the door closed and walking over to the couch.

"Even though you're a block head, your dragon must have told you about the four instincts of the mated slayer." Natsu nodded.

"Until your claim is permanent, everything's amplified especially your instinct to protect and conceive." He explained while he fiddled with the plastic wrapper and tore it apart haphazardly.

"Hmm…" Natsu hummed in reply, mentally comparing the iron dragon slayer's explanation with his own irrational behaviour.

"So it's best that you keep away from that mark until we get home." Gajeel pointed out, taking a large bite of the soft centred confection.

"Fuck I hate marshmallows…" The raven hair slayer sulked, staring at the gooey, pink filling sandwich inside the chocolate bar and chewing slowing, deciding whether or not to swallow.

"Oi, popsicle! Trade with me…"

"No way in hell…Yours is already half eaten and covered in drool." Gray tormented, biting into his candy bar ever so slowly with a little dance and a pleasured groan and making the slayer pout and chanted a little pray in hopes that he'd chock or drop his treat on the floor.

"It's hard…It tastes good…" Natsu mumbled quietly, but not quietly enough to escape the ears of the other slayer in the room.

"Listen, it's only gonna get worse each time you initiate the ritual and stop half way through." Gajeel explained, staring at the chocolate bar in his hands sadly.

"I can't resist her…the pulls to strong…" The pinked haired mage grumbled, drawing the slayers attention back to him.

"You'll end up hurting her and yourself or anyone else that gets too close to Bunny..."

"I'd never hurt Lucy!" Natsu declared possessively, angered by the other slayers dig at his lack of ability to protect his mate.

"Man, I'm hungry…" Gray groaned, salvaging the little specks of chocolate from the inside of the wrapper with his tongue.

"Greedy bastard…Don't be looking this way…" Natsu blurted instantaneously, snatching his share of rashers away from the table.

"You say now because you think you can handle it but the real pains like nothing you've ever felt before." Gajeel continued, secretly plotting a way to separate him from his chocolate bar.

"Blood lust, ripping flesh, crimpling pain…not to mention being so horny that you'd consider chopping your dick off….Or humping a tree…Or a goat…"

"WHAT?" The salmon haired mage jumped up, horrified and disgusted by what he had just heard.

"Got it!" Gray dove onto the carpet, snatching the treat up and tossing half to Gajeel with surprising no resistance from the other slayer.

"Geez…What kind of an idiot goes on a trip after claiming their mate? A normal slayer would have been banging his woman in a cave somewhere for like a whole week…" Gajeel jabbed with through a mouthful but the other slayer only stared at the ground with a soulless expression.

"One more thing…." He remembered.

"Would you stop sulking and calm your dick…?" He snapped his fingers, trying to win back Natsu's interest.

"It's a true mating, its works both ways. Bunny girl has to…dominate your dragon…"

"What? Are you crazy? I can't be submissive when I get like that." Natsu yelled.

"It's what I've heard, something to do with acknowledging her as an equal or some shit like that…" Gajeel trailed off, gulping down the last bite.

"I've had it would this depressing shit! Adding sex and Natsu to the same sentence makes me sick! What we need right now are drinks." Gray suggested, picking up a sheet of paper he'd found on the small kitchen counter earlier and scanning over it quickly.

"It's 7 in the morning…" Romeo mumbled, rolling over in bed.

"I'm depressed because he put disturbing images of ME FUCKIN' A GOAT IN MY HEAD!"

"Really…? Is that all you paid attention to the whole time I was speaking?" Gajeel huffed.

"Oh yeah, let's shout and let the neighbours know we're goat fuckers…" The ice mage said sarcastically.

"It probably sounded like we were fuckin' em in the head…" Gajeel corrected.

"Ewww...you mean….you can do that?" Gray was stunned.

"The fuck should I know!" Gajeel screamed.

"No wonder why she didn't tell me...She must think I'm a freak….A goat molester!" Natsu sulked, hanging his head in shame while the other two went on with their peculiar conversation.

"Relax I made the goat thing up."

"Lucy probably didn't wanna ruin your vacation." Gajeel slapped him on the back.

"Yeah, Happy and I were really amped about the beach…"

"Since you're so excited about this vacation, take a look at Erza's day plan…." Gray place the page he had found onto the coffee table.

"Well, fuck that! I ain't holding no purse while they prance around town, shopping and plucking their moustaches!" He added.

"Yeah I say we do our own thing." The raven haired slayer agreed.

"Actually I wanted to spend some time with Lu-"

"Don't be a bitch! She hung you out to dry a good half an hour ago….besides I've had enough of Juvia's crap for one weekend!" Gray spat.

"I second that!" Gajeel nodded.

"Whaddaya say Jellal?" Natsu grinned, turning to the mage man sitting in the corner with a hand over his right eye, chuckling darkly, face concealed by his inky bangs and his body half consumed by the shadows

"Freedom is not a thing that exists in this world...not when these banshees are around…we must break free and go forth…into paradise!" He grinned far too wide for his handsome face, disturbing the other men with his eeriness.

"Holy shit, we broke Jellal didn't we?" Gray shrunk away from the group, unsettled by the dark aura surrounding around the older man.

"Nah, I think he means bar…" Gajeel shrugged.


"Lu-chan, that looks so good on you!" Levy gushed, clapping her hands excitedly as she watched her friend strutted out of the dressing room and twirl theatrically, showing off the gorgeous dress she had on.

"Hmm, I don't know…I kind of liked the other dress better…" The stellar mage pouted, knotting her brows and deeply scrutinizing her choice as she gazed into the large mirror intensely.

Her brown eyes assessed the figure hugging dress, clinging to her curves like a second skin and ending at her mid-thigh, showing of her long legs. The front was simple and conservative, high necked with long sleeves fitted sleeves, a perfect contrasted to the deep plunge at the back with a few delicate gold chains running between the two ends, draping across her skin elegantly and accentuating her bare back.

The dress simply left little to the imagination.

Lucy smiled finally, taken by rich purple colour of the fabric and thrilled by how sultry she looked in the mirror.

"It's perfect for your date tonight, plus you won't need any magic cover up…"

"Heh, you might not even make out. Natsu will probably bend you over the minute he sees you..." Levy winked mischievously.

"People are listening!" The blonde shushed her friend, shying away under the cover of her bangs when she noticed a few ladies giggling after overhearing their conversation.

"It's a sexy dress meant for sexy things." Levy defended cheekily.

"Then you put it on and go see Gajeel…" Lucy jabbed, smirking at the tiny mage's bashful reaction to the slayers name.

"Geez….How am I supposed to ask him out to dinner after what happen this morning? It's embarrassing…" Lucy sulked, dragging her feet as she walked back into the change room and shimmed into the next dress.

"Lu-chan, how could you faint right in the middle of it? Was it that good?" The script mage teased, recovered from her moment of coyness.

"Screw you! I thought I was about to die!" The blondes head popped out from between the pink curtains.

"From pleasure…" The bluenette giggled.

"No, from Er…" The stellar mage flinched when the curtain next to hers reeled open.

"Lucy…" The redhead said sternly, halting in front of her cubicle and the blonde squeak like a terrified mouse.

"Ehm…I….I'm…." She stammered, looking away nervously.

"Are you alright?" Lucy reached through the curtain, grabbing her arm comfortingly.

"I'm sorry about earlier, I misunderstood." Erza blushed, bowing apologetically.

"If I had known that you two were…I wouldn't have…" She mumbled, playing with her fingers shyly.


"It's okay, really. I thought you were the one angry with me…"The blonde sighed, smiling at her romantically stumped friend.

"It's actually our…no it's my fault, I'm the one who forced Natsu to stay last night."

"I'm a clingy drunk…" She admitted.

"So you're not angry?" The armoured mage clarified.

"Nah, I kind of like the idea of having an overprotective sister…" The stellar mage grinned, reassuringly.

"Then come, let me embrace you against my bust…" The red head outstretched her arms, motioning the blonde to come forward.

"Er…I'm good-"

"Come!" She ordered.

"Y-yes…" The blonde stammered, dropping the pink curtain hesitantly and stepping out

"Lucy…You…" Erza's blushed, gawking at the suggestive bruises exposed by the halter dress Lucy had changed into.

"Virgo, where are you when I need a hole…to crawl into…and die…." Lucy mumbled to herself, covering her chest with her arms.

"Yup…That good..." Levy chuckled.

"Lucy-san, I could heal those for you if you want…" Wendy offered politely, stepping out from behind one of the tall clothing racks.


"Are you sure this is okay? You could be trying on some pretty dresses instead of…..this…." Lucy plopped down on the couch next to Levy, sweeping her golden hair out of the way and allowing Wendy to heal her bruises.

"It's okay. Nothing in here fits me anyway…" The girl looked down at her flat chest and sighed heavily, raising her hands to the blonde's neck.




"Err…Lucy-san…." Wendy blushed, the glow from her hands fading as they fell onto her lap.

"Is there something wrong Wendy? You know you don't have to heal me if it's making you uncomfortable?"

"I can heal you, it's just that….Natsu-san...He…Err…infused the hickies with some magic so they'd take longer to heal. I thought you'd want to know before I-"

"HE DID WHAT?" The blonde shrieked and levy buckled over, holding onto her stomach and roaring with laughter.




After rummaging through every rack and shelf of every bouquet they could find, the girls were dragged into a small cake shop they had passed by earlier, by Erza, who had transformed into a starry eyed kid, pressing her face up against the polished glass that shielded all the tasty, baked treats from the wrath of her cake rage.

"Strawberry cake, please." She smiled, wriggling from side to side excitedly.

"Which slice would you like, Miss?" The old man behind the counter asked as he slide the glass screen open.

"All of them!" The redhead commanded, never diminishing her bright smile.

"I think Erza gave the poor man a heart attack." Lucy laughed softly, watching the man fill a white box with every little cake the redhead had pointed to, hurriedly.

"This one should do." Levy took a seat at a table she had picked out and Wendy and Carla sat down beside her. Lucy made her way to the other side, sliding in next to an exhausted Meredy who'd spent the entire day with Juvia, trying to hound down Gray.

"Whoa, Juvia was right!" Meredy beamed suddenly, hovering close to Lucy and ogling her neck with a twinkle in her eye.

"Is this proof that Lucy-san isn't Juvia's love rival anymore?" The water mage slammed a chair next to Lucy, intimidating the blonde with her intense glare.

"I feel like an animal on display at the zoo…" The blonde exhaled.

"Gomen ne, I couldn't help but stare. This is the first time I've seen a real mating mark. It's so beautiful." The pinkette smiled warmly, brushing Lucy's hair away from her neck.

"You've seen this mark before?" Lucy asked, surprised by the other girl familiarity with dragon slayers rituals.

"As a child I spent endless hours in Master Hades private archives reading books on ancient sensory link magic. There was this one that intrigued me most, a story I'd never tire off about a dragon's bond with his mate." She explained, capturing not only Lucy interest with her tale but also the others who were seated with them.

"This mark isn't just a branding to ward off other slayers. It's a manifestation of the link between the two of you….love given form….a shape. It's an unmatched beauty indeed…" She wanted to touch the glossy scales but she resisted, reluctant to challenge Natsu's claim.

"Your mate has given you a piece of him, romantic isn't it?" Her emerald eyes sparkled and Lucy blushed, nodding with a sweet smile.

"It's said that these scales allow both lovers to feel the emotions of the other."

"But…." She frowned as she studied the markings closer.

"Hmm…?" Lucy prompted, intrigued by her bewitching story.

"Your mark doesn't seem to be complete….I could be wrong…."

"You're not. We haven't had a chance to…you know, after the scales appeared." The blonde admitted.

"You haven't completed the ritual?" She gasped.

"But your mark could-"

"Lucy, come over and order something, my treat." Erza offered….forcefully, leaning over the counter on ogling the little pastries on display.

"You mean all that stuff in the box is just for you." The stellar mage mumbled, pushing back her chair and walking towards the front of the shop obediently.

"Lu-chan doesn't know about that part yet." Levy whispered, scooting her chair closer to the pinkette.

"But…." The Meredy stared after the blonde mage worried.

"I wanted to tell her but she's been on so many missions lately and….she been writing to her mother more often. It must be getting closer to that time…" She smiled sympathetically, having realized that the anniversary of Lucy's mother's dead was approaching.

"Natsu's probably anxious too… He usually goes off on special missions to find his dad during this part of the year…"

"They deserve to have some fun…" Levy giggled, watching her best friend bicker with the shopkeeper as she tried to persuade him into handing out discounts to cute girls.

"Doesn't that seem a bit unfair?" Meredy interjected.

"There's nothing to worry about. Natsu loves Lucy and Lucy loves Natsu. They've been in love for a long time. Everything will be fine, I'm sure of it." The script mage reassured her, patting her hand comfortingly.

"Ne, Meredy?" Levy leaned in with a serious expression.


"Where were you last night?" The script mage grinned mischievously.


"Finally back!" Lucy cheered as the girls entered their suite, dropping her bags on the floor and flopping onto her bed.

"Tired…" She purred exhaustedly, rolling on her stomach and drifting off.

"Lu-chan, did you forget? You have a date tonight." Levy reminded and the blonde groaned into the pillow.

"I'm nervous…" The blonde whined, burrowing deeper into the softness of the cushion.

"He's been sleeping in your bed and taking baths at your place since you joined the guild, what's there to be shy about?" The scripted mage reminded again, smiling at her love struck friend on the bed beside hers.

"We've never…been on a date before…" She pouted, turning her head and watching her friends chatting happily and picking at leftovers from a few boxes on the kitchen counter.

"Sure you have, plenty of times actually…You guys do everything together." Levy frowned.

"But it's different…" The stellar mage sighed.

"Honestly, Lucy-chan…"

"Who says anything has to change, his still your best friend right?" The tiny bluenette arched a sculpted brow.

"Hmm…" The blonde mage hummed approvingly, breaking into a grin when she realized how true Levy's words were.

"You know, the dating prep talk usually comes before the sex talk…? I think you have more jitters about your table manners than you did about getting naked." Levy giggled.

"I'm being silly, right?"

"Nah, life never goes the way you plan but it's more fun that way, I guess…"

"What girl would want a dashing prince when she could have a sexy, badass dragon...with pink hair and a biting fetish?" The scripted mage teased.

"Hey, paws off. He's mine!" Lucy threatened playfully.

"Relax, irons more my taste." Levy winked.

"Yeah, we know….Levy likes 'em hard."

"Lu-chan!" Levy squealed and the blonde laughed heartily.

"Sweet, sweet revenge…." She rubbed her palms together wickedly, picking herself up and marching out the door and down the hall towards the boy's room.

"Yosh! I can do this…" She clenched a shakily fist, chanting 'fighting' over and over until she reached the door she'd be looking for."

"3102…" She mumbled, pressing a small black button at the side of the door and greeting the young boy who had answered shortly after.

"Lucy-nee…What're you doing here this late?" Romeo asked nervously.

"Is Natsu here?" Lucy asked, looking passed his shoulder into the empty room.

"Well you see…" He scratched his head anxiously.

"I'm listening…" The blonde knitted her brows, breezing passed the young fire mage and entering the empty room.

"Luuusheeey!" Happy cried, flying into her arms.

"I've been bored all day…" The feline sniffled, teary eyed, burying his face in her bust.

"Natsu wasn't with you…?" She inquired and the cat shook his head.

"He came back for a bit but then he left again…" Happy sniffled.

"Gajeel too…" Panther Lily added, biting into a kiwi he'd found in the complementary fruit basket.

"Natsu-nii and the others went o-out for a bit…" Romeo stuttered.

"Out…? What could they possibly be doing at this part of the night?" Lucy frowned, crossing her arms angrily.

"Well you see-" He jumped, startled by the doors slammed open thunderously.

"Speak!" Erza ordered furiously, scaring both Romeo and Lucy who huddled together in fear.

"Yes, master!"


"Is this a gay bar o' something?" Natsu groaned and brushed back his bangs, staring sceptically at the large, neon letters glowing above the entrance of the so called bar they'd ventured out to.

"I say it's a tittie bar!" Gajeel commented.

"Cause if Gray grabs my balls under the table…." The slayer mumbled.


"Don't make it gay, Gray." Natsu sighed.

"Big ol' titties…" The raven haired slayer snickered.

"Man, did I really have to wear this shit….These pants have holes in them…" Natsu whined, tugging at his ripped jeans.

"I don't think sandals and shorts would cut it here." Gray said flatly.

"Says the guy who's shirtless…"

"WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" Gray panicked and searched the dark street frantically for the black shirt he'd disgarded a few feet away.

"Hate wearing boots…" The slayer sulked, kicking a pebble as they crossed the street.

"En-chan-ted-o Ma-do-shi?" Natsu sounded it out.

"You're right, its sound a bit….flamboyant…" Gray scowled.

"But who cares, as long as the alcohols flowing…." He grinned a moment later.

"Hn…That name sounds familiar, think I read about it somewhere…in a magazine or something…." The raven haired slayer pondered.


"Fuck you, Salamander!"

"I think I heard the guys back at the guild talking about this place. It sprung up a few years ago, while we were….out of commission." The ice mage informed.

"The enchanted magician…" Jellal corrected.

"Who…?" Natsu frowned, looking around for the magician.

"Fiore's number one…"

"Mage only club…." The bluenette smiled mischievously.

To be continued….


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