Title: Legolas' Orcan Memories

Author: rosethorn59

Rated: T

Disclaimer: Nothing in this story belongs to me, only the JRR family: exept maybe

my wacky lack of plot

Legolas' memories of what he knows about living in horror and fear with nasty Orc Hordes, repeatedly through the years.

Mostly all first person. There is some second person, too,

Warnings: angst, torture, emotional torture, h/c, friendship, a little humor

Legolas and Aragorn

written for my best friend, Sivan

Second Person

Legolas rushed down the side steps at Imladris, hair flying, carrying his weapons and pack, heading as quickly as he could to the stables and stall where his beautiful mare, Belan, resided. He brushed her, gently rubbed her down, hugged her, kissed her nose, checked her hooves, fed her an apple and oats, and otherwise spoiled her. Then he threw a blanket over her, and attached the reins. No saddle. He was leading her out of the stable, when he suddenly heard a noise in front of him, and looked that direction. There was nothing.


The voice was very unexpected, and made him spin around in fright.

"Aragorn, what are you doing?"

"Well, Startling an Elf who is supposedly unable to be startled?" Aragorn quipped. They both grinned humorously at each other.

"How can you do that, Aragorn? Come up behind an Elf who can barely hear or feel you're there. It almost seems as if you are one yourself."

"Maybe I am one," Aragorn teased Legolas. "I have lived among them my whole life..what do you expect?"

"A human-elf...hmmm, " Legolas replied as he led Belan out to the courtyard, mysteriously grinning at Aragorn.

"So, where are you going, Elf?"

"Out for a run, Human. I need to get away for awhile, and get some fresh air. I've been indoors too long. Would you like to come along, Estel? I thought I'd go down to the lake for a swim, take a walk, take a nap, maybe, and perhaps have a picnic."

"So when do you think you might get back, Legolas?"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot go with you this time. Adar asked me to stay home and take over Glorfindels' duties for a day or two. I haven't helped him very much for a while, so I said I would."

"I really wish you could go. It's always a lot of fun when you come along on my treks." I know, I wish I could, too."

"Wait a minute, did you just say that Glorfindel is injured or too busy to help Lord Elrond?"

"He is injured, Legolas. He fell out of a tree, reaching for something, I heard."

"He fell out of a tree, Aragorn? Glorfindel? Oh, that's just priceless," he grinned, trying not to laugh. "What do you suppose would cause such a horrible fate for him...for the day. I know...he fell on his bum and has some bad bruises...or landed on his nose and broke it...or, he could have broken a finger or toes...maybe he got some bad scrapes or cuts. Poor Glorfindel, stuck indoors all day and maybe two days." He started chuckling, which turned into a hilarious, full-blown laugh.


"Yes, Aragorn?"

"Shut up and go away!"

"You're in a very grumpy mood today, Aragorn. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

"You didn't mellon-nin. Everything's fine. So when do you think you'll be back from your trip?"

"I plan on being gone all day. So I'll probably be back by late evening. Don't come looking for me before then, alright? Because I know you will come look for me, and drag me home if I haven't come back when you think I should have."

"Alright, I'll wait until then, annoying Elf."

Legolas smiled, raised an eyebrow at him, and raised his arm at Estel. He climbed on his horse, swung him around and galloped away, quickly disappeared from sight.

He cantered down the road for a short while, then slowed wanting to enjoy the warmth, and wonderful scents of flowers, trees, grass. He felt sublimely content and couldn't wait to get there. It wouldn't take long. It was only about an hour's ride from Imladris.

The first thing he did when he got there was to jump off his horse, remove his tunic and boots and dive in the cool water of the lake. He came to the surface, feeling the warm sun on his face, the warmth above him. He went swimming for a while, then climbed up on the bank, and sprawled on the grass in absolute heaven.

He laid there for a while, on the brink of sleep, when he heard something and sat up. His beloved horse started nuzzling his face, "Was that you, Brelan? " he asked as he nuzzled her back. He hugged his horse, then he laid back down for his warm nap, smiling as the sun warmed him, and made him feel so relaxed and comfortable..and free.


Then he heard another sound..."Is that you, again, Brelan," he asked his horse again, eyes closed and a smile on his face. He turned over, trying to get comfortable again to sleep. He quickly sat up, startled, suddenly realizing that was NOT Brelan he had heard. The ground was pounding with the sound of many feet. They sounded distant, but he could tell they were headed his way. Orcs? They would have no idea that he was there. What was he to do? Ride, run or climb a tree and wait for them to leave? The disgusting scent of Orcs was getting closer. "So much for my warm pleasant afternoon." He was starting to panick, he was wasting too much time. He put his boots and tunic on quickly, then ran to his horse, jumped on her and flew towards Imladris. He knew he couldn't make it there in time. An hour away? Impossible. All he could do was try.

'I know I'm not going to get away from them, I rarely do. ' Oh, please Elbereth help me!' Then about 15 minutes down the road, poor Belan tripped on some large stones, and she fell to the ground, Legolas jumped off of her, to try and protect her. The horse was exhausted and couldn't catch her breath. They had been flying down the road as quickly as they could. He had to make a quick decision; so Legolas helped her up, petted her and rubbed noses.

"Run, Belan, fly! Go to Imladris, if you can. GO!" So now he had to keep running until he ran out of strength. Then weapons and hiding in trees. He had his bow and knives handy and kept running until he started slowing down from exhaustion. He could hear and see the Orcs bearing down on him. He was panicking, his heart was racing, and his adrenaline kept him going. They were too close and he knew they would either kill or capture him. He stopped, turned, and started shooting his arrows, hoping they would last. They didn't. So he had to use his knives. Legolas grabbed an Orc, ducked, threw him over his shoulder, then slit his throat. He shoved his knife into another one's stomach, then he turned around to see who his next foe would be. He raised his remaining knife, but then it got knocked out of his hand from the side. He was surprised and very angry, because now it meant he had to fight hand to hand with them. He felt fairly confident before, but he was extremely apprehensive now. He swung his leg, knocked an Orc over and cut his throat. Legolas swung around, again, grabbed another one, threw him over his head and broke his neck as he landed on the ground. He swung around to face his next foe, when the one behind him, which he hadn't noticed, pushed him hard to the ground. He groaned from the impact, and from an Orc jumping on him.

"Get off of me...don't touch me... leave me alone you Orcish scum!"

"Shut up, you!" the Orc yelled back at the Elf.

Then the Orc grabbed some rope off the ground, and tightly tied Legolas' hands behind his back; and slapped him a few times. As he gathered some more rope he attempted to tie Legolas' ankles, the Elf managed to kick out with his feet and he broke the legs of two more Orcs just standing there watching, until they groaned and fell over, yelling in pain. Legolas couldn't help but smile for his last feat. He took a moment to look around at the horrendous site before him. There was blood splattered everywhere in the clearing, the Orcs Legolas had killed in particular were blood-covered. There were small pools of blood on the ground here and there. The air wreaked of Orcs and blood. It made him feel sick. But he struggled to overcome it.

"What are you smiling about! You have NOTHING to smile about! In a while you will have nothing to grin about at all!" Then he smacked and backhanded the Elf, and kicked him in the stomach and side. Then he booted Legolas in the face. The Elf yelled in pain and tried to roll in on himself. He was in so much agony and couldn't stop from letting them know. He was so miserable, and terrified, that he already didn't know how long he could hold out with them. Then an Orc tied his feet very tightly. They pulled his hair back, and he struggled in fear when they grabbed a saturated, wet cloth, and pressed it to his face, which put him to sleep very quickly, But still he weakly tried to fight them, hower there was no staying awake. He was carried to a horse which belonged to the Orc who had been beating him. He threw him on his stomach on the horse, climbed up and held Legolas very tightly. Then they were on their way.

"But to where?"


Aragorn was outside, tunic-less laying on the grass; enjoying the sun and warm breeze gently blowing over him. What a wonderful day it was. He was thinking about what a great time Legolas must be having, as well. He went in to see his Adar to find out if he needed to help him any more that day.

"No, Estel, but you might go and check in on Glorfindel is to see if he is feeling better."

"Alright, I'll do that immediately."

"You have been such a big help to me today, ion nin, and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much, Aragorn" he smiled at him."

"Thank you very much, Adar, I was very grateful to help you, today."

Elrond raised his eyebrows at him, but Estel had already left.

Estel walked down the corridor to Glorfindel's room, and opened the door just a little to see if he was awake or not. He had been sleeping, so the curtains were still drawn , and Estel couldn't tell if he was awake or not.

"I'm awake, Estel."

"May I open your curtains, My Lord?"

"Of course, and you haven't called me My Lord since you were very young...so stop it, alright?"

"I'm just jesting with you, you know."

"I know. Now what can I help you with?"

"What can I help YOU with?"

"Falling from a tree, Glorfindel? Breaking an arm and leg? How did you manage that?"

"I'd rather not discuss it right now, Estel."

"Maybe soon?"...he grinned...hoping.

"Ok, Estel, I will."

"What time do you think it is."

"Open my curtains and I might be able to tell you," he grinned at Aragorn.

Estel gave him a 'smart-alec look' and opened the drapes.

"I'd say it's close to evening, Estel."

" I Wonder how Legolas is doing?"

"He can take care of himself, you."

"Do you remember how many times he couldn't take care of himself since I've known him?"

"Well..."Glorfindel replied.

"I'm going to go looking for him RIGHT now."

"Did you need some company, Estel?"

"Thank you, but no. Could you please not tell Adar for awhile. He will worry so much. You can tell him later, then he can come or send someone else. He'll knows where I went. Goodbye my friend. I will see you later."

He hurried out of the room, down the corridor to his own, and readied himself for his trip. He made sure he had all of his basic necessities; his herbs and medicines, extra clothes and blanket, and food and water. Then he grabbed his sword and other weapons, and quietly snuck down some stairs. He hurried to the stables and saddled and readied his horse, made sure his pack was secured, climbed on, swung the reins around and galloped down the road. He was so worried for his friend. Maybe he should have insisted on going with Legolas. And he really hoped Glorfindel would wait to tell his Adar as long as he could keep the pretense up.

First Person

I woke up very confused, looked around, then remembered that I had been running to Imladris to avoid being killed or captured by some Orcs that had been closing in on me. Why did they always have to chase, catch and torment Elves? .There were many other creatures they could track, and have "fun"with...WHY ME? ALWAYS ME? What did I ever do to deserve this? Of course I always lose my beloved horse, Belan, during episodes like these . I hope she makes it back to Rivendell.

And now they have inevitably captured me and knocked me out in some unique way. I don't remember what happened after they caught me. But I do have a bad headache and I am a little nauseous. They must have drugged me.

I have no doubt that I'll wake up tied to a tree; my arms, hands, ankles and legs all tied. All therefore leading to numb extremities; all burning like fire, and all tied up so tightly I can barely move. My wrists, of course are blood encrusted , as well as my bootless ankles and of course the pain is excrutiating, like wildfire. Plus I'm gagged and the usual, blindfolded, so I have no idea where I am...just with the smelly Orcs. It's all so familiar, but I hate it with a passion. If I go to sleep or even appear to be asleep, the smelly, nasty creatures will come over and kick me in the abdomen and backhand me to wake me. How delightful, always the taste of blood in the morning. I should be used to it, but blood is not my favorite flavor. I should just stay awake and wait for it, because I always know it's coming. There will be no sleep for me tonight, though I'm exhausted. My heart is racing so fast and i can't seem to slow my breathing, I'm sweating and my adrenaline is flying. Oh, I had better brace myself. They're coming. I hopelessly struggle to get away, terrified; An Orc hits me in the abdomen and gave me two backhands. I moan in pain. "This night hasn't even begun for you, and no food or drink for you, either." The evil, smell creature grins at me with his yellow, dripping fangs; and I have a very good idea what is coming up. Valar help me...

I am shivering and shaking all over, and wishing desperately Aragorn would come and rescue me, or I could have my weapons, especially my bow. But at the moment, I'm not sure if I want Aragorn's help or my bow and arrows worse. Ai! I guess I want both.

Why can't I live the life of other Elves. They live their lives the way they want. In pure freedom. I live about 3/4 of my life in captivity. I've fought with and been abducted by men, Elves, Orcs, Saruman, Sauron, and by a host of other evil, nasty creatures I can't even name. For many reasons ...except I do suspect my blonde hair, and blue eyes have a lot to do with it. 'Haha,' Legolas thought. Not to mention I'm a Prince. It seems to be much too dangerous to be one. I usually hear either: "Oh, you are so beautiful, what should I do with you," or "if you move, you will die now instead of later!" Blood usually flows anyway, but at least not enough to kill, just temporarily incapacitate me. Oh, help! is always a constant thought and occasional comment.

This all gets so frightening and annoying. I am so tired of Orc violence. Why can't they just smile, and give me some decent water and food for a change {instead of left-over dead Orc, or some other dead, rotting thing that I could never identify.] Clean water would be nice instead of the constant grey, filthy fluid I have to choke down. Then they could be sweet and friendly and be gentle with me and make our trip much more pleasant, so I'm much stronger and healthier to face my foe. Give up, Legolas. It never has happened...and it never will. Like I said, I know what's coming... I want to go home..! NOW! Of course I always do in a situation like this. First an extremely ugly Orc unties my gag and blindfold...relief. Then my feet and legs...more relief. I look up at a being with absolute evil in his eyes. My hands are untied and re-tied in front of me. Then I get dragged up on my numb feet. They want me to walk, I fall. Then I get slapped usually about a dozen times for FALLING. I am picked up and flung over a shoulder and carried to a tree near their campfire, I look around , wondering what they have in mind this time. They drag me to a tree and I struggle, figuring it out. I look at them, desperately, begging with my eyes..but I know that begging and pleading never work...however it's always worth a try. So as they throw the rope I'm attached to up over a high tree limb, I'm trembling, terrified, and knowing I'm going to scream at some point, .but I'd rather not if I can help it. And it's certainly not time for that, anyway. Valar, I can't believe I have to go through this again.