The Misfits Playlist

Songs that inspired the titles for both The Misfits: The Series and Ultimate Misfits stories.

The Misfits: The Series

American Girl - Tom Petty

Black Angel - Nanase Aikawa

The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath

Everything You Know is Wrong - Weird Al Yankovic

Yume Miru Shoujo Ja Irarenai - Nanase Aikawa

No Future - Nanase Aikawa

Mystic Rhythms - Rush

Instruments of Destruction - N.R.G.

Who Made Who? - AC/DC

Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

The Land of Confusion - Genesis

Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen

A Space Oddity - David Bowie

Invisible Tomorrow - Puffy (AmiYumi)

Night Rainbow - Nanase Aikawa

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica

Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns N Roses (cover)

I Don't Like Monday - The Boomtown Rats

End of the World - Ayumi Hamasaki

No More Words - Berlin

Finding My Way - Rush

Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar

Nostalgia - Nanase Aikawa

Where Do We Go From Here? - DoCo

Only A Dream Away - George Harrison

Among the Living - Anthrax

Soulweeper - Volbeat

A Moment Forever - Volbeat

Light of Day - Joan Jett

The Human Instrument - Volbeat

Video Voyeur - The Good Natured

A View To A Kill - Duran Duran

Maxwell's Silver Hammer - The Beatles

Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way - Spectre General

Stand Up and Fight! - Turisas

Brothers Under the Bridges - Bruce Springsteen

Those Who Fight Further - The Black Mages

Darkness on The Edge of Town -Bruce Springsteen

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas

Ima Demo - Nanase Aikawa

Ultimate Misfits:

Limelight - Rush

Runnin' With the Devil - Van Halen

Sympathy For the Devil - The Rolling Stones

She's the One - Bruce Springsteen

The Belly of the Beast - Anthrax

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar

That Day + That Moment - Nanase Aikawa

Make Your Own Kind of Music - Paul Westerberg (cover)

The Ballroom Blitz - Sweet