Okay, this is my first story for Fairy Tail. I've had this sitting on my computer for a while and it was just gathering dust, unfinshed. So I blew off the cobwebs and started working on it again. I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

"Fire dragon's roar!" Natsu let out a stream of flames that sent the bandits running for the hills. However the hills were not much better.

"Ice make cage." A large cage appeared trapping nine of the men inside. About six of the mages tried to escape but all found themselves distracted by the blue cat flying around their heads. Natsu landed on top of them with a burst of flame.

"Good work Happy." Natsu said.

"Aye." The cat gave a salute.

Some of the men tired to fight back. Erza quickly took care of them. She had the men begging for mercy at her feet in a matter of seconds (the ones who were still conscious that is). But there were still more. A new group emerged from the tree line. Natsu, Gray and Erza got ready to attack but as quickly the bandits had appeared they disappeared. A large hole had opened under their feet swallowing up them up. Lucy waved down from the top of the hole.

"Am I to be punished now Princess?" Virgo asked. Lucy sighed.

"No Virgo. You did a good job making the pit trap. You can return now." Lucy said. Virgo bowed and disappeared.

"Twenty four, twenty five, twenty six…I count twenty six men in all." Gray said.

"But aren't their supposed to be twenty seven?" Erza said.

"Yeah. The last one must be around here somewhere." Lucy said. A blue energy orb burst out of the tree line heading right for Lucy.

"Lucy, get down!" Natsu tried to push Lucy out of the way but ended up being hit with the blast as well. They were blasted backwards, hitting the ground hard, Natsu landing on top of Lucy.

Gray threw the ice hammer in his hand in the direction of the blast had come from. There was a high pitched wail. Gray and Erza found the last mage bandit knocked out under a tree.

"That makes it 27." Gray said.

"Natsu, Lucy, are you alright?" Erza called to the two.

They groaned in response. Natsu pushed himself up a little.

"Sorry, I couldn't get you out of the way in time." He said to Lucy.

"I wasn't your fault. But would you please get off me. You're kinda heavy." She said. He gave her a sheepish grin a stood up. He held out a hand of her but before she could grab it he fell on top of her again.

"Oww!, Natus! What was that for?" She pushed him off her. He slid to the ground next to her.

"I don't know what happen." He said. She huffed and stood up. Suddenly she fell (although it looked more like she was pushed) backwards, landing in a sitting position across Natus' lap.

"Oie, what's up with you two?" Gray asked. Lucy's face became the same colour as Natsu hair.

"I…I didn't…" She stuttered. She got up quickly again. She fell over again and landed on top of Natsu.

"Okay something weird is going on here." She said. "Neither of us can stand up."

"Here let us help you up." Erza said. She grabbed Lucy's hands and Gray helped Natsu up. They pulled them up together. They stood for a few seconds shoulder to shoulder and nothing happened.

"I guess that blast must have made us dizzy of a few seconds." Lucy said.

"Yeah, must have." Natsu said.

"Well, if you're okay now, let's get these guys tied up." Erza said.

"Right." Natsu said. He began walking towards the pit trap, when he seemed to stop in mid step. Then he skated backwards, looking like someone was pulling him from behind. He crashed into Lucy.

"What the hell?" Gray said.

"What just happened?" Lucy pushed Natsu off her and stood up only to fall over again.

"Something is not right here." Natsu said.

"No duh, flame head." Gray said.

"Shut up ice breath." Natsu leapt and Grey, but in mid-air he froze and flew back to where Lucy was.

"I think I know what's going here." Erza said. She walked over to Natsu and Lucy. She took Lucy's hand and pulled her away from Natsu. They got five steps away when Lucy was dragged back Natsu by an invisible force.

"I thought so." She said.

"What? What is it?" Lucy asked. She and Natsu shared a confused look. Erza didn't answer but walked over to the last mage Gray had knocked out. The one who had hit Natsu and Lucy with the blast. She slapped him wake.

"What spell did you use on them?" Erza asked.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about." He said. Erza lifted her hand and a purple seal appeared in the air. She pulled out a large sword. She held it to the mage's neck.

"Still don't know what I'm talking about." She said darkly.

"Okay! Okay! It was a personal area binding spell. Anyone caught in the blast are forced to stay in each other's personal space."

"What?" Lucy and Natsu yelled. Gray started laughing.

"Reverse it." Erza said.

"I don't know how."

"If you value your life you would reverse it. Now."

"I don't know! I swear!" The mage yelled.

"I said now." Erza said. The mage began crying. Erza sighed and the sword disappeared. If he was crying then he really didn't how to reverse it.

"How long does the spell last?" She asked.

"It depends. Three-four days, maybe more. It's a spell that will get stronger the more they try a get away from each other." He said. Erza knocked him out again. She turned to the others. Natsu and Lucy were now trying to run away from each other, but they didn't get very far before the spell took effect. Every time they crashed together Gray burst out laughing.

"Stop it. Both of you." She grabbed Lucy and Natsu by the collars. "Sit and don't move. We still have to finish the mission. Gray and I will round up these guys, you two…try not to get to far from each other."

"What? Why do I have to end up doing all the work?" Gray yelled.

"But Erza, we can't just stay like this." Lucy said.

"You want me to stay still!" Natsu said.

Erza's glare shut them all up.

"Once we finish up the mission we'll head back to the guild. I'm sure Master will know what to do."

They had handed over the bandits and collected their reward (thankfully the bandits were hiding out in the woods, so they didn't destroy anything much they had to pay for). It was a long trip back to Magnolia and the team was trying to decide what way they should take.

"Natsu, it will only take a few hours if we take the train." Gray said.

"No! I'm not going on that evil thing."

"You can't want to walk all the way back to the guild with that spell on you." Erza said.

"Anything is better than the train." He covered his mouth. "I'm getting sick just by thinking about it."

"Natsu, it's a two days walk to guild. If I'm forced to stay right next to you, then I want to at least be somewhere comfortable, like the guild. We are taking the train. Even if I have to call Loke on you." Lucy said waving the key threateningly.

"Go on and call him. I'm not scared of him."

"You should be Natsu." A voice said behind him. He turned around to see Loke a.k.a Leo standing behind him. "Lucy, my apologies for coming without your consent. I had the feeling you needed my help." He said with a bow to Lucy.

"We're trying to convince Natsu to take the train home." Lucy explained.

"Natsu, if my lady wants to take the train, you shall take the train. How about I just blast you onto it?" Loke said adjusting his ring.

"Wait, no Loke…" Lucy started to say. Loke used his Regulus Punch to send Natsu flying.

"Oh no." Was all Lucy had time to say before she left the gound flying after Natsu.

"Ammm…what just happen?" Loke asked.

"Lucy and Natsu had a spell cast on them." Erza said.

"Forces them to stay in each other's personal space." Gray finished.

"I see." Loke looked in the direction they had gone. "She's going to be mad with me isn't she?" He asked. Both Erza and Gray nodded. Happy answered with an 'Aye'.

"Well, I'll just return to the sprit realm. Give Lucy my love." He vanished in puff of smoke. A few minutes later Lucy and Natus came running in.

"Where is that jerk? I'm gonna punch him and see how he likes it." Natsu said his hand on fire.

"If anyone is going to punch Loke it will be me." Lucy said.

"He left." Gray said matter-of-factly.

"He gives you his love, Lucy." Happy said.

"Love? I'll show him love." She took out his key. Erza grabbed her wrist.

"We don't have the time. The train is about to leave." She said.

"No! No train." Natsu yelled. Erza sighed.

"I have no choice." She said and punched Natsu in the gut. He fell to the floor unconscious. Erza picked him and motioned for Lucy to stay next to her.

"Is it really scary that while Loke's punch sent Natsu flying, he came back unharmed yet Erza punched him and he's out cold?"Gray whispered into Lucy's ear. Lucy nodded. Ezra noticed the way they were looking at her.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing!" They replied in union and jumped back, but Lucy was only pulled forward again knocking Erza, Natsu and herself to the ground.



A little while later they were on the train, Natsu still out cold. He was lying on the train seat, his head on Lucy's lap. She was absently looking outside, one hand propped under chin the other in Natus' hair. Happy had gone a search for fish while Erza and Gray were on the seat facing Lucy.

"This is a fine mess we've gotten into." Lucy said suddenly.

"Eh, we've been in worst." Grey said.

"I'm sure someone in the guild will know what to do." Erza said.

"I hope so."

There was suddenly a loud crash that came from the next cart. A woman yelled out 'Fish!'.

"Fish?" Gray looked at Erza and Lucy.

"You don't think…" Lucy started

"I do think. Gray come on." Erza stood up and dragging Gray with her disappeared down the train corridor. Lucy sighed as she watched them leave. She turned her attention back to the window. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of the wind on her face. She felt Natsu shift and opened her eyes. He groaned and squirmed in her lap.

"Shhh…Natsu, go back to sleep." She whispered, not in the mood to deal with motion sick Natsu right now.

"Eh…Lucy. Where are we? I feel bad." He mumbled.

"It's alright. I'm right here. Don't open your eyes. We're almost to Fairy Tail." She said gently running her hand through his hair. He smiled and nodded off again. Lucy smiled down at him. He looked so peaceful right now. Just then Erza, Gray and Happy returned. Happy was carrying a fish in his hand looking positively ecstatic.

"Look Lucy! I got a fish." He said holding it up to her.

"I can see that…oh…" Lucy had just noticed Erza and Gray were both covered in fish parts.


"Don't ask." They said at the same time. They sat down starting daggers and the blue cat. He took no notice, eating his fish happily.

It wasn't long before they pulled into Magnolia. Lucy gently shook Natsu awake.

"What's going on?" He asked looking around. He suddenly sat up when he realized where he was.

"Natsu, relax. We're not moving anymore. We're in Magnolia." Lucy said putting her hand on his shoulder. He looked around then sighed when he realized it was true.

"Oh good." He grabbed Lucy's hand. "Let's go before it moves again." He ran off the train pulling Lucy behind him.

"Natsu, wait on me." Happy flew after him. Erza and Gray trailing after.

Natsu ran right through Magnolia leaving a trail of flames behind him. Lucy looked like a rag doll flopping behind him, her feet not even touching the ground. The people of Magnolia got an afternoon laugh as the pair zoomed by.

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