I know I said I wouldn't pull a dick move and upload an author's note instead of a chapter but I've been neglectful to my story and it really does suck ass with the force of a thousand suns when you're into a story and the author ups and disappears. My explanation is simply that I've been very, very busy. It's my third year and the workload's been piling on. I have 3 frickin' psychology mid-terms over the next two days! *breathes* As for the not so simple part of my explanation…divorced parent drama + my very confused heart, not really a good state to write in.

I feel a lot better now. My desire to write's back so hopefully I'll be able to post something soon. *Fingers crossed* The next chapter's a big one, 6000+ words and I'm only half way done. I don't seem to be receiving any email notifications of PM's, reviews or even updates so if I haven't replied, I'm really sorry. It wasn't intentional. I'll get that sorted out real soon. Take care! :)