Only a couple weeks after the tragedy that was Total Drama World Tour, I had the pleasure-(Note the sacrasm)-to go back to another tragedy called school. Only one more year of this hell hole though. Senior year and I still haven't lost my mind. Pretty proud if I do say so myself.

Yep, you heard me right. Even after I almost get killed by an exploding volcano, I'm still expected to go back to school. But it wasn't that bad of a few weeks. Got to hang out with my awesome girlfriend and her friends. Unlike the girl scout I used to date, Gwen's friends were cool and didn't judge me for wearing baggy clothes. But now that fun time is over.

Usually in the morning regular people get woken up by an alarm clock. But I choose to ignore it and get woken up by my mother.

It's normal for her to come marching in hand on her hip yelling at me that I don't want to be late for school. Than I get up. Lazily brush my teeth for about a minute or twenty seconds, I don't count. Than I slap on some hair gel to keep the 'hawk up. Shrug on some, I think, clean clothes. And walk down the stairs and grab whatever seems edible.

"Excited for last day of school, hon?" My mom asked me.

"Hell no!" I grumble.

"Well, I'm just so proud that you made it this far! For a highschooler you have accomplished alot. You won a million dollars, and you haven't been to juvie in two years!" Ma said with such joy.

"He might be back in soon though." My father mumbles into his coffe cup. Not taking his eyes off the newspaper.

"How could you say that about your son? And after such a good run!" My mothers blue eyes blazed in fire.

"He can sure run alright, from the cops. Even you have to admit he will be back in soon! The only one keeping him out of juvie was that girlfriend of his. Now he has new girlfriend, and she seems to be one of those teen punks."

After that I got angry. No one can say anything about Gwen. "Gwen, is not a teen punk. She is a great person, and she is helping me!" I yelled.

"Honey please don't yell at your father." My mother pleaded.

"Yeah, super great for you. Tell me what are her friends like? Huh? Juive kids with tattos?" He fires the first shot.

"Maybe. But atleast she cares about me. Unlike some people." I fire back.

"We care about you." My ma managed.

"You do, but I don't know about him." I pointed at my father. His dull gray eyes not showing much care.

"Fine but don't come crawling to me when your in jail and Gwen can't help you out." I hate my father so much. He had no hesitation when it came to questioning whether or not he loved me. Why should I have hesitation when it came to hating him?

"I'm gonna go." I hiss. I grab my back-pack and walk out of the kitchen.

"Have a nice day!" My ma waved. With a little bit of sadness in her voice. I'm to angry to pay attention.

While I'm leaving I take note that my father said nothing. I don't mind. My relationship to my dad was never anything special. While my ma was trying her best to be a good mom and incouraged me in whatever I did. My father instead would ignore me most the time. Again I didn't mind. I prefered it that way.

By the time I was on my bike I calmed down a little. I just rode, thinking about Gwen to keep me at peace.

I woke up at six sharp. Hitting the alarm button while throwing the blanket off my body. I hop into the shower washing my body, hair, face, and mind. Each day welcomed me with new a opportunity, that I was glad to accomplish. When I got out I brushed my teeth, and dried out my hair. Once every single hair was dry I put the blow dyer away and really looked at myself.

Yes you could say I changed alittle. Apperances of course, not persona. I will always be the bossy C.I.T everyones well knows me for. Though my hair grew and got a little darker. The rest stayed the same, besides the fact that I matured some.

Once I was done thinking of how I changed from the first day of freshmen year all the way to senior, I combed my hair and put a red headband in. Lightly putting on some make-up to liven my look. I walk out in a pink bath robe to choose some clothes.

While nothing seemed perfect enough I finally picked out a pleated dark blue sailor skirt that hugged my waist. With a red polo shirt with a few buttons undone, leaving a little clevage. After that I slip on some red flats.

I walk down the stairs to my overly big kitchen. My maid is there to set up the breakfast.

I sit down at the place set for me. On the plate was eggs with two waffles, syrup in each little square as I always liked. With a side of my favorite fruits, such as grapes, mandarins, and cut up slices of apples. And a cup filled with ice mocha.

I know you are all probably wondering why no bacon or sasuages.

That is because even though my dad is christian/catholic. My mother is a proud Jew. So sadly no pig for me, but I'm fine with that. It helps me keep a longer happy life.

I happily eat the food waiting for my mother and father to come down. I know most families eat together. But my mother and father are both to busy to eat besides in their offices.

Plus I have no siblings. It's not that my parents didn't try of course. It's just they couldn't I was a blessing. See the thing is my mother was never allowed to have children, something was wrong with her. So when the time was right, they paid the doctor to fix anything that was wrong with her. The fix was only temporary, but they were able to have me. They felt bad that I couldn't be surronded by anyone else. But I learned to entertain myself.

After about thrity mintues they finally came down. My mother in a black floor length dress, as if she belonged in an old victorian house. The manison setting suited her too though. With her shoulder length blonde hair, black eyes, and fair skin she was perfect to anyone.

Than my father came. Dressed in the usual business suit and dress shoes. He was totally different from my mother. With tan skin, dark brown hair, and sea green eyes.

They both sat down at the table and staff immediately set down their plates. We all ate in silence.

"So, courtney?" My mother started.

"Yes, mother?" I asked straightening up my posture.

"What do you plan to do this year?"

"Um..." I mumble.

"It's not poliet to keep your mother waiting." My father interjected.

"Well, I plan to run for president. I was thinking of signing up for cheerleading and volleyball. Clubs I will also be signing up for is glee club, drama, yearbook, newspaper, everything really. To keep me challenged. Also so I can get into my prefered colleges. And to be valedictorian." I say.

"What colleges are you looking at?" My father ask. Green eyes looking straight at me.

I look downward. "I plan on six colleges. U.C.L.A, U.C.S.F, N.Y.A.D.A, Harvard, Stanford, or Yale."

"Impressive." He mumbles. I see he is satisfyed by my answer.

"I see our time has run short and you must leave for school. See you later, Pumpkin." My mother waves me goodbye.

I get up and the butler hands me my back-pack. I leave to go to my car before my father calls out.

"See you later, Princess."