A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Astrid; Jedi Master (female human)

Darth Evancer; Dark Lady of the Sith (female Muun)

Erik Meheron; heir to the Barony of Metastrato (male human)

Faran Kess; Dark Jedi (male human)

Gila; passenger, StarHawk (female Twi'lek)

Hiram Cotra; Regent of Metastrato (male human)

Kaalibaparra; matriarch of Wrookroshr (female Wookiee)

Laahn Ka; Jedi Knight (female Togruta)

Lilithan'cara, 'Lilith'; co-pilot, StarHawk (female Twi'lek)

Luma Beras; captain, Beras Scorcher (female human)

Nyanna Meheron; heir to the Barony of Metastrato; Jedi apprentice (female human)

Otroota; co-pilot, Beras Scorcher (male Dug)

Rann Tye; captain, StarHawk (male human)

R3-L4; astromech droid

Sheen Him; technician, StarHawk (male Aleena)

Valeria Lorda; captain, Coalition Defence Fleet; commanding officer, Regency (female human)

For a hundred years, the people of the Metastrato Sector have grown prosperous and strong under the rule of the Meheron dynasty. Protected by the JEDI KNIGHTS in their fortress Shattermoon, the Meherons have ruled with a firm but fair hand.

But not all is well. The people are disquiet. Protestors mass outside the baronial palace, calling for democracy, for a return to the decadent ways of old. Treachery lurks around every corner. A SITH LORD stands poised to emerge from the shadows.

The threads of destiny draw tight...