Duncan's POV

It has been another week since I have talked to Courtney. For some reason I haven't seen her at school at all, which is so unlike her. And it hurt knowing that she was doing it all so she wouldn't have to talk to me. I worked so hard to become friends with her and know she was giving me the cold shoulder. I was freaking pissed.

I heard a rumor going around that she broke up with Dustin. Some people say it was because of how mad she was at him for fighting me. Other say she felt like he was being clingly. So many people were saying different things and I knew they were all far from the truth. But whatever reason it was I was fucking glad.

But even if she broke up with him, she still hasn't said a word to me. Which makes me feel even terrible, if that could even happen. Because that meant that Dustin wasn't forcing her to not talk to me. She was just making that decision all on her own.

It wasn't till lunch, as I was sitting with myself, that I knew exactly where Courtney was. And as soon as the idea struck me I got up and left. Leaving my food behind, and if I got in trouble I really didn't care at the moment.

As I was leaving I saw both Geoff and Bridgette flash me curious looks. I ignored them and kept walking. Letting my feet guide me to either hell or heaven.

I walked all the way to the stadium, and that is when I saw her for the first time in three long weeks. She looked good though. Her hair looked the same, though it was down and naturally wavy. Her make-up was done natural too. But I liked it. She always looked her best as herself.

Her clothes looked a bit different, not as preppy. I guess slowly, but surely she was growing up. She wore black skinny jeans with black leather high-heeled boots, and a dark red long sleeved shirt.

"Hi." I call out carefully.

She turns around to look at me. I couldn't really see any kind of emotion in it. She didn't look sad, but she didn't look happy.

"Hey." she said back.

I don't say anything till I get up on the stage with her and look her in the eyes. After a while I got anxious and started looking around. There was nothing really to look at, it was dark except for the few lights that were on, on stage.

"I heard about you and Dustin."I say.

"Yeah." she nods her head uncomfortably. You could literally see the tension in the room.

"I saw you and Gwen kiss." she spits out.

"Yeah." Is all I can reply back with. All this one worded conversation was making me sick.

"Why did you break up with him?" I ask.

"Why did you kiss her?" she fires back.

We were playing tug of war. Dancing on egg shells. Walking a long, thin tightrope. Whatever we were doing, someone was going to get hurt soon.

"I asked first." I smirk, trying to bring some light to the already dark situation. Just like this god forsaken room.

"Not like you really need to know. What happens in my life should be none of your concern, but... I was only with him for my own personal heartbreak. He was just... There. I don't know, Duncan. I really don't. And it is too hard to explain. He made me feel better about myself... Now tell me, what the hell happened between you and Gwen?" she gets out in struggled breaths. God the air was getting thicker, it was getting so hard to breath.

"Nothing. I hope you know that the kiss meant nothing. Never had and never will." I reassure her.

"I figured." she says, slightly glaring

"I want to be with you." I say, looking her in the eyes again. Usually she would turn away, but she did something a bit worse. She looked at me in the eyes right back.

"I know. And that's what I don't get. Then again I don't get alot of the things about you. I don't think anyone does...We can't keep doing this anymore, Duncan." she pants out, her eyes clenched together as the tears started rolling out. She was giving up, but I wasn't about to let her.

"We have to atleast try." I insits. We just had too. After all this time I was not going to give up on her.

"I don't know if I can keep it up anymore though. I loved you. I really did. But it's just so..." she takes a shaky breath. "Hard."

"But it's not fair!" I yell, I couldn't hold it in any longer. To many emotions and so little space in my heart to contain them.

"It's not fair?" she asks, and it hurt to look at her face. Seeing the tears rolling down, seeing her so weak. "What's not fair is what you did to me, and then asking for me back, acting like it is all okay! It is not okay! Nothing between us is ever okay!" she screams. Her last words ringing in the air.

I want to say something, but am at a lost of words. I couldn't explain what was going on. I couldn't explain my feelings even though they were there waiting to be poured out. I felt like such a girl. But in the end it didn't matter she still had more to say.

"I hate the way you make me feel! I hate it! No one has ever made me feel this way! No one! Love, hate, anger, then love again. It is so confusing! I never loved anyone in my life, and it makes me angry. I love you and you act as if it is no big deal. As if it doesn't even matter. It does matter, Duncan! I. Love. You... You, Duncan."

"You think I don't love you back? Because I do! And don't you ever think for a second that I never have!" I yell right back at her. It was ironic how when people confessed there love for each other it was with sweet words, but of course in the usually Duncney style we had to yell.

"Then why did you hurt me?" she breaths out in a whisper.

"I don't know..."

"Typical..." she rolls her eyes and starts walking away, but on impulse I grab her arm and crash her into me giving her a deep kiss on the lips. She was reluctant at first but gave in.

It felt so good to kiss her again. My arms holding her to me around her waist, her hands lying gently on my neck. It wasn't a hungry kiss, but a sweet one. And more love came out of that kiss then words. And I knew that maybe, just maybe, we would both be okay. Sadly she pulls away but she doesn't let go from our embrace.

"I don't know if I can-" she starts to say, but I cut her off.

"You have to try." I plead. And let's just say I have never pleaded for anything in my life. But this girl right in front of me, she was worth it.

"But it hurts... Trying. There comes a point were you just have to stop trying and move on..." she whispers, letting her voice trail off.

"That is what normal people would do... And we aren't normal. You want to know what we do? We keep fighting. Fighting for our love, fighting for each other, fighting for our lives." And I kissed her again. Kissing her was like eating candy. After having one bite, you couldn't help but want more. And more, and more.

"I'll give you one more chance." she says. Her voice sounds angry, but her face looks happy and so in love. I love that face. And I hope that she never looks at anyone like the way she is looking at me right now."You better not mess this up, jackass."

And I don't say anything-because I didn't need to- instead I just go in for another is the part where people usually say they can't wait for the future. But honestly, I can wait. Because this moment right here is so perfect. Nothing could possibly make it better.

So, for now it is goodbye:(. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through out the whole story, I appreciate all of you!=) You guys are so amazing and so awesome! But let's not get too sad because... I'm going to make a sequel!:D So just hang in there folks and see how Duncan and Courtney are going to be like now that they are a couple! I got so much planned out! Stay tuned for... "More Than Friends";).

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