Lost in You.

By: Crystal_V_Princess

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Note: This chapter is from Ranma's point of view--well, you probably figured that-oh well-heh,heh-

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She was poised and graceful, her kicks blurred knife blades slicing through the air with trained speed and agility, the strength of her body concentrated completely into her right leg.

I looked at the girl before me, her emotions so loud they practically read themselves to me. To Kasumi cooking was the way she expressed herself, it was the same with Nabiki and swindling, like them in this only, Akane Tendo, the youngest of the three daughters, expressed her every feeling through martial arts, and what feelings.

Ferocity seeped from her every stoma, it was everywhere on her body. Settled on the back of her neck, sending the tiny hairs prickling about with the static force of her rage; on her lips, their soft pinkness tightened in a grim line, like a slice across her face. In her large brown eyes, the appearance of crushed velvet still shone on their surface, but within, glowing sparks of ire flickered, never dimming, struggling to break the fa├žade before being pulled back down, and on her hands, their slender white fingers digging painfully into her palms, squeezing emptiness as they lunged forward at command of their mistress.

For some reason, I find myself wondering if I was the cause of her vehemence and distress, and if mine was the neck she saw as her hand closed in another compact fist. I felt something ache in my chest at the thought and decided to ignore it. If Akane was feeling angry about something I'd done then she could just tell me straight out, I'm not about to ask while she's flinging almost physically powerful "Bile Waves" all around the dojo.

I do move a little closer though, tilting my head in a way to take in all of her movements from the best points. Something is really bugging her. Something big, and I suddenly feel a wave of worry wash over me, and I hope silently that it is me she's mad at. If it's not me, then it could be some other person who's captured her anger, thus her attention, some other man. 'Idiot', I think, 'why worry, you don't care. You don't even like the macho chick.' Right? My mind does a tailspin and I'm caught between confusion and doubt. Man, I hate being in the middle.

To distract myself from the dangers of my thoughts, I concentrate on Akane again and feel myself getting lost in her. It's not unusual for me, getting lost in this girl. I do it frequently.

At breakfast sometimes, when we're in a hurry to get going and she plops down beside me at the table, eating hurriedly, completely unaware of the fact that her knee had brushed mine, how many times? Was it twelve? Not that I'm counting of course. So, it's true that after a few minutes of flustered grousing I let my leg rest against hers, the warmth of her tiny body rushing into mine like electricity through our knees. So what?

Other times it's in school, on those rare occasions I can't manage to fall asleep during class I lay my head down on my arms which are folded on my desktop to give the appearance of slumber, then sneak peeks at her throughout lessons. Her pert little face scrunched in deliberation of the homework paper her eyes are traveling over. When I'm lost in Akane I don't miss anything.

My gaze follows her everywhere she goes in the room. She sharpens a pencil, I watch as her skirt swishes about her slender calves ethereally. She bites her lip, she does that a lot, and runs the tip of her tongue over her mouth, ridding it of dryness. Chews her pencil gently, her teeth quietly clicking against the metal of the eraser band, leaving tiny almost indistinguishable bite marks on the wood. I catch it all.

My favourite moments to lose myself in her though are when we're talking. Really talking, completely alone. Just a boy and a girl, ourselves. Because those are the times she smiles the most. When I say something funny or she says something she thinks is funny, those smiles appear. The ones that make me feel like I'm spiraling around in a hurricane and at the same time my body's melting down around me into a puddle. Those smiles. And her eyes.

The deep liquid eyes I drown in, especially when they're paired with those smiles. It's a devastating and dizzying effect, that I can't even deny to myself. And that's the worst kind of truth, the kind you can't even lie about to yourself, because that means that you actually know that without a doubt it's true. Always.

How do these perilous thoughts keep popping into my head? It must have been that egg roll I snatched from Pop, it looked a little off.

Akane is still going strong, destroying her invisible opponent easily, or at least that's what I assume considering the circumstances. She always fights angry, with such passion, but only on the physical battlefield. When it comes to me, when we're disagreeing on something and mallets or drop-kicks are not involved she's always so icy. So hard to reach in ways that I can't even begin to fathom.

Kasumi told me once that Akane kept herself out of emotional conflicts as often as possible since their mother died, and has built up a sort of protective barrier around her heart. When I look at her now, I question silently, 'Do you really think you need to protect your heart from me?'

I wonder briefly if I could effect her in such a way to get past her guard and the perfectly tuned discipline and charge she's always struggling to keep over herself. To break through her shield for only a moment, just enough time to reach across the lengths of her mind and grab hold of her heart. Then I find myself wishing it as she turns to do punched in my direction, working her way around in the circular motion she uses, completely ignoring me. Those eyes that can be so warm when she wills it staring right ahead as if she doesn't see me, like I'm part of the wall. Why is my heart sinking this way?

Her body does a perfect spiral after she finishes the practice punches and her leg flares outward in such a way that would undoubtedly catch any would-be attacker square in the face. Sometimes she's such a klutz and she looks even more so around people like Shampoo and Ukyo who are stronger and more balanced in their movements, but right now, as she twists and turns under my gaze, in these moments of unvoiced expression I see her natural grace. Peeping out from behind her awkward, uncertain nature, and they just can't compare. She has some sort of built- in delicacy which their strictly trained bodies lack. Thinking about this I realize how feminine she really is beneath her macho exterior, and find an altogether new and acknowledgeable respect and interest in those short, girly skirts and dresses she loves to wear.

Thinking about short skirts leads me to ponder her thighs and not surprisingly, my eyes travel with my thoughts to the white gi pants she's wearing right now, pulled tight against the curves of her hips and legs. I try to catch myself, try to say that this is leading me in a bad direction, but I guess I'm not listening to me today. I've gotten lost in Akane once more, and though a blush spreads over my cheeks self- consciously at the knowledge that I have been, am, staring at her body, which usually wouldn't be classified as abnormal teenage boy behaviour, I don't stop looking.

"Stop staring at me like that, Ranma!" Her voice is quick and hurried with a husky tone to it because of her fast movements and lack of breath. Her short black hair is flying around her head in silky, uncombed wisps and a small droplet of perspiration trickled down her forehead and lands at the apex of her top lip. Damn. I'm feeling a little warmer than usual and I don't think it's because of any actual temperature change.

So, she did notice me after all. Something flutters in my chest and up to my throat. Despite her seemingly obvious disinterest in my activities, she was also watching me. This thought pleases me and I feel my lips part in an idiotic grin.

"You're weird." She says, now completely finished with her exercises. I simply stare at her, not at her hair or her legs, into her face. I can't peel my eyes away and I don't like it. I'm supposed to be the one in control. Maybe that's the problem with us. We both want to completely control what goes on in between us in our relationship. Notwithstanding the hazardous direction of my thoughts I accept it as one of those undeniable truths again.

We're in a relationship. A serious one. It doesn't matter that we constantly harass and yell at each other, there's something there. Something I've been trying to avoid thinking about, so I tried to find a way to concentrate my thoughts on something else and began getting lost in her. I think that only made my predicament worse.

I squeeze my eyes shut for a second, trying to break my gaze from her somehow and when I open them she's much closer, and to my surprise, it looks as if she's lost in me too. It's comforting and confusing at the same time, but I don't have much time to ponder it because without a word she presses her lips to mine.

It's a different sort of confrontation to say the least, but I gladly accept the challenge of sorts, gripping her arms gently, but pulling her tighter against me. It feels like waves are crashing in my brain and I begin to feel lightheaded, but I don't let her go. Not for a few minutes, and even when our lips finally part we just sit there for a while holding each other.

Akane's hands push lightly against my chest and I obediently release her tacit command, a swell of protest rising up somewhere inside me but never making it to my lips as she looks at me straight in the face.

"Sometimes I get lost in you, Ranma." Then she's gone, heading for the house and I don't turn around to watch her walk away. I'm too busy trying to figure out what just happened. And then it hits me. I, Ranma Saotome am in love. With Akane Tendo. I've been lost in her for a very long time. And will always be, now and forever.

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