"N-natsu, what are…?"

"Stay Luuuuce….I'll keep you warm." He whispered sleepily, as he pulled Lucy into his side and wrapped his arm around her lower back.

His so warm….

His body feels so….good….against mine.

Almost….too good….


I must be dreaming again….

But it will be over soon….

Until then…..

I'll enjoy every moment, whilst it lasts….

The touch of his hands….

The heat radiating off him…


Lucy sighed contently and snuggled closer to the source of heat within the icy room. Her head lay comfortably against his chest and her fingers sprawled out over the warmth of his stomach.

The rhythmic pulse beneath his chest sounded so soothing, like a lullaby luring the blonde beauty into the realm of slumber. Finally her eyes lids fell, heavy with sleep.

A smile played on her soft lips as she took in his scent. He smelt of a warm crackling wood fire, smoky.

Delicious…. She thought while breathing in more of the dragon slayers intoxicating scent. His scent always lingered on her clothes, her apartment and even her bed.

Natsu had snuck into her bed on many nights, but he had never held her like this before. So close, so intimately.

Natsu's hand had found its way under the material of her top, his mischievous fingers traced patterns along the smooth skin of her lower back.

His hand clamped firmly onto Lucy's naked hip before running over its fullness and down along the deep curve of her waist, only to return to her hip once again. His palm and fingers knead into her supple flesh as he continued his massage, heating up her body in more ways than one.

Lucy reveled in the sensation of his caresses, absentmindedly pressing her body closer to his. Her front rubbed sensually against his side.

She could hear his heat beating rapidly against her ear.

Natsu…you feel sooo good.

"Stilled cold?" The sexy voice broke her out of her trance like state.

Before Lucy could answer Natsu's free hand wrapped behind one of her voluptuous thighs, pulling her leg over his lower half. His hand remained firmly gripped to her thigh, while his other arm tighten around her delicate waist, pulling your against him. Her thinly clad breasts crushed against his side.

Lucy surprisingly made no protests.


I like this dream…..

Natsu would never do something like this…

Lucy raised her head off his chest and buried her face into the crook of his neck. A low hiss escape through his teeth as his hands became bolder. His caresses took on a longer path, along her hips, her waist, and then her side, his thumb brushed just below her large breast.

Her breathing became erratic, lust and anticipation surged through her body. The hand at his stomach now placed at the side of his neck, her thumb just above his jaw line rubbing affectionately over his check.

Oh Kami…..Please

Touch them….

Touch them like you always do….

I need it…

I need you….

Natsu's strokes became longer. His thumb finally brushed along the swell of her breast and over her nipple at a torturously slow pace.

"Naaaaaaaaa…aaaah." Lucy moaned against his neck.

He repeated the ministration a few more times, earning the same delicious reaction from her. His other hand made its way up her heavenly body, to cup over her full breast within his palm. His fingers squeezed onto the soft mound, electing another erotic cry against his neck.

Natsu groaned, both at her cries of pleasure and the feeling of her breast in his hand. He squeezed on last time before rubbing over it and then trapping a rosy nipple within his fingers. He trolled her nipple between his fingers and then tugged on it roughly.

"Naaaa…Natsuuu." Lucy moaned as she rubbed her covered core, seductively against his hip.

Natsu growled.

Mmmmm that sound again…..

It makes me so wet….

Natsu pushed against Lucy's shoulder, rolling her onto her back. His hands pressed down into the mattress on either side of her head. His leg lay between her spread ones and his face buried in her slender neck.

Natsu breathe deeply as is if inhaling an addictive drug before he placed a chaste kiss against the creamy skin of her neck.

He raised on his elbows his dark eyes visible in the moon light, gazed seductively into her large brown ones.

He licked his lips.

"Lucy…." He whispered to the woman lying beneath him. His lips making their decent towards hers.

So close….

I can feel his breath on my lips….

"Yummy! Yummy! Purple fish!"

Lucy's eyes widened, in surprise and realization.

Not a dream.

"Natsu you meanie! Don't eat my fish!"


Natsu groaned in frustration, his head dropped onto the softness of the pillow, next to hers. After a few moments he placed a kiss on Lucy's fore head before muttering what she believed was a "Gomen" accompanied by a cuss word or two before rolling over onto his own pillow.

The forgotten Happy lay once again above his head.




Just when I was about to show Lucy my flames of the horny dragon!

"Natsu you fat Bastard."

Lucy's laughed echoed through the room, finally breaking her long silence.

So she's not upset after all. He sighed quietly in relief.

"Oi happy, where did you learn that?"

"His a Fairy Tail mage after all. Where do you think he picked that up from?"

"We should get some sleep." Lucy spoke before Natsu could reply.



Lucy turned over onto her side away from him. A deep red blushed visible on her cheeks.

Soon she began to shiver again regretting her decision to move away from the warmth that is Natsu Dragneel, unaware of the holes that his concerned stare bore into the back of her skull.

She stiffened slightly at the sudden feel of Natsu's arm around her waist, pulling her against his hard frame.

"You're cold."


These were the lasts words spoken that night. Lucy relaxed into his warm embrace and they both drifted off to sleep, with dreamy, content smiles on their faces.


"It's a festival! I'm going to eat EVERYTHING!" Natsu yelled excitedly before running off to wipe out every morsel he laid his eyes on.

"Aye sir!" Happy cheered before fly off behind his pink haired partner.

"But you already ate so much!" Lucy cried in exhaustion.


Lucy sat on a stone bench in front of the huge fountain that was located in the middle of the little town. She stroked the soft pink locks of her gravely ill partner, who lay motionless in her lap, groaning in pain.

"Baka! Did you expect to have fun on that ride? You have motion sickness!"

"But it looked like fun Luce, I wanted to go on it with you." Natsu groaned, pressing his face closer to her stomach.

"Figures…." Lucy smiled down at him stroking the side of the face with the tips of her fingers.

"Since you've always wanted kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel." He cracked an eye open.

"Eh?" Lucy's cheeks flushed pink.

"I never said that!" She puffed her cheeks and turned away from him, staring of at nothing in particular.

"Not to me. I heard you and Levy talking about how romantic you found a book that she learnt you.

Natsu's rose off Lucy's lap. His hand gripped on to the back on the bench behind her supporting his weight, while the other held on delicately to her chin. Turning her face to his.

"How about a kiss on a bench…..in front of a fountain, does that sound romantic enough for you…Luce?" His mouth moved closer to hers.

Finally I get to taste those luscious lips. He thought.

"NAAAAATSUUUU! TASUKETE!" Happy screamed and flew into Natsu's arms.

The trio's attention now focused on a rather disturbing noise that was all too familiar.

They stared of into the direction of the noise, Lucy's face immediately paling and her eyes black out at the sight of three large, latex clad rears pointed up in the air, wiggling around. Whilst emitting repulsive noises.

Those farting idiots!

"Tell us where our mistress is, or face the wrath of…The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang."

My kiss…..By these….."Assholes! I'll kick the shit out off all of yah!" Natsu screamed hysterically before he kicked lackey #1 in the face sending him off flaying into the sunset.

"Lackey #2 ATTACK!" cried the gang's boss.

Lackey number 2 jumped up into the air before landing in front of an unsuspecting Lucy and pressed his butt onto her face.

"Eh?" Came the blonde mage's stunted response.



"Happy, she's been crying in there for an hour now." Natsu sat on Lucy's bed with his arms crossed waiting impatiently for her to come out of the bathroom.

Lucy had passed out for three hours after the horrific attack. She had slept through the entire train ride back home, while Natsu rolled around on the seat across from her, stricken blue with motion sickness.

"Aye Natsu, but you've never smelt one of those attacks before." Horror took over Happy's face as he recalled the experience he had had with them before.

"Carla says that she's emotionally scarred after the last attack."

"Maybe that's why she won't eat my fish." Happy sulked.

"Don't give up Happy, she'll accept them some day." Natsu smiled reassuringly at his blue partner.

"Aye! I'll go see her now." Happy said. His white fluffy wings appeared and he flew out Lucy's window.


Finally that God awful smell is gone. I had to use a whole bottle of shampoo to get that rancid smell out of my hair. Lucy thought while she sniffed at a lock of her gold hair.

Natsu was going to kiss me before.

Now how do I act when I go out there?

Crap! Curse his dragon slayer enhanced senses.

What if I still smelt like ass but it's just me who can't smell it.



"I'll be out in a minute."

Lucy checked herself one last time in the mirror before opening the bathroom door.


"Natsu." Lucy called to her best friend, lying down on her bed.

He cracked and eye open, taking her in before sitting up on the bed.

"You took forever." His voice laced with sleep.

"Sorry." She sat down beside him.

"It took forever too…well I felt disgusting after….that!" Lucy rattled on trying to find the right words to describe the experience.

"Don't worry. I went ape shit when I saw you get knocked out. I kicked all of their asses"

"You saw?"

"Yeah….You've got to admit, it was kind of funny though." Natsu began to laugh teasing at the blonde.

"Naaatsu." Lucy whined and pouted her lower lip.

Kami…..I wanna taste those….

And bite them….

Yeah…..bite them and shit….

"I'm sorry, I was just teasing." Natsu pulled her into his arms, and place a kiss on her head, only to sneeze seconds later

"Ahhh! That smell."

Crap my hair smells like ass…..

Someone burn me alive now!

"Too much shampoo Luce. Did you use the entire bottle?"

Yokatta. She sighed in relief.

"I like your scent better…..Luce." Natsu nuzzled his head into her neck breathing in deeply.

"Your taste." He began to kiss the curve of her neck. First with soft warm kisses that quickly turned into a licked of his tongue. The pink tip running along the small distance causing Lucy to shudder.

"Your moans." Natsu sucked hard on her pulse point drawing forth a moan from his lover.

"Mmmm….aaaah." an ache began to throb between Lucy's legs.

"But what I like most…." His face now before hers, his nose brushed against hers.

"Are those lips."

Natsu's lips captured hers, a soft pleasurable pressure against her own that turned into a wet open mouthed kiss. His tongued licked at her lips begging for entrance, wanting to indulge in her exotic taste. Her lips parted obediently at his request.

He slipped his tongue into her warm mouth, finding her tongue and dancing along sensually with hers. He groaned into her mouth pulling her more firmly against him.

Lucy gave a seductive moan of her own, finding the caresses intoxicatingly pleasurable.

His taste….Like cinnamon….

I want more…..

With that she sucked on his tongue, receiving an appreciative moan from Natsu.

To her disappointment, he pulled away from her, resting his forehead against hers. His brows knotted and his eyes tightly shut. Frustration painted on his face.

Why does he look so burdened?

"Gomen, Luce….I…..cant right now…." He sounded as if he was battling against himself.

"Gets some sleep. I'll see you in the morning."

"You're not staying over?" Came her immediate reply causing her to blush more darkly at her boldness.

"I want to…..but I can't promise to keep my hands to myself like I usually do."

"Goodnight Luce." He placed a chaste kiss on her ravished lips, sighing in defeat before jumping out her window.

"But I don't want you too…." Lucy said to an empty room.


To be continued…


Finally exams are over! I promise to update sooner guys. This chapter was a hell of a lot more smutter than I planned and a bit longer than usual. I guess my mind just runs of on a crazy adventure when I start to write. Hope you guys enjoyed it I know I did.