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I'm standing in the corner watching that chick beat up Brice.

She turns and yells at them saying that no one messes with Rubie. I'm guessing her name is Rubie… well obviously. I see her up on stage and see how truly stunning she looks.

Her blond hair is in a loose ponytail that hangs onto her mid back. Her dress is shimmering in the lights of the Justice Building while the slight wind moves the flowing end. Her shoes are encrusted with rubies it seems.

Zalin is looking paler then usual on the stage. She pulls the name out of the reaping ball. It won't be me. It never has.

I start thinking about the Games and how most children live for them while I would rather be at home not watching at all. The games are sick! Why would people look forward to watching children kill other children! How do people train to kill…?

The buzzing of the outside world silences and forces me back into reality. Zalin is face down on the stage with the slip of paper in her hand. Mayor Lux stands up from her chair and pulls the slip of paper out of her hands.

Her voice is high pitched and bubbly, not what you'd expect from such a serious women, she pulls the name up to her face trying to read the name without her glasses.

"Emero Dawson?"

Everyone turns to me and I stand still, not moving, trying to blend into the crowd.

It doesn't work and a Peacekeeper comes up to me and pulls me up on stage.

The Mayor has to go on with the ceremony and all I remember is sitting in the chair at the visiting room and my mother coming into see me.

I stand up and she runs up to me crying. I hold onto her and she pulls back. "You need to take this."

She holds the black wristband out that I've seen her many days wearing while we putter around the house dusting, sweeping, mopping and cleaning up in general.

"I can't. It's yours."

I shove her hands back and she pulls me into a hug again.

"You don't have to have it if you don't want it."

A Peacekeeper comes into the room and asks mom to leave. She obliges and walks out calmly unlike the other mothers I've seen walk out of here.

I sit back in my chair not expecting any more visitors, and I don't get any.

Standing up, I put my hands in my back pocket and feel something. Weaving my fingers through the string, I find my mother's black bracelet…

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