Okay, so this is just a quick FYI with a bit of information attached to it. The story that I have chosen to right is the Bleach Fairy Tail Crossover, for reasons that will be explained in the Explanations: section of the first chapter of that story. For those of you who read this story, you will know what I am referring to. Also, if you have any questions AFTER reading the aforementioned section please post them in a review for either the first or second chapter to that story. Oh, and this message will likely be taken down in about a week or so, just a quick FYI.

The first installment of the new story will also have two chapters in it, mostly because I did the same thing for TFTH and I intend to do the same thing for every story I write just because I feel like it. More information on the story will be posted in the A/N's of the first and second chapter, so I wont bother putting it in here and making this like a 1000 word plus notice.

JUST IN CASE, I will say that this doesn't mean the other story that was voted on in the survey won't get written, because I fully intend to write it since I love the general idea.

Here is the link to the story, I hope you enjoy! Also, since I don't think the link is pasting properly, you can just look it up since the name is Into the Realm of Magic, the categories are Adventure/Romance, and the only listed character, for now ;P, is Ichigo Kurosaki.

Link: Not matter how many times I try, doesn't look like it'll let me put it in so it's on my profile and you can also just find it under Bleach Fairy Tail Crossovers. If you really, really can't find it then just PM me, I will be happy yo just send you the link.