I went over to Lucy's apartment.

"Hey Kendall."

"Hey Lucy. I brought a movie for us to watch."


I put the dvd into the dvd player.

The movie is called 'The Woman In Black'

She cuddled close to me when she was scared.

The movie ended.

"What do you want to do now?"

"We could go to my room and have fun."


We walked into her room.

I kissed her while laying on her bed.

She unbuttoned my pants and I took them off while still kissing.

I unzipped her pants and threw them on the floor.

She pulled off my shirt and I pulled off hers.

I removed her bra and I threw my boxers onto the floor.

The only thing left is her panties.

I quickly removed them.

I began to rub her gently.


I slowly inserted two fingers inside her.

In and out. I slowly moved them in and out.

She moaned in pleasure.

I moved my fingers quicker and quicker.

"Kendall I can't hold back much longer! I'm gonna cum."

"Do it. Don't hold back."

She didn't hold back.

I pulled my fingers out. They were soaking wet.

She was soaking wet.

I put on a condom.

I was right at her entrance.

"Don't hold back Kendall."

I began thrusting inside her slowly.

"Kendall! Faster! Harder!"

I started thrusting harder and quicker.

"Lucy I'm gonna cum."

I thrusted even harder.

I did it as quick as I could.

I reached my climax.

I fell next to her on the bed.

"You were great."

"I could say the same about you."

We just layed there and slowly drifted off to sleep.