Homecoming: The Beginning

A Misfits Fanfic

By Nick Maro

"Nippon Air Flight 208 now disembarking," boomed across the terminal loud speakers. A young man with mildly ruffled green hair stepped out into the terminal. He took in the sight before him. It was a bustle of people coming and going, none stopping to wonder about anyone else.

Better get going, he thought to himself. He walked through customs cleanly and made his way to baggage claim. He thought about the ordeal he went through to get his equipment through. The customs officer finally yielded when he show him the false competition papers that his mother had given him in Japan. He hated lying like that, but it was the only way. He found his bags, made sure everything was still in order and unbroken. He weaved in and out between the throng of people, making his way outside. He started walking toward downtown Los Angeles.

"Eric!" Pizzazz bellowed while planting her knuckles on the edge of the desk. She leaned forward a bit, and tried her best to look intimidating. "Why haven't you started publishing ads for the new Misfits album? It's due out in a month and no one knows it exists. What is Daddy paying you for?!"

"Now calm down Pizzazz-dear, it's all a part of my plan. The plan is for the media blitz to start two weeks before your album is due out. Jem and the Holograms have an album coming out a week after yours. This blitz will take all attention away from Jem's album and bring attention to yours. Just relax and let me handle everything," Eric Raymond said softly with a slight smile on his face.

Pizzazz rounded up the Misfits and left Eric's office. "So what now, Pizzazz?" Stormer asked in her familiar quiet tone.

"I'm famished. I say we get some food." Jetta rubbed her stomach as it began to rumble softly.

"Ok, everyone in the van. We're going back to Pizzazz's place. There's always food there. Besides, we can take it easy today. Eric practically said so."

"For once Roxy has a good idea. Let's go." Pizzazz fished her keys out of her pocket and opened the van.

The four women climbed into the van and sped off towards the plush mansion of the Gabor family. The van zipped by a young man with ruffled green hair. Everyone is in such a hurry here, he thought to himself. I wonder if I should just get a taxi. Might be easier than walking. No, I've come this far by foot. Besides, I'm almost there.

"Will someone get the door already!? Matilda has the day off!" screamed Pizzazz from the TV room. "And if it's a salesman or a Jehovah's Witness; Set the dogs loose!"

"It better be that soddin' pizza we ordered! Thirty minutes or less my bloody arse!" Jetta yelled from the recliner she was in. She didn't bother to set her magazine down.

"I'll get it Pizzazz!" yelled Stormer back. She opened the door to be greeted by a fairly handsome young man about average height and green hair that was slightly ruffled. "May I help you?" she asked.

"Hello, I'm looking for a Harvey or Phyllis Gabor. I'm an old acquaintance of theirs. Might one of them be in?" he asked very politely. He was sweating a bit, but didn't appear out of breath. He had a bag on his back and what appeared to be handles of some sort were sticking out of the top.

"Please, come in and get out of the sun. My name is Mar-er, Stormer. Who should I say is here?" Stormer asked. He seems so familiar. Like an old friend coming home. I almost told him my real name. She thought to herself.

"An old acquaintance will do. I really don't think either will recognize me after so long. But here I am, getting ahead of myself," he said with a slight chuckle. Stormer noticed he had a lopsided grin.

Stormer nodded and ran off to get Pizzazz. After several minutes and a little shouting, Pizzazz and Stormer came walking back to the doorway. "Yeah, I'm Phyllis. But don't ever call me that again. I'm Pizzazz got it? So who are you and what do want?"

"I was hoping Harvey would be here as well. Is he?" the young man asked politely while shifting the weight of his bag on his shoulder.

Waitaminute! Where have I seen him before? He seems so familiar, yet he isn't. Pizzazz thought to herself. "Daddy is at his office. If you want to talk to him, you'll have to go there. Now what do you want? Tell me before I call the cops."

"Still impatient as ever. No matter. I will tell you who I am. But you must promise not to let Harvey know until I tell him. Understand?" the young man said firmly. Pizzazz nodded her head and rolled her eyes. By this time Jetta and Roxy came to see who was here. Introductions were made by them both.

"I have a feelin' this will be quite a tale," Jetta said. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable than the front door."

The five walked back to the living room and sat down. The young man put his bag down next to his chair. "Before I start, may I have some water?" he asked. Roxy got him a glass of water after running to the kitchen. "Domo arigato gozaimasu. I mean thank you. I keep forgetting I'm not in Japan anymore."

"Just get on with the bloody story!"

"Okay, name is David Ikari. But Pizzazz will remember me better as," David waited a beat, "David Gabor. Pizzazz's twin brother."

"What?!" all four women yelled at the same time. Each clearly stunned by the revelation.

"You're lying!" screamed Roxy. "Pizzazz would've told us if she had a brother! This is absurd! I'm calling the cops. This guy is obviously a fraud and a scam artist."

"I can't believe I'm agreein' with Roxy, but its insanity! This is some sort of trick," Jetta said staring in disbelief at David.

"I dunno guys. Look at Pizzazz. I-I-I think its true," Stormer said meekly.

"david. is it really you? after all these years you've come back. No, it's a trick. Some kind of trick. Mom took you when she ran off. She kept saying that I was the cause of problems between her and Daddy." Pizzazz said quiet, slowly starting to realize the truth of David's words. She grabbed the phone from Roxy's hands and looked up at the woman.

"Please, I have proof of who I am." David reached in his bag and pulled out a faded photo. "Do you remember this, Phyllis?" He handed the photo over to Pizzazz who carefully took it. Not wanting to believe what her gut told was true.

The photo was faded and yellowed with age, but the image was still clear. It was a family in a happier and more peaceful time. Two young children, and a happy, young married couple. The children were each a boy and a girl. Both had green hair and were smiling. The banner in the background read, 'Happy Fifth Birthday Phyllis & David'. "I thought this was lost forever," Pizzazz whispered.

"What? What is it, Pizzazz? Lemme see!"

"Not now, Roxy. Let's hear David's story first," Pizzazz said flatly.

David took a deep breath and sighed. "As you know, Phyllis, Mom left Dad after many arguments. They always said that it was because of you and how you didn't behave. That wasn't the real reason. Mother found out Father had gotten some waitress pregnant. Mother knew of other infidelities, but this was the final straw. I heard them fighting the night she took me away. I heard her say, '…and now you can be with your little toy! I'm taking David with me. You can have Phyllis, she hates me anyway.'"

Pizzazz looked shocked. "I've always loved Mom. I just wanted her attention."

David continued, "That night I packed a backpack full of clothes. I saw the picture on the dresser and took it so I could always have a keepsake. That was the one thing I always kept close to me. Mom and I flew out to Japan. She spoke fluent Japanese and figured she could get a visa and a job out there. She wound up working as a waitress and a secretary. She wasn't making much yen, but it was enough for us to live by. She was applying everywhere to get a salaried job. Because she wasn't a citizen of Japan, it was next to impossible.

"We were in the Shinjuku entertainment quarter of Tokyo when an earthquake struck. It wasn't that strong of a quake. I think it was a three point seven on the Richter scale. We got separated in the confusion. I looked everywhere for her. I soon learned that finding one person in practically half million is futile. I didn't know how to get back to our apartment. I didn't know the address so I couldn't ask the police to help. So I lived on the streets of Tokyo for about three months. That's when I met a young couple who were just married. They were on their honeymoon seeing the sights of the country. They were on their way back to Osaka.

"After a small discussion they decided to take me with. I learned their names were Mariko and Hiroshi Ikari. Hiroshi spoke English and started teaching me Japanese right away. They treated me like their son. When I turned nine, Hiroshi told me he'd teach me the art of Kendo. It's a form of martial art that uses a sword. This was a big deal to him and Mariko. Hiroshi's family for generations taught their sons and daughters this style of kendo. Mariko was diagnosed as being unable to have children. Obviously they took me into their hearts.

"For the next fourteen years I trained and practiced the Ikari style of kendo martial arts. Through the years I learned how to read and write kanji, katakana and hiragana. I'm also fluent in speaking Japanese. I studied at home. Hiroshi got some forged documents made and I was able to attend school. After I finished the equivalent of high school, I joined a band. I became the lead singer and guitarist of a band called Pulsar. We gained fame through the fact that a gaijin, or foreigner, was the lead singer. We toured the area a few times and put out two albums. We broke up last year. We still keep in touch. In fact, we got together last month. Which brings me to the final part of my story." David paused and took a sip of water.

"What happened to Mom, David?" Pizzazz asked with an unusual amount of compassion in her voice. "Do you know where she is or what happened to her?" She unconsciously took David's hand in hers and stared at him.

"No, I don't. That's one of the reasons why I've come back." He said sadly. "About a month ago Hiroshi passed away. He had a heart attack and passed in his sleep. Mariko and I were devastated. After his funeral, she said I should go back to the States and look for my family. You and Father were easy to find, Phyllis. So I figured I'd see you first and ask if I could stay here until I get on my feet. I just want to get to know you and Dad again. I also want to search for Mom. I still think of Mariko and Hiroshi as my adoptive parents. They saved my life by getting me off the streets of Tokyo. I'll have to ask Father to stay. I don't expect you to make this decision."

There was a long moment of silence between the five young adults. "Ummm, can we see a demonstration of your kendo skills?" Stormer finally asked. "I've always found martial arts interesting."

David's face brightened a bit. "Sure! But let's do it out back. And I'll need a whole watermelon. I don't want to make a mess in here," he said smiling. David unzipped his bags and pulled out what looked like two long poles. One was longer than the other by a foot.

"Why is one shorter than the other?" Jetta asked.

"It's a daisho set. The short one is called a wakizashi and the longer one is called a katana. The concept behind the daisho technique is pretty simple. The wakizashi is used to parry blows and the katana is used to strike and thrust. It may sound easy, but it's tough to master," he told the Misfits as they walked to the backyard. Roxy set the watermelon down. "Thank you, Roxy."

David cut off part of an end off so it could stand upright. He took two steps back and picked up the katana. "Now watch," he said calmly. David took his stance swung his sword no more than four times. He moved so fast, the Misfits didn't know if he hit the melon.

"Did you hit it? I don't get it. I know I saw you move, but I didn't see you hit the watermelon," Pizzazz said confused. David sheathed his katana while wiping it off in the process.

"I knew he was a bloody phony," Jetta smugly stated to everyone. She moved to pick up the wakizashi David had placed by her.

"Jetta, please don't touch my swords. They're razor sharp and I don't want you to hurt yourself," David said as he placed eight plates around the melon.

David had finished setting plates around the watermelon. He just looked at the four women and smirked. He then tapped the melon so it fell apart into eight pieces. "Anyone want a slice?" he said and smiled. The Misfits just sat there stunned and amazed by what they had just seen.

Later that night, Harvey Gabor pulled up the driveway and went into his home. "Phyllis! I'm home!" he yelled.

Pizzazz came running down the hall. "Daddy, there's someone I want you to meet. He's someone special."

"Not another loser rocker boyfriend," Harvey grumbled. "Ok, let's meet this guy and get it over with."

David came walking down the hall. It was a nice even pace. He wasn't in a hurry. "Hello, I'm David Ikari. I've been waiting for you to come home. Is there somewhere we can talk in private?"

Harvey looked at the young man before. He looks like…. No, it can't be. Can it? he thought to himself. "Yes, please come into my study. We can talk there."

David walked up to Harvey. "Oh before I forget. I bring you a gift from Japan. Sake. Rice wine. It's customary to bring a gift to the people you visit."

Harvey took the bottle of sake and looked it over. "Yes, thank you," he smiled at David. "Now, let's talk, shall we?"

They both went into the study. Pizzazz headed back to the living room to think about the day's events.

It had been about three hours since her father had gotten home. He was still in the study talking with David. Pizzazz flopped on her bed, throwing pillows everywhere. She had decided not to go out with the Misfits tonight. She wanted to think. Ceiling needs to be painted, she mused to herself.

There was a knock at her room's door. "Enter," she mumbled.

The door opened a little, it was David. "Hi, can I come in?" he asked in that polite manner of his.

"Yeah. So what happened?" Pizzazz asked, her mood brightening a bit.

"Father said it would be fine if I stayed here for awhile. He's very happy I'm home," David told her. "I'm going to need to clean out my old room though. A lot of your stuff is in there."

Pizzazz noticed David fiddling with some sort of box. "So what are you playing with there?"

"Oh, this," he handed the box to her. "It's a gift for you. I brought it from Japan and forgot to give it to you earlier. It's a music box. I really didn't know what to get you." He gave her a half-smile. She opened the box and started to play a little song. Moved by the gift, she started to choke back tears. "Well, I need sleep. A fifteen hour flight takes it out of you." He gave Pizzazz the kind of hug she had long forgotten. "Good night, my Sister. See you in the morning. Pleasant dreams."

After he had left, Pizzazz just sat there staring at the picture inside the box cover. It was the photo he had taken with him. Pizzazz felt herself cry involuntarily. "david is finally home." She sobbed quietly. For the first time in a long time Pizzazz smiled and felt a little at peace.