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When Lucy woke up sunlight was streaming in through the open window. She turned over and smiled at Natsu's sleeping form. She gently brushed back some his hair and kissed lightly on his nose. His eyes flickered open. He scrunched up his nose and wrapped his hands around her.

"Don't get up yet," He said.
"Natsu, it's already after ten." Lucy said wiggling out of his hands. She slipped out of bed but was stopped by Natsu's hands grabbing her around the waist. He pulled her backwards and pressed himself against her back.

"Natsu come on. Let me go."
She turned around and linked her hands behind his neck. "We were already together all yesterday, we didn't even leave the apartment."
"I know," He replied giving her an evil grin. Red bloomed across her cheeks.
"Let's at least go to the guild, before they send out search parties for us."
Natsu sighed and loosened his grip a little bit. "Alright," Before Lucy could blink Natsu had thrown her on the bed and was on top of her. "Just give me five more minutes." He said kissing her lightly.

"Alright, just fiv...ii…aah…God, Natsu." Lucy lost all train of thought went Natsu started kissing along her neck. Twenty minutes later she had somehow managed to break free of his grip and was walking towards the door.
"Aww! Lucy…" He gave a pout that was so adorable it took all her will power to stop herself from running towards him and kissing him.
"No, Natsu. If we keep this up we'll never reach the guild."
"And that would be a bad thing why?"

Lucy just picked up his vest from the ground where she herself had thrown it last night and tossed it in his face. "Just get ready." She stopped to look in the mirror when she walked into the bathroom. "Damn, I'll have to wear something to hide my neck or Levy's going to give me hell." She said looking at the red marks on her skin.

In Fairy Tail Gray was talking to Erza.
"I just realized that I haven't seen flame brain in a while."
"Yeah, none of us has. Lucy was getting really worried about him."
"You know, I don't remember seeing Lucy yesterday." Mira said.
"Me either…Hey Levy!" Erza called out the blue head.
"Did you see Lucy yesterday?"
"No, I haven't seen her since the day before. When we had that talk with her about Natsu."
"I wonder if they're okay." Mira said. At the same time Wendy walked in with Charlie. Behind Charlie was Happy walking with a fish.

"Please, I got it just for you." Happy said holding out the fish.
"Happy, I don't want any."
"Oie, Happy! Where's Natsu?" Gray called out. The blue cat flew over to them.
"I don't know. I haven't seen him since Lucy came to visit."
"Wait what?" Levy grabbed him and held him in front of her. "Lucy was at your place?"

"Yeah, the night before. Natsu and I came home and she was standing inside the house."
"Well, what else. Spill." Cana said leaning over Levy's shoulder.
"I don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know?" Levy, Cana and Mira said at the same time.
"Natsu sent me for fish but when I got back they were gone. Natsu hasn't come home since."

Everyone around the bar shared a look.
"You don't think something bad happened to them?" Lisanna asked.
"No, actually just the opposite." Erza said suddenly, looking at the guild doors. Everyone looked at her then over to the front doors. A laughing Natsu had just walked in, carrying an equally happy Lucy on his back. Mira let out a squeal of joy.
"Would you look at that." Cana said taking a swing from her glass.
"It's about time too." Levy said.
"Wait, that fire freak, got a girl. Before me!" Gray yelled out. Javia had spotted the pair and dropped the ground crying.
"My rival in love is no longer my rival." She said crying tears of joy. Several other members in the guild had noticed pair now. Natsu wasn't really making an effort to hide any of his affections.

"Pay up." Wakaba said. Macao grumbled a bit and handed over some jewels.
"Dad, what was that about?"
"Wakaba and I made a bet on whether or not those two would get together because of the spell."
"Get together? I don't understand. Aren't Lucy and Natsu already together a lot?" Romeo asked scratching his head. Macao and Wakaba laughed.
"You'll understand when you're older." Macao said patting his son on the back.

"What's up with the salamander and the bunny girl?" Gajeel asked Pantherlily.
"Can't you tell?" The cat asked.
"If I could tell would I have asked you?" Gajeel said irritated. Lily just laughed. "Tell me."
"I'll just say this. You better take notes if you ever want to get Levy."
"What? Why…you…I…don't…Levy…SHUT UP!"
Lily laughed again.

Makarvo was sitting on a table nodding his head. He had the sleeping Asuka in his lap. "And here I was worried that when this one grew up I wouldn't have anyone to spoil anymore." He said.
"Master, they're only seventeen." Bisca said.
"I'm not saying I want them to get busy now. In a few years time will be perfect, by that time this one will have grown past the age where I can put her on my shoulders."

"Natsu, stop it." Lucy said giggling as Natsu tickled her. "I swear there was more space between us when we had the spell on us."
"I would agree with that." Levy said causing the two to look up. Natsu had his hands around Lucy's shoulders while Lucy was fixing a scarf around her shoulders. Everyone was grinning at them.

"What?" Natsu asked genuinely confused on why they were looking at them like that.
"How…did you…what did you….You AND Lucy!" Gray said.
"Oh that. Yeah. So what about it."
"How could an idiot like you get a girl before me?!"
"Maybe if you were actually good looking…"
"Look who's taking fire freak."
"Yet I have the girl ice breath." Natsu and Gray were nose to nose now.
"Shut up flame head,"
"Make me frost fart,"
"Blaze dolt,"
"Icicle idiot."

Gray swung at Natsu. Natsu kicked him. In a few minutes the fight had escalated to the entire guild. Lucy sighed as she watched from the bar.
"Are you ever going to tell me what happened?" Levy asked.
"I don't know what you mean."
"Oh, you don't? Let's see, chapped swollen lips," Lucy hid her lips with her hand, "Natsu can't keep his hands off you and the pièce de résistance," Levy pulled her scarf away.
"Hey!" Lucy made a grab for it but Levy was holding her back.
"Ha! Try and deny it now. I want to hear everything." Levy said victorious. Lucy couldn't help but smile.
"Alright, I'll tell." She said. Natsu crashed into bar. "Are you okay?" She asked helping him up.
"Stupid Gajeel…" He mutter rubbing his head.
"You aren't finished already are you? Cause how would it look if my boyfriend could hold his own in a simple guild fight."

Natsu looked at her for a few seconds before smiling from ear to ear. He ran towards the fight but suddenly turned back and kissed Lucy. He winked at her when they broke apart and he jumped back into the fight. Lucy stood there grinning.

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