Part 2: A Budding Partnership

It was a beautiful sight to behold. The setting sun blazed intensely, casting a deep, orange light across the grassy landscape.

A medium-sized village of about three or four hundred huts and houses rested peacefully as the day came to a close. Long fields of grass surrounded the town of Blazemouth on all sides, with the occasional giant tree sprouting up from the ground. The sun's orange rays glanced off the buildings, accentuating their features with a warm glow. They also cast a multitude of long shadows towards the darkening sky and helped to warm the cool wind of the early evening. That soft breeze swept across the blades of grass, blowing them gently in its wake.

All was peaceful… for the most part.

A short, yellow-scaled dinosaur digimon walked down a dirt path. The young digimon readjusted the red bag that was slung over his shoulder. It was the same shade of red as the belts that were fitted around each of the wrists and ran between his three claws. This digimon was called Agumon.

He hadn't been allowed to leave school until late in the afternoon. His teacher made him stay in detention for being distracting and lippy in class again. Agumon was already trying to think of what excuse he could tell his dad for his lateness. Maybe playing soccer with some schoolmates would work, he thought.

Agumon stepped off the path and plodded across the grass, past a non-uniform row of numerous wooden huts; some were quite large and some were smaller. He gripped the bag's strap tightly and continued walking, heading for his house which was still some distance away.

"P-please stop it!" a voice cried out. It sounded like it had a regional accent, much like the dinosaur digimon's.

Agumon stopped in tracks upon hearing the shout. He looked around him but saw only houses. He thought he heard the voice somewhere ahead of him, but he couldn't really tell due to the strong orange rays of sun shining in his eyes. He was forced to squint, but he knew that there was a small field past the final hut on the left side of the path. He often played soccer there.

He decided to ignore the shout. It was probably just the wind or something, he reasoned. He gripped his bag's strap tightly and continued walking, heading for his house. The fact that he would have to pass the field to get to his house didn't escape him though.

"Please!" the high voice cried again, sounding as if it was on the brink of tears. "Stop! I didn't - AGH – d-d-do anything to you guys!"

The yellow dragon digimon winced, his heartbeat starting to speed up. Agumon continued walking past the huts and across the grass. Up on his left was the small clearing between the huts, growing nearer with each step. He couldn't help but be curious, if not a bit nervous, at what the voices were saying. It didn't sound good though. However, the reptile had no choice but to keep walking towards it.

Agumon passed the final hut before the clearing, allowing him to finally look into the pitch. Although it was bright with the setting sun, in the center of the small field he could spot four figures. He squinted his blue eyes to try to get a better look at who they were. The most noticeable ones were three grey-furred, long-eared, bipedal digimon who all looked more or less similar, kind of like rabbit-eared hyenas. He recognized them as Gazimon, one looked like the one from his grade, and he thought he remembered the other two from the class above him. They seemed to be standing around the fourth figure. It looked like they were surrounding a different looking digimon.

In the center of the group was a scared, blue dragon digimon. As Agumon walked, he could see that there were dirt and grass stains all over the Dracomon's teal scales and white underbelly. He also noticed a pair of blue goggles around the dragon's head, resting on his forehead just below his red horns.

On further inspection, Agumon realized that one of the Gazimon had the Dracomon in a hold, restraining his arms behind his back, near the dragon's tiny red wings. The dinosaur digimon let out a gasp when he watched one of the remaining two Gazimon cuff the Dracomon across the face with a solid punch to the side of his snout.

"P-Please..." the dragon digimon snivelled miserably, his teary eyes wincing in pain as he felt blood trickle out of his nostrils.

"Are you kidding, you little git? This is way too much fun!" one of the Gazimon kids laughed.

Agumon grimaced and continued walking past the clearing, hoping to make it to the other side unnoticed. He felt bad for the hapless Dracomon, but the last thing the boy wanted to do was get involved. After all, he didn't know the Dracomon and there were three of the bullies against only one of him. There was no reason why he should get involved, he felt.

"Poor guy..." Agumon thought to himself sadly, looking down with guilt. "But... I can't do anything. They would just do the same to me."

"Hahah! What's with these stupid goggles?" one of the Gazimon laughed, pulling the accessory and then letting go so that the goggles snapped back and hit the Dracomon's head. "Do you think they look cool or something?"

The other digimon who wasn't holding the young dragon drilled his fist into the Dracomon's white underbelly. The Dracomon's red eyes widened and he coughed, winded by the blow. He grimaced hard and slumped forward slightly, trying to double over with pain. He looked as if he wished he could curl up into a ball and hide.

"Just let… me go..." the Dracomon sobbed, tears now streaming down his face. "Please! What did I ever do to you guys?"

The gray rabbit digimon restraining the Dracomon grinned and looked up. His sharp eyes spotted Agumon, who was about halfway across from one end of the path beside the field to the other. "Hey, guys, we have a guest. Another runt."

Agumon's heart jumped a bit when he realized he'd been spotted. He quickly looked up at them nervously.

The Gazimon on the right then slugged the Dracomon across the face with the blunt side of his claws and turned around to look at the dinosaur digimon. "What are you looking at, idiot? You want to come over here and get the snot kicked out've you too?" he asked him.

Agumon grimaced and turned, beginning to walk away from the scene as quickly as he could. "It's not your fight... You don't have to get involved. There's nothing you can do..." he told himself, walking faster.

"Yeah, you'd better get out of here, wimp!" one of the Gazimon called to him. "And don't even think about snitching!"

The Dracomon weakly raised his head only for a fist to slam into his snout again. The dragon's knees weakly buckled and he sobbed harder.

Agumon shut his eyes tightly and tried to make it to the other side of the clearing. "Right. Just ignore it... You'll only get hurt if you go over there. Why should you go and help him? It wouldn't make sense," he thought to himself. "Do you want to get beat up too?"

"Hahah! The stupid baby dragon can't even handle a few punches!" a Gazimon laughed.

After a few more steps, he forced himself to open his eyes and glance over his shoulder. He stared at the Dracomon with apologetic eyes. He saw that the dragon was barely able to keep himself standing. The scales on his face were moist with tears and blood.

Agumon grimaced harder. His arms and legs trembled but he had stopped walking. He stood, staring at his feet. Suddenly, his bag fell to the ground beside him.

"Maybe his reverse scale is here!" one of the Gazimon laughed, driving his fist into the Dracomon's side, eliciting a sharp cry from the dragon.


The Gazimon who had just delivered the blow turned around to see Agumon charging at them with a furious look in his eyes. Before he could react, the Gazimon felt the dinosaur's belt-braced claws slug him across his face and send him flying to the ground.

"H-Hey! You bloody little runt!" the Gazimon who was holding the goggled Dracomon said as he released the dragon to deal with the Agumon.

The other Gazimon grabbed the yellow reptile's shoulder and pounded his fist into the end of the digimon's snout. Agumon let out a cry of pain and staggered backwards. He cringed from the pain and the corners of his eyes watered up. Suddenly, a small stream of blood leaked down from his nostrils, but he raised his arm to wipe it away on the belt.

"I said… 'Leave. Him. Alone'," he growled, pointing to the Dracomon. The collapsed dragon digimon sniffled and looked up at his unlikely saviour with shocked but grateful eyes.

"Bug off, loser! This has nothing to do with you!" one of the Gazimon snarled in reply.

"I don't care! This doesn't have anything to do with him either!" Agumon shot back passionately. "You're hurting him for no good reason! He said he didn't do anything to you and I believe him! You lot are nothing but a bunch of bullies and cowards; you're ganging up on him three-to-one and he doesn't even want to fight back!"

The Gazimon he punched down scrambled over and grabbed him by the neck. "What are you trying to be?! Some kind of hero?!" the fox digimon yelled, glaring into his eyes angrily.

"No!" Agumon replied fierily. "But I know when something's not right! And if you want to pick on him, then you have to pick on me too! Pepper Breath!"

His mouth filled with flames and he released a fireball at the digimon holding him, sending him staggering backwards to dodge it. One of the other Gazimon then charged him. Agumon felt the Gazimon's fist uppercut him, nearly knocking him off his feet, but he soon retaliated with a punch of his own, causing the beast digimon to stumble and trip backwards over the felled Dracomon.

The Agumon looked over at the Dracomon, who was still very teary eyed but looking at him with respect. "Come on, then. Aren't you going to help me?" he asked the scared dragon.

The dragon grimaced as he saw the third Gazimon charge the Agumon. "I'm too weak... and frightened..." he whimpered.

Agumon sneered and readied his claws at the Gazimon that was running at him. "You're not," he said to the Dracomon, glancing at him meaningfully out of the corner of his eye. "You're no more weak or frightened than I am..."

The Dracomon grimaced. "But I- look out!" the dragon shouted, seeing a Gazimon come up behind Agumon.

The yellow reptile was about to turn when he felt an arm close tightly around his neck and another grab one of his arms, putting him in a headlock. "Now!" the Gazimon shouted to his charging friend.

Agumon grimaced and closed his eyes as his enemy closed in on him. This wasn't good. He waited nervously for the oncoming pain.

It was then that the goggle-wearing Dracomon scrambled towards the running Gazimon and swung his tail. "Tail Smash!" he shouted, slamming the limb into the Gazimon's ankles. The bully let out a cry as he found himself falling face first into Agumon's bent knee. The Gazimon fell to the grass and clutched his face with pain.

The dinosaur then grinned victoriously and drove his free arm back. He elbowed his attacker hard with his arm and sent the Gazimon backwards, forced to release the reptile digimon. Then Agumon decked him with another punch to the face.

"C-crud. Forget these losers! Let's get out of here," one of the Gazimon called to his friends. The two other beaten Gazimon scrambled to their feet and quickly followed their friend. Clutching their injuries, they took off running. They soon disappeared behind the hut that was over on the left corner of the path.

Agumon panted and fell on his backside, breathing heavily. His snout felt numb with throbbing pain and he could taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. Despite his grimace and his trembling limbs, he looked over at the badly beaten up Dracomon, who was lying with his chest to the ground. "Hey... Are you alright?" he asked.

The Dracomon flushed a bit and wiped the remaining tears and snot from his face. He looked over at him and offered a small, grateful smile. "Y-yes..." he said meekly, despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain. He wanted to put on a brave face for the Agumon who just came to his rescue.

After standing to his feet, Agumon made his way over to him and offered his claws. The dragon took them and pulled himself to a sitting position. "You really took a walloping..." he said to the dragon.

"...It would have been a lot worse if it weren't for you," the Dracomon said, looking down glumly. "This isn't the first time they've bullied me."

A growl escaped Agumon's mouth. "That isn't right..." he whispered to himself.

It was then that he noticed the Dracomon remove the blue goggles from his head. "Thank you so much for coming to help me... You didn't have to do it, but you did. Even when they punched you too. I know it's not much, but... I want you to have these." The Dracomon outstretched his claws and offered the Agumon his goggles. "They're not worth very much, but… they're really important to me. It's for thanks for helping me."

Agumon blinked and looked down at them in surprise. "...I can't take these," he said, gently pushing them back towards the Dracomon "Thanks for offering... but I can't."

"Why not?" the dragon asked, tilting his head. "You were like a hero!"

Agumon shook his head and looked towards the setting sun. "I'm not like a hero... I almost didn't come over here. No, I didn't want to. I don't even know why I did... This had nothing to do with me, but..."

"But…?" the Dracomon questioned, looking at him curiously.

"Seeing you all beat up... It made me so angry. It wasn't right... I could feel it. I don't know why, but... I ran over here even though I knew I couldn't do anything," Agumon replied. He looked away with some shame in his blue eyes. "If I were a hero, I wouldn't have almost turned my back on you and ran off. I was frightened I would be beat up as well."

The dragon smiled a little. "But you didn't run away... You sound like a hero to me. It doesn't matter what you were going to do; all that matters is what you did do. You did what was right, even though it seemed like it wouldn't work. And you helped somebody weaker than you, even though you knew you were outmatched. Isn't that what being a hero means...?" the dragon said, offering his goggles again.

"But I'm... not," Agumon insisted, staring down at the goggles. "And what do you mean you're weaker than me? You took down one of those Gazimon on your own and saved my tail!"

The Dracomon blushed with embarrassment and looked down. "I... I just didn't want you to get hurt for helping me."

Agumon smiled and outstretched his claw. "What's your name, anyways?" he asked. "…Wait, aren't you the quiet kid who sits on the other side of class from me?"

The Dracomon sniffed, smiled, and shook his claws with his own. "Y-…Yeah. My name's Dracomon. I thought you looked familiar. You're the one who's always getting detentions, aren't you?"

"Err… I guess so. Yeah. I'm Agumon," the Agumon replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. He looked down at the goggles again. "...You still want to give me those goggles?"

"Yes. It's the least I can do..." Dracomon answered.

Agumon frowned with thought. "…Right, then. I won't take them as a reward, but... I'll take them as a gift from one friend to another, okay?" he asked, smiling happily.

"Fr... 'Friend'?" Dracomon asked, looking at him with surprised red eyes.

Agumon nodded and smiled. "Yeah! You and I can be mates, right?"

A smile slowly grew on Dracomon's swollen face. "Y-...Yeah!" he replied enthusiastically.

Agumon laughed a bit and tried to place the goggles onto his head. "Rrrgh... It doesn't quite fit... I might need to get these fixed so I can get them on my big head. That alright, Draco?"

Dracomon grinned and nodded. "Yeah. And... thank you, Agumon."

The lizard digimon smiled at him. "Don't mention it. Who dares, wins."

KaiserGreymon's eyelids snapped open. His pupils shrunk slightly and the cool, blue hue of his eyes glistened as he looked around, trying to get his bearings. He let out a cross between a growl and a groan as the veil of sleep faded and he realized he was dreaming. KaiserGreymon's muscles slackened and he released a long breath.

As he sat up in the bed, the sheets dropped from his shoulders to his lap. He arched his legs and rested his arms on his bent knees, leaning forwards and looking down. He could see his goggles swaying in front of him from their place hanging around his neck.

"A dream…" he muttered, looking down at the goggles that Dracomon gave to him that day.

He then looked up, taking in his surroundings. The room was completely dark. He could barely see the other side of the room, and with his black scales, he was sure he blended right into the darkness. KaiserGreymon reached over and pulled the shutters open roughly. After leaning over to the window, he could clearly see that the sky was filled with stars. From his view, he could see one of the Digital World's moons' reflections in the water of the harbour. That moon painted the city with a low, pale blue, illuminating the darkness and making KaiserGreymon's job easier.

As he hoped, his nap only lasted until the night. The city was now mostly cleared of civilians, so he wouldn't have to shove through crowds or anything else irritating.

KaiserGreymon turned and let his legs drop off the side of the bed. He raised his hand in front of himself and splayed out his fingers. Suddenly, a flame ignited in his palm and lit the room up with a strong orange light. The dragon then extended his arm and shot the fire bolt at one of the torches fixed to the wall. The torch erupted with flames and flickered brightly, illuminating the room better. Once that was done, he flicked his wrist and extinguished the residual flames in his palm.

With a deep growl, he stood up and stretched, arching his back, flexing his muscles and spreading his limbs out. He heard several satisfying popping sounds from his back, legs, and arms. KaiserGreymon then slackened. His muscles felt much better than they did earlier. They were looser and he felt ready for action.

"Right, then. Time to get dressed and then go wander about the city. I should get acquainted with the place before I start looking for those pirates," he told himself. "First thing they taught you in the military was to know your battlefield."

The half-naked KaiserGreymon walked over to the armour rack and pulled on his leggings. "Besides, if the pirates do linger around Hydra's Port, the time they'd move around is during the night. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll run into one 'er more of them," he muttered, his voice reverberating inside his chest armour as he held it in front of himself, getting ready to fasten it around his upper body.

After several minutes, KaiserGreymon finished armouring himself. It always took longer than he liked, having to deal with those fasteners. He decided to wear his armour instead of his clothes on this excursion. While he was initially going to just wear his clothes since he didn't expect he'd need his armour and weapons, he decided to go prepared, just in case he did come across anybody.

Lastly, KaiserGreymon pulled his goggles up from his neck to his forehead, letting them rest on his orange helmet. He walked over to the wall and took the Ryūgonken, lifting the heavy blade up and placing it on his back.

"I'll have to get you sharpened tomorrow, mate," he said, looking over his shoulder at the broadsword. "In fact, everything could do with some furnishing. I'd might as well take advantage of the Mayor paying the full expenses and all that."

KaiserGreymon went over to the door, creaking open the sturdy slab of wood. "Right. Well. Let's go, then," he muttered to himself. He walked out of his room and locked the door behind him. After placing his key in one of his boots for safe keeping, he started walking down the hall.

"Time to see what this Hydra's Port is all about."

MetalSeadramon's long body cut through the water as he swam. The water was as dark as the night sky overhead. Only the moon served as a lantern to guide him; its rays of light beamed down, beneath the waves, before fading amidst the dark abyss below. This didn't bother the sea dragon since his finely tuned instincts were the only compass that he needed for undersea travel.

As he darted under the waves, he allowed himself to raise his head up. The fin-like blade on his helmet was the first to emerge, slicing through the water. Then, the top half of his head appeared, seeming to skim along the relatively calm sea as he went. His red eyes glistened in the moonlight when he stared ahead.

He could see it. The mouth of Hydra's Port's harbour. It was the entrance that lead inwards to a much wider bay that the city was built around. It was in there where Hydra's Port's harbour and ports resided.

Neptunemon's words to him from before he left for the mission still echoed in his mind.

Captain Neptunemon was poised at the bow of the docked galleon. Behind him stood Sagomon, along with the rest of the crew. They all observed their captain as he stared at MetalSeadramon, who was reared up in front of the ship.

"So," MetalSeadramon began, "Is it time for me to prove my worth?"

"Your worth and your trustworthiness, yes," Neptunemon responded, folding his arms.

"Whatever you want me to do, Captain," he replied, sounding eager to prove himself.

"Just call me Neptunemon," Neptunemon replied. "I've had enough trouble trying to get these guys to stop calling me 'Captain'."

MetalSeadramon nodded. "Neptunemon, then."

The Neptunemon smirked. "Good. So you want to prove yourself? Then do this for me," he told him. "Go and swim to Hydra's Port's harbour and have a look around. Scout out the area for us; see what you can see. It's night time so you probably won't be noticed even with your size."

MetalSeadramon looked at the pirate captain curiously. "Scouting? That's all?" he asked.

"Not good enough for you?" Sagomon asked, folding his arms and looking at him with his usual sneer.

"It's fine with me," MetalSeadramon replied, eyeing him for a moment. "I suppose I just expected something… more challenging."

Neptunemon laughed. "I admire your go-getterness, but I'm a practical digimon. This is less about you proving yourself and more about needing you to get a feel for the city for us," he explained.

"Why him and not Tylomon or someone?" Submarimon asked, frowning her eyes questioningly. "He's not exactly inconspicuous."

"Isn't he?" Neptunemon retorted. "He may be a giant eyesore, yeah, but he's new around here. We're all probably wanted digimon in Hydra's Port by now." The fish man turned to the new member of his crew. "You haven't done anything that would get you noticed by the authorities around here, have you?"

MetalSeadramon shook his head. "It's safe to say that I'm a nobody," he answered. "So that's why you want me to scout: because as far as any witnesses go, I'm just a passerby looking for a place to stay."

Neptunemon nodded. "Just scope the place out and keep your snout out of trouble. We don't want to reveal our trump card just yet."

"I understand," MetalSeadramon replied, turning around and beginning to sink into the surf. "I won't disappoint you."

MetalSeadramon slowed his swimming and began to ascend as he reached the mouth of the bay. He stopped in his place and looked around the area carefully. Though the moon was more than enough to light the way tonight, he eyed two lighthouses on opposite ends of the coastline, both at the edges of the wide mouth of the harbour. Their tips were lit up with giant flames which signalled to marine digimon and vessels that land was near. A few buildings around the edge of the harbour and the inland parts of the city were dotted with dim orange lights as well.

"Well, this should be simple. Let's go see what's inside," he breathed, diving back underwater but swimming close to the surface. With his form skimming the water, he darted forwards and entered the harbour.

With a light push, KaiserGreymon opened the door to the front entrance of city hall. He stepped out of the marble lobby onto the outside steps of the building. After swinging the door closed with a flick of his wrist, he proceeded down the stone steps to the courtyard.

KaiserGreymon barely recognised the courtyard. It looked so different when it wasn't flooded with digimon of all shapes and sizes. It was so empty now. Empty and quiet, almost eerily so.

He started walking onto the wide courtyard until he heard a voice behind him.

"Going somewhere?" a voice asked.

KaiserGreymon bristled and looked over his shoulder. Standing in the entrance of the city hall and looking at him was the guard he met yesterday. Cerberu. He couldn't help but feel like the hell hound digimon didn't trust him.

"What does it look like?" KaiserGreymon responded defensively

"Where?" Cerberumon asked, eyeing him.

The dragon gritted his teeth, beginning to get annoyed. "I'm going to get a start on my job, if you must know," he replied brusquely. He turned and looked at the Cerberumon. "Did you need to be let out or something?"

Cerberumon narrowed his eyes and walked down the stairs. "I'm on night watch," he replied.

"Great. Terrific," KaiserGreymon said offhandedly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do." With that, he started walking across the courtyard.

To his irritation, Cerberumon walked up beside him. "Why are you going out at this time of night, exactly?"

"Look, if you have something to say, go on and say it," KaiserGreymon said to him with a slight growl. He was quite annoyed at what felt like an inquisition.

"I'm just curious," Cerberumon responded. "No need to be so defensive. It's my job to be suspicious of new faces."

KaiserGreymon grunted. "Yeah, fine. Alright. I guess you have to be this jerkish guard dog all the time, don't you?"

The cerberus closed his eyes and seemed to try not to be too annoyed in response. "I guess…?" He glanced over at KaiserGreymon. "Your accent. You're foreign, aren't you?"

The KaiserGreymon rubbed at his throat. "My accent? I guess so, yeah. I come from… abroad," KaiserGreymon answered. He returned the Cerberumon's look. "Is that why you don't trust me?"

"I don't distrust you specifically," Cerberumon explained. "That said, trust is earned, not handed out."

KaiserGreymon folded his arms and frowned. "Okay. Fair point…" he muttered, reluctantly acknowledging that he had a point. It wasn't as if he didn't have his reservations about the Cerberumon.

The two made it to the center of the courtyard, where the fountain of the multi-headed reptile digimon continued to trickle out water. KaiserGreymon walked up to the fountain that he remembered being interested in earlier. The noise of its running water was the only sound he could hear in the city. He leaned forwards on the stone rim and looked down into the water. He could see several coins in the bottom.

KaiserGreymon looked at the serpent-like statue and then turned to Cerberumon. "So who's this handsome bloke?" he said with a bit of irony in his voice. "I haven't seen one of him before."

"That's Orochimon," Charon explained. "He founded this city of Hydra's Port."

"Oh really," KaiserGreymon mused. He then stepped off from the fountain and turned to the canine digimon. "Anyways, as for why I'm going out at this time of night, there's less digimon around. It's easier to familiarize myself with the city this way."

"You could wait until daylight and get Toucanmon or somebody to be your tour guide," Cerberumon pointed out.

KaiserGreymon shuddered at the prospect of having to follow that slow Toucanmon around all day. "I'll pass," he insisted. "I'm better off on my own. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, at any rate."

"Suit yourself," the hell hound digimon replied. He turned around and began pattering back to the city hall. "I need to get back."

"I need to get a move on anyways," KaiserGreymon said, walking around the fountain and heading in the opposite direction. "This street heads down to the harbour, right?" he asked, gesturing to the horizontal street at the other end of the courtyard.

"Yeah, it heads straight there," Cerberumon replied. He didn't say anything else as he disappeared back into the lobby.

"Guess that's where I'm headed, then," KaiserGreymon muttered.

He walked away from the fountain and made his way over to the street. He heard the metal of his boots clang against the paved cobbles as he started plodding down it. The street was very long and was on a slight incline. It looked like it spanned about a kilometer, if not more. But at the very end of the street, KaiserGreymon could see the reflection of the moon rippling in the harbour.

It looked simple enough. The harbour was the first place he wanted to check out, as that was the city's main feature. Plus, all of the pirates were marine digimon, so it made sense to him that he should get acquainted with the waterfront. He just hoped that he'd be able to stay on land as much as possible.

The dragon man tread down the street, being sure to take in his surroundings and any landmarks that he might have to come back to, namely the buildings. The sound of his sword rattling against his armour echoed down the empty street. The reverberations and his heavy footsteps cut through the silence.

"Right, KaiserGreymon," he muttered to himself.

He could never stand silence. It made him edgy. As a result, he had a tendency to fill the void with his own voice by vocalizing his thoughts.

"Make sure to keep a look out for anybody suspicious. You know the pirates are a Neptunemon, a Sagomon, a Tylomon, a Submarimon, a Zudomon, and a Divermon. That much is clear, but wanted criminals have a tendency to use alternate digimon forms or slide evolutions. If I was a criminal who didn't want to be recognised, I'd use my BurningGreymon or GeoGreymon form instead of this form," he said in a near mumble.

He then started thinking to himself, trying to figure out what possible alternate forms they could have. "Well, Submarimon is a branch of the Armadillomon family. I'm pretty sure Sagomon is part of the Kamemon family. Zudomon is the Gomamon family. So those are some strong possibilities. I don't know about the others though. I haven't heard about Neptunemon until today. I don't even know what one looks like. It's no doubt that a rare mega level like that would stick out like a sore thumb, but I don't even know what his other forms could be," he mused.

After several minutes, he finally reached at the bottom of the street. He found himself gazing at the Hydra's Port waterfront. KaiserGreymon stepped onto the wide stone wharf and looked around.

The quays and ports were built completely around the coast of the small bay, covering the entire harbour on both the side KaiserGreymon was on and the other side, across the harbour. There weren't just docks and piers either, there were also warehouses and loading bays. To KaiserGreymon's surprise, there were more than just places related to aquatic-based industries. There were also seaside parks and boardwalks, not to mention a large commercial district filled with several shops and stands.

Most of these shops and buildings were built over the water of the harbour. It looked like there were two entrances to the shops: one was the regular way, a door leading from the boardwalk, and the other was a water entrance. The water entrance was really just the side of the building facing the water. That side had no wall and there was a large portion of floor missing, instead having a small basin of water inside the building where marine digimon could swim up into the shop and form their own line. In closed hours like now, it was sealed off by a gate that extended deep underwater. KaiserGreymon supposed that this inclusive building method made sense, considering how much of the city's population were aquatic.

As he walked, KaiserGreymon continued looking around the harbour. There were buildings on both sides and the inner most end of the small bay, but the city center seemed to be located at the side that KaiserGreymon was on. Considering how dark it was, KaiserGreymon couldn't really see the finer details of any of the buildings unless he was close to them. There were one or two docked galleons, but KaiserGreymon saw more docked rafts than any other watercraft. He wasn't sure how anybody was supposed to travel in those. Maybe they were used for pulling cargo on; it did seem cheaper than building a whole galleon.

He deduced that this harbour had to be extremely active during the daytime. Not very good for pirate hunting. There would be too many people, which meant two things: one, there would be too much risk of collateral damage if he decided to engage the pirates (and he didn't put it past the pirates to use innocents as shields,) and two, all those digimon would make it easier for the pirates to blend in. KaiserGreymon would really have to think hard about this one. Unfortunately, coming up with complex strategies wasn't really his strong suit. He was much more instinctive – he preferred to think on his feet.

KaiserGreymon continued to tread down the stone wharf. Down there, the smell of salt and the sea was much stronger, understandably. As he walked, he gazed into the bay, watching as the moon's reflection rippled and listening to the small waves sloshing against the rock wall of the wharf.

It was then that something caught his attention. He suddenly saw a bright sparkle in the middle of the harbour. Something reflected the moon's light.

"What the…" KaiserGreymon muttered. He hurried over to the railing of the wharf and leaned over the side, narrowing his eyes to try and get a good look at what he saw.

Much to his annoyance, he couldn't make out what it was, but he definitely saw something big moving against the water. "What is that?" he wondered, jutting his neck out and straining his eyes to try and identify that.

"Bloody hell," he muttered, stopping and looking around quickly. His curiosity was getting the better of him once again. A part of him thought that it could be a pirate. Realistically, that was incredibly unlikely, but he wouldn't be able to stand it if he didn't go out and see with his own two eyes. In KaiserGreymon's view, it was always better to try and be wrong than it was to not even try at all.

He looked around at his surroundings fervently. "How do I get out there without swimming?" he thought to himself. His blue eyes then stopped, widened, and he grinned broadly. "Ah hah!"

Over to his left, he saw a set of stairs leading down to a stone path on a long, grassy embankment that was closer to sea level. There were a few benches that faced the harbour. However, that wasn't what KaiserGreymon was interested in. He was interested in the rowboat that was pulled up onto the grass.

He grinned and hurried down the stairs onto the grassy bank. "This is just what I need," he said to himself, jogging over to the small, wooden dinghy. He looked inside the boat and saw that the two oars were resting at the bottom, much to his relief. KaiserGreymon turned his head, looking back towards the harbour. He saw the dark, moon-tipped silhouette still moving.

He glanced to his left and noticed where the rowboat came from. Further down the bank was a pier where a closed rowboat rental shop was located. They must have forgot to collect this one before closing.

"Well, I'm sure they won't mind if I borrow this," the dragon muttered, grabbing the edge of the boat and dragging it down the bank into the water.

KaiserGreymon got in ankle deep into the water before letting go and hopping in the rowboat. He sat down on the wooden seat, and upon feeling the end of his sword poke at the bottom of the boat, he took the Ryūgonken off of his back and placed it beside him. Next, he pulled up the oars and pulled them through the rings on each side of the rowboat, making them easier to control.

He took a deep breath. "Right, KaiserGreymon," he said to himself. "Whatever you do, don't fall in."

With that, he used the oars to slowly push away from land. He started rowing carefully, trying to get used to being on water and finding a good rhythm to paddle the oars. Piloting a rowboat wasn't something that he did regularly. His discomfort was clear on his face, but that didn't stop him.

KaiserGreymon continued rowing across the water. He constantly looked over his shoulder, making sure that he was headed in the direction of the figure. Rowing definitely had a learning curve, but it wasn't too difficult. He definitely had the upper body strength to row quickly, and he had the control from his swordsmanship to know how much to move the oars when turning.

The boat bobbed up and down over the waves. The long, wooden paddles splashed in and out of the water, spraying some salt water into the dinghy with every swing. KaiserGreymon sat in the exact center of the rowboat's seat, not wanting to rock the boat and risk falling in. He was starting to reconsider his decision to wear all that armour, even though he knew if he fell in, the armour wouldn't make too much of a difference to him.

He exhaled with each stroke of the oars, going further out into the harbour. KaiserGreymon turned his head to look over his shoulder again. He kept his eyes on the figure. The silhouette was becoming more visible as he drew closer. The figure seemed to have stopped moving.

KaiserGreymon neared the figure until he was about thirty feet away. It wasn't until then that he realised how tall the digimon was. He had a long serpent-like body and he towered over KaiserGreymon and the rowboat. "Is that some sort of evolved form of Seadramon?" he wondered as he gazed at him.

After taking a deep breath, KaiserGreymon started to stand up in the rowboat so that he could turn and face the digimon. He stretched his arms out to balance himself, feeling extremely wobbly on his feet. He underestimated how difficult it was to stand up in a boat while it was on the water. "Damn water," he whispered, grimacing as he slowly turned around, bit by bit. He was tempted to grab the Ryūgonken and stab it into the floor of the wooden boat for balance, but he knew that that would be an extremely bad idea.

Finally, he found a comfortable position that was facing the giant sea serpent digimon. The gold-plated sea dragon seemed to be floating in the same spot still, upright with his back to KaiserGreymon. He seemed to be looking around the harbour intently.

"Hey, you!" KaiserGreymon called out to him, turning his head up and looking at the MetalSeadramon. The MetalSeadramon turned around quickly and looked down at him. A look of surprise crossed over his face upon seeing the reptile digimon below him.

"What are you doing out here at this time of night?" KaiserGreymon inquired, raising an eyebrow and looking at the digimon with a scrutinising look.

The sea serpent digimon stared at him for a few moments.


Before KaiserGreymon could get a word in edge-wise, the giant sea dragon suddenly dove into the water. His form crashed down on the surf and sent an explosion of water bursting upwards.

"Wh-hey! Wait a minute!" KaiserGreymon sputtered, bracing himself as water came crashing down on him and the rowboat. "Damn it!"

As the giant digimon dove underwater and disappeared from view, a huge wave came surging out from around where he hit the water. The one meter wave rolled swiftly towards KaiserGreymon and the rowboat. As it closed in on them, the stern of the dinghy tipped upwards as it climbed up the side of the wave.

KaiserGreymon started to lose his balance and he frantically reached for his sword, desperate to keep his balance and stop himself from stumbling backwards. At the same time, the rowboat reached the apex of the wave and immediately started tipping forwards. As the boat dipped down the other side of the wave, KaiserGreymon's equilibrium was completely reversed and all of his weight ended up sending him staggering forwards. His eyes widened with horror as his sword hit the floor of the vessel and he was thrown from the boat. As he fell towards the water, he could only shout out one word.


The dragon slammed into the water and quickly sank, the seawater overtaking his head and filling his helmet. The water washed over his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. KaiserGreymon let out a muffled shout as he reached up towards the surface, but the surface was already out of reach. Oxygen bubbles from the shout floated up, out of the eye holes of his helmet. He tried to thrash his other arm in a desperate attempt to get himself afloat.

He kicked his legs unevenly and splashed hopelessly under the water. He was doing his best to hold his breath while swimming, but he didn't know how long he could last for.

His heavy plate armour was weighing him down, dragging him deeper and deeper. In his frenzied mind, he briefly considered trying to unstrap the armour and abandon it altogether, but that took several minutes even when he was on land and not desperately fighting for his life. And even if he did manage to get the armour off before the water entered his lungs, there was still one other fact that plagued him: he didn't know how to swim.

Through his blurred, stinging eyes, he could see the brief light of the moon overhead. KaiserGreymon kept his mouth closed and he continued to grab and pull at the water madly. He tried his best to focus his concentration and try to mimic how he had seen other digimon swim, but it got him nowhere. KaiserGreymon felt his lungs burn and ache until he couldn't handle it anymore, he opened his mouth and it filled up with water instead of the oxygen it needed.

KaiserGreymon knew things weren't looking good, but he wouldn't give up. He refused to. He wouldn't let himself die in a way like that. He even tried activating his Fire Master powers, but they wouldn't activate. They couldn't when he was completely doused with water. The dragon grunted and growled, struggling desperately against the water around him, his mind working in overdrive as thoughts and emotions raced about inside it.

After several seconds, his movements started to grow more and more sluggish. He gave a rebellious snarl and reached up a final time. KaiserGreymon started to feel himself slip closer and closer to unconsciousness.

But then he felt something grab his hand. He opened his eyes weakly and saw something black against the moonlight. The figure dove closer to him until he felt it brush against his side. In the back of his weary mind, KaiserGreymon noted that it felt like scales. KaiserGreymon felt his arm being pulled over the figure's neck. Even if he wanted to resist, he was too weak to. Instead, he grabbed hold of the figure with as much strength as he could muster.

Suddenly, he felt himself being pulled upwards, back towards the surface. KaiserGreymon saw the moonlight getting brighter and brighter.

"Just hold on, KaiserGreymon," he told himself, trying to use mind over matter. "Just a few more seconds."

The figure swam swiftly, pulling KaiserGreymon nearer to the surface. The dragon's lungs seemed ready to explode.

Finally, the two burst out of the water with large splash. KaiserGreymon coughed violently, expelling the water from his lungs and throat. He felt like he was coughing up the entire bay. To his relief, he could feel the water draining out of his helmet around the gap at the neck. The dragon held his savior with one hand and splashed around wildly with the other as he sucked in air, alternating between gasps and coughs.

"Are you alright?" the figure's calm voice asked, breathing heavily.

KaiserGreymon coughed and inhaled with need, outdoing the other digimon's breaths. "Y…Yeah," he managed. He looked around and saw the rowboat floating nearby. The digimon beside him started swimming them over to it.

"Hold onto the boat," the figure told him.

KaiserGreymon let out a tired grunt and complied, slinging his arm over the side of the boat and holding on tightly. "Righ'…" he muttered, still panting.

The figure then slipped out from under KaiserGreymon's hold and swam to the back of the boat. Next, he started pushing it towards the shore. Completely exhausted from the struggle, KaiserGreymon could only hold on as the boat was pushed back towards the grassy bank that he came from. He tried to look over his shoulder to see who had helped him, but the digimon was shielded by the back of the boat.

After a few minutes, they closed in on the shore and KaiserGreymon could feel the murky ground against his waterlogged boots. KaiserGreymon couldn't begin to describe how good it felt to stand on solid ground again. He waded through the water, trudged out and onto the grass, and fell to his hands and knees.

"Hullo, land!" he said with relief, gripping the grass tightly. Water dripped from his totally soaked body and he continued to cough up some of the residual seawater. Once he was composed, the first thing KaiserGreymon did was reach up to his head. Much to his relief, he still felt his goggles resting there. He was worried he lost them in the struggle.

As he did, he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, the rowboat get pushed ashore. He heard a clamouring noise come from the boat and he slowly looked over. He saw a humanoid dragon man digimon shuffling with something on the other side of the rowboat.

The first thing KaiserGreymon could see about the digimon were the drenched, black scales all over his body, not unlike KaiserGreymon's own scales. KaiserGreymon pushed himself up to get a better view. The digimon seemed to be pulling up the black, baggy pants that covered his legs. KaiserGreymon started to wonder why he needed pants that loose, but he began to think that they were a sort of traditional clothing.

KaiserGreymon continued to inspect the digimon. He never saw a digimon of that species before. The dragon man seemed very fit, but KaiserGreymon was surprised that he was able to swim with him in tow, as he was more muscular and armoured, thus heavier than the digimon. The digimon kneeled down and began strapping his greaves around his shins, under the loose pant legs. They rested above his big, clawed feet. KaiserGreymon noted that he must have taken his armour off before going in the water, unlike himself, to his embarrassment.

It was as the dragon man was kneeling did KaiserGreymon notice the long shocks of soaked white hair that clung to his back as they flowed down from his helmeted head. The digimon finished with his shin armour and stood up. KaiserGreymon noticed the plates of intricate, black armour with red trimming that hung from the belt that secured his pants to his hips. They rustled slightly as the digimon bent down and picked up his chest armour. They were in a similar style to the faulds that hung from his sides: detailed, black plate armour with red trimming. He pulled it over his head and let it rest on his shoulders. The breastplate over his pectoral muscles seemed to have a slight, blue glow to them.

The digimon then went and started pulling on his arm armour. The spaulders on his shoulders donned massive blades and segmented plates that went down his biceps. Even those had spikes, gold ones by the look of it. The vambraces that covered his forearms were similar in style, as a large blade-like feature protruded from the end of each elbow. Lastly, he pulled on some gauntlets, which had two small gold spikes on each, where the knuckles were. KaiserGreymon was detecting a theme here. Even the digimon's helmet was loaded with horns and blades. Two diamond shaped blades protruded from the side of the dragon man's head and faced upwards. There was a huge blade sticking up at the digimon's forehead, and another equally large blade right behind it, just in front of where his locks of white hair jutted out from. His helmet was very oddly shaped to KaiserGreymon; it had strange rectangular feature in front of where his mouth would be.

In fact, his whole armour set seemed overly complicated, in KaiserGreymon's opinion. The armour had the theme of black plate with red lining and gold ornamentation, not to mention all the spikes and blades. It would have been intimidating to less courageous digimon.

Finally, the digimon picked up his last piece of equipment from the side of the boat: two long, jagged swords that looked like a cross between a scimitar and a katana. They certainly looked deadly though.

"Not too pretentious…" KaiserGreymon sarcastically mused to himself.

KaiserGreymon took a strong breath and then forced himself up and onto his feet. He stood on wobbly legs, as he was exhausted from the struggle, but he didn't let it show as he turned towards the digimon. "Hey, you!" he called out.

The samurai-like dragon man turned around to face him. He placed his swords in his belt and looked KaiserGreymon over carefully. "How are you feeling?" he asked him.

"Never mind that," KaiserGreymon responded shortly, waving his arm out in a dismissive manner. "Who are you?"

The digimon walked around the boat and stepped up to KaiserGreymon "My name is Gaiomon," he told him, outstretching his hand politely.

KaiserGreymon stared at this 'Gaiomon' digimon's hand for a few moments before slowly grasping it with his own. He shook his hand firmly. "KaiserGreymon," he answered guardedly.

"It's a pleasure, KaiserGreymon," Gaiomon replied, retracting his hand after a few moments.

"Right. Err…" KaiserGreymon stalled, pulling his hand away and rubbing the back of his neck, where he felt his short, blonde hair clinging to his scales beneath his helmet. He looked at Jinryu cagily. "…What are you, exactly?"

Gaiomon looked at himself and then back up at KaiserGreymon. "You mean my species?" he asked. "As you can tell from my name, I'm a Gaiomon. I'm surprised you don't know that, as a KaiserGreymon."

"Eh?" KaiserGreymon asked with a frown. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Gaiomons are relatives of the Greymon lineage," Gaiomon replied.

"…Odd looking Greymon, if I do say so myself," KaiserGreymon observed, folding his arms. "I've never heard of Gaiomons before, though I guess I grew up in a small town."

Gaiomon smiled. "Well, you learn something new every day," he said to him.

KaiserGreymon grunted, not entirely pleased with the fact that he needed to be saved and was now dripping wet. "Yeah. Right. Anyways. What were you doing out there?"

The samurai digimon raised an eyebrow. "Do you mean in the water or out on the wharf in general?" he asked for confirmation.

KaiserGreymon reached into the rowboat and picked up the Ryūgonken, sliding it onto its holder on his back. "Both," he replied, glancing at the Gaiomon with cold blue eyes.

"Well, I was out on the wharf because I enjoy the peace and quiet of the night," Gaiomon explained, looking away from KaiserGreymon and out towards the bay. "And I was in the water because I saw you drowning, so I jumped in to save your life." The Gaiomon smiled a bit. "I still haven't received a 'thank you', by the way."

KaiserGreymon's eye twitched and he turned to look at Gaiomon with a stubborn glare. "I did not need saving. I was perfectly fine without your help, thank you very much," he responded, his voice sounding brusque.

"You're welcome," Gaiomon replied, only serving to fire up KaiserGreymon even more.

"I was alright, damn it!" KaiserGreymon barked, feeling like his pride was on the line.

"Then I would hate to see you when you're in peril," Gaiomon quipped calmly.

KaiserGreymon growled. "Oh, forget it," he huffed, turning around and beginning to head for the stairs that led back up to the wharf. He then stopped when something crossed his mind. He looked over his shoulder, back at Gaiomon. "Hey, did you see that digimon out there? The one that knocked me in the water?"

Gaiomon frowned and thought for a moment. "It was dark, but I think I could make it out. It looked to be a MetalSeadramon. One of the Mega forms of Seadramon," he replied knowledgeably. "It was too big for a MegaSeadramon and too small for a GigaSeadramon."

"Alright…" KaiserGreymon murmured, more to himself than to Gaiomon. "He sure took off fast enough, didn't he?"

"That reminds me…" Gaiomon said, walking over to KaiserGreymon. "What were you doing out there in the harbour in the middle of the night?"

"None of your business," KaiserGreymon answered curtly.

Gaiomon folded his arms and tilted his head with a frown. "Isn't it a bit hypocritical to demand to know what I'm doing when you won't tell me what you're doing?" he asked him. "You at least owe me that much after I saved your life."

KaiserGreymon opened his mouth to retort, but he decided there was no point. He felt like this Gaiomon person would be holding that act of kindness over his head for awhile. He also reluctantly acknowledged that he had a point. "Fine. I was checking out that MetalSeadramon. He seemed kind of fishy, swimming out there in the middle of the night. I had a gut feeling he might have something to do with the pirates I'm looking for."

"Pirates?" Gaiomon asked, raising an eyebrow in mild surprise. "What do you do, exactly?"

"I guess you could call me an adventurer," KaiserGreymon responded.

"An adventurer?" the dragon samurai said with some intrigue. "That's my occupation too."

"Yeah?" KaiserGreymon asked, glancing over with some interest. "I guess that's why you're such a know-it-all when it comes to digimon species."

"I'll take that as a compliment from you," Gaiomon spoke, eyeing him carefully. "So these pirates, did somebody hire you or are you hunting them out of the goodness of your heart?"

KaiserGreymon scoffed. "Tch. Like I'd do this for free," he retorted. "No, the mayor hired me."

"I see…" Gaiomon replied with a slight nod. "And you're not from around here, are you?"

KaiserGreymon turned and leveled a stare at him. "And people say I'm nosy…" he said, hoping to make it clear that he wasn't interested in playing twenty questions.

Gaiomon bowed his head. "Forgive me. It's none of my business," he apologised. He looked up at KaiserGreymon. "Anyways, I'm sure you'll want to go and dry yourself off. Don't let me keep you."

The larger dragon man rubbed the back of his neck. "Err, yeah," he responded with a quick nod. He thought about it for a moment. "That's not a terrible idea. I suppose I can go look around the city tomorrow."

KaiserGreymon felt too exhausted from the near-drowning to go exploring the city or looking for pirates. He wouldn't be able to use his fire-manipulation abilities very well while soaked like that anyways. With a short nod in Gaiomon's direction, KaiserGreymon started walking up the stairs leading to the stone wharf.

Gaiomon watched as KaiserGreymon began heading up. "It was nice meeting you, KaiserGreymon," he called over to him.

KaiserGreymon glanced over his shoulder for a moment. "Yeah. Right. You too, I'm sure," he replied offhandedly.

The dragon man then walked off the quay and started heading towards the street that lead back up to the city hall.

"That MetalSeadramon," KaiserGreymon thought. "He sure turned tail swiftly as soon as he saw me. Kind of suspicious if you ask me. Makes me think that he was doing something wrong. Could he be connected to the pirates? Hmph. Well. I'll have to ask Plesiomon tomorrow. I just hope that damn Cerberumon doesn't see me dragging myself back inside while I'm drenched like this…"

About half an hour later, MetalSeadramon resurfaced by the side of the Abyss' Shadow. As he emerged, water dripped from his form and rippled around him. The aquatic dragon rose up so that he loomed over the galleon's deck. He slowly looked around the wooden platforms that took on a blue hue from the moonlight.

"Hello?" he asked, his eyes scanning the ship. "Is anybody up? Neptunemon?"

"Over here, MetalSeadramon," the Captain's voice said.

MetalSeadramon turned and saw Neptunemon make his way down a set of stairs from the stern of the vessel. His fish-like body slithered across the deck and he gave MetalSeadramon a nod as he made his way over to the railing. The large dragon nodded as the fish man stopped in front of him. "Is everybody else asleep?" he questioned, looking around.

"Yeah. I'm on watch tonight," Neptunemon answered, turning his head upwards to look at MetalSeadramon. "So, how did the scouting mission go?"

"Generally fine," MetalSeadramon explained, though he remembered the event earlier in the harbour.

Neptunemon thought to himself quietly for a moment. "Good… So you saw a lot of the harbour? Landmarks? Vessels? Fortifications and such?" he asked.

"Yes," was his response.

"Enough to help Divermon draw up a map of the harbour tomorrow?" the Neptunemon inquired further.

"I can do that," MetalSeadramon replied. He thought for a few seconds. "Divermon?"

Neptunemon nodded. "He's pretty new and he's not exactly pirate material, but he's a hell of a navigator," he explained.

"I see…" MetalSeadramon lowered himself so that he was at eye-level with Neptunemon. "I get the feeling that your second-in-command doesn't like me much."

"Sagomon?" Neptunemon asked, folding his arms and grinning. "Ignore him. He's always suspicious of new faces. He'll get used to you eventually."

"I'll take your word for it," he said.

"So how many ships like this one did you see?" the Captain questioned, tapping the deck of the Abyss' Shadow with his tail.

"Only three," MetalSeadramon explained. "I think galleons like this are quite expensive and only good for long distance trade. Since your attacks have disrupted the long distance trade, my guess is that they're relying on marine digimon to haul shipments. It means less cargo can be transported at a time and they can't be shipped as far or as quickly, but it's more cost-effective and, since they're smaller, the merchant convoys will be harder for us to find."

"Good to know…" Neptunemon mused, thinking to himself.

MetalSeadramon glanced at the Neptunemon. "Why did you send me scouting around at Hydra's Port?"

Neptunemon grinned. "Well, you sound like a smart eel, MetalSeadramon," he replied, looking at him again. "Why do you think?"

MetalSeadramon smiled a bit and closed his eyes. "Know your enemy," he said.

"Exactly! If they're going to start coming after us like you say, then we need to know as much about them as possible," Captain Neptunemon explained. He looked in MetalSeadramon's eyes inquisitively. "So, did you run into any trouble?"

"Actually…" the sea dragon started. "I had a run in with a KaiserGreymon who was out in a rowboat."

"Oh?" Neptunemon asked with a frown. "You didn't attack him, I hope. We don't need that kind of attention on you yet."

MetalSeadramon shook his head, beads of sea water getting flicked off with the motion. "I just swam away," he explained. "When I came back up again, I saw his rowboat on the shore, so I assume he just ignored the issue and rowed back to land."

"Good," the fish man replied. He began to turn. "That's all, MetalSeadramon. I'm heading to bed now. Where will you sleep?"

"I found a place several kilometers away in the sea bed where I can sleep and remain relatively hidden," MetalSeadramon assured him. "I'll be back in the afternoon tomorrow. It usually takes the whole morning to find enough fish to sustain me for the day."

"Okay. Keep in mind, we're relocating the Abyss' Shadow tomorrow. It's not good to stay in one place for too long, I'm sure you know," Neptunemon explained. "We'll be due north. Do you think you can find us?"

"That shouldn't be a problem," MetalSeadramon said. "I found you before, after all."

"I guess you did," the Neptunemon replied with a smirk. "Night, then. Try not to be too late."

With that, Neptune opened a door on the ship deck and disappeared inside, heading downstairs. MetalSeadramon then turned around and slid across the waves. He sunk into the water and slowly vanished from view.