Chapter 10

10th day:

It was warm but there was a gentle breeze, cooling Brittany's skin. The sun was beginning to make its descent but it was still bright out. It was actually kind of perfect and Brittany couldn't help but think back to her English class, they had just learned about pathetic fallacy, where the environment reflects a characters mood. She felt the exact opposite. She didn't want to be here, especially not with Sam, she wanted to be sharing this perfect evening with Santana.

During the walk to Pavarotti Sam was a little too close for Brittany's liking. It turned out that Brittany didn't have to try very hard to not get along with Sam; they didn't have anything in common. Mostly Sam talked about soccer, which Brittany had to feign interest in. She was positive that Sam had noticed that she wasn't interested in soccer, so she wasn't quite sure why he kept on talking about it. But in a way she was glad because if he wasn't talking about soccer she was sure they would be walking in silence.

After what seemed like eternity they finally reached Pavarotti, Sam held the door open for her, which surprised her a little.

"Thanks," she said, she gave him a small smile and walked passed him through the door.

"No problem," he said, following her.

It was busy, as usual, but they managed to find an empty booth near the back of the restaurant. Almost immediately a waiter came over and asked what they wanted for their drinks, Brittany ordered water and Sam chose a coke.

Brittany shifted uncomfortably under Sam's gaze. She didn't like the way he looked at her, it wasn't anything like how Santana looked at her, that made her feel warm and fuzzy inside but this made her want to crawl under the table just to get away from it. Neither of them had really said anything since the waiter arrived and Brittany didn't really know what to say to start a conversation.

"So," Sam cleared his throat, "The weathers good today…"

Brittany nodded slowly, "Yeah, sunny."

And that was the end of that conversation.

"Here are you're drinks," the waiter said, "Can I take your orders?"

"I'll have a ham pizza please," Brittany told him.

"Um…yeah the same," Sam said.

The waiter nodded and left to place their orders. Brittany held back a sigh, having the waiter there got rid of the awkward tension, even if it was just for a little bit.

"Did you do the biology homework?" Sam tried again.

"Not yet," Brittany answered.

"Oh…yeah um me either," he said.

Brittany didn't know what to say to that, so she didn't say anything. When Sam's staring became too much she quickly looked down and began inspecting her nails as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

When Brittany looked up Sam was rubbing the back of his neck, unable to think of anything to say.

"I uh…have to pee." Sam told her eloquently before shooting out of his seat and heading towards the toilets.

Brittany breathed out a sigh of relief when he was gone and she just prayed that a giant octopus would come out the toilet and pull Sam down with him so she didn't have to endure this awful and really awkward date anymore. She pulled out her phone and typed out a text to Santana.

To Santana: I can't do this! We have nothing to talk about and it's just really uncomfortable :(

She got a reply almost immediately.

From Santana: I'm sorry! I promise I'll make it up to you later

To Santana: How are you going to do that? ;)

From Santana: I just realised that sounded sexual haha and anything, you name it ;)

Brittany giggled quietly at her phone.

To Santana: I'll think of something…

From Santana: Can't wait to find out Pierce ;)

Brittany was about to send a reply when she got another text from Santana.

From Santana: Sam just text me asking to come to Pavarotti and pretend that I didn't know you guys were there

To Santana: Really?

From Santana: Yes, he says to come right now

To Santana: Please do! I can't stand being by myself with him for another minute!

From Santana: Sam's threatening me so it looks like I have to

To Santana: What's he saying?

From Santana: Just that if I don't get there right now to 'help break the ice' then I could expect to wake up tomorrow with something weird in my bed, I don't really want to find out what that is haha

To Santana: He's a dick

From Santana: Yeah he is, it's probably to replace the fact that what he has in his pants isn't very big :P I'm leaving now

To Santana: Hahaha probably. Ok see you soon :)

Out of the corner of Brittany's eye, she saw Sam making his way back to the table, she quickly put her phone away.

Sam started talking about soccer again and Brittany was never so glad to hear it, it filled the silence even though she didn't know at all what he was talking about. The only time she ever listened when the conversation was on soccer was when it was Santana talking about it. Brittany just loved to see how Santana's eyes would light up at the mention of the sport.

Thankfully, their food arrived not soon after and they could focus their attention on that instead of each other. Brittany noticed that Sam kept looking at his watch and it made Brittany wonder what was taking Santana so long. But just then the doors of Pavarotti opened and in came Santana…with a blonde girl? Brittany's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, who was she?

"Hey look it's Sebastian," Sam exclaimed as if he was completely surprised.

"Oh?" was all Brittany responded with.

"Sebastian!" Sam called over.

Brittany watched as Santana took the blonde girls hand and led her over to the table with her. Brittany's frown deepened.

"Hey guys, I didn't know your date was here," she lied.

"Yeah it is," Sam nodded, "Do you guys maybe want to join us? A double date?" he asked.

Santana turned to the blonde girl, "Do you mind, Quinn?" she asked.

Quinn shrugged, "Not at all."

Sam jumped out of his seat, "I'll sit next to Britt," Brittany almost shivered at the nickname coming out of his mouth, she didn't like it at all, "So you can sit next to…"

"Quinn," Quinn reminded.

"Yeah," Sam nodded and scooted in next to Brittany, "I'm Sam, by the way."

Quinn smiled, "Nice to meet you."

Brittany sat tensely during the whole exchange, who was Quinn? And why did she have to be so pretty? Brittany glared at her while she wasn't looking. Brittany subtly shuffled away from Sam but then he placed his arm around her shoulders and she couldn't move any further.

Brittany felt Santana looking at her and when their gazes met briefly, she noticed a small smirk on Santana's lips. And that's when it clicked; she was getting back at her for flirting with Sam at the gym.

"Well two can play at this game," Brittany thought. She leaned into Sam's embrace and slipped her hand around his back and one arm around his from so she was hugging him lightly, "So! Um so…I was just telling Sam that it was nice to finally meet a real man at this school."

Sam smiled but had a confused look on his face, "Uh- you were?" he asked dumbly.

"Well I was about too," she giggled, leaning into him more, "Isn't it nice to have a real man Quinn?"

"Uh…sure?" Quinn responded.

"It's hard to find a real man," she whispered in Sam's ear but just loud enough for Santana to hear.

She glanced over at Santana who was gripping a fork so tight her knuckles were turning white. Brittany smirked and to top it all off she pressed quick kisses to Sam's neck. She pulled away when she thought Sam was going to actually kiss her. But her heart plummeted when she looked at Santana and Quinn and saw Quinn doing to same to Santana, except with every kiss Quinn gave her she got closer to Santana's lips and Santana wasn't doing anything to stop it.

Brittany jumped out of her seat; she couldn't sit there and watch them anymore.

"I have to go," Brittany said quickly, "This has been really… interesting Sam but I have to go do that biology homework you mentioned earlier…so bye."

And then she walked as fast as she could of the restaurant, as soon as she got out of the door she started running.

She knew she was over reacting, she had started the whole thing by flirting with Sam again and then kissing his neck but that had been with Sam, a guy who Santana knew she'd never be interested in and she guessed that it hurt a little more to see Santana with another girl.

Brittany got about half way back to school when someone grabbed her arm. She shoved the arm off, thinking it was Sam who had followed her.

"Get away from me Sam-"

But then she was being tugged and then she felt familiar soft lips on hers. For a second she forgot that she was mad at Santana and kissed back but the memories of what had just happened came quickly back and she shoved her away by the shoulders.

"Don't kiss me." She snapped.

"Why are you mad at me?" Santana asked incredulously.

"Why am I mad at you?" Brittany scoffed, "Please, if you don't know then don't bother," she said before walking away.

"Hey," Santana jogged to catch up, "that's not fair. If anything, I should be mad at you."

"No you shouldn't?"

"You're the one who was kissing Sam!" Santana exclaimed.

"You were kissing Quinn!" Brittany retorted.

"That's why you're mad? She wasn't even kissing me! It was on the neck like you were doing to Sam."

"Of course that's why I'm mad," Brittany hissed. And then Santana started to laugh. It made Brittany stop walking, "What's so funny?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Quinn is one of my friends from outside of school, she helped me get ready to come to Dalton for the soccer thing and she's one of the people that knows that I really, really like you," she said softly.


"She's only here because Sam told me that I had to bring someone and make it look like a date because he thought it would look weird to you if I was just at Pavarotti by myself. To be honest I'm surprised that Sam even thought about that, he's not the smartest."


"Plus I'm like 99.9% sure that Quinn is straight," Santana shrugged.

"Can I talk, please?" Brittany asked after a moment. Santana nodded.

"I thought…I thought you brought Quinn to make me jealous because of me flirting with Sam at the gym…"

"Oh…well there was that too," Santana smirked.

Brittany shoved Santana's shoulder, but it was playful, "You're a bitch."

"But I'm your bitch," Santana responded, "Ok that sounded way less sexual in my head," she laughed.

And then both of them were laughing and the tense mood seemed to completely disappear.

"I'm sorry that I flirted with Sam…both times," Brittany added.

"I'm sorry that Quinn kissed me and that you got jealous." Brittany raised an eyebrow, "Ok, ok, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Quinn and that I let her kiss me."


"So am I forgiven?"

"Um…" Santana looked at Brittany with puppy dog eyes, "Yes." she finally said, "Am I?"

Santana nodded, "Of course."

Brittany stepped towards Santana the same time Santana stepped towards her, their lips met and both girls knew they were forgiven.

"Ok, get a room," someone said.

They jumped apart; Brittany's hand was on her chest as it thumped loudly.

"Holy shit, Quinn, I thought you were Sam," Santana said.

"Do I sound like a guy?" she asked but continued before either of them could say anything, "And if you don't want to get caught, then I suggest you don't make out right out in the open."

Santana and Brittany blushed.

"I'm Quinn by the way," she said grinning at Brittany, "We didn't really get properly introduced before."

"Brittany," Brittany said.

"I know, anytime this one," she pointed her thumb at Santana, "calls me all I hear about is Brittany. Oh Brittany has pretty eyes, she's so beautiful-"

"Ok that's enough Quinn," Santana interrupted her cheeks bright red, "Where's Sam anyway?" she asked eager to change the conversation.

"He's still at Pavarotti," Quinn said, "The food came just after both of you left and he said he didn't want to waste it because he was paying for it."

"So he cares more about the food than coming after his 'date'," Brittany said, "Thank god I don't actually like him."

"Yeah I only just met him and I felt bad for you," Quinn laughed, "Oh and I'm sorry for kissing San here, she told me too," Quinn stage whispered.

"I didn't!" Santana lied.

Brittany looked at Santana pointedly, "I thought you said that Quinn did that."

"She did…but I may have told her too…I was jealous ok?!" Santana crossed her arms defensively.

Before Brittany could respond Quinn interrupted, "Don't worry Britt, San's all yours, I'm not into that and besides I definitely wouldn't want to be stuck with that."

"Gee thanks Quinn," Santana rolled her eyes.

"I'm trying to help you here."

"By telling Brittany that I wouldn't be good to date?"

"For me! You wouldn't be good for me." Quinn exclaimed, "Seriously though, you guys are cute together."

"I'm not mad San," Brittany said, "I actually think it's kind of cute that you got jealous of Sam."

Santana ducked her head, "Whatever," she mumbled.

Quinn pinched Santana's cheeks, "Is the wittle girly jealous?" she asked in a baby voice.

Santana slapped her hand away, "Piss off Q, what are still doing here anyway?"

"Fine, I know when I'm not wanted. And your welcome by the way, I was about to watch the new episode of the How I Met Your Mother but I came here instead."

"Thanks then," Santana said sarcastically.

"That's good enough," Quinn shrugged, "I'll see you later S, it's been cool meeting you Brittany, even under these slightly weird circumstances."

"You too," Brittany said.

"Later Q," Santana said.

Quinn's car was at Pavarotti so she headed back that way and Santana and Brittany began the rest of the walk back to school. The walked slowly, prolonging the time they had together.

"Tonight was…interesting to say the least," Santana said.

"Yeah, hopefully Sam's been put off, I swear we barely said a word to each other, we have nothing in common, like at all."

"Yeah, hopefully. I'm tired of watching him stare at you all the time."

"Now all we have is Artie to get rid of," Brittany joked, although she was partially serious.

Santana chuckled, "He's nothing, I could take him."

"I'm sure you could."

"You know, I really want to hold your hand," Santana admitted.

"Me too. I'm getting sick of hiding, I swear that's all either of us ever do," she shook her head with annoyance.

"You could always come out," Santana suggested gently.

"I don't know…"

"I'm not saying you have too but if you want to, I'd support you."

"I want to but I just…I don't know how everyone's going to take it. I don't mean to sound cocky but I know that I'm quite popular," Brittany began. Santana nodded because, yeah, it was pretty obvious that Brittany was popular, "Everyone knows who I am, sometimes I wish that I was a nobody, someone that just blended into the back ground, god knows it would be so much easier," she sighed, "After the soccer thing is over…are you going to come out?"

Santana thought about it for a second before speaking, "I haven't really thought about it, I think I will, I mean my friends already know and other than my parents they're the ones that I care most about their reactions."

"I wish I was as brave as you."

"You are."

Brittany didn't say anything because she knew she wasn't. She wasn't brave at all. If she was then she would be out and proud, Santana was only saying that to be comforting.

"The debutant lunch is in two days," Brittany said instead.

They had just reached Dalton campus but they still had a little way to go until they had to go different ways.

Santana didn't say anything about the change of topic, she only sighed, "I know. It sucks."

Brittany giggled, "They're not that bad."

"For you maybe, I hate being a debutant," she said, "Prancing around in frilly dresses just isn't my thing."

"I guess it's not for everyone."

"Definitely not me."

"You never know you many love it," Brittany teased.

"I won't," Santana insisted, "Oh shit. I don't have anything to wear! I'll have to call Quinn tomorrow."

"I probably have something you can wear, we're about the same size," Brittany told her.

"Are you sure?" Santana asked.

"Yeah totally, it'll be fun!" Brittany grinned happily.

Santana rolled her eyes, "Yeah…so much fun."

12th Day:

As soon as lessons were finished Santana went over to Brittany's dorm. She barely had to knock once before the door swung open revealing Brittany already dressed ready for the debutant lunch in. She looked beautiful in her light blue dress and matching cardigan. It hugged her body but wasn't too revealing stopping just above her knee.

Brittany grabbed Santana's arm and pulled her into the room, quickly closing the door behind them. Before Santana could even say hello she felt Brittany's soft lips on hers, it was quick, but made Santana smile.

"Are you ready to get all dolled up?" Brittany asked excitedly.

"Ugh. No." she replied flatly.

Brittany slapped her on the arm, "Stop being such a mopey pants," she scolded.

Santana chuckled, "Right, sorry, what did you have in mind for me to wear?"

Brittany went over to her desk chair where she had set out the clothes she thought would suit Santana, not that anything wouldn't suit her, she was wearing guys clothes and Brittany still thought she looked hot.

"Here, a dress and some shoes, I'm a size 5 ½." Brittany said handing her the dark purple dress and black heels.

"I'm a 6, oh looks like I can't go," Santana said standing up."

"You can squeeze."

"I don't want to ruin your shoes B," Santana tried to excuse.

"Santana you will go change right now, or I'll change you myself," Brittany threatened.

Santana only smirked, "Wanky."

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