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"I can't believe your making me do this." Scott complained for like the hundredth time. "There are so many more exciting things I could be doing."

"Dude, we agreed, no sexy times with Allison talk. My life is already pathetically sexless without you rubbing it in." Stiles replied with a groan, wiping at the paint on his cheek with his sleeve.

"Well, you could actually get some you know, if you weren't playing surrogate dad twenty four seven."

Stiles huffed, wishing he wasn't being pulled yet again into this conversation. It had been a month since Derek had split, and his 'friends' had done nothing but give him hell for taking care of Leah. His dad hadn't been too thrilled either at first, constantly threatening to call social services, but Stiles had made him promise that as long as Stiles kept up his grades and didn't begin to flunk his senior year Leah could stay. And so far all was going wonderfully.

That was why they were in the small spare room painting the walls a combinations of soft pink and baby blue. His dad hadn't exactly given permission, but he'd said that they should try to make the little girl at home and Stiles took that to mean, give her, her own room. He'd tried to rope in Isaac and Boyd to help but apparently they had dates, which left him with a complaining Scott. Leah having been sent off with Allison and Lydia for a girls morning, which Stiles knew without a doubt Derek wouldn't approve of. But hey, if the guy wanted more control of what his kid was doing he'd just have to get his fuzzy werewolf ass back to Beacon Hills. Seriously, how long did it take to track down a woman. Especially when you're a damn werewolf and so is she.

"So, still no word from Derek?" Scott asked causally.

"Nope. Not since Tucson."

Scott grumbled something under his breath, but without were-powers Stiles missed it. Though he'd hazard a guess that it had something to do with Derek being a selfish dick. Scott had said that a lot over the past month. Stiles of course agreed, only never out loud. He didn't want any one thinking he hated being given Leah to care for, least of all her.

Sure it was hard, he was seventeen going on eighteen, working through his senior year at High School while balancing being a part-time dad and having his dad badgering him about college. If he didn't seem a hundred percent in control they'd rip him apart. - of course not literary. His wolves wouldn't never so something so painful to their head cheerleader/go-to guy. They needed him too much.

"So what are you and Allison planning next weekend?" Stiles asked in a not so subtle change of subject. He'd rather listen to Scott wax poetic about Allison that have to listen to him complaining and bitching about Derek for the next hour.

"We were thinking of heading out camping."

Stiles nodded. Every since the end of sophomore year Scott and Allison had settled into the joys of domestic romance. There had been a stressful few months, what with the Alphas coming to town and Chris Argent keeping a wary eye on the pack for fear of…..something. But when the shit had hit the fan and it came down to us or them, Chris had chosen to brush his anti-werewolf prejudices aside for the greater good. Since then him and Scott had a typical father/boyfriend relationship. Scott would be shot on sight if he either slept with or bite Allison and Chris would be utterly disowned if he didn't give Scott and the pack a break. Leaving the Hale pack as possibly the only Hunter sponsored werewolf pack in existence.

"Well that should be nice. Will you be sharing with Mr. Argent again?" Stiles chuckled.

Scott growled. "No. He's actually letting us go alone this time."

Stiles head shot around with wide eyes and his roller almost slipped from his grip at the surprise. "Huh?"

Scott shrugged. "I don't know if Allison blackmail/threatened him, but he said he wasn't coming this time. - He still made he swear not to deflower his daughter though."

Stiles laughed. "Bit late for that ain't it."

"Dude. He does not know and will never find out."

Stiles held up his hand. "Would I ever do such a thing as to break my best bro's confidence and get him shot?"

"Just…." Scott didn't finish what he was say, instead turning his nose towards the door. "Girls are home."

Stiles moans at he stared at the half finished wall. "Then we better hurry up. I want to start moving the furniture back in before Dad gets home. - Plus I promised Leah a Disney marathon."

Scott shook his head. "It's totally freaky how Mr. Mom you are about this whole thing."

Stiles shrugged. "What do you want me to say? Derek trusted me with her care."

"Yeah." Scott sighed. "Considering he supposedly doesn't trust you."

"That was years ago. We're over that. I've earned my stripes since then."

Scott finished his half of the wall before Stiles had even started. "By saving his ass. I still say he gets it handed too him too often for an Alpha. Sometimes I swear he does it on purpose."

"Why would he do that? He doesn't look like the death wish type."

"Maybe to see if you'll keep saving it." Scott murmured before dropping his roller and marching out of the room before Stiles can voice a comeback.

Stiles was frozen staring at the empty doorway when he heard the front door below him open and close and the distinctive chatter of Lydia and Allison. Leah yelled out his name.

"I'll be down in a minute!" he yelled back, swiftly turning his attention back to the wall and fully blocking out everything Scott had said before he left. His friend was just being a dick because he'd emotionally blackmailed him into helping when he could be spending time with Allison tongue down his throat.

It was another twenty minutes before Stiles finally reappeared on the ground floor, his hands wrapped around a cloth cleaning the stray paint from his fingers.

"iles!" Leah squealed as she rushed to him, arms outstretched to be lifted up. Stiles didn't even thing twice.

With Leah settled on his hip he walked into the lounge with a smile to greet his friends. "Hey….geez, what did you do, buy the mall?" he chuckled at the pile of bags.

"You are still not funny Stiles." Lydia complained with a shake of her head. "Tell Daddy Stiles he isn't funny Leah."

"Yo no funny."

"I am totally hilarious." Stiles defended, before turning to Leah. "And I'm not your dad, cutie-pie, you know that. Lydia was just being silly."

Leah sent Lydia a confused look which the strawberry blonde met with a shake of her head and insisted that as long as Stiles was feeding, clothing and all round caring for the little girl, he was all the daddy she had.

Stiles shook his head but didn't argue. He'd have to sit down with Leah later when they were all gone and try to explain it.

"Now do you want to see what we brought?"

"Oh do I. Joy of joys." Stiles cheer sarcastically.

Allison chucked and began pulling bags towards her. "Oh, you have to see this dress, it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen." she cooed as she pulled the fabric out of the bag.

Stiles sitting crossed legged on the floor near Scott with Leah in his lap. "Isn't that a little….small." he said with a frown.

"Its not for me, silly." Allison laughed, rolling her eyes.

"Oh no. Guy I can't let you….Derek won't like it."

"He won't like what exactly? His daughter wearing clothes?" Lydia scoffed. "Would he rather her run around naked in the woods like he does?"

"Derek doesn't run around naked!" Stiles snapped, ignoring the heat in his cheeks.

"Cause Stiles would totally know if he did. Their best buddies." Scott grumbled and Stiles shot him a confused uneasy look.

"Look. You're the one that keeps going on about us all being a pack…." Lydia continued, ignoring Scott snaky comment. "…..the only pack Derek has. That means we're family and as a pseudo-aunt, I demand to right to spoil Leah whenever I see fit. - Beside I'd only spend my father's money on shoes otherwise, and I have more than enough of those."

"I thought there was like a rule or something say a girl could never have enough shoes?"

"They can when they have five sets of the same pair just because she likes spending her father's hard earned money."

The three teenager were all fully aware of how Lydia felt about her father, and his new family. Since he'd remarried, she'd gone out of her way to make him pay. - literally.

Stiles heaved a sigh of surrender. "Fine, show me what you brought her. - And please say there no flowery girlie pink things. Please tell me you got her jeans."

"Of course we got her jeans. - See." Allison grinned pulling out the indigo jeans with a glittery pink embodied flower on each leg.

Stiles looked down at Leah who was grinning in a very Derek way and shook his head with a chuckled. "You're dad is most definitely going to kill me."

~What's Best For Everyone Isn't What's Easy~

"Okay. Spill." Stiles said from the refrigerator.

Scott glanced up from where he was pouring chips into a bowl. Allison and Lydia deciding to hang out for the rest of the afternoon and participate in Stiles and Leah's planned Disney marathon. "Huh?"

Stiles pulled out the sodas and the juice box for Leah and placed them on the counter before grabbing for the sandwich he'd made earlier for the little girl. "You've been snaky all morning and what was with the backhanded comments about Derek?"

Scott shifted on the balls of his feet, refusing to meet Stiles eyes. He shrugged his shoulder and said. "Nothing. Just…..not the day I was planning."

"I get that, but seriously I know there's something bugging you. I'm your best buddy remember. I knew you were in love with Allison before you did. So….Spill."

"It just…." he trailed off for a moment, gathering his senses or maybe his courage. "It's just….well, if I ignore your calls and texts for even a day you practically disown me, yet you haven't spoken to Derek in three weeks and your still…." Scott ran out of hot air and just huffed and shrugged.

"Still want? - Look I know that I give you a hard time, but you're my best friend, I kinda expect you to answer me if I call or text. I don't expect Derek to. Never have."

Scott looked at him. "But you're looking after his daughter while he's off doing god knows what. Aren't you pissed that he doesn't even call to talk to her? To ask how she is?"

Stiles stared down at the sandwich. Now that Scott mentioned it, yeah, he was pretty pissed at him. After all, he was risking his final year of high school to help him out and Derek hadn't called him in weeks just to check in. He clenched his jaw tight.

"It just makes me angry to see Derek using you and you letting him."

"Letting him? Since when have I let Derek use me."

"Since the day you met him." Scott replied matter-of-factly.

"That's totally not true."

Scott hung his head. "Yeah, your right. - It was at least a week."

Stiles stared at his friend with a hanging mouth.

"Look. I'm just looking out for you okay." Scott insisted. "As you're best friend. You've worked so hard to get to graduation without screwing up, despite having me, Derek and the others dragging you into our shit. I just don't want to see you losing all that hard work because of Derek."

Stiles sighed. "Look I'm fine, okay. My grades are as good as they've ever been. Leah isn't causing me any trouble, and frankly I'm not in a rush to see Derek again anytime soon."

Scott looked at him disbelievingly, before shrugging and grabbing the bowl. "Well if you're sure." he murmured as he turned and exited the kitchen, leaving behind a confused and frustrated and maybe a little angry, Stiles.

~What's Best For Everyone Isn't What's Easy~

Stiles sat with his head bowed over his school books, Leah snoring softly on the couch behind him. The guys had left a couple of hours ago, after sitting through Tangled, Brave and Mulan. Because Stiles was determined not to peddle the princess in the tower image to Leah. Girls could kick ass just as well, if not better than boys.

Scott hadn't mentioned his issues with Derek after their conversation in the kitchen, and Stiles was glad. He wasn't however able to shake what Scott had said. Had he really been letting Derek use him for years? The question had haunted him to the point of distraction. He hadn't so much as cracked a smile during Tangled. He knew he'd kinda been Derek beck and call boy during those first few months after Scott got bit, but that hadn't continued past the Alpha situation. So it really was unfair for Scott to say such utterly false shit.

Except Stiles couldn't shake the feeling deep down that it was kinda true. He groaned and tried to focus on his history paper when the door went and he looked up to see his dad walking in. The man looked tired and wary from working so hard. Life in Beacon Hills hadn't been 'quiet' in years. There was always something going on. It really had been only a matter of time before his dad found out the truth, he just wished it hadn't been quite so…..disastrous and painful.

"Hey." Stiles whispered with a grin and a nod. "Dinner's in the oven."

His dad nodded a thanks and stumbled off to fetch it. Alone once more Stiles went back to work, glancing over his shoulder to check that Leah was fine. Which of course she was.

"Did you two have a good day?" his dad asked, returning with his plate and a beer. He settled into his chair and smiled warmly at the sleeping little girl.

"Yeah. Lydia and Allison took her to the mall while Scott helped me paint the spare room."

His dad's brows instantly farrowed. "You painted the spare room?"

Stiles fixed his gaze on the book in front of him. "Yeah."

There was an awkward silence, Stiles just waiting for his dad to blow a gasket. But all that happen was a wary sigh and a huff and then the sound of a fork hitting china.

"How was work?" Stiles asked in a smooth change of subject.

"Surprisingly quiet. Must be because you know who's skipped town." The sheriff replied with more than a little anger in his tone. He hadn't been overjoyed when he'd walked into the house a month ago to find Stiles sat on the floor with the alpha's three year old daughter and the news she'd be staying for a while.

They talked aimlessly about work and school and Leah, before Stiles packed his books up, shoving them in his bag, heaving the thing over his shoulder and bowing down to scoop up Leah. "She's sleeping in with me tonight because of the paint fumes." he informed his dad, knowing he tended to drop in to say goodnight to her on his way to bed. Despite being unhappy about Derek dropping her in their laps with on explanation or consideration, he'd actually fallen a little in love with the little girl.

"Okay. Night."

"Night dad." Stiles smiled softly before turning and heading for the stairs with his package.

In his room, he dumped his bag on the floor, lowered Leah onto the bed and went about changing her into her pyjamas. He tucked the blankets tight around her. Then he changed into his own night things before pulling up his desk chair and logging into his computer. He tried to waste sometime playing on line but found he couldn't concentrate, so he closed down and padded to bed, slipping in carefully so as not to wake Leah.

He lay there in the soft light of his bedside lamp just staring at the wall, his fingers of his left hand running absently though Leah's soft red curls. He wasn't even aware he was reaching for his phone until it was settled in his palm and he was staring down at the blank message, unsure what he wanted to say.


Just so you know, Leah's fine.


He hoped it would indicated to Derek just how pissed he was at him right now. He put the phone down on the nightstand and glanced over at the little girl, her pick lips pouting as she slept. A strange growling noise sneaking out of the back of her throat every so often. Stiles was at least a little glad she wasn't a wolf. He really didn't want to have to deal with were-babies while studying for his senior year.

He hated the idea that she was going to grow up around werewolves knowing she was different, feeling like she didn't belong because the were-gene had skipped over her. But he knew from experience that you didn't need to be a werewolf to be pack, and Derek's number one priority was family. - Or at least that's what he'd always been led to believe. Dumping his three year old daughter with strangers kinda went against that. But then Stiles wasn't a stranger. He was pack, right, so not the same thing.

He groaned loudly when his phone wolf-whistled, having completely forgotten to put it on silent. He reached for it instantly, his eyes fixed on Leah as she squirmed next to him. "Shhh." he whispered, his fingers gently coming through her hair to calm her. Once she'd settled he turned his attention to the message.

Inbox: Derek


Stiles glared at the one word reply, his fingers tightening around the plastic and his jaw clenching. Huffing angrily, he shifted up the bed, pulling his hand away from Leah to text.


That's it? That's all you've got to say?

No, how is she? Or how am I for that matter?

He sent the message and then quickly fiddled with the settings before dropping the thing on his lap. It was only a few moments before it began to buzz and Stiles took a deep calming breath.

Inbox: Derek

You'd already told me how she was.

You said she was fine.

Anger flooded Stiles and he was very tempted to throw his phone across the room, except that it would mean he'd have to buy another one. So he just tightened his hold once more as he typed.


Right. Yeah. Sorry for disturbing you.

He dropped the phone furiously on the night stand and shifted to lay down, rolling onto his side to watch the sleeping three year old, his fingers sweeping a stray curl from her forehead. He heard the phone buzz again, but decided he was too tired to deal with Derek right now. He should never have text him in the first place. His eyes were drifting closed when the phone buzzed again, but Stiles continued to ignore it. He'll deal with the absentee alpha in the morning, when he was calmer.

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