Ch 1

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"Good morning George."

"Morning Circ."

We meet up in our usual spot by the bakery on our way to school. After sitting for awhile, George breaks the silence.

"Why do they show us the rebellion footage to us? I mean, we have seen it every year since we were twelve…"

"I don't know, I don't know..."

The rest of the walk to school is silent. It is always like this, the last week before the reaping. We get shown a different film today. It's about a girl named Katniss and a boy named Pita maybe? I can't remember his name. They rebelled against the Capitol. This Katniss girl was the face of the rebellion. Pita loved Katniss, and Katniss loved Pita. At the end of their games, the both tried to commit suicide together. The head game maker at that time let them both live. They tried to team up with district thirteen to kill President Snow and be the President themselves. They were mean and selfish and killed many Capitol people. President Snow had no choice but to execute them. This was a long time ago, Almost two hundred years…

After class, George meets me in the hallway.

"Wow, that was-"

"Horrible what they did to the Capitol," I say as I nudge him in the shoulder. Headmaster Jones walks past, she pauses slightly after where I was standing and turned around.

"I'm glad you felt that way Miss Danyelle," After she was far away, I turn to George

"You can't do that here! You'll get us both expelled and fired!"


"No, not 'whatever' I need my job! Unlike you, I have a family to feed! All my dad is good at is going around getting new girlfriends!" With that I burst into tears. George stands in front of me and hugs me. We stand in the hallway like this for several minutes until a boy with brown hair and blue eyes approaches me and George.

"Hey look! George and his girlfriend, Nina!"George turns around slowly and blinks. In one swift move George punches him twice in the nose.

After the first one he says, "One, her name isn't Nina-" After the second one, holding his train of thought, "And two, she isn't my girlfriend." By then everybody is staring at us. There is blood dripping down his face as he slumps to the ground. He looks unconscious.

I whisper to George, "What have you done…"

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