((I saw a Destiel fic doing this, so I looked up the official 30 Day OTP Challenge. So here's day 1!))

Day 1: Holding Hands

Lenalee scowled at her two friends, who were bickering in the middle of the Science Section of the Order. They were about to start a fist fight, made obvious by clenched fists, tense jaws, and steely glares. She hated it when they fought like that, since it was so obvious to her that they were hopelessly perfect for each other, whether they knew it or not.

So when the fists were raised, she stepped forward with a bottle of her brother's specially made glue. Grabbing the hands, she squirted large gobs of the white paste on their hands and smacked them together. Try as they might, the glue had already taken and they were stuck. Kanda's left hand was pinned neatly to Allen's left, their fingers curled around each other's hands.

Lenalee smiled proudly as her two friends gaped at her. "It'll dissolve in a couple of hours, due to oils on your skin, but until then you're stuck with each other. Now get along, or else you'll be lugging around dead weight," She chirped, then walked off to pour coffee for her brother.

Allen stared at his hand, still feeling the tingle on his skin from when their hands slapped together. It was painful, sure, but it also felt good. Kanda's hand on his, making him feel like he'd never be alone again, was really quite comforting. The dark-haired man was feeling the same, their loneliness was usually so overpowering, but now they had constant company.

No matter how annoyed they were by it.