The evil creatures made a good solid knot attaching my hands to the tight rope knots. and pulled me up until my feet were well off the ground. I struggled, fought, and kicked to somehow escape or at least be able to reach the ground. But I knew it was pointless. I felt like a fish on a pole. Then I turned myself around to get a look at what exactly they were going to do. A bullwhip. ' Ai, Elbereth, please Valar! Oh, PLEASE don't let this happen!' Then after that, they growl and laugh at me, and then grab me and spin me back, forth and around like a doll. It was humiliating and unnerving. So much for my pride and dignity.

Then they usually rip my shirt off and remove my boots,: but at the moment I am boot-less. My cloak is long gone.

" Please don't do this!" I find myself pleading again in fear, but I'm so tired of the upcoming torture happening to me so often, that I give up for the moment.

I don't want to die on this day. I am always frightened when I am with the Orcs; but I try not to show them my fear, only my physical and emotional fortitude. That is not easily done.

"No!" I begged again, being stupid and having to say something, anyway. Well, no sympathy, so I decide to shut up, for as long as I could. And so I just hung there, panting, sweating and unbelievably frightenened. My eyes were wide and terrified and i was hyperventilating and panting. "No..." I whispered, but no one heard. I was speaking to no one. I was frozen, anticipating this.

Then suddenly my whole body tenses as I hear a whoosh.. .crack ! Oh, Valar, there was the first...the pain was excrutiating...I hissed and widened my eyes

Crack! Ai!, Aragorn!. Please, PLEASE come and help me, Oh, please rescue me! This is always way too much for my body to handle. So I'm sure I won't make it through this very another one comes again so quickly that I have no time to brace myself ,

Crack! Oh, it burns and stings and I am in so much pain I can't think straight. The skin on my back feels raw. I start quietly moaning. They also didn't miss my legs, my feet and my front. I was getting red, raw and almost numb. It was excrutiatingly painful. And I was feeling sick.

Whoosh, ..crack! Once again. I probably will pass out long before the end of their 'session' but that never seems to stop them. I quietly usually hand out about 10 or so.

Please, please, no, he thinks to himself..CRACK! I gasp and start to yell. .I'm getting numb with pain. My back feels hot, and I can feel blood running down my back, soaking my leggings, and reaching and tickling my feet and my toes. Which meant it was already dripping off of me onto the ground.

Crack! This time, I panted, started hyperventilating,, gritted my teeth and

moaned . whoosh, Crack! "AH!" I hiss and and start to gasp and yell.


Crack! I screamed as loud as I could. It was so painfully agonizing, I didn't realize I had stopped breathing, until I had to catch my breath. I could not stand if I wanted to, or if I was let down to walk. And the only thing holding me up was the large limb on the cursed tree which I was attached to and hanging from. I was very quickly learning to hate this tree that I am hanging from as well as all the laughing Orcs all around me.

Whoosh, CRACK! I scream, as loud as I can; not being able to hold it back; and I also hope it will make them stop. It doesn't. I am in so much pain, but I am concentrating on how horrendous their treatment of me has been. I detest them so much. I was glaring at one in particular, wondering how many pieces I could make out of these creatures. I turned back to the tree and grinned.

One more flog. I got dizzy, very weak and finally, thankfully, passed out.

AARRRGGGGGGGGGG! I HATE these evil creatures! When I awoke after that particular nightmare, i was tied up as before. I knew they would come and have another "great time" at my expense.

second person

Aragorn was walking down the shadow-covered path, on the way to where he knew that Legolas had gone. He stopped mid-stride, looked around and saw one set of horse tracks. The horse had been walking in the direction he was going, and a second set of tracks were headed in the opposite direction towards Rivendell at a dead run. He was sure they were Belan's. He had been very concerned about Legolas, but now he was starting to panic .He picked up the pace for a while, and whipped around on his horse, looking were tracks all around him. Orcs. Many, many Orcs. Now he was starting to feel sick.

He continue to the area of the lake both he and Legolas loved and spent so much time at, apprehensive of what he might find when he got there. "Legolas,!" he called as he climbed off his horse, and started looking around for his friend in panic. He wasn't in the lake, nor anywhere else in sight. And Legolas' horse was gone. Even If he had jumped on his horse and headed for Rivendell, he didn't make it there. Aragorn would have seen him at Rivendell, or somewhere in-between. He knew what had happened. So he decided to go back the way he had come, find the Orc tracks, and hopefully the Orcs, themselves. It gave him a strange kind of comfort, wondering how many Orcs he could cut to pieces when he caught up with them. The thought made him smile.

He started back the way he had come at a trot, then a gentle canter, not wanting to miss anything that might have involved his friend. He knew he had to find him, and quickly. He could be dead or captured. Considering he was an Elf...the odds weren't very good, either way. But Aragorn had to believe he was still alive somewhere. He just had to find him. And if he saw any of the Orcs even touch his friend, his life would be forfeit at Aragorn's hands.

He travelled a short while, slid off his horse and looked around in horror. Something he missed on his way to the lake. In a clearing a short way off the road, there was an abundance of dead bloody Orcs, everywhere. "Legolas!" he called as loud as he could. He quickly looked around for him, and he finally found Legolas' tracks. His arrows were spent and he had killed many of them before he ran out. His bow was close...and his knives...which from the look of things, had been put to very good use.

'Oh, Legolas!' he thought to himself, 'I wish I had taken you up on your invitation to come. You might be alright, now.' He was weaponless and now at their mercy. He sent his horse back to Rivendell at a full gallop with a message to his Adar letting him know what happened and where he was heading. Maybe he would send Elladan and Elrohir. They were always such a huge help to him. He hoped that someone would show up soon. So in the meantime, he had to walk on foot. He knew he would have a long way to go to find his friend. "Hold on, Legolas, please! I'm on my way!"

Now he remembered as he slowly awoke that he had been tortured the night before. It was impossible not to notice... He realized he was tied up as before, but this time, he was tied to the tree he had been been hung from before. His back was raw from rubbing against the bark of the tree, and the rest of him felt like one big fireball. I blinked as I awoke. That was a BIG mistake. One of the evil beings caught me. Oh, no! He came over immediately, to give me a bad time.

"So good evening my little Elf," the Orc snarled at him, as he walked up to me and started abusing me immediately. He kicked me in the stomach, the ribcage, my sides, my face, Then he gave me a backhand or two. I was their punching bag once again. "Are you ready for the night's fun, now?" Legolas was still coughing, choking and coughing up blood .He had his gag on, again, so of course he couldn't answer him which was just as well. So Legolas just shook his head no, and glared at the Orc. "Wrong answer." the Orc growled at him He kicked him again and had Legolas moaning in agony. He couldn't do anything to relieve the pain, he was so tightly tied to this cursed tree. He could struggle, but of course it was no use, and so he just sat there in agony with a blood -soaked gag, in his mouth ,which was awful and he couldn't even spit it out.

Another Orc approached to find out what was happening. "Oh, I was just waking our Elven pet up."

"It looks like you've been doing a bit more than that," he said as he kicked Legolas in the stomach. Legolas started to groan and cough again, then glared at the Orcs with everything he had. He got another backhand for his effort at intimidation. Then he yanked the bloody gag off, to let him get a few bloodless breaths. "Not one word, Elf, or I'll put the gag right back on, alright?" Legolas nodded his head once and looked at them and all the other Orcs. They were all yelling and getting excited; about him and more torture coming, he was sure He was so frightened he was shivering, and so cold. What were they going to do to him next?. He was in so much pain as it was.

One of the smelly creatures, the head of the horde, Legolas assumed, approached him with a wicked gleam in his eyes, and of course, Legolas tried to stare him down. It didn't work again, though. Legolas had too much fear in his eyes. The Orc called all the others and they came lumbering over and surrounded the Elf. Well it's time, boys. Welcome to the show!"


Legolas watched them very carefully to see what was happening. He saw an Orc saunter over to the campfire and pick up a couple of metal rods. Legolas's stomach was churning and he was feeling very sick at the though of what he knew was about to happen. The Orc put them in the fire until they were white hot.

Legolas stared at the Orc bringing them over to him. Then at what he was carrying, and then at the Orc again. 'Oh, gods!' he thought. ' How could they do this to me!' He started fighting desperately for his freedom. . He truly could not handle that much pain and agony.

Then he was untied, laid prostrate and his wrists and ankles were tied down and staked into the ground. Legolas fought every moment, struggling, and all the Orcs did was laugh at him for attempting to escape and the fear that showed all over him. His heart was racing, he was panting and sweating profusely. He was so sick to his stomach, he knew this would probably bring him over the edge., now.

"No!" He yelled. "Please don't do this..." He hated begging and pleading, but at this moment he was willing to do anything to try and help himself. " Please don't do this to me," he said more quietly "No." He begged very quietly. They would never listen to him, just laugh at his begging and all his fear. They fed off of it!

"Well, I told you what would happen if you said anything, now, didn't I pet? In spite of how much we would like to hear your beautiful screams, I'm afraid the gag has to go back on. The same one.." The Orc taunted him as he watched Legolas for a reaction. Legolas just glared at him, trying very hard not to give him that reaction.

The Orc who had the hot red pokers spat on one, as Legolas was gagged again. The Elfs' blue eyes went wide. It was so embarrassing to show his fear, but he couldn't help himself under the circumstances. "Hold his arms and his legs, NOW!" He yelled at his fellow Orcs. They had been too busy watching the prisoner in his agony.. So they held him down, struggling. Then the first Orc grabbed a knife and swiped the bottom of the Ellfs' feet with it, bringing out a painful moan from Legolas.

"Well, it doesn't look like you will be walking for a while, slave," the Orc sadistically grinned. Legolas returned the look the best he could and got another backhand for that. Oh, his feet stung, now...

"Alright, out of my way!" He walked over to Legolas' hands, broke one, and cut the other one deeply. Legolas was yelling through his gag and feeling more nauseous all the time. He was hurting so much that he couldn't really think straight. There was blood seeping down his feet and hands now. Then all of a sudden the Orc took a poker and laid it across Legolas' abdomen. It sizzled as it burned the Elf. Legolas screamed and screamed and screamed through the bloody gag, unable to stop from the unbelievable agony. It was heart-stopping. Then, with very little time between, the evil creature took the rod and touched it to Legolas' chest several times, making a pattern. Then he laid it on the other side of his chest pressing it again and again, forming another pattern on that side. So the white-lighting did it's trick. Legolas had been screaming and screaming and screaming. He just couldn't stop, and his voice was faltering and scratchy. he openly sobbed and shed a few tears. He had no idea, he was getting dizzy, and was slowly losing consciousness. An Orc came over to taunt him, but Legolas had already passed creatures had a white paste with them, that they rubbed all over his burns. It would dry and settle into the wounds and hopefully make them permanent. One of them was so angry, that he took the knife and cut two deep long cuts on Legolas' legs.

A couple of hours later, they had their site taken care of and everything, including Legolas, packed up. Then they continued on their way, with an unconscious, still moaning Elf.

Aragorn was still going down the off-path following the many horse tracks. Elladan and Elrohir were not there, yet, to help. He really was on his own here, and was not exactly sure how to proceed. He had his and Legolas' weapons, sans arrows, but no horse to make any time with. Time was going and Legolas could not afford that. He had been gone two days and anything could happen in that time. Where are they? Where were they going? All he could do was run, and run is what he did.


I'm sorry for the choppy chapter. I know it's a little confusing with the first/second thing. I thought that would be easier. For me, it's not. So please bear with me.