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"Regular Speech"

'Thoughts/Conversation with Hollow'

'Inner voice of Ichigo's hollow'

Chapter 1

Las Noches: Espada's Meeting Room

"Greeting my brothers, today we have but one item on the agenda. Kaname if you would be so kind as to begin the presentation." Aizen said as the meeting began.

"Yes Lord Aizen." Tosen replied as he pulled a lever causing a visual projection of Ichigo Kurosaki to appear on the center of the table.

"This boy has a colossal growth rate and I wish to have the situation assessed by one of you." Aizen said as he began to look around the table.

"I will go Lord Aizen." A green eyed human like arrancar replied.

"Count me in as well I'm bored as hell just sitting here." A large ogre like arrancar grunted.

"Very well, you may go as well. However, know that this is only for the purpose of observing the boys current level. Under no circumstances is he to be killed." Aizen ordered, prompting the larger arrancar to huff in annoyance.

"When do we depart my Lord?" The green eyed arrancar asked, obviously having no issues with the orders for one reason or another.

"As soon as I am done briefing you about the location you will be venturing to." Aizen replied.

Soul Society: 12th Division sensory Tech. Room (30 minutes later)

"Sir, two hollow spiritual signatures spotted heading straight for the Eastern Section of Karakura town." One of the workers said upon seeing the screen light up like the fourth of July, pressing various numbers of keys rapidly in an attempt to identify the signatures.

"Those are not ordinary hollows, they are arrancar, and from the looks of it strong ones as well." Another worker exclaimed with fear evident in his voice.

"Don't just sit there and gawk at the readings, alert Captain Commander Yamamoto of the situation immediately!" Akon yelled as the subordinates began to scramble.

Karakura town: Kurosaki residence

"This spiritual pressure… it's definitely a hollow." Ichigo began as he felt the waves of spiritual pressure rip through the air.

"I need to get their fast before this gets out of hand." Ichigo mused before popping a small green pill into his mouth and exiting his body.

"Kon I'll be back soon just stay out of trouble and don't do anything stupid." Ichigo said as he jumped out of his window and headed towards the spiritual pressure.

"Sure thing Ichigo you can count on me." Kon exclaimed.

"Gee it's been so long since I've had my hands on this body." Kon said as he stretched the limbs of Ichigo's body.

"Hmmm, what to do what to do." Kon wondered aloud, a mischievous smile coming to his lips as he thought of the numerous 'opportunities' he had when inhabiting Ichigo's body.

Karakura town: Urahara's Shop

'This spiritual pressure is definitely higher than that of a normal arrancar.' Urahara thought as he felt the spike of spiritual pressure.

"Yoruichi we're leaving, in Ichigo's current condition there's no way he'll be capable at defeating these arrancar." Urahara said to his companion.

"Alright Kisuke, let's get going." Yoruichi replied before using flash step to head towards the source of the spiritual pressure.

Karakura Town Park

A large meteor impacts in the dead center of the park leaving a massive crater beneath it. As the smoke clears two figures could be seen at the bottom of the pit. The beings immerge, one massive and ogre like, and another small and more human in appearance.

"Seems the world of the living is still as boring as ever, hasn't changed a bit." The larger arrancar stated as the dust from created from their entrance began to settle.

"Don't complain, after all you wanted to accompany me to this world when I am more than capable of preforming this mission by myself." The human-like arrancar replied as they began to exit the giant crater.

"Yeah, yeah, I know already I'll give it a rest." The large arrancar huffed.

"What on earth could have created this crater?!" One of the human bystanders exclaimed.

"I don't know but I'm getting a weird feeling about this." Another human bystander replied.

"What the hell are these humans gawking at? You'd think then never saw a hole before." The ogre like arrancar bellowed.

"You'd better stop staring at me or I'll suck out your souls!" Yammy warned in an agitated voice.

"Yammy don't be an idiot, it's quite obvious they cannot see you." The smaller human like arrancar replied with contempt for his comrade's stupidity.

"Tch, whatever it still pisses me off." Yammy huffed, before he began to use his Gonzui to devour the souls of the bystanders within the immediate area.

Streets of Karakura Town

As Orihime and Chad run towards the part they witness the power of Yammy's Gonzui as it sucks out all of the weak human souls within a good radius of Karakura town's park. Many civilians begin to fall to the ground, catching the attention of Orihime.

"Chad wait!" Orihime exclaimed upon seeing the innocent people simple fall lifelessly to the ground.

"It's no use Orihime that guys dead." Chad replied causing Orihime to gasp.

"We have to get to the park so that you can save those that survived." Chad said upon seeing Orihime's frown at the mention of leaving people behind to die.

Karakura Town Park

As Yammy finishes using his Gonzui to suck out the souls of all humans in the immediate area, all those who were witness to the hole being created collapsed to the ground.

"Bleck, these souls taste awful!" Yammy bellowed upon getting a bad aftertaste from the powerless souls he consumed.

"What did you expect Yammy? Weak souls like that will always taste nasty." The smaller arrancar replied.

"So? I only did it because they kept staring at us." Yammy said as he began to survey the area.

"So how many people here are we supposed to "observe" anyway?" Yammy questioned, putting sarcastic emphasis on the worked observe.

"Only one. There is no need to survey anyone else." The other arrancar replied.

"Hah, what a waste of a trip." Yammy complained with humor evident in his voice.

"I was told that there were three people in this town who hold enough spiritual pressure to offer any resistance to us. It should be easy to find them within this den of trash." The humanoid arrancar reasoned in an emotionless voice.

"Hmm what's this?" The humanoid arrancar wondered aloud upon seeing a survivor from Yammy's Gonzui.

"That's surprising. There seems to be a survivor." The smaller arrancar observed.

"What just happened? Who are you? What's going on?" Tatsuki asked as Yammy stepped closer and closer to her.

"If you survived my Gonzui you must have some spiritual pressure of your own." Yammy said as he examined the human in front of him.

"Hey Ulquiorra, this one of 'em?" Yammy asked his fellow arrancar.

"Obviously not Yammy. Her soul is about to be crushed just by you standing near her you idiot." Ulquiorra answered emotionlessly.

"She is simply trash." Ulquiorra added, causing Yammy to dawn a grin that promised bloodshed.

"Oh well guess she just got lucky." Yammy said as he brought his foot up, making to kick the human.

"But I guess her lucks just run out!" Yammy shouted as he brought his foot towards the human only for it to be stopped before it erased her from existence. Yammy looked down to see that a large human with an odd looking right arm had blocked his attack. Along with him came an ordinary looking human girl with red hear.

"Huh? Just who the hell are you guys?" Yammy questioned the new arrivals.

'Unreal. With just a simply kick I could feel his enormous power. Winning this battle will by no means be easy. We need you to hurry Ichigo.' Chad thought as he began to sweat due to using so much energy to block Yammy's kick.

"Hey Ulquiorra he trash too?" Yammy asked hoping to be able to kill someone after all.

"Yammy you really need to work on your powers of deduction. They are of course trash. Do with them what you wish." Ulquiorra replied emotionlessly.

"Que Suerte." Yammy exclaimed as he backhanded Chad with enough force to send him flying away, blood flowing down the right side of his body where Yammy stuck him.

"Chad!" Orihime cried as she ran over to Chad after seeing him so effortlessly defeated.

"Chad come on, wake up." Orihime exclaimed upon arriving next to Chads injured body.

'Chad had to know that this would happen. He must have known but faced them anyway in order to save me and Tatsuki.' Orihime thought as she examined Chad's injuries.

"What about her Ulquiorra?" Yammy asked as he noticed the girl run over to the man that Yammy had just incapacitated.

"Need I repeat myself again Yammy?" Ulquiorra responded emotionlessly.

"Hmph." Yammy grunted as he made to squash the girl with his hand.

"Santen Kesshun." Orihime exclaimed, summoning her shield to protect her from Yammy's attack.

'What the hell is this?' Yammy wondered, his eyes widening as his hand smashed through the barrier the girl had created.

"Soten Kisshun." Orihime uttered as she summoned her healing barrier over the right side of Chad's body, healing his injuries.

"Hey how are you able to heal that guys injuries?" Yammy questioned upon seeing the right side of Chad's arm, healing the injury and making it appear as if nothing had ever happened.

'It appears that she has healing powers, but that can't be it. This is not a healing technique. She is either reversing time or space.' Ulquiorra thought upon witnessing Chad's arm regenerate under the barrier.

"Whaddaya wanna do with her Ulquiorra. Maybe we should take her back to Aizen and show him that weird healing ability of hers." Yammy questioned.

"No… we are here for one purpose and although her powers are interesting trash is still trash." Ulquiorra responded emotionlessly.

Yammy eyed his soon to be victim with a grin as he received the confirmation to have his fun.

"Hah hah hah." Yammy laughed as he made to finish off Orihime by squashing her with the middle of his hand but was stopped before impact by the tip of a Zanpakuto.

'What?' Yammy thought, being surprised by the appearance of another new opponent.

'Ah it appears our target has arrived.' Ulquiorra thought as he saw the redheaded Soul Reaper block Yammy's fist.

"Just who the hell are you?" Yammy asked upon seeing the new opponent.

"Sorry Ichigo." Orihime apologized with a saddened expression.

"Don't be… I should have been here sooner." Ichigo replied, not taking his eyes off of his opponent.

"But it's my fault, if I was stronger…" Orihime said before she was cut off by Ichigo.

"There's no need for you to apologize. Now I'm gonna deal with them." Ichigo said as he readied his Bankai stance.

"Bankai!" Ichigo roared as he was engulfed in light blue spiritual energy. A moment later Ichigo was revealed with a standard size black zanpakuto with a chain on the end of its hilt.

'That's Ichigo's Bankai. I've never seen it so close up before, but it feels different from the time when he fought on Sokyoku Hill.' Orihime thought as she gazed upon Ichigo's Bankai.

"Orihime stay back." Ichigo ordered, causing Orihime to wince slightly at the tone of voice he used.

"Alright." Orihime responded before proceeding to exit the immediate battlefield.

"Bankai huh? Hey Ulquiorra this the one?" Yammy asked his companion.

"Yes, but given how clumsily you have handled the situation I'm surprised we were able to flush him out." Ulquiorra responded.

"The orange hair, the black Bankai, this is unmistakably the one." Ulquiorra continued.

"So he saved us the trouble of finding him. Que Suerte!" Yammy exclaimed as he threw his fist at Ichigo, only for him to block it with the side of his blade.

"Wha." Yammy exclaimed shocked that his punch was deflected so easily.

"You the reason that Chad is lying over there on the ground?" Ichigo questioned the hapless, brutish arrancar.

"So what if I am? You gonna do something about it?" Yammy taunted before Ichigo disappeared in an instant only to reappear immediately behind Yammy with his sword raised above his head, covered in a light amount of fresh blood.

"GAH!" Yammy yelled, clenching his right shoulder as his arm fell to the ground.

"Idiot. That should teach you to use your pesquisa." Ulquiorra muttered as he witnessed Yammy's stupidity.

'Even given Yammy's stupidity, he was able to slice through his hierro and lop his arm off quite easily, not something I would have expected from someone who just learned Bankai.' Ulquiorra thought as he sized up the Soul Reaper.

'His spiritual pressure is great but at this level he is no threat to Lord Aizen.' Ulquiorra continued in his train of thought.

"Damn!" Yammy grunted, panting heavily due to the recent loss of his right arm.

"You seem to be having trouble, shall I take over?" Ulquiorra questioned, noticing that Yammy was not in the best of shapes to fight against a Bankai.

"Stay out of this Ulquiorra this guy's mine!" Yammy yelled as he put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

"You really need to resort to using that against this trash, how embarrassing." Ulquiorra commented, enraging Yammy further.

"Shut up Ulquiorra!" Yammy yelled, being annoyed at Ulquiorra's insult.

'A zanpakuto… what is he a vizard? Like me and Shinji?' Ichigo wondered before he felt a very familiar tug asking or control of his body.

'Switch.' Ichigo's inner hollow exclaimed, causing Ichigo to grip his face as he felt his hollow attempt to take over his body.

'Damn you. Stay out of this.' Ichigo commanded, as he resisted his hollow's attempt at a takeover.

"Huh… what's this?" Yammy wondered aloud upon seeing Ichigo clench his face and drop any semblance of a fighting stance.

'Just switch with me will ya? I can take on these guys easy.' Ichigo's inner hollow taunted as Ichigo's eyes began to become partially blackened.

'Go away. I don't need you. Stay out of this.' Ichigo responded with conviction evident in his tone.

"Ha." Yammy laughed as he kicked Ichigo sending him flying into the trees, nearly knocking the life out of him.

"How this kid managed to cut off my arm…" Yammy thought aloud after observing that Ichigo had not gotten up after he kicked him into the trees.

"I wouldn't be so sure that you have won Yammy. Look over there." Ulquiorra stated, noticing that Yammy had taken his eyes off of his opponent yet again.

"Calm down Ulquiorra, if the kid is alive he'll prolly not have anything left to fight with." Yammy mused before looking back over at his opponent, only for his eyes to widen in shock at what he saw.

'What the hell is that?' Yammy wondered as he started at what he thought was still Ichigo.

Yammy no longer saw the boy that he had just moments ago sent flying into the trees. A white substance had covered the left side of his face, and his left arm, forming a claw on his hand and a partially formed hollow mask with red marks on his face. The sclera of his eyes became black as night, and the iris' became a haunting gold. The most surprising characteristic off all however was the appearance of a hollow hole in the center of his chest.

'What is this? His spiritual pressure, the mask, the hole in the center of his chest… he unmistakably resembles a hollow. But a mere human and a Soul Reaper no less cannot possibly become a hollow can they?' Ulquiorra thought with wide eyes, more shocked than even Yammy at what he saw.

"What the hell are you?" Yammy bellowed, causing the creature to lock dead onto his figure with his feral gaze.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Ichigo shrieked in his feral hollow state before charging Yammy with incredible speed, zanpakuto held back and prepared to land a strong blow across Yammy's torso.

'What the hell?' Yammy thought as he brought his zanpakuto to defense himself from the impending attack, barely managing to raise his blade in time.

Ichigo however used so much force in the attack that he was able to send Yammy flying into the trees, a stark contrast to what had happened not moments ago.

'How could he have gained such speed and such power in such a short amount of time? He wasn't even remotely as fast with the attacks he used not moments ago.' Ulquiorra thought as he observed Ichigo and Yammy fighting.

'Better I observe the depths of this strange situation than to simply bail out that fool.' Ulquiorra continued in his train of thought.

"Gah." Yammy grumbled as he got up from the pile of trees that had crashed on top of him due to his landing path.

"You really piss me off you know that Soul Reaper!" Yammy shouted as he charged Ichigo with his sword. The attacked proved folly as Ichigo dodged the ill-conceived attack and countered by slashing Yammy straight across his chest.

"I won't go down that easy Soul Reaper!" Yammy bellowed as he brought his sword to strike Ichigo, this time making contact and slicing him right down the left side of his torso.

The strike caused Ichigo to fall to the ground and begin to shake sporadically with seemingly no reason for his movements.

"Take that you bastard!" Yammy roared, believing that he had won the fight upon seeing Ichigo spasm on the ground.

As Ichigo abruptly stopped his spasms subsequently after which a large grey snake-like entity with large human-like teeth emerged from his torso causing both Ulquiorra and Yammy to widen their eyes in shock for the umpteenth time since seeing the boy's transformation.

The unknown creature rampaged towards Yammy with the force of a herd of bulls, clearly intent on killing anything in its path.

'What the hell is this?' Yammy wondered as the creature attempted to devour him.

Yammy stopped the creature from accomplishing its obvious goal by grabbing the creature's lower and upper mouth. This however did not stop it from pushing Yammy back at incredible speeds.

Yammy opened his mouth and fired a cero directly into the creature and gave a sigh of relief upon seeing it explode and subsequently vanish from sight.

"Phew, close one." Yammy exclaimed before looking over at his opponent who had undergone yet another transformation.

The white substance had spread across his upper left side of his chest and back, and had further spread on his face. The claws on his hand had become more defined and spikes appeared to be coming out of his upper left shoulder.

"How the hell is it that you keep changing soul reaper?" Yammy questioned, genuinely confused as to what the hell was happening.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" The hollow screeched as it became surrounded by black spiritual pressure with a red outlining. With every second that passed more and more began to release, swirling violently and causing the wind to rage as it surrounded Ichigo in a sphere of pure dark energy.

'What could possibly be happening now?' Ulquiorra wondered as he witnessed the massive amount of spiritual pressure being released.

As the spiritual pressure died down Ichigo was revealed to be in his fully hollowfied form. His orange hair grew in length, extending to his lower back. The white substance had now covered his entire body, his feet became birdlike in nature, with claws extending out of them, and a tail had appeared, originating from the middle of his back.

Spikes now protruded form his other shoulder, and tuffs of white fur encircled his wrists. His hands were now complete with retractable claws where once his fingernails were and red markings were spread throughout his body, giving him a feral appearance. The appearance of this beast was menacing to say the least.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." The hollow shrieked as it abruptly charged Yammy with impressive speed.

Yammy brought his blade up to defend and ended up being able to block most of the strikes but they came at too fast a pace. As a result Ichigo landed several cuts on Yammy across his upper body and began to push him back. Blood began to pour from Yammy's wounds as Ichigo's strikes continued, even had Yammy still possessed his other arm, he doubted a counterattack was possible.

Yammy, sensing that he was at a disadvantage, put a large amount of strength into one attack in an attempt to cut Ichigo off at his chest. The blow landed but the blood immediately coagulated, turning white revealing the wound to be completely healed.

'Instant regeneration?' Ulquiorra and Yammy thought similarly.

"Rya." The hollow grunted as it stuck its blade against Yammy's sending him back several yards. Dust and rock shot through the air as Yammy collected himself once and came to a stop.

"Let's end this Soul Reaper." Yammy demanded as he began to charge a cero in the palm of his remaining hand and pointed it at Ichigo.

Ichigo at the same time raised his left hand at Yammy and began to charge a cero in the palm of his raised hand.

'Is that…' Ulquiorra thought as he observed the crimson orb of spirit energy spiral to life in the palm of Ichigo's hand.

"No way!" Yammy exclaimed as he and Ichigo fired off their cero simultaneously.

The cero's collided, but much to Yammy's surprise the cero Ichigo had fired easily overpowered his own, and sent Yammy flying across the park, badly burnt form the powerful blast.

Ichigo turned to Ulquiorra and eyed the arrancar causing him to reach for the hilt of his zanpakuto. Ulquiorra became confused as the apparent hollow simply stopped in its tracks and began to screech, seemingly in pain.

'What's this?' Ulquiorra thought as he saw the creature pull its left hand up to its face and begin to rip off the mask that now covered the face of Ichigo Kurosaki.

'I won't let you have it. You hear me, you'll never have it!' Ichigo declared as he attempted to regain control of his body.

Black spiritual energy, laced with red, and light blue spiritual energy began to encircling the beast as Ichigo tore off the mask, negating the transformation that the boy had undergone. Once the spiritual energy subsided, Ichigo fell to the ground completely unconscious.

Yammy got up and examined his injuries before heading back over to Ulquiorra. He had several decently sized gashes across his upper torso, a severed right arm, and a burnt body having taken the brunt of Ichigo's cero.

"So it appears you've finally decided to get back up. You look to be in quite the terrible shape Yammy." Ulquiorra exclaimed as Yammy approached the body of the unconscious Ichigo.

"I'm gonna kill this bastard!" Yammy yelled as he brought his foot up to squash the unconscious Ichigo.

'I should probably stop him before he actually kills the boy.' Ulquiorra thought until he sensed two more spiritual entities entering the battlefield.

As Yammy brought his foot down to squash Ichigo, his foot was abruptly stopped by a barrier of red spiritual energy. As the dust settled two new opponents revealed themselves to be present.

"Sorry we're a little late." Urahara exclaimed after the dust settled.

'Ichigo.' Yoruichi thought with a sad expression on her face as she looked at her currently unconscious student.

"All the damn bugs keep popping up and getting in my way!" Yammy bellowed, unhappy that he was constantly being interrupted before he could finish someone off.

"Stepping to the front of the line means you're just gonna get killed first!" Yammy exclaimed as he brought his fist up to punch his new opponents.

"Sucka." Yammy yelled as he brought his fist down towards the tanned skinned woman, who instantly caught Yammy by the forearm and flipped him effortlessly, sending him crashing to the ground on his back.

"I've got this." Yoruichi stated with a tone of finality, feeling the need to do some damage for what happened to Ichigo.

"He's all yours." Urahara replied.

"Graaaaaaaaaaa!" Yammy roared as he brought his fist down to the ground where the two had been standing, only for them to disappear in an instant before his fist even connected to the ground.

'Wha?' Yammy thought before his face, stomach, and upper body were hit with a flurry of strong punches by one very pissed off woman.

As Yammy began to gasp for air, temporarily being immobilized by the strong punches he received, Yoruichi flung herself into the air and brought her foot down on the Espada's head, causing him massive amounts of pain and sending him crashing to the ground.

"Hmph." Yoruichi sighed, as she began to walk from her, now defeated, opponent to the unconscious form of Ichigo.

'The encounter with his hollow did a real number on him. His physical injuries are minimal, but he's drained all his energy in his fight for control.' Urahara thought as he examined Ichigo's unconscious body.

"GAH!" Yammy roared as he recovered from his momentary immobilization and began to charge a cero in his mouth, aiming it directly at Urahara and Yoruichi, who were examining Ichigo's injuries.

"It's a cero." Yoruichi exclaimed upon seeing the bright red orb of energy form in Yammy's mouth.

The cero fired, creating a massive amount of dust at the point of impact. Yammy thinking that he had won began to gloat.

"Ha ha ha. You mess with me little girl ya get blown ta bits. No one can escape the blast of my cero at this range." Yammy boasted, believing that his cero connected.

'What?!' Yammy thought with wide eyes upon seeing that not only had his cero not connected, but it appeared to be blocked by the man who had been examining Ichigo's injuries, who now stood with his zanpakuto pointed directly at him.

"Just who the hell are you? How did you survive my cero?" Yammy questioned upon realizing that he was the one who stopped his cero from basting the other two to bits.

"You need to pay closer attention." Urahara began in a nonchalant tone.

"If I had tried to block your cero at this range the others might get hurt, so I simply responded with a similar attack." Urahara explained, causing Yammy to scowl.

"That's impossible!" Yammy exclaimed, not believing that a soul reaper was capable of matching his cero.

"If you don't believe me I'd be happy to show you again." Urahara replied readying his sword for his attack.

"Now Scream, Benehime!" Urahara shouted, sending a blast of bright red concentrated spiritual energy directly at Yammy.

The attack was all for naught as Ulquiorra appeared directly in front of the blast and deflected the attack effortlessly just before it was about to make contact with Yammy.

'This one's strong if he can deflect Benehime's attack so effortlessly.' Urahara thought with a grim expression, not wanting to fight such a powerful being when others were so close by.

'We can't afford to fight here against these two. Even if we manage to take them down the battle would be drawn out and deadly to those around us.' Yoruichi thought, sweating slightly as she examined the arrancar that deflected Urahara's blast so easily.

"Ah Ulquiorra." Yammy said with content, only to be punched in the stomach by his companion, sending him stumbling back several feet.

"Why'd you do that?" Yammy questioned in a low voice, still recovering from the abrupt punch.

"Idiot, if you had a brain in your head you'd of figured it out." Ulquiorra began as he turned to face the two that had rescued Ichigo Kurosaki from Yammy's anger.

"That's Kisuke Urahara and she is Yoruichi Shihoin. In your current state you wouldn't last five minutes against them. Let's go." Ulquiorra stated as we walked past Yammy, and opened up a Garganta.

"Are you running away?" Yoruichi questioned as she saw the Garganta open.

"Why are you trying to goad me into a fight? Normally I'd be happy to oblige but our mission is complete. It's time to deliver our report to Lord Aizen." Ulquiorra replied.

"I can now see why we were sent on this mission. Ichigo Kurosaki is indeed quite interesting." Ulquiorra stated with an ever so slight smirk on his face, making Yoruichi and Urahara glare at him as he and Yammy exited via the Garganta.

"Orihime, you can come out now." Urahara said once the Garganta closed and the arrancar had left.

Orihime appeared from the forest with an expression of fear on her face as she had witnessed Ichigo turning into a hollow. Once she noticed Ichigo's injuries she instantly adopted a look of absolute worry and went over to heal him.

'I should have been stronger. If I was Ichigo wouldn't have become that… that… thing and he wouldn't have to worry about me anymore.' Orihime thought, saddened that Ichigo became a literal monster while trying to protect Chad and herself.

"Mister Urahara what was that thing? There's no way that it could've been Ichigo." Orihime said, more to herself than anyone else.

"That thing, as you put it Orihime, is a problem that we are going to have to address after Ichigo regains consciousness." Urahara replied sorry that the girl had to witness Ichigo's hollowfication.

"However technically speaking that thing wasn't Ichigo… it was an attempt by his inner hollow to take over him." Yoruichi said, trying to explain to Orihime what happened to him.

Orihime gasped as images of her brother becoming a hollow flashed before her eyes causing her to gain an even more worried expression on her face.

'Ichigo, please be alright.' Orihime pleaded in thought.

"Don't worry about it Orihime, Ichigo is strong enough to contain it, and if not strained he shouldn't lose control to his hollow." Urahara stated, trying to reassure Orihime.

"For now we need to get him to the shop so he can recover fully without anything getting in the way." Yoruichi said trying to change the topic of conversation.

"But now that I have healed his wounds shouldn't he be alright?" Orihime questioned, curious as to why Ichigo needed to be safeguarded during his recovery.

"Well Orihime the thing is Ichigo stretched his energy to the brink in order to prevent his hollow from taking control of his body. As a result he will be unconscious for a while." Urahara replied just before a Senkaimon opened up in the middle of the park.

As the doors of the Senkaimon opened, Rukia Kuchiki stepped out and immediately gasped upon seeing Ichigo lying unconscious on the grass. Rukia ran over to his motionless body and frowned upon seeing him in such a helpless state.

"What happened here?" Rukia questioned in a low voice, still shocked by the sight that her eyes were met with upon her arrival.

"Well… two arrancar happened to show up and Ichigo fought them. As to why Ichigo is currently unconscious I will explain that after we get Ichigo back to the shop and in proper care." Urahara replied, reinforcing the point that Ichigo needed rest before he would be okay again.

"Alright let's get Ichigo to your shop." Rukia said, nodding in agreement at what Urahara had said.

"Alright we need someone to carry him back…" Urahara trailed off, expecting Rukia to volunteer.

"I got it Kisuke." Yoruichi stated before throwing Ichigo on her back and using flash step to quickly get to the shop.

"Well that was quick…" Urahara deadpanned.

"I'll catch up to her and help to get Ichigo taken care of. You two take care of Chad and the three of you can meet up with us at the shop." Urahara said in his usual nonchalant tone.

The two girls nodded before running over to Chad, who was still lying on the ground with a look of disappointment and regret etched on his face.

"Chad, are you alright?" Orihime asked noticing a pained expression on Chad's face

"I wasn't strong enough." Chad said in a low voice, as if talking to himself.

"Chad, don't be ridiculous, even Ichigo had trouble with them." Orihime lightly chided, even though she felt similarly.

"I wasn't strong enough." Chad repeated in a low voice before breaking out of his trance noticing that Ichigo was gone. He immediately dawned a worried expression as he realized that is best friend was likely injured.

"Is Ichigo alright?" Chad questioned, his tone evident of his worry.

"Ichigo is being taken to Urahara's shop and we are to go there now and meet with them." Rukia began slowly.

"They said that they will explain what happened, and since you and I did not witness the fight I believe we should go as soon as possible." Rukia stated, noticing Chad's mood brighten a little at the mentioning that Ichigo was alright.

"Alright let's get going." Chad replied as they began to head towards Urahara's shop.

Urahara's Shop: Medical room

The doors to the medical room opened as Yoruichi carried an unconscious Ichigo and placed him carefully on a makeshift bed in order for him to recover comfortably.

"What were you thinking overexerting yourself like that Ichigo?" Yoruichi wondered aloud, as if speaking to herself.

"I hope you know that once you wake up I'm going to kick your ass for being that stupid." Yoruichi exclaimed, a sad expression marking her face as she looked down at Ichigo's unconscious body.

'This hollow of his is becoming more of a problem by the day, we have to do something about it before it really does consume him.' Yoruichi reasoned before Urahara arrived in the room and broke her out of her train of thought.

"Hey Yoruichi, I trust that Ichigo is stable?" Urahara asked, as he looked down at Ichigo.

"He will be out for some time it seems, but he will be fine." Yoruichi began as she turned to face Urahara with a serious expression on her face.

"We need to decide what to do about this Kisuke." Yoruichi stated, leaving no room for debate.

"I know… but you need give me time to think of something. We can't do anything too rash or we could just end up losing Ichigo for good." Urahara replied, causing Yoruichi to gain a saddened expression at the mention of losing Ichigo for good.

"Ichigo will be fine until we come up with a solution. Kid's got a lot of heart, which may be the only reason he got back control after hollowfying to that extent." Urahara continued.

"For now we'll just have to wait for the others to get here before we can tell them what happened. Then Rukia can create a report on the incident with the arrancar and inform the Soul Society." Urahara said in a serious tone, eliciting a nod of understanding from Yoruichi.

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